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i3ai3ydanny February 21st, 2012 09:05 PM

What would you do?
Danny went to the Ophthalmologist (sp?) today to check his eyes after failing his muscle balance test (eye alignment). His eyes are fine all around. 20/20 both eyes, not colorblind (which they also said), and if there is an alignment issue it is so slight that he can't see it thus they couldn't correct it at this point without over correction. I asked him about Danny's tear duct to make sure he could still grow out of the small tear duct thing. His answer... If it was going to correct on its own it would have done so by age 1. :o It isn't very bad though... It looks just like this picture (just pulled it offline to give you an idea) but it gets crusty from dried tears. So far he has not had a single infection...even as a baby. Occasionally it will drip down his face (at least once per day, but not all day long). He will say something like "Mommy my eye is dripping AGAIN!" in that exasperated type tone a few times per week but nothing more than that. He wipes it constantly but other than that it doesn't really effect anything. Would you opt for the probe and flush to open it all the way (stint placed for three months if it comes back) or just leave it since there are no serious issues?



challowell February 23rd, 2012 09:49 AM

Re: What would you do?
In my honest opinion if it not causing any issues I would let it be. There are risks with all surgeries and I wouldn't want to risk it over something minor.

i3ai3ydanny February 23rd, 2012 03:37 PM

Re: What would you do?
He has already been under general for scopes and such 9 or 10 times...that part is kinda routine to us...but I see your point. That is pretty much where we are. I figure if he starts complaining more, it starts causing problems, or if kids at school make fun of him (he starts kindergarten in August) than we will have it fixed, otherwise, we might just let it be...at least for now.

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