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Isabella's arrival, 5 weeks early - 02/21/10

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March 10th, 2010, 01:34 PM
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This will be long, I want to type it all out so I don't forget anything, becasue it's eerie how quickly you forget the little things. She was originally due march 27th-29th.

I was hospitalized on february 19th for high blood pressure; nothing new for me, and not my first hospital stay this pregnancy either. The night of the 20th the night nurse came in to take my blood pressure. A few minutes later another nurse came in and said my nurse had asked her to take it again; she took it, then left. In the meantime i started feeling worse than usual; dizzy, worse headache, pressure in my head and shooting lights going off in my vision, and quite jittery. A few minutes later my nurse came back in and wanted to take my bp again. Of course something was up, they don't take it every few minutes for the fun of it. I told the nurse, please don't leave me, something is wrong and I don't want to be alone. I told her my symptoms, she took my bp and said she'd be right back, but wasn't leaving me. She came back with another nurse and started an iv. I was shaking uncontrollably by this point. Two doctors came in and started poking me, checking my reflexes (which were extreme suddenly, my legs were flying off the bed when they hit my knees).. the lab came in while everyone was checking these things, saying they were there for "stat" bloodwork. I understood: things are going south, they need to be sure I'm not developing hellp syndrome. Another doctor, the head OB on call came in and sat on my bed. He said I am moving to labor and delivery immediately to start my labor, the baby needs out. He said that they were going to start magnesium sulphate, which will increase my threshold for seizures, as i was "jittery" and that, combined with my very high bp (160/110 last i heard), was a sign that seizures may start soon. He said being jittery wasn't good for the nurses, it made them nervous. haha a funny doctor I suppose. He explained that the mag sulphate is a nasty drug, it will make me feel like crap. BUT that it was for a good cause.

I was scared. By this point I ask the nurse if I can request an emergency c/s becuase the baby needed out NOW! She said they'd make that call, but for now I could labor naturally, but no more eating or drinking anymore, just in case. I said I don't want to die. She said that I wasn't going to die, they would make sure of it. I said, yeah, you don't know that, something was wrong and what if I did die? She was very nice, saying no, we won't let you, we're here to make sure you don't and we're not leaving you. The doctor checked, 2cm dialated so he decided to break my water as a method of induction, but would wait until I was in my delivery room. So I get moved over and they start penicillin becuase my gbs status was unknown, being barely 35 weeks I hadn't had the test done. By this point my friend was with me. The medication they gave me had brought my bp down to much more acceptable levels. One nurse started taping pillows to the bedrails. I asked her why (susptecting the answer) and she said it was so I didn't hurt myself if I started seizing! Beautiful.. So. The one nurse is checking me, the other nurse from the antenatal unit was filling out paperwork about what had happened; I asked if they had a portable ultrasound machine? They ask why? Because I want to make sure the baby is head down. The antenatal nurse said, "it is, the doctor felt the head when he checked you." I said, "yeah? He sure it was a head?" She said yes, he was sure. My friend chimes in and basically we convince them to humor me. So the head OB comes in with the portable machine and sits on the end of hte bed, putting the dopplar on my lower abdomen.. moves it over.. moves it up.. over... aha! there's the head.. under my left ribs. Butt down. He said, "well this changes things a bit." Then asks if we should just go straight to surgery? I said that, since the crisis seems to have passed, I'd rather not if we can help it. He thinks about it, still checking the position of baby.. he asks: "you say you've delivered a breech baby vaginally already?" Yes, but I'd rather not do it again if I can help that either. So I ask him if he is any good at preforming external versions? He said yes, but we would need to wait 6-8 hours from the time I last ate, just in case an emergency c/s is needed. I asked WHY?! Why so long? Without warning he gets up, comes to my side and while I thought he was going to feel around or something, I was wrong! He grabbed the baby and started turning her! I know I asked for it but, uhhh... a word of warning would be nice. These things do not tickle! lol Ah well, it worked, that's the important thing. He says he wants to watch the baby on the moniter for a bit to make sure she's not in distress from the version and let the antibiotics work a bit longer, he'll be back in a bit to break my water.

12:40am, breaks water. 1am, starts pitocin.

