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my3sonsplus1 June 26th, 2011 03:11 PM

2 c-sections, one with twins
I had my first c-section in December 2003. I went in for a scheduled induction. However, after 14 hours and little progress we decided to go with a c-section. I already had an epidural so they brought me into the OR and got started. I had 2 OB's performing the surgery. Everything went very quickly. My ex went with our son to the nursery while the doctors finished the surgery. I really don't remember much of that as I was pretty out of it by that point. I was brought back to my room and waited for about an hour by myself. The nurse came in every once in awhile to press on my stomach. That was probably my least favorite part. I didn't feel any pain for the first few hours. After that, I asked for pain meds. I had to get up and take a shower the next morning and that was tough. It really felt like everything could just fall out. It took me two days to really get comfortable with walking around. I was in a bit of pain for the next week or two, but nothing unmanageable.
I had my second c-section in September 2005. We had a scheduled c-section set up at 38 weeks. At 35 weeks I went in to L&D for an ultrasound b/c I had been having sharp pains at the site of my previous incision. They didn't see anything on the ultrasound so they sent me home. The following day I continued to have pain. When I called my OB the nurse said I should go to L&D. I thought they were just going to check me again, so I was in for quite a shock. When I arrived, the nurse asked me if I was ready to have the babies. Everything went very quickly from that point. Immediately, nurses came in to get all the paperwork done. Less than 30 minutes later I was brought to the OR. They did a spinal instead of an epidural. I remember being pretty nervous during the surgery, mostly since I knew there was a good chance my boys would have to go to the NICU. The doctors got started and within 10 minutes both boys were born. I didn't feel anything, not even pressure. The babies were both taken to the nursery and my surgery was finished within 30 minutes. I was starving by that evening and figured I would just get the typical liquid diet. However, my doctor said it was okay for me to eat regular food. By the next morning I had taken a shower and was up cleaning my room. I had a tolerable amount of pain. The recovery seemed much easier than the first time around.

blue_berry October 6th, 2012 08:53 PM

Re: 2 c-sections, one with twins
Wow! Congratulations on having a twin. I had a little bad experience when my eldest was born. Maybe that is normal since first time mom and no experience yet to the pain after the surgery and such but in my second time which was last April everything went fine. I am also half awake during the surgery so I was able to hear some gossips of those doctors and nurses, lol!

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