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~InHisHands~ August 24th, 2009 05:09 AM

Is Satan real?
Do you believe Satan is real? Do you believe Christians use Satan as an excuse too much instead of taking responsibility for actions or issues? Do you believe Satan attacks Christians and/or the lost? Who does he attack more (Christians or the lost)?

All of these questions came out of a discussion we had in my small group Bible study yesterday. I thought it was an interesting topic (& I actually learned something that I'll share with you a little later) so I wanted to pose these questions to you ladies to get your thoughts & opinions! :rolleyes:

kristianna August 24th, 2009 05:35 AM

Re: Is Satan real?
Do you believe Satan is real? Do you believe Christians use Satan as an excuse too much instead of taking responsibility for actions or issues? Do you believe Satan attacks Christians and/or the lost? Who does he attack more (Christians or the lost)?

Yes I believe in Satan. I think some Christian do use it as a poor excuse. But we should IMO remember that it's not a sin to be tempted it's a sin to give into temptation. I think Satan goes after anyone that give him the space to do so.. I think he's an equal oppertunity tempter.. I think it probably takes more to "crack" a strong Christian and therefore the 'attack' might seem more severe.

KaiyaRae'sMomma August 24th, 2009 07:26 AM

Re: Is Satan real?
I believe that Satan is real and I agree that he attacks everyone. It is more of a challenge for him to attack strong Christians as it will take a harder attack to break them down and compete against the weapons of God's word and love. I think it is worth more to him to win over a Christian because he is ultimately trying to take us away from God right?

jogiggles August 24th, 2009 04:19 PM

Re: Is Satan real?
I do believe in Satan. I dont think we can blame him for our sins he is probably the one who temps us with things he knows are our weakness but ultimatley we have the choice to sin or not. At times we sin and dont realize we did we are only humans. I feel he does attack us to brake us down and question God. I also think he attacks non believers just as much because he knows somewhere out there someone is praying and believing for that person.

Joliving4Jesus August 24th, 2009 08:31 PM

Re: Is Satan real?
Yes, I believe in Satan. I do believe people use Satan as an excuse far too much, I agree with the others that Satan temps us with our weaknesses and its up to us to fall into his trap or not. I believe Satan attacks both believers and unbelivers, I believe his biggest target are the ones that are out trying to win souls for Christ because they are winning more for the kingdom of God.

m.and.a August 24th, 2009 09:37 PM

Re: Is Satan real?
Absoultely. I'm always taken aback when I talk to someone who doesn't believe in Satan or hell. I'm not sure I get the excuse thing, because using Satan as an excuse is only admitting that you've believe his lies- not as a way of not taking responsibility. I think people who are immature in their Christianity might misunderstand that blaming Satan negates the responsibility.

Satan is the father of lies. All sin, IMHO, boils down to believing lies. If I watch this porn- I'm not hurting anyone, it is a victimless sin. If I lie to my boss about why I am late for work, who gets hurt? If I am greedy, if I covet, if I lust- who am I hurting? I think it is easier for Satan to get those who aren't believers to believe in his lies.

I've seen Satan work in my life and the life of others. I've been praying for the ladies in the Love Dare Challenge, because Satan doesn't want marriages to succeed. He wants them to fail. If you've ever taken Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace in your church, you'll be amazed at the struggles people have in the first week, after they've made the resolve to dedicate their finances to God. People make the commitment to become debt free, and the next day, something huge happens that bends the will of that resolve. It's remarkable.

As believers, we aren't slaves to our temptation. God is always there to give us a way out. When you are tempted- look for the window. It is there. God is faithful.

1 Corinthians 10:13 - No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

~InHisHands~ August 25th, 2009 05:07 AM

Re: Is Satan real?
What I learned that Manda actually mentioned was the fact that there are people, neighbors really, who don't believe in Satan. I know, I obviously don't get out much if I didn't already know that, huh? :lol: Anyway, our church runs a private Christian school M-F & our school head master is a part of my Bible study group & told us the story of Open House... One of the teachers comes out & starts talking about the church, "We Believe in the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost, the one & true living God", "We believe He created everything", "We believe Satan is real & tries to steal, kill, & destroy"... she said that when they get to that statement about Satan, EVERYONE just has a stunned look or starts giggling & will look at each other like "did they just say THAT". IDK, her story just amazed me b/c I have always believed in God & Satan even before I gave my life over to Jesus.

