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Nel August 26th, 2013 08:28 PM

best Newborn Diaper?
What was your favorite for absorbancy and fit?

pics if you have them :)

shen7 August 30th, 2013 05:16 PM

Re: best Newborn Diaper?
I have only ever used GMD prefolds, and small flats. I have big babies and they are not in newborn size for very long. G was born almost 10 lbs and was in smalls at 2 weeks old.

If I were ever to upgrade to "easier" diapers for a newborn, I'd get closureless GMD workhorse fitteds, or similar ones put out by Imagine (Nicki's Diapers) or Diaper Rite. Or to get really fancy I'd get Tinkle Traps with cotton velour inners. I really like using a snappi to get a custom fit, but these diapers require no folding.


AlaskaMom September 23rd, 2013 04:46 PM

Re: best Newborn Diaper?
Another vote for prefolds (I used the old-school "infant size") and flats for newborns. I LOVE flats because you can customize them so well, but the husband is folding challenged so he stuck with prefolds. My favorite covers were Thirsties, both the extra small and duo size 1.

I also had 12 little joeys, which I had read great things about. I was SO SAD because they just always leaked all over his clothes. :-( They were so darn cute but useless compared to good old-fashioned cotton on a newborn. For baby 2 I will definitely be buying some GMD newborn size for the first weeks before switching to my trusty infant size. They worked, but were awfully bulky on a newborn.

Starting at 4 months or so, we switched to using almost exclusively bum genius 4.0s. They've been great but now they need their elastics replaced. Plus now we have an HE top load washer and it seems harder to keep the microfiber clean, so I'll probably stick with cotton a lot more next time.

LABs September 23rd, 2013 05:08 PM

Re: best Newborn Diaper?
I like fitted diapers with a stay dry liner and a side snap PUL cover. My DH I'm positive could never figure out a prefold. He can do a fitted diaper, but he sometimes forgets to make sure that the diaper cover is put on correctly around the legs. He's worse with a disposable! He does best with snaps as it takes out all the guess work of a custom fit. I made AIOs this pg and I hope that they will be easy for him and my preteens to change. Plus they are so cute! I have average size newborns and they stay in newborn size for a couple months, except my third who quickly grew to the 98% for height and weight after birth. I might get in more use out of them for my twins.

Sugaree September 24th, 2013 07:59 AM

Re: best Newborn Diaper?
I only used GMD fitteds and prefolds with Bummi's covers. This was the most cost effective way since we didn't expect him to be in NB size for long, but we ended up getting 8 weeks use out of them.

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