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Preslie Alexis,..Jan 27th,2010

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January 30th, 2010, 08:47 AM
Super Mommy
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Well,..i had been dilated to 4cm for over a week when i went to the doc on monday the 25th. i left frustrated and felt my whole world had crashed down Lol. I cried all day. Well, then i got it together and thought about the personality of our baby. i came to the conclusion that between Paul & i that she was prob gonna do things ger way regardless of what labor inducing things i tried! So i posted on my facebook tuesday, that i was just gonna make fun plans for everyday this week, knowing if she is like her momma & daddy that she will then come cuz she will want to steal everybody else's thunder Lol. I spent the rest of tuesday feeling great! I did take 3 very (prob too hot) jacuzzi's tho. I had read heat will cause water to break. So after all the jacuzzing and good mood,..i went to bed.

I woke up sometime around 2am, i think, with the feeling of peeing myself, but the deed had been done Lol! I thought, "am i dreaming?" Then i felt and i was wet. But i always thought once your water broke you were in instant pain,..this was baby 5 and i never experienced my water breaking. So i got up and changed, still assuming it was pee. But before i even got bakc in bed i was wet again. SO by now im pretty sure it was my water, but not positive. I wasnt having 1 contraction! Weeks and weeks of stupid contractions and when my water finally breaks,..nothing! Go figure Lol. So i decided to shower just in case. I called hospital and they told me to come in asap. So i told DH i was going in to get checked out but not to get up or wake kids just yet. SO i drove myself being we live 5-10 mins away from hospital. When i got there around 4am, they determined yes it was my water and i was 5cm and 90%. I was shocked! I thought wow, thats cool, this may go fast.

All of my births have been speedy ones,..going from 6cm-holding my babe within mins. So because i was already 5cm they told me i needed to get my epi. thing was, i wasnt contracting yet, they said it could take up to 18 hours for my contractions to start after water breaking. I agreed to get the epi even tho i felt absolutley nothing, just so i wouldnt miss my chance to get it. Well this is where the story changes! So he comes in around 7:30 to start the Epi. At this point i had been checked and determined 6cm. As he beings to twist the cathader into my spine,..i instantly go deaf in my right ear, hear crunches and crackling shoot up the back of my neck and into my brain. I felt paralyzed instantly. He immediatly stopped the procedure. It was determined he had went beyond the epidural cavity into the space where they give spinal blocks!! I was told 80% chance i would need a blood patch put into my spine the next day. I was sooooo Mad! I heard blood patches are extremly painful! Only plus to this story is, he realized what he did before he hooked the cathader up to any meds. So only pain med that was inserted was the "test sample" to make sure he was in space. I started puking right away and had spinal headache that was so bad i couldnt open my eyes or even move my head. I was numb from my boobs to my toes! I went into panic attack cuz i couldnt feel myself breathing. THANK GOD the test med wore off within an hour and i regain full feeling and was able to get out of bed and stuff. Only crappy thing,...headache wouldnt ease up. My OB then came in around 8:30 and was furious at what had happened to me. He gave me 2 migraine pills that did manage to take edge of the headache a tad. Enough that i could open my eyes. It was then i was told i would be able to deliver under the influence of Stadal and/or Morphine shots. I was ok with that, as long as i had something to ease the pain. But it was 8:30, i was 6cm, no longer numb, and showing not 1 contraction on monitor. So they decided to start pitocin sometime after that. Well day goes on, im all alone by the way. DH was texting me non-stop, but had the kids so stayed with them. I still didnt know his plans for coming up or anything. I decided not to tell any family or post anything on facebook til After she was born. I didnt want Paul (her dad) to kno only cuz i thought it would cause more problems, at that time DH sounded like he had every intention to show at some point. Well 11;30 rolled around, still no pain, but was contracting, still stalled out 6cm tho. By now i got the hint that DH wasnt gonna come up. So my best friend came to be with me. We sat there and giggled and laughed for couple hours. It was nice. Doc came in around Noon,..said its time to crank pitocin up and have a baby,..i was still 6cm at noon. So he did. By about 12:30 i was feeling the contractions but nothing too awful, i was still laughing with Laine and playing online. Nurse checked me about 12:45 cuz my pain had increased. I was STILL 6cm! She said, "i'll be back in about and hour to check again." Well 15 mins later i was screaming for drugs! LOL i thought i was gonna die. No one was in room except Laine. We hit my call light coule times and nothing. Contractions were one right after the other. I hurt soooo bad i cant even explain. Laine looked down below and said, "oh my God, baby has hair." I screamed at Laine to go get the nurse NOW! I looked at the clock, it was 1:05. Nurse came running in. Bed wasnt broke down, no delivery equiptment out yet. Baby was coming and doc was no where to be found. With each contration i tried my hardest not to push. They found my doc, he was in middle of a c-section, he left that poor lady laid on the surgery table while running down the hall to me, just in time to catch the baby as i gave my first push! Never experienced anything like that in my entire life! When they say 'ring of fire" they r not joking!! They had no time to give me any shot or anything. I delivered my baby girl completly natural,..wow was all i kept thinking. My poor best friends almost had to deliver her herself Lol,..i think she is forever truamatized! Baby was born at 1:14pm,..6lbs 8oz, 18 in. APGAR 9. Healthy, feisty and screaming