I feel the same as most of you... I believe in Satan. IDK that I believe Christians use it as an excuse. I believe He is real so if someone says it is Satan I think that there is a strong possibility that it IS Satan. I do believe he attacks both... Believers & non-Believers but I also believe, like Jo, that he attacks Believers most & hardest.

One of my friends in Bible study actually said something to the effect that she believes the lost are Satan's play toys while Believers are his enemies. The lost are already on Satan's side so why mess with them too much... he just plays with them while Believers are doing God's work so he HATES us & attacks us fiercely & tries to destroy us. Kinda scary, huh? I guess it shouldn't be TOO scary since after all Jesus is with us, protecting us! Praise the Lord!

jogiggles August 25th, 2009 04:08 PM

Re: Is Satan real?
Thats some good stuff thanks for sharing

m.and.a August 25th, 2009 04:42 PM

Re: Is Satan real?
When reading the passage in Corinthians (the passage I quoted), Paul tells the church there that they haven't been tempted beyond that of the "common man". Based on this scripture, I don't think that we're attacked any more than anyone else. I'd love to read verses that represented a different view if anyone can think of some.

He needs to keep his toys right where they are, and continuing to beat them down, continuing to prove to them that there is no Hope (which is Jesus and eternal life) as a way to keep them there. Continuing to keep them addicted, continuing to make them selfish, continue to make them apathetic, greedy, lustful, is a hard job, and I think if you look into society, you'll see just the overwhelming influence Satan has on society, and convincing society that it's okay to show half naked people on magazine racks for the eye level of 5 year old boys and girls can start their worldly sexuality decades before their Biblical sexuality is supposed to begin. We make sex something that the average person can never live up too- and Satan wins on all levels, starting at all ages. We become anesthetized to sex, and we're surprised when little girls want to become mothers at 13.... Well that's a 'nothter soap box.

He's a busy guy- regardless of whether your saved or not. I don't think he makes much difference in who he lies to. Because a lie he tells to an unbeliever can have consequences for a believer- or even an entire body of unbelievers. I believe that as Christians, we have the protection of God in that he won't allow us to be tempted beyond what he knows we can't bear, and he is on our side- screaming "FIRE EXIT HERE". It's up to us, through study of the Word, prayer, and spiritual growth to learn to hear the voice of God. If we don't know Him, if we don't know His character, how do we learn to listen. Unbelievers, as far as I can see scripturally, don't have the exit sign, they don't have Angels in the Outfield so to speak. And they certainly wouldn't know where to begin to see the exit signs even if they did.

My church is different than most in that we have outreach to what we call "unchurched", those who have never believed, or never considered God/Jesus/Satan, so I think about these people a lot, and let me tell you- they have some pretty miserable lives. I definitely don't see that their lives get easier when they accept Christ, often just the opposite, and we make warnings that when you come out of the water, it's like painting a big target on your chest for Satan, because he wants you back. He does it by telling them the same lies- that they aren't worth it, that science is smarter than God, that it's okay to be consumers of religion instead of members of the Kingdom of God. Satan doesn't always represent himself in evil, but I also personally see a number of False Prophets in Christianity today- which we are warned against in the New Testament- the books of Jude, Titus, and the Timothy's come to mind. We are specifically warned in Revelation to not even believe an angel if he comes straight from heaven to give a new Gospel, but I think that's what we see happening in Christianity over the past few decades particularly, with churches who claim to be Christ's restored church. I don't believe His church has gone anywhere, and to even suggest such a thing means that Jesus' plan.. His Kingdom, as he planned it, failed until a mere man could come around and do it the right way. I don't buy it, but millions do, and are. It's proven by how fast these religions grow that Satan is very good at putting on a pair or robes too. So, he's hard at work there too.

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