Blah blah blah. Dh, my friend and I sit there talking. I feel yucky, nauseous, headachy, dizzy, but whatever. We wait. The nurse asks what I want to do about pain relief when it comes to it, I said nothing. I want to go naturally. She asks if I will use an epidural? I said not if I can help it. I agree that IF IF IF my bp goes crazy and they think it may help with lowering it, I will accept it for BLOOD PRESSURE control, but if it's not absolutely necessary, keep that **** thing away from me. They are very supportive of this, which was nice, many nurses tend to push drugs, I've noticed. I cramp, I contract, but nothing noteworthy. At 4 am the nurse said she could check me if I want? I said no, I don't think my contrax were strong enough or steady enough to have done much change, and with my water broken I'd rather minimize the checks. By 5am I agree to a check, just because contractions were more regular and getting painful. 2-3cm. Oohhhh the progress. They did tell me, however, that my induction may take longer, being a preterm birth, my body may just not be ready for labor, and it may take more coaxing to get it into the swing of things. At 5:30 my friend leaves, her babysitter had to go to work. I'm contracting every couple minutes but just hanging out, laying on the bed with my eyes closed. They hurt, but nothing I can't handle. Dh is sleeping in the corner. The nurse is sitting on the other side of the bed, by the moniter, doing whatever she's doing; basically just waiting.

Women from other delivery rooms are SCREAMING!!!! OMG the SCREAMING!!! I told my nurse I was going to get up and knock on their doors and tell them to shut up, they are scaring people (me) who have to go through this. Of course I would never, but .. it is hard to listen to that when you know it's going to be you going through (what's making them scream) really soon. Mostly I was just joking with her, trying to distract myself from contractions. At one point she asked me if I was ACTUALLY contracting? Because the moniter showed them, but I layed there, a cloth over my eyes and said nothing, did nothing, might as well have been sleeping, since I was that still and quiet. So she wasn't sure. I said yep, and they hurt too. She was like huh. Are you sure? lol

At some point I told dh he needed to wake up, I needed him becasue I was having a hard time distracting myself during the contractions. So he pulled up a chair and sat beside my bed and I told him to remind me to relax my body if he saw me tensing (which I was starting to do), and to repeat, "it's just one; one contraction closer to baby, one less contraction I have to go through, I can do just one." Becuase that was my mantra for getting through each contraction. It really did help, but my contrax were getting so strong and close together that I was having a hard time remembering to think this. I told the nurse that if my previous deliveries were any indication, how I was feeling told me she better get the room set up; baby wasn't coming YET, but very soon. She said, "yeah? Okay." becasue any nurse worth their pay would be stupid to ignore this warning from a woman who's already had six kids. So she went to do it, then said, you know what? if you're feeling this way, I had better check you first. So she comes over, sticks her hand in and feels around.. "oh yeah.. mmmmhhhmmmm... yes, definitely... yep." ... takes her hand out and declares me a FOUR!

I hadn't said a word by this point. I hadn't cried, I hadn't moaned, I hadn't said so much as "ouch", hadn't raised my voice.. nothing. But four?!?! Oh nononononononononononononono!!!!!!! NO! Contractions were one on top of the other (ever had pitocin??? it's a NASTY, PAINFUL much worse than if you labor on your own type drug) And I was at the maximum dose of pitocin. She could not actually give me any more if she wanted to. FOUR!?! I *almost* cried, just in despair! I asked her if I could trade in my four for another number, perhaps an eight or a nine? I told her I didn't like the number she gave me, and that I wanted a new one. Please? Can we trade? The pressure started. I said WHY does it hurt so much if i'm only a four? She said it was becuase i was in active labor. I said well I figured that one out, the intense pain told me that, I didn't need a measly number to tell me I was active. I said, okay, so WHY is there pressure with each contraction if I'm only a four? She said it was becasue i was likely going quickly, it probably wouldn't be long. This whole thing I said quite calmly, by the way. In fact, if anything I was speaking very quietly. There was no yelling or anything, of which I am quite proud. I said, "no, I REALLY feel like I'm going to have this baby! I REALLY REALLY feel like this baby is coming soon! I can't be only four centimeters." A minute later I said, "oh by the way, I have to push."

The baby was coming, whether I liked it or not. I wasn't ACTIVELY pushing, not on purpose. But my body was, and I had no say in it. She put her hand in, said, "yep, you're fully dialated, the head isn't RIGHT there, but its low, don't push". But my body thought differently and pushed on its own while I tried to hold back. She said, "yep, the heads right there, don't push.." my body pushed. She kept one hand on the head and pushed the call button with the other, asking for the OB and the nicu team (being a preemie, this was mandatory). Another nurse (not nicu) came in. The baby's head was out. They both said, "uh oh. I NEED you to stop pushing!" while they both were doing something or other with the baby.. a part of my brain registered that her cord must be wrapped around her neck. (it was) Becuase this was different than before, and more urgent. And they were both working quite frantically to do *something* .. I tried, omg I tried. But like I said I wasn't ACTUALLY pushing. The baby was just kind of coming out. lol So the baby was fully delivered, and they were still working on the cord. That's when the OB and nicu team showed up. And for some reason, that is when I got vocal. I was still only barely more than whispering, but I kept saying "oh f--- , oh f--- oh f---, oh f---" And it was mostly because it happened so fast that my brain had a hard time catching up, so when I did that's about all i could say. lol Yep, that's about as vocal as I got, which considering I was whispering, I'm sure the nurses weren't too annoyed with me. Then I realized what I was saying, and apologized for my language. I heard a lot of, "holy crap that was FAST!" and "wow, she's a good size for 35 weeks!" and one nurse was shocked, saying she has never seen a woman who had pitocin and no epidural never scream before. (??? I told dh that she must be a new nurse lol) and how they can't believe how calm I was during my delivery. Why? Control the pain, you'll be fine. Panic and you're screwed. I was told afterwards that I went from 4cm to delivery in 8 minutes. She was born at 7:08am, weighing 7 pounds and 1 ounce and 19.6 inches long. So it took a while from the start of pitocin (6 hrs 10 minutes) to get going, but once it did, it did.

