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challowell February 10th, 2011 08:07 AM

I would like to introduce myself and a question.
My name is Christina and I have two girls. Rachel is 3 and Jamie is 21 months. We hae noticed Jamie has a lazy eye and we hae known since she was 15 months. Well I thought it didn't look right when she was 9 months old but I know babies don't always hae the muscle control. Our pedi when she was 15 months old sent us to an eye surgon in the area who worked on adults and he told us that the reason her eye looks crossed is because she has a big nose and the bones han't fully deeloped yet. When I went back to my pedi he said if I wanted to wait untill she was He would send her to a pediatric eye doctor 2 hours away. Well it has not got better and my Family want me to try to just coer the good eye and see if that helps. I do not want to do that because My hubby has really bad eyesight and if she has bad eyes like him then that would be like putting a blindfold on her. She is constantly falling and I am sure it is because she can't judge distance. I hae recently got the girls on the medical card so my question is should I Take her to an eye doctor sooner or wait untill the year appointment?

nvr.4.gtn February 14th, 2011 12:07 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
take her to an opthomologist!! Not an optomotrist. Yes it might just be a lazy eye and might even get better on its own, but if you don't take her now you are going to hurt her vision more.

the reason a lazy eye happens, is yes because of muscles, however, it usually has to do with a weaker eye, as in the vision. When you get one eye that crosses, the brain is going to turn that eye off. Turns it off completely so the child is blind in that eye regardless of the vision it could have. It does this to protect the brain. When you have an eye that is misaligned, you see double! Which could explain why she does not have good depth perception.

The reason you patch: patching, yes will make the weaker eye work harder and it could be like putting a blinder on the child, however it forces the weaker eye to work and thus regaining vision in that eye.

Take her to the doctor, she might need patching, she might need surgery, she might need both or nothing at all. Don't play with her eyes, once they are gone they are gone. A child gains all their vision when they are young. So even if the eye has potential of good vision, the brain will not know how to use it and the child will still not see.

and welcome, i'm Kaytee SAHM to Nihcole (5) and Avery who is visually impaired. She is legally blind and wears contacts. She can only see arms length, beleive me if I could patch her to get her better vision, I patch her with 20 patches at once

challowell February 14th, 2011 12:19 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
Thanks for responding. I didn't think trying to go get the referral a few months early would hurt but I wanted to be sure. My hubby has 20/200 ision and can't see a thing without his glasses and no one did anything about his eyes untill he was 9. I am farsighted with astigmatism and I need my glasses for depth preception and reading. I do not want her to go through eye problems her wholle life and my hubby is anal about dates. He said he said year appointment and she is only 21 months. I am going to try to get the referral tomorrow.

nvr.4.gtn February 14th, 2011 05:07 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
good luck! She's a cutie and we want her to see the best she can!

challowell February 15th, 2011 09:03 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
I called the office today and she goes next week to the doctor so we can get the referral. I am hoping I can get this started quickly and get her to seeing better. I know bad eyes run on both sides of the family. Out of my brothers and sisters one has good eyes and does not need glasses. Everyone in my hubby's family wears glasses. They all are completely lost without them. I can almost bet that she is going to have eyes like his. I'm hoping I am wrong but I don't think I am on this.

nvr.4.gtn February 16th, 2011 04:02 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
I hope you are too, and if she does need glasses, nothing more and they give her the perfect vision she deserves!

challowell February 22nd, 2011 12:27 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
We went to the Doctor today and he is going to contact the eye doctor in Columbus today and he said we would probably get in sometime in the next few months. Nobody else in this area will see her so I will be going 2 hours away to see this eye doctor. We are hoping we do not have to wait too long for an appointment.

nvr.4.gtn February 23rd, 2011 06:37 AM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
wow I am so sorry that you have to travel so far. There are no other opthomologists in the area that can see her sooner?

