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Kobain Ray's Birth Story

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May 17th, 2010, 12:06 AM
Kobain's Mommy's Avatar Future A&M Aggies Mommy
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Location: North Dakota
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May 4th Brian and I went to my weekly OB appointment like usual at 1pm. I was supposed to see my OB first and then have my weekly non stress test (monitoring contractions and baby's heart). I got there and the nurse took us back to do the things she needed to do. There was protein in my urine, but not much and it had been that way for over 6 weeks. She then did my blood pressure. It was high. The whole pregnancy my blood pressure was good, except on April 29 when I was in L&D. Then it was just under high with the bottom number being 88 (anything over 90 is high). So the nurse was worried. She had me sit for a bit and retook it. It was still high, so she though maybe she was doing it wrong and went to get the automatic blood pressure machine. She took it with that and it was the same. She went to talk to my OB who said do the non stress test right away. So we did the non stress test. I was contracting line "normal" as I had been in preterm labor since April 1. Baby's heart was doing what they needed/wanted it to do. They usually have me hooked up for about 40 minutes to an hour. Well after 20 minutes they said my OB wanted to see me.

They put me in a room and my OB came in right away. She did her check and said I was still just 1cm dilated but I was now about 75% effaced. I had been only 50% the week before. She was really worried about my blood pressure though. She measured my stomach and said it was at 40+ weeks. She had a really worried look on her face and asked me if I had eaten. I told her I had eaten at 1230 just before getting there. She had the nurse come in and take my blood pressure for a 4th time. It was still high. She then saw my feet and how swollen they were. She asked me again if I was sure I ate at 1230. I told her yes. The next questions were about my blood sugars which for the previous two weeks were all over the place and I had been having a lot of lows. She then asked me how would I feel if she did my c-section May 5th instead of May 12 that was scheduled. I was shocked, but was at the point I was so uncomfortable I was fine with that. She had said if I hadn't eaten anything before I came in she would have done it that night! But she needed 8 hours between a meal and the surgery. So I figured OK, go home get some stuff done and be back at the hospital in the morning for surgery. She then looked at Brian and told him to go home and either get my bags or get a bag packed for me. She was putting me in the hospital! She didn't feel comfortable sending me home, she wanted me monitored over night plus had labs she wanted to get before surgery. I told her everything was in the car already. After the over night stay April 1 I packed my bags and had them in the car, since they got the preterm labor to slow to where it wasn't doing anything, but didn't stop it.

She then had her nurse walk me over to the hospital, which is attached to the clinic. They got me into a room right away. They had me put on a gown then got all the monitors hooked up. I called Katie (my best friend) right away to let her know what was going on since she was going to be in the OR with us. Since I started seeing my OB we knew there was a high possibility I'd need a planned c-section. I was beyond scared so I asked her if Katie could be in there with us. Katie was going to take pictures and to help keep me calm, since her and Brian are the ones that do that the best. My OB said it was fine as long as they were quiet. At that time they didn't know what time my c-section would be, but she said she'd start looking for someone to watch her kids. I then called my mom to tell her what was going on and texted a few other people that asked me to let them know when the time was coming. Brian also called his dad.

After my mom got off work her and my dad come up to the hospital to be with me so Brian could run home to get his computer... Like I had told him Coby was going to come during his finals. I was right, his finals started May 5th. But luckily they were all online ones. He also brought up everything from the car. While he was gone my OB came in to check on me. She was still worried about my blood pressure and told us surgery would be at 11am. The good news was my labs came back good and although I had all the signs my blood work didn't show pre-eclampsia that she was worried about. She joked with my dad since he told her he wanted to have his baby first. She started laughing. Before she left Brian got back, she told us to be prepared about the possibility of Coby going into the NICU. I was only 37 weeks pregnant so although he was big she was worried about his lungs. She then told me to have a good night sleep and she'd see me in the morning.

I didn't sleep much that night. Between the nurses coming in every two hours, Brian's snoring, being excited and scared at the same time. At 9am they came in to do my blood pressure it was higher than ever. The bottom number was almost 100. My OB had c-sections at 7,9, and I was her 11. And another OB was doing c-sections at 8, 10, and 12 (my hospital has two ORs just for c-sections. The have scheduled one in one OR and the other is always ready for emergency ones). Well they turned the contraction monitor on because it was starting to hurt. Sure enough I was contracting harder that before. My nurse called the OR to talk to the Dr. The Dr had the nurse get a hold of the other OB to see if he could switch and have me at 10 instead of 11. The other Dr agreed that I should go first. My OB also stated she wanted the NICU called and in the room to check him at birth since I was only 37 weeks. While they were getting things figured out about the time, Brian and I decided to change the spelling of his name from Cobain to Kobain, but we would leave his nickname as Coby. I had to quickly change the birth certificate paperwork. So I quickly call Katie to get over to the hospital and call my parents. Brian put on his OR scrubs and stuff. It was coming down to the time I needed to go to the OR. Katie wasn't there yet and I started panicking. She got there just before they walked me down. She quickly got into her OR stuff.

