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Devan'sMama December 2nd, 2009 11:38 AM

Pentacel question
Hi ladies,

My baby received his first set of DTaP, HiB, and polio all in one vaccine at his 2 month appointment. I've been reading about vaccine schedule delays and the amount of aluminum in vaccines. I called my pediatrician's office this morning to ask what the brand of vaccine Devan received at his 2 month appointment and they told me that it was Pentacel. I've read on the internet that Pentacel has as much as 1500 mcg of aluminum, but then that it has much less - 330 mcg. Which is truth? And how much is "acceptable" for a baby? I can't seem to find the information that I'm looking for online. I don't want opinions - just facts. I'd like to look at the facts and make my own decision of what would be best for us. Do you know where I might find the information that I'm looking for?

Thanks for your time.

Zanahoria December 2nd, 2009 12:26 PM

Re: Pentacel question
Ask your pediatrician to show you the vaccine insert, or you could probably find it online pretty easily. I'd look for you, but I'm on my iPhone right now so I can't copy/paste links. It shouldn't be hard to find though.

*edit* I did a bit of googling, and according to the package insert, the vaccine contains 1500 mcg of aluminum phosphate, which according to the sources I found (including Dr. Sears) translates to 330 mcg of actual aluminum when broken down. As to what amount is "safe" I do not know and suspect you will get wildly different answers depending on who you ask. Hopefully that answered your question about how much aluminum is in of though, it seems there are many parents out there with the same question.

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