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*Lana* May 13th, 2013 06:35 PM

How did you decide on brands?
I'm still on the fence about cloth diapering. I want to do it, but because there are so many options I feel a bit overwhelmed. I think if I bite the bullet and start buying some, I will feel better and will go for it--but I don't want to buy ones that aren't good. I was pretty much decided on BumGenius, then I came across some sites that said they didn't care for them and liked Fuzzibunz, so I started looking at them.
I find myself limiting my researching to specific brands, but I know there are many other brands of there. I know some of it is dependent on the child, but I know if I don't start buying before baby comes then I will just go with disposables.

Gripstress May 14th, 2013 02:54 AM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
Congrats on your baby!

I am still finding what I like but I still keep going back to the Sunbaby pockets. Lots of people complain about them but they work great for me and many women I know from my BID group. They are inexpensive and work very well in my opinion. I have tons of diapers of all prices & types but I find my sunbaby work plenty well & I enjoy them. I bought 24 size 2 pockets w/ 48 bamboo inserts from the actual site sunbabydiapers.com as they are cheaper there than buying from others here. They take a few weeks to get and the bamboo must be prepped but that's easy, just a bunch of washing & drying. For the first couple of months, I did Clotheez newborn prefolds(don't care for Imagines) w/ xs Thirsties covers w/ a snappi. Easy and effective & cheap! Those can be bought at greenmountaindiapers.com Keep it simple for now & then explore later. If you have questions on specific brands or types, let me know :) I was pretty scared to go for it but 5 months later and NO issues and we could not be happier in cloth!

*Lana* May 14th, 2013 04:54 PM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
Thanks! I checked out the Sun Baby and read numerous reviews online and decided to try them out and ordered 6. I also bought 2 Bumgenius today. Feeling better about the whole thing now that I have a few coming. I know I have plenty of time, but I like to be prepared early. There is a cloth diaper store about 20 minutes away from me. I need to go and check them out. They also offer classes.
This is the only part of the whole pregnancy/childbirth/newborn/baby I feel lost in--my mom talked me out of it last time (I didn't even look into it), but she was basing it on her own experiences when my siblings and I were little.
I remembered last night that my daughter had the Pampers Dry Max rash when she was little--it was awful and even left her a little scarred on her skin. I will remind my mom of that and she will quickly be supportive of CD. My husband doesn't do diapers, so he doesn't have a say in it!

kbpeanut May 14th, 2013 05:30 PM

I just started by trying a few different brands and styles. We have a few different things we ended up liking, including bG freetimes, blueberry pockets, and Thirsties covers. We are still experimenting and even today, a diaper I hated 2 weeks ago seems to fit very well all of a sudden.

Gripstress May 15th, 2013 04:51 AM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
Yes it was the big thing I was lost on too lol I felt totally lost and it's funny to go back and look at my old posts here regarding whether or not I should use cloth. It's quite easy once you actually jump in and get the terminology down. I'm lucky that my mom supports it since she is my babysitter when I work. She used cloth but liked it enough. I had to look up that rash you spoke of...scary stuff! Poor Mija! The only thing about cloth as far as rashes go is what creams are ok and which can ruin your diapers (I just use coconut oil but no real rashes here yet) and watching for thrush/yeast rashes. They will need special care if yeast breaks out but it can be done with vinegar for rinsing the diapers & creams for the baby's bum from the doctor. Happens with disposables too though. Congrats on your first purchases!! I plan ahead too and got my first diapers very early on :)

lnj5duke May 15th, 2013 08:58 AM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
I was lucky enough to have some friends and a SIL who cloth diaper, so I was able to at least see some different brands. I am DEFINITELY a hybrid kinda girl, even though I never use the disposable inserts (since my girlie doesn't get rashes, I use regular disposables for babysitters/travel... they are cheaper!). I love that I can re-use covers and just change the inserts.

I did buy some pockets for overnight, though, and they work great! I hate stuffing them, because the microfiber feels icky to me, but I just wear gloves and it's not a big deal. The nice thing about the more expensive diapers is that they have good resale value, so if you don't like your BumGenius, you can probably sell them for close to what you paid.

If/When I have another kiddo, I'm going to do prefolds + covers for the newborn stage (I started DD2 at 7 months in cloth). I saw a package in an earlier post that I am totally planning to get: OsoCozy Diapers & Thirsties Prefold Packages. The reviews on the Thirsties Duo Wraps are great :D.

WorkerBeeMama May 15th, 2013 12:31 PM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
I don't know what I will end up liking, but so far I like all in ones and prefolds with covers.

AIOs end up costing more than prefolds, but I will need AIOs for daycare, plus I had to get DH on board :)

I like greenmountaindiapers.com for prefolds (they are supposed to be the best). Cottonababies.com is supposed to be good too and they are cheapest there it seems.

I have bumgenius elemental all in ones and they seem great. I have two old BGEs and don't like them as much because the elastic around the legs is weird.

I adore ragababes, but they are expensive and once you buy one it can be a slippery slope of spending money!

If I had to do it all over again, I would have just stuck with my BGEs for older age and either used sposies for the newborn stage or prefolds and covers only. I got hooked though and kept buying more and more :( I love my stash though :D

*Lana* May 15th, 2013 01:01 PM

Re: How did you decide on brands?

Originally Posted by Gripstress (Post 27365269)
I had to look up that rash you spoke of...scary stuff! Poor Mija! The only thing about cloth as far as rashes go is what creams are ok and which can ruin your diapers (I just use coconut oil but no real rashes here yet) and watching for thrush/yeast rashes. They will need special care if yeast breaks out but it can be done with vinegar for rinsing the diapers & creams for the baby's bum from the doctor

My daughter never had a true diaper rash other than the one from those Pampers. She ended up on antibiotics as she developed a UTI and they thought it may be a strep rash, it didn't improve and was on an anti-fungal cream. Pampers said they would send me coupons for free packs of diapers---they ended up sending me a check for $20 which covered her prescriptions.