We didnt even have a baby nurse in the room to take the baby from the doc. It was a whirlwind of people that all came running in full speed. Now i look back and laugh my butt off at the faces i remember people having and some of the things i remember being said. My best friend cried like a baby herself. It was sweet. She was between my legs and ready to cathch tho Lol. She cut Preslie's cord and everything. Thank God for her. She has been my best friend since grade school, Godmother to my children and considered a sister.

So after i had her, i sent my mom a pic of her with her stats,..you can imagine the response i got Lol! Then i posted it to facebook.

I then started to bleed,...A LOT! Im talking golf ball size clots, 10-15 at a time popping out of me each time i moved in bed. It was scary. They got me up for the bathroom,..it was like marbles falling out. I think began to almost pass out. They ran a full bag of pitocin at full speed to try to clamp my uterus down. It didnt work,..so i then began getting shots of something in my thigh muscles. They said, "usually 1 is all it takes." So i was like, Ok, maybe im gonna be ok. Well after 3 shots and still bleeding uncontrollably, i seen panic in the doctors face. I had my OB and 3 nurses pushing and rubbing all over my uterus. Remember i didnt have pain meds! So this hurt worse than any contraction i felt or delivery. They gave me shot number 4,..and finally a lil better. Clots were smaller. By 6pm, they had it down to no clots, just real liquid like blood/fluid mix. By 8pm, i was barely bleeding, got my baby back and got moved to a clean room. My delivery room looked like a cow had been sacraficed! I couldnt even have visitors cuz it woulda scared most people. But in the end,..they saved my uterus! Yay. My blood count was 1 point away from needing transfusion. When i left hospital yesterday my count was back up to a 9. I was 12 before birth. I have no clue what all this means, just what they told me. I am now on Iron pills for 6-8 weeks to rebuild blood.

In the mix of the bleeding comotion,..my phone went off. It was Paul!!! Funny thing is, i was still hooked up to blood pressure cuff and oxygen monitor,..it went off instantly and caused my nurse to come running hahahaha. She said, "omg your pulse just went from 70 to 97!" I said, "oh, dont worry, its just the ********* on the phone Lol." I was soooo shocked! He said he had heard i had the baby and that he would like to meet her. I never in my wildest dreams thought he would call. I talked to him on the phone for a while. We then agreed and came up with Preslie Alexis I went to bed that night an emotional wreck. DH never showed, crushed my heart, i delivered natural, i had uncontrollable bleeding, and now Paul wanted to be a part of this. I cried like i never had before. It was hard.

Then i recieved a text from Paul the next morning asking if he could come up. I was so nervous and thought for sure it would be a fight or him checking her over and then waking out saying she wasnt his or something. But God had a different plan for Preslie and i. Paul walked in my room,..scooped her up immediatly and said,"oh look, a mini me" Lol He was teasing me that she got all his looks and not mine. She does have my pretty full lips tho. But other than that, yes, she is her father all over. He stayed for few hours, he even did the daddy things,..stamping her footprint to the hospital wall and helping with her first pictures for internet. He even brought his own camera!!! I was shocked! I was all smiles. Not for me, but for my little girl who was now in daddy's arms, getting his love and kisses. It was amazing feeling and i still tear up remembering him holding her. He looked at her and said, "im gonna get clean and get a good job,..i promise you." Then he looked up at me and i just smiled. I couldnt talk or i was gonna bawl! When he left, he said he would come back later but call me first to bring me dinner. It was his brothers birthday so he was going out to eat with the family. While he was gone, 2 ladies walked in my room and said,"are you Sadie?" I was like yea,..they said, "Im Paul's sister and wanna meet our new baby girl!" I was stunned! OMG, this guy ignored me and i blew him off for 9 long months and now he is so excited he is sending his family up to meet his daughter. I cant explain the rollercoaster of emotions i was on.