challowell February 23rd, 2011 04:08 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
Nope. None of the others will touch Jamie due to her age. I got my appointment time today. We go March 15 at 2 pm. She got the chief Opthamologist and he is listed as a really good eye doctor so I am hoping to get something done.

nvr.4.gtn February 25th, 2011 08:50 AM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
well at least you don't have to wait too long! It just sucks cuz I can tell you with eye issues with children, you end up going like twice amonth at first. Thats a lot of driving for you!

challowell February 25th, 2011 12:42 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
Well I was told I could go to Columbus or Cincinatti and Cincinatti is closer to 3 hours away so I will take the two hour trip. I already have a sitter lined up to take Rachel to and from school that day and my MIL is deciding if she wants to make the drive with us.

nvr.4.gtn February 25th, 2011 07:57 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
you poor thing! Well kudos to you for making the journey! Maybe everything will check out fine and the doctor will just refer you to an opthomologist for check ups if she even needs them

JennO March 12th, 2011 04:39 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
I just wanted to add a few thing. My oldest DS has amblyopia and esotropia. Sounds bad, but basically "lazy eye" and eyes that already had a tendency to cross. He was diagnosed at 5 months, patched for what seemed like forever, had surgery at 10 months. He is now 3.5 years and is showing that his eyes are crossing again. :( Looks like more patching, glasses or surgery are in our future... That is just our story.

Really poor sight (far sightedness) can also be the cause of misalignment. She may not need patching or any surgery, it just might be poor eye sight. For our situation, the brain is the one that is confused, not the eyes. :) The PP is right, the brain will eventually shut off the "lazy eye" and that eye can lose vision permenently! It is so important to get it checked and I am so glad you are. Eye surgery, in our case, is cosmetic. The brain has to figure out that it needs both eyes. A HUGE percentage of kids that have surgery, need repeated surgery. :( So, hopefully it won't get that far. :) Good luck at the eye doctor!!!

challowell March 16th, 2011 12:03 AM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
We went for Jamie's appointment today thinking that worse case senero was going to be surgery on the muscles around her eye. Well the doctor checked her and said the muscles around her eyes are fine. The eye itself is great and she has good vision. The problem is her brain is sending messages to the eye causing the eye to have a 35 degree drift and the way to fix it is a surgical. We go back in 4 months for him to reassess the eyes and finalize a decision then. Right now I am thinking that This is going to be a rough patch coming up. If the eye and muscles are fine then the only area to do surgery is the optic nerve or brain. I just want to cry right now

nvr.4.gtn March 16th, 2011 02:12 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
I am so sorry you got news that was less then positive. BUT she can see. I am confused by a few things though, not sure if I am confused or if you misunderstood. Do you mean 35 diopters? I am confused also why the eye would be turning in if they eye itself is fine? Did they dilate her and all that? i also don't get why they are waiting 4 months to reasses her. Also does she have binocular vision?

challowell March 16th, 2011 11:45 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
the way it was explained to me was that the angle from the midline of the eye to how it drifts is 35 degrees. She sees double and 5she has no depth preception. It is like she sees everything as a painting with no depth. I researched and found the actual treatment and it worries me but not as much as doing nothing does. The surgery she will need is taing the muscles around the eye and cutting some of them so her eyes can't drift as much. What I read this surgery will have to be repeated several times as she gets older and may not actually help at all. It may only give the look fo straight forward eyes. We have to see if the brain will work to readjust to using both eyes correctly as she gets older.The doctor wanted us to wait 4 months for the next appointment so he can get a second measurement of her eyes so he can get an exact measurment on where he needs to cut. He also mentioned that this is more common for him to see in premature children. Jamie was a week and a half overdue so I got to reflecting on my pregnancy. I did not know I was pregnant untill I was 24 weeks along and before then I ate a bag of chips and a pop and that was it for the day. I feel like I am at blame for her eyes because if I would have taken care of myslf then she may not be having these problems now. They did dilate her eyes and all of the eye looks fine. He said that the muscles are fine and the eye is healthy. The problem is her brain not processing the information correctly and the brain causing the eye drift. The only thing he saw wrong with the eye is that she is slightly farsighted and he said that if she was nearsighted he would have tried glasses first.