She was not placed on my stomach, and dh didn't get to cut the cord. They took her and gave her to the nicu team. She wasn't crying, but she's really not much of a crier anyway.. so I don't know how much of that was the cord or how much is she's a calm baby. Her apgars were 4 and 9. They did let me hold her for a minute before actually taking her to nicu for further assessment. Dh followed and took pictures. She stayed in nicu for 5 days. She had some low blood sugar levels, high blood pressure (one reading I saw was 109/78 -- in a premature infant!!! ) and some jaundice.. She did stop breathing once when she first got there, but they "fixed" that and after that she had no breathing or oxygen issues. She has a very strong suck and a good latch. Overall she is very strong for her gestation, and it could've been a lot worse. She is, now, having some problems gaining weight, and isn't quite back at her birth weight at 17 days old, but we did make a little progress over the weekend so she should be okay.

So besides the scary blood pressure crap it was a fabulous birth. I am very proud of myself for how well I handled the pain. Dh jokes with me that I just grunted and the baby fell out. hahahaha I said it hurt more than that, give me a little credit. But he said i made it look too easy. Uhh.. gee.. thanks?...
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March 10th, 2010, 02:48 PM
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Oh wow....love your story! You're a brave woman! Thanks for sharing...she is adorable!

Thank you KimberlyD0 for my wonderful siggy!!!

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March 10th, 2010, 03:40 PM
justjaQ's Avatar Platinum Super Mommy
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gosh, i know what you mean-- it doesn't take long to forget the little things-- i was noticing today that i don't even remember coming home from the hospital with my first baby. i remember most of what's written in his birth story, but the next day-- nothing!

anyhow, congrats on your little girl's arrival-- glad you are able to join us over here, as it's alway fun and fantastic to have a new member to get to know, with an adorable new baby face, too! she almost made my boy's due date (of the 20th)-- i went a few weeks (2 - 3.5) early with all of my kids.

i'm typing this as i read-- the first paragraph of your story is so scary!!! i'm just glad to know that you two came out of it safely... i've always heard awful things about the mag-sulf-- never heard anything good about the way it makes moms feel, eek!

i'm glad the dr. was able to give you the version~ and wow, how amazing that you've delivered a breech baby in your past-- i find it amazing that it's even possible-- nancy here just had baby Kali breech vaginally, and i can't even find the words-- i have much respect for that! and the same for you wanting to go natural! i unintentionally had my first two babies naturally-- they refused to give me IV pain relief this time, which was all i wanted so i finally got an epidural with this delivery, hated it, didn't end up needing it (only worked halfway, and my contractions stayed pretty easy the whole time- basically the way you described yourself, just laying there with a cloth over your head- that could've been me, as i could talk through my contractions right up until i pushed him out- how weird, considering how horrifically painful my other births were! nature can be crazy, eh?) and will never request one again, if i should find myself pregnant in the future.

*continuing to read*

i love your mantra. what a great attitude you have about giving birth-- i love it! if only we could all stay so focused and calm. i sure didn't the first two times.
i have precipitous births, and have gotten some who just don't listen about it, tell me i can't be ready to push, since they just checked me and i wasn't close to 10cm yet, etc.-- last time they even gave me pitocin and broke my water, knowing my first child came in under 2.5 hours- just so my dr. could have lunch earlier- HELLO!! [email protected]#*%&$
hehe, they do tend to get better at listening as you have more deliveries, though, you're right-- this time, they believed me, lol, and i got the "don't push, don't push!" lecture too. like i've been saying-- that's a ridiculous thing to tell a woman who is 10cm dilated... as if we can help it! i go from half dilated to all-the-way in minutes too. so i know, it can be a blessing and curse at the same time, in some ways.

thank you for sharing your story, and many hugs, with lots of love sent your way. you ave a beautiful new addition to your family, mama! and i am glad things turned out okay, and you had a pretty good experience when all was said and done. thankful to hear that she didn't have to stay all that long in the nicu, though i know that every moment you're away from them like that is just plain crappy.
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March 12th, 2010, 01:12 PM
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Thanks for sharing your story! A lot of it reminded me of my story, except for the staying quiet... I am typically not a vocal person, but I made a lot of noise, but I also had a 9 pound baby The back to back contractions are no fun either! I didn't have pitocin though, but I did with my first and I know that the pain in my two births was similar, but it's not that way for everyone.

