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adi&co. May 15th, 2012 09:59 PM

What would you do?
I need your honest opinions please...

What would you do if you had a ton of backed up pics from a few years ago that you were only just now getting too... in this time period, you had a huge falling out with some family members. The situation was all around bad but it left you extremely hurt and, with all events considered, left you incapable of being even civil with these members. now you're bitter and going through the pics to find these people in them.

would you, a: scrap them for your kids anyway, b: delete them all since you're not planning on seeing them ever again anyways or c: something else?

MommaTrish May 16th, 2012 07:43 AM

Re: What would you do?
I would take it on a picture by picture basis. The all-around bad situation, did it have to do with your kids? Or with you? Will they later want or have a relationship with this person? Or they prominent in the photos? Or can they be covered or cropped out? Do the pictures document big moments in the boys' lives? Would Sabe be offended if you just completely did away with them?

I mean it's a really hard call to make. I chose not to scrap any of the photos with the majority of John's family. ((Well, except the ones of us or the boys with his grandparents.)) I didn't just trash them though. They're printed and put up away in our closet in case John or the boys ever want them.

*That being said - we did completely just do away with all pictures of John's dad. I believe John even through away the few baby picture of himself that his dad was in. Either that of he told his one aunt and uncle we talk to to keep them.

adi&co. May 16th, 2012 08:44 AM

Re: What would you do?
It's hard to describe the bad situation without displaying my personal life for everyone to see. It doesn't have anything to do with Sabe's family, so he won't be offended if I got rid of the pictures. The biggest reason I had a falling out with these members was because they threw me under a bus in the one moment my children and I needed them most. On top of them, they told me what a horrible parent I was and how awful my kids were. The all around bad situation does involve them, while at the same time they're not really a part of it, does that makes sense? It effects them, but they did nothing to cause it. I fully intend to never see these family members again and while I won't keep them from seeking them out when they're older (if they really wanted to), i want nothing to do with them. They've shown their true colors to me and I just can't get over it.

There's nothing major, just people in the pics. Though after reading your comment, I do like the pic by pic basis thing. I think too, I won't scrap anymore of my siblings in the books (they're already in the books in previous pages and I won't take those out) but I'll leave the pics of them with their cousins in and scrap them.

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