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Rinchan July 20th, 2012 12:42 PM

Whooping cough rates rising
CDC: Whooping cough rising at alarming rate in US; this could prove the worst year since 1959 - The Washington Post

Scary thing is, unvaccinated children are getting the disease which shows the importance of herd immunity.

Whooping cough can kill, espeically those under a year old. It can also cause mental retardation from lack of oxygen from coughing. When my mother was a child, she knew three kids on her street that died from the disease. If there was a polio outbreak, no one was allowed to go to the park.

birdblue September 23rd, 2016 08:33 AM

Re: Whooping cough rates rising
Actually its a large percent of vaccinated people who are catching it.

Studies have shown that a vaccinated person will carry the illness but now show symptoms, so they don't realize they are sick, think they are protected and end up infecting others.

A stubbed toe can kill if it doesn't receive proper care.

The dtap vaccine can and does cause brain damage, autoimmune disorders and other negative health issues.

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