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austlanabmv February 6th, 2011 09:35 PM

ex-husband is telling the kids to keep secrets from me
Well the short and sweet is my ex husband is a dead beat ... he is 35K behind in childsupport and hasnt paid since 2005 and still gets to see the kids ...... 2 weeks ago he let my 11 and 10 year old boys go with him on the top of his 2 story house and check out the roof.... My current husband of a year, was upset that he was letting them do things that he just a month before would not let them do here at our house because it is dangerous and risk .. Well i told my ex if one of the kids were to fall that he coulf not pay the hospital bills and that me and thier step dad would be stuck paying it and that taking that risk was unfair to us.

fast forward to this evening i had picked up the kids and they said that he told them that i had gotten on to him and they even quoted back to me that i had mentioned not being able to pay the hospital bills... (they were each in trouble and in there rooms with the doors closed when i had the conversation with thier dad...).... and i told thier dad that they are not allowed to stay up ALL NIGHT when it is school weekends that that was fine during the summer... Well the boys said they are not alowed to tell me everything and i asked them what were they not allowed to tell me and it was that they stayed up all night on friday night and that thier dad didnt think it was far that they got to his house and have to go straight to bed so he let them stay up for ove 24 hours and then sllep saturday night.

WHAT A JERK!!!!!!!!... he has no job and can do that ... my kids have a job...SCHOOL...... i think it is super selfish of him and to tell them to keep secrets from me is a problem....... well they siad please mom dont tell him we told you we dont want ot be in trouble...... who's allegence do i keep???? if i let the kids no i wont tell maybe we can have an open line of communication and trust but then again thier dad is telling them to keep stuff from me and i just want to rat him out so bad... what are they going to do as teenagers if he is letting them get away with stuff and wanting them to keep secrets ....

thanks for letting me rant... i just dont know what to do....

Terri. February 7th, 2011 10:54 AM

Re: ex-husband is telling the kids to keep secrets from me
Wow, that is totally unacceptable!! He has absolutely no right to tell the kids to keep secrets from you! I sure hope he smartens up or I have the feeling he's going to have his ***** handed to him!

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