nvr.4.gtn March 17th, 2011 08:22 AM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
ok that makes abit more sense. Just one eye drifts right? So most likely you will patch after the surgery. The reason she does not have depth percepetion is becasue she does not have binocular vision. Its not a big deal really!! I don't have it and am perfectly fine, can drive and all that. You learn to use what you have lol. The onlt downside is no 3D movies! lol Not a big deal. She will perfectly fine.
yes he is right in that a lot of times they need repeat surgery. You may want to ask him if he is going to over correct the problem. What that means is they actually take a bit to much muscle out so that the eye drifts out a bit. Why they do that is that outward drifts can be corrected with prisms in the glasses. Our doctor does not do that as he says "he strives for perfection" lol but many doctors will do that. I don't know what is worse or better or what have you but something you can look into to find out.
as far as the surgery goes, its hard, i won't lie to you. Its the hardest thing to hand them over. BUT when you gt them back, you will be hugging that little girl so hard!! lol But she will be fine. I will say lots of prayers that one surgery is all she needs.

now unto your pity party!!! GIRL you cannot blame yourself!!! There is absolulty nothing you did wrong. You were not out smoking crack when you were pregnant, you ate some chips! WHO CARES!! She got everything she needed from you, you would have been the one sick otherwise! You really can't blame yourself for this, its a guilt party that is never ending! Believe me I have had my days.
Avery was born at a birthing center, maybe I should have been in the hospital maybe they would have caught it.... we went to a 2 day ped appointment and a 2 week ped. appointment and it was not found.... but then we didn't go back because we had no insurance. She was healthy so didn't think of it... maybe I should have and her cataracts would have been found earlier and she would have had a better prognosis..... but there is no buts anymore. This is the ay it is. No one is to blame. DH has a hard time as well as he had cataracts and that gave our kids a 50% chance of getting it too..... well 50% did get it. So he blames himself as well... did he spin his genes around before putting htem in his sperm?? no!!! lol serisouldy the blame game will get you no where. Right now all you can do is wait and pray and hope that everything turns out best case!

challowell March 17th, 2011 07:35 PM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
The drift is with both eyes but the right eye is worse. That is why I didn't notice the left eye drifting.

I don't know if you can see it in this pic but both her eyes are going in opposite directions.


JennO March 18th, 2011 07:10 AM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
First, your DD is SO cute!!! I do notice the eyes drifting, but I think I am conditioned that way. :) It is in no way your fault!!! Not even close! I did everything "right," never even missed a prenatal! BUT, DS has issues. First with the eyes and now in speech too. Poor kid! I didn't know that what he has (sounds similar to your dd) is genetic. Two of my aunts have it as well as my grandmother. Interesting. Anyway, the issue sounds the same. I was also confused at first at why my DS needed eye muscle surgery if his muscles are fine! We did the patching prior to surgery to strengthen the "weaker" side of the two, but both eyes required correction. It has nothing to do with his eyes and everything to do with his brain. Seems like it is going to be a battle for a long time. Good for you for getting it checked out. :) Eventually, she would have stopped using one of her eyes... the brain gets tired of seeing two images and just shuts one off. After DS last appt, we also have to go back in 4 months to see if it gets worse or what. Anyway, here is a pic of DS before surgery and one right after. Good luck!!!

After- This was at about 1pm. Surgery was in the morning.

Last summer

nvr.4.gtn March 18th, 2011 11:13 AM

Re: I would like to introduce myself and a question.
what a beautiful boy you have!!! Makes me sad seeing those bloody pics, reminds me of Avery

Here she is before surgery

2 weeks later\

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