The delivery nurse, Vanessa, came down to take me to the OR. She was going to have me in a wheel chair but I refused saying I wanted to walk. I walked into the OR and they got me on the table to get me ready for my epidural. The anesthesiologist tired 3 times to get the epi placed. She had to call in another anesthesiologist to try. He tried one time with the epi before he decided to just do a spinal. My delivery nurse was so nice! The whole time she kept making sure I was OK and kept talking to me to keep my mind off the pain. My OB cam in the room to see if they were ready, she was a bit irritated the NICU wasn't there yet. They finally got the spinal in and started doing the prep for surgery when the NICU showed up. My OB can back in and asked if I was ready. I told her yes... Then like expected I started throwing up from the spinal. I always react to anesthesia. So they tried giving me something for it.

My OB must have been in a hurry since she started cutting before they brought Brian and Katie in the room. That really scared me. I about started crying then next thing I knew Katie was sitting by my head and Brian was standing next to her. I calmed down and then got sick again. The anesthesiologist was fantastic! She gave me more stuff for that. She kept stroking my head telling me it was OK and baby would be here soon. Katie was on the other side of me holding my hand. I could feel a lot of pulling and my OB was saying "Come on out baby!" Brian was able to watch the whole thing and said she was having trouble getting his head out. Once she got his head out his shoulders got stuck as she was pulling him out. She commented we made the right choice with a c-section because he would have gotten stuck had I had him naturally. At 10:33AM on May 5, 2010 Kobain Ray was born. She then joked with Brian saying "That was the quickest weight loss program." Once she had his cord cut she turned to Brian and told him to take a picture. She then walked around the curtain so I could see him before she handed him off to the NICU. She asked me if I thought he was going to be that big. I later when Brian was showing one of the L&D nurses the pictures she was shocked my Dr had Brian take the picture while she was holding him. She usually shows mom then hands baby off to be cleaned up.

She handed him off to the NICU people so Brian went over with them, while Katie sat by me a bit longer. She asked if it was OK for her to go see Coby. I told her that was fine. At that point I started feeling a lot of pulling again. The anesthesiologist said it was my OB cleaning things up and sewing me back together. She kept talking to me to keep my mind off of it. Katie came back over and kept saying how big he was and how cute he was. I started freaking out because he wasn't crying much. Katie told me it was going to be OK. A couple minutes later the NICU nurse practitioner came over to me with Coby. She let me see him for a few minutes before they took him to the NICU. She told me he was having problems breathing and in respiratory distress. They got all the fluid out of his lungs, but he was still only at 75% oxygen level and they needed over 92%.

So after talking to me they took him to the NICU and Brian went with them. Katie also went to talk to my parents, who were waiting in my room, what was going on. My OB finished up she came and told me he was a huge baby but was a cutie. She then said she'd come check on me in recovery later. The nurses got me cleaned up and onto my bed. Then took me back to my room. Katie was waiting there to make sure I came out OK, but she had to leave to get back to work.

The rest of the day I laid in bed not moving or opening my eyes. Nurse Vanessa was with me most of the day, to monitor my stats. Everyone thought I was just sleeping, but every time I opened my eyes or tried to talk I threw up. They kept giving me something for it, but it wasn't working. About an hour after I came out of surgery Brian came in to tell us how Coby was doing and his stats. He said Coby was on CPAP to help him breath, but the Dr figured he'd be OK. They had put two lines in through his umbilical stump, one to give him his antibiotics and IV fluids and the other to draw blood. He also said that Coby was 21" long and a whopping 10lbs 9oz. I managed to say "No really how much did he weigh?" Vanessa said he wasn't kidding the computer was showing 10lbs 9oz for baby's weight. I closed my eyes again while Brian showed my parents the pictures of Coby. Then he went back to the NICU with Coby. My mom stayed in my room with me while my dad went home for a little bit.

A little later Katie came up with Sage and Kash. They wanted to see the baby, but since he was in the NICU they couldn't. Katie kept telling them Coby had booboos and the Dr was taking care of him. They each brought a present for Coby. Sage picked out a stuffed giraffe and Kash picked out a stuffed baseball that makes noise. They both kept coming over to my bed to check on me. So Katie had to tell them I had booboos too so they wouldn't hit the bed.

A little later my cousin Shannon came up to the hospital with her boys, Taylor, Hunter, and Kaden. Brian had come back to my room so Shannon asked if he'd take her to the NICU to see Coby. Taylor was mad because he wanted to go to. They kept telling him he was to young to go in since the rule was 13 or older if not a sibling. He kept fighting with them about that saying "Well I'm almost 12, that's close enough."

That night they were getting me ready to move from the recovery room to my post pardon room. As I was finally starting to feel a bit better. Before they moved me the nurse wanted me to try eating some ice chips. Well right before they were going to move me I got sick again. So they gave me double the dose of the meds. They were finally able to move me to my room. The nurse ended up giving me something to help me sleep that night. So that's Kobain's birth story and the first day of his life.


made by BAM

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May 17th, 2010, 09:33 AM
Join Date: Oct 2009
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Congratulations Nicole...he is such a cutie!!!
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May 18th, 2010, 01:53 AM
Brookem's Avatar Veteran
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Location: Oregon
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10 pounds and nine ounces... no wonder you were uncomfortable!!


Happy wife, proud mom and aspiring Lactation Consultant.

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May 18th, 2010, 10:21 AM
2boys+alittlelady2luv's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Wow, what an amazing birth story. He sure was big for 37 weeks. Congrats!!!
Stacy - Mom to Connor 4, Braden 2 and Breanna born May 19, 2010

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