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MerinSun March 28th, 2013 10:11 PM

Microfleece Insert Socks
I am currently making a batch of them (8 socks with too narrow material left over to make liners). I picked up the microfleece for only a couple dollars so decided to give this a try for funsies. The sock stretched over a prefold comes out to about 5.5 inches wide. Will this be wide enough to catch all the BM of a toddler or will I be looking at a higher chance of BM getting on the cover?

I have a Thirsties Duo Wrap :)

shen7 March 29th, 2013 09:27 AM

IMO, toddler poop is not worth fussing over trying to contain. It doesn't get EVERYWHERE like newborn/EBF poop. Even when it is runny it is not explosive. Plus toddlers poop much less frequently too. So I wouldn't worry about keeping toddler poops off your covers... 5.5" sounds plenty wide to me for a lay in insert! The microfleece socks sound very clever :)

MerinSun March 30th, 2013 12:33 PM

Re: Microfleece Insert Socks
And I'm *LOVING* them right now! We've only had one BM with them so far and it's been a more "tidy" version, lol. But I think it will catch the majority of BM, hopefully :S. Otherwise, I am loving how they make a diaper change go so much more fast. I can see if I forget to put the BM liner on top (we use the disposable bamboo paper) that the BM will scrap/spray off very easily and not require scrubbing out like the prefolds do.

The only draw back is that it is still bulky. I have trimmed and zigzagged the ends of the prefolds (osocozy prefolds are too long even for a Thirsties size 2 at maximum settings by about 2 inches) but because they're trifolded in the sock I can't flare out the back to reduce the bulk on his back. This isn't a big deal though. I can also cut a different shape out of my microfleece socks at my next batch that allows more of a flare at the top.

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