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Eowyn August 17th, 2012 07:12 PM

What's your church like?
Hi my name is Emily, I am kind of a returning older member here.
I was just curious what everyone's church experience is like!

Our family used to go to a more traditional church setting. Non-denominational.

Eventually those of us who had formed a more tight knit bible-study group on thursday nights started meeting after we lost the church building for family meetings that has evolved into what we now call ' Home Church.'
We meet in church members homes, taking turns in whoever offers their house as a meeting place for fellowship. We continue to do bible studies in evenings but sunday mornings we meet as families and it's a really cool because everyone can share and the discussions that we have about scripture, faith or things God is doing in our lives makes it a really great experience.
I LOVE our church and it is always growing and it's amazing to see how God is working in all of our lives. It is true that the people are what counts and you don't need a 'building' to be a fellowship of believers. :)
There are still more focused bible studies they do, but since we moved further away we aren't able to attend the evening studies. I miss them! We hope to move back someday and I really look forward to it because our church is like family to me!

What is your church like and what does it mean to you?

3TeamH August 17th, 2012 08:12 PM

Re: What's your church like?
Our church is traditional, non-denominational, reformed. We meet as a body on Sunday evenings, and throughout the week in small neighborhood groups. Our church started about 11 months ago and has around 130 people now. We don't offer a lot of extra's - our pastor likes to "keep it simple like In-N-Out" lol. I like the simplicity.

2Corinthians10:4 August 18th, 2012 12:31 PM

Re: What's your church like?
Well I still haven't found a 'home' church here in Hawaii (which is why we are going to two different services tomorrow lol). But the church I call home back in Texas was a spirit filled, holy ghost annointed Church of God and to be honest I really mistt he upbeat and gospel atmosphere. There church we have been attending here in Hawaii is more low key and non-denominational, you can tell we kind of don't belong when my daughter (4 years old) stands up and shouts Amen! when the preacher is preaching :lol: We are going to try an Assembly of God tomorrow.

I have always wanted to be involved in a home church, btw! I think it would be really neat to participate in a tight knit group like that.

CalledBlessed August 18th, 2012 08:53 PM

Re: What's your church like?
Well I go to assembly of God :) We seem like we are at church more than home and I love it! On sundays we have sunday school than church that last a couple hours because we just let the spirit just run until its done...lol we have people who dance and cry and put there hands up everything you can think of I think we had someone jump over a pew once....hmmm...soon... maybe me..lol..

during the week we will meet up just because..tuesdays they have drama and wednesdays we bus kids in and just have a great time..we just had an revival for what was suppose to be four days ended up being all week.that was about two weeks ago....guess what we are doing another one hoping it last a week too!Praying some will come to Christ.
we are some bible toting,scripture quoting,holy ghost praising,jumping dasies,singing crazy,loving,preaching,bible teaching,hugging,dancing,just plain out love God ,Jesus, and the Holy spirit....lol.lol.Hey just as long as it is about God I don't care what church ya go to just as long has you have a love for Jesus :)lol

Countrymom4 August 19th, 2012 08:35 PM

Re: What's your church like?
We go to a smaller church that has sunday school before church, then we go to a larger church in the city sometimes. I find the smaller one more family like and people are reserved. You sing the same songs everyone is worried what someone else thinks, but the bigger church i walk into the building and you can feel the love of the lord.

aect-mama August 21st, 2012 11:25 AM

Re: What's your church like?
Hi Emily :waves:

My home town church is multi-denominational and definitely very traditionally mainline prodestant in the style of worship. There's a predictable order to the service and the prayers and songs are timeless and familiar. There isn't a whole lot of shouting AMEN's and Hallelujiah's but there is a lot of joy and laughter in the service and the congregation is very much like a family. :) You could say that I'm slightly biased because it's my father-in-law's church and it's where my husband and I first met when we were just kids and where we were married so there are a lot of good memories there. But I do feel like it's more than that. The Lord is at work in that church. I can feel His love there.

The church that Justin is interning at right now is a traditional Methodist church. It's definitely more reserved. The people seem friendly enough when you're with them one on one but as a group they feel a little stand offish. But that impression is just based on a couple of Sunday mornings there. Maybe if could be there every week I wouldn't feel that way. :shrugs:

crunchywannabe August 21st, 2012 11:49 AM

Re: What's your church like?
Still nothing out here, but the church I attended in the city was AMAZING! It was a fairly modern non-denom, their 'slogan' was that 'Oasis is a church for unchurched people' The music is very contemporary, the messages are highly applicable to everyday life, and the people are SO friendly! They out grew the 'church building' that the offices are in a few years ago, and have been 'mobile' since meeting for 2 packed services in a school gym every Sunday morning. Even though it is already a 'larger' church the pastor makes a point of meeting everyone, and learning and remembering your name! The kids programs are INCREDIBLE. (there are a lot of parents who come to church because their kids beg them to bring them to kids church) A lot of the 'program' is based on North Point Community Church in Georgia. They also have Life Groups, that meet in homes during the week, and serving teams, which are volunteers that manage everything from kids church, to set up and tear down, to the bookstore, and coffee etc. It is super casual. (jeans and a tank top are common place, and you grab a cup of coffee, tea, iced tea etc to have with you during the service). I have never been so involved, or felt so included in a church in my life! They really became my family!

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