I need to get my butt to the CD class, but it probably won't happen for another month or two. I still need to talk to my sitter about CD. The baby will also be with my dad one or two days a week and he won't have a problem with it.

Gripstress May 17th, 2013 02:35 AM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
Pockets, all in ones and all in twos should be fine for anyone watching the baby as they are all basically all in one once you stuff or snap the inserts in. All in 2s and pockets are easier for washing/drying than all in ones. I HATE the feel of microfiber and like the bamboo just as well if not better anyway. Sunbabies are easy to stuff....I find Fuzzinbunz to be a nightmare, if not impossible, to stuff(big hands?). I much prefer sized Thirsties covers over duos for newborn and then skipped to my size 2 duos because the size 1 runs SO small and I generally use over one size fitteds so they are bulky for nighttime.

That sucks that they only sent $20...so you still paid for those diapers! At least she never had other rashes. Cloth should be fairly easy compared to that whole business!

cooper1414 May 17th, 2013 01:51 PM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
My DS#3 had that horrible Pampers rash too! It was awful and I read they had a class action lawsuit against them at one point. I use Huggies for him now and didn't have any issues, but I want to go with cloth with #4.

Memi May 21st, 2013 06:08 AM

So far my favorite one size diapers are Lil Joeys and BumGenius XS and my favorite one size fiapers ate Sunbaby and BumGenius 4.0. Figure out what type of diaper works best for your lifestyle first (pocket, AIO, prefolds, fitteds) and then try a few brands for yourself. At first I was so obsessed with trying them all and getting a diverse stash. Now I stick to what I know I love and works.

~*Kudzu*~ June 20th, 2013 01:41 PM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
I am new to cloth diapering with baby #4... I recently discovered gPants and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! We are using the disposable inserts for the moment, but only b/c we are getting ready to move and the house is mostly packed, then its a 4000 mile trip from AK to AL with a stop over at the in-laws house for a week. After we get moved and settled I will use the cloth inserts with the disposables only for outings. I might venture out into other brands as I get more comfortable, but then again, I really like the gPants and DH likes them and has no problems changing DD3 in them. I like the fact that they hug her legs nicely without being too tight and she had what would have been a total blowout last night but the 2 "barriers" (for lack of a better word) with the liner and then the cover both having elastic held it all in. That brings me to my next question and I was going to post it in another thread and I will if I need to, but does anyone know of another hybrid that works just like the gPants? I only ask because I want to diversify the look of her diapers but not the style.

missrebel July 30th, 2013 08:15 PM

Re: How did you decide on brands?
I started with flats 2 doz diaper rite flats (most people seemed to like them or gmd/clotheeze. Diaper rite was a little cheaper). I bought two Thirsties wraps (one snap, one velcro to try both), and two bummis super brite covers. I also got a diaper rite prefold package in the newborn size. It came with 2 doz newborn prefolds and four bummis supper whisper wraps. I was not certain that I would stick with cloth diapering so I wanted to start fairly cheap, but I didn't want to make it too difficult just to discourage myself. I figured if I could get down folding flats and keep up with the laundry I would look into more expensive/easier options later. I found that I loved flats for the itty bitty stage when they don't roll or wiggle as much. They're so easy to customize for that constant day to day growing and changing. I didn't care much for the prefolds early on, but I think I spent so much time learning how to fold the flats that I sort of didn't practice the prefolds enough and stuck with what worked instead of sticking out the learning curve for the prefolds. When I became more comfortable with cloth I bought one fuzzibunz and two bumgenius pockets (one in velcro one in snap). I found that I hated the fuzzibunz. I should probably sell it because to this day it has never been peed or pooed on. It was just too much hassle trying to fit it right having to take it off to pull and button the elastic. I fell in love with the bumgenius....except for the microfiber. I hated the microfiber...so I got rid of it (well...I use it for cleaning cloths which it's perfect for). I tried a newborn prefold in one and LOVED it! I bought a velcro and a snap in every solid color BG made at the time (do they have new colors now?) and two more nb prefolds (there were 13 colors). When she started leaking in that I bought 26 size small prefolds and that fixed it. We are now on the medium sized prefolds and I plan to go to large if I need to. I've found the prefolds have lasted a little longer than the size chart which I guess is meant for using them with a cover and folding them instead of trifolding and stuffing? I also use thirsties hemp inserts with a prefold at night and that gets us through the night, but I have had leaks if she sleeps in too late (I'm not that lucky so it doesn't happen often and is worth the leak). Early on I also had 12 gmd workhorse fitteds. I sold 6 of those because I ended up only using them at night and didn't need 12 (was able to put the money toward the bg's). I tried not to get into prints or fancy diapers (I may have drooled over a goodmama once in awhile, but never let myself buy one because they were too expensive to fall in love with). I keep things simple. It makes laundry easier and keeps husbands sane. :)

I do want to edit to add... I recently noticed that several of my BGs are delaminating, but it's totally my fault. I use a little bleach with every load, wash with tide, and dry in the dryer for a full cycle then 30 more minutes because my hemp inserts don't dry completely the first go round and I guess I'm too silly to figure out to pull the covers out? Do air dry your covers if you can. As my pockets delaminate beyond usefulness I plan to build a small stash of covers and switch to those for #2 and other future kids. I just can't justify the expense of more pockets when I've screwed up the ones I have.

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