Sounds like your baby was a good size for coming early! Hope she starts gaining a little better soon.

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April 4th, 2010, 03:37 PM
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Thanks Denise.

jaQ, yeah it was scary, I thought I was going to die. yeah my breech delivery was just so very cool. Scary at the time because it was so sudden and unexpected (what i mean is we didn't know he was breech until I was 10cm and pushing.. and then all hell broke loose) but I am so proud I did it. Actually my labor was very painful this time (back labor and pitocin - enough said) but somehow I just took it very well. Mostly becasue I went in knowing I did NOT want an epi (they make me very itchy and feel very beat up after the birth) so there was no choice as far as I was concerned, and I've learned from experience that fear makes the pain worse.. so i took it in stride. When you say you didn't the first two times.. i've not always been so calm. lol I dont scream (well, except when pushing out my first baby lol) but my third child, who was my first pitocin induction, i panicked from the pain and cried and tensed up and basically tried to fight what my body was doing. That taught me that panic and fear makes things worse, so since then i've tried not to react that way again. I've been lucky about the nurses listening to me, once I had my first anyway. The first one I was sooo quiet, didn't cry, didn't say ouch, didn't NOTHING.. until I had one contraction that I almost started to cry. But I looked at the clock and it was only just after 9am (the nurses said i would be LUCKY to deliver by 3pm) and I thought, "suck it up princess, you're not halfway done, if you can't handle it NOW, what will it be like when you're REALLY close? Well the next contraction, not even meaning to, i started to SCREAM! Two nurses ran into the room, me still screaming at the top of my lungs (lol) and one asked, "what's going on?" my friend said, becasue I couldn't answer "i think she's about to have this baby" The snotty nurse was like, "oh no, that's not possible, she's not even close". My friend repeated, but a little more forcefully, " I THINK she's about to have this baby." The nurse again said "no, she's nowhere near ready to deliver, but I'll check her anyway".. (me still screaming..) imagine her surprise when i WAS ready to start pushing.. not sure WHY she was surprised, do women normally scream their heads off at 4cm (for example) dialated? Sheesh. Thankfully that was the last time I had to deal with nurses who didn't believe me (and think, i didn't even have to scream to get them to listen )

and i got the "don't push, don't push!" lecture too. like i've been saying-- that's a ridiculous thing to tell a woman who is 10cm dilated... as if we can help it!
For some bizarre reason, not sure how, I *could* control it with my second child. But I was in a very contrary mood during my labor with him. They told me to wait until the doctor got there. I was sitting there arguing, saying, "fine, I'll wait. But not for too long, becuase this hurts you know. If he's not here soon, i'm gonna push anyway. Because i'm not gonna sit here all day waiting. You think this is easy? No. It hurts." blah blah blah.. yep, i went on and on.. then the dr came in and they said "okay you can push now." Welll... I pushed, then realized that it hurt to push, but inbetween contractions was blissfully pain free.. so I no longer wanted to push. So they'd tell me to, and I'd say, in such a snotty, contrary way, "but I don't want to. It hurts." Don't know how no one didn't hit me that day. lol

Angie, I spent a lot of time admitted to antenatal in my last pregnancy... and I am now of the opinion that very few women are quiet when they have babies so don't feel bad. You're lucky if your pitocin birth was not worse than a natural birth becsuae it generally is for most women. And I'm kind of sad I had to have her early and only had a 7 pounder. I had high blood sugars in my pregnancy (impaired glucose tolerance I guess.. you need to fail 2/3 numbers on your GTT test to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I only failed my 1 hour, then only had 1 high number on my GTT, but it still has basically the same effect on the baby).. my ultrasounds every week, she was gaining 400 grams (about 13 ounces) EVERY WEEK! I did the math, and at 5 weeks to go, at 400g/week, she would've been 11.5 POUNDS at 40 weeks. I knew they wouldn't let me go past 38 weeks max with my blood pressure, but it was becoming fun seeing if I'd actually give birth to a 10+ pound 37-38 weeker. I was kind of sad that I never got the chance to see if it worked out that way..
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