Yesterday it was time to go home,..home to where i live with DH and our 4 kids,..and now my new baby girl. DH refused to even bring her siblings up to hospital to meet her, saying it doesnt look good legally for him to be there. Whatever! But whatcha know,..Bi-polar kicks in and all of sudden he is in hospital room, loading my things and carrying Preslie out to the truck. It was so weird. He obviuosly doesnt know that Paul came up! He carried her into the house, sat her down and walked away. I caught him looking at her a few times, but he hasnt touched her. He did get all my prescriptions filled for me and went to store to get me the things i needed. I cant imagine how uncomfortable he feels. I dont know what he is thinking or feelig and he wont talk, so i have no clue. Part of me thinks he thinks i dont want him to hold her, part of me thinks he is afraid to get attached. Either way,..he made his point and true feelins heard when he left me to give birth alone. He has no clue of my birth story or even that Laine was there with me. Im done. I understand he dodnt come for legal reasons, but that is proof that divorce is on-going. Im just done. He came back from store with little gifts for me last night. I just dont understand his way of thinking.

So here i sit,..in a home with DH, with a baby who unexpectedly has a daddy who wants to be there for her. Im sooo stuck. I cant leave this house yet. I have no where to go. Paul wants to see Preslie, but im too afraid to take her to him cuz i need to keep this house as peaceful as possible til our next court date which is March 29th. Things are gonna get hard i kno,..but nothing can get harder than its already been.

So after many months of stressing and dreaming about what would happen when she was born,..it all worked out. Not the way i planned it, But the way God planned it. And i couldnt be happier! Everything happens for a reason. And now looking back at all my struggles and all the tears i cried for 9 months, i realize that it was part of a bigger plan that i was overlooking.

My baby girl IS very loved. She IS going to have a daddy and things for her ARE going to be ok
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January 30th, 2010, 09:30 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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Looks like it's all going to be ok! Glad YOU and P are healthy and happy

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January 30th, 2010, 09:52 AM
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What a beautiful story. I can imagine that DH feels awkward now, I'm sure you will get through this and it will all keep working out for you

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January 30th, 2010, 12:55 PM
fulloflove's Avatar I love being a mommy!
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Congratulations.... Beautiful story!! I am so happy for her... having her daddy come must have been wonderful!! and your blessed to have such a great best friend...

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January 30th, 2010, 01:25 PM
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Great story...glad everything has worked itself out for Preslie.

Thanks to Jaidynsmum for my wonderful siggie!!!
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January 30th, 2010, 08:23 PM
Blue_Jar_Mama's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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Wow, that's nuts about the spinal (I would be SO mad!!) but glad it all worked out ok.

She is really cute by the way!
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February 1st, 2010, 11:52 AM
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I would have been furious about the spinal. I cannot stand to feel suffocated, and I'm sure not being able to feel yourself breathing was scary!!

I'm glad things are working out, though! Just give it all some time. Congrats!

**Thank you to BAM for this amazing siggy!!**
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February 6th, 2010, 12:14 PM
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So glad things worked out for you!

Thank you .t.e.r.r.a. for my amazing siggy!
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February 19th, 2010, 01:41 PM
*AngieKH*'s Avatar Mom of 4
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What a story you have! The bleeding part is so scary but I'm so glad that everything is ok and that Preslie finally decided to come!

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March 10th, 2010, 03:54 PM
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congrats again, sadie.

this, #3, was the first time my water went before contractions, and it sure is something different! it took me just over half an hour to get my first contraction. it's so weird to know labour is imminent, without being in pain yet, lol!

wow, i am so sorry that DH decided he wasn't going to be there. you've got a really lovely best friend, though, all set to help deliver preslie. my best friend and i each have 3 kids, but only made it to one of each others' births, and got to hold a leg up for one another, lol.

what a surprise, with paul showing up and being so loving. i am so happy for preslie, with that-- and her aunts even came by! gosh, mike hasn't even told anyone in his family that nick exists-- they have no idea, and i think that's just disgusting to do to his mother/brothers. i have had my share of troubles with nick's birth too, being that i am still legally married to someone else. *sigh* i still can't get his birth certificate over this, so he has no insurance. and the hospital couldn't file for his social security number, i'll have to do it, and possibly drive to lansing for his BC. i am pleased though, to say that nick has my last name. but it's so much drama, and crap, and i can imagine what people are thinking, every time i tell them that i'm married, but not to my child's father.
so, i'm sorry you are having to deal with father/DH drama as well, hon-- hugs to you!

she's a little doll, and i'm so glad she's got so much love coming her way.
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