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Sweet Little Soren - July 24th (with Pics)

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August 2nd, 2010, 09:03 AM
LillyAinwe's Avatar Super Mommy
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Michigan
Posts: 803
Sweet Little Soren's Birth Story!

Two Days Before: Thursday

My last ultrasound was on Thursday afternoon, and the tech said the baby was really really low. She didn't think I would make it another full week without delivering. I was very happy to hear this news because he was measuring 3 weeks ahead, while I was still only 37 weeks. I am a small woman and the thought of going to a full 40 or beyond weeks scared the bejesus out of me. Already the OBs were thinking they'd have to C-section him out, because of his and my size. So to hear her opinion that the time was approaching sent me into eviction overdrive!

The Day Before Labor: Friday

I awoke early Friday morning dead tired, just as the other previous three days, from insomnia and nightly hip aches. It was 4am, and I felt an overwhelming urge to finish my laundry. This was odd for me, to awaken and want to do laundry. I forced myself to stay on the couch for another few hours of restless sleep. When my hubby awoke and went to work at 8am, I also got up and trudged my three massive loads of wet laundry up to the laundry mat to dry. (we have a washer, no dryer. Boo) The kindly old lady who runs the laundry mat was amazed how big I was, and made it a point to show me off to all her other customers that morning... Making me expose my big, blown out belly. When the laundry was done, she and another patron refused to let me carry it to the car, and so they did for me.

My husband came home from work early, around 2pm, because he too had a feeling the time was coming soon and wanted to be home 'just in case'. He was on IT support that week, and had the pager to deal with all the many many work issues that would come up during the week. In foresight, he had handed off the pager to another co-worker that morning, so if I did go into labor that weekend, he would not be stuck with the pager for two weeks while he was on paternity leave.

Around 4pm the fella and I took a looong walk around the lake. I walked lopsided on the curb in the hopes to open up my pelvis and make the baby engage even more. It was hot, and I was sweaty, but we took several breaks along the way. When we came home, I cut up my fresh pineapple and blended it. The thought of chewing the whole thing made my teeth hurt, so it was a good decision. When blended the fruit took up 6 glasses of pineapple puree, but who can drink that much at once?! I drank the first 3 glasses and was happy when it made my constipation a thing of the past. With one quick movement, my system was free and clear. I know because I had not been eating much for several days, and I felt as if I were empty after the whoosh. A few hours later, I drank the other 3 glasses for a late dinner.

The Night of the Labor and Delivery:

At 10pm, I was able to fall asleep, mostly because exhaustion from the three hellish nights of insomnia. As I laid down, another painful menstrual type cramp hit, and lasted the usual five minutes. Even though my hubby came home early and had passed off the support pager, he was still technically on support... and besides our walk around the lake, he had been working all day from home. When I awoke at midnight to go to the bathroom, he was still up working on a support issue. I went back to sleep, but awoke again at 1am. As always when I would wake up, I used it as another chance to go to the bathroom. My poor bladder was working on 1/8th capacity after all. When I sat on the toilet, another painful menstrual type cramp hit.... And it hit hard! It hurt so much I clenched my entire body, reaching out to the two walls on either side of me and pushed with all my might against them. When the contraction was over, and I had peed and wiped... I noted the pink water on the TP and on my liner.

Now I had been expecting to see this fabled mucus plug to let me know I was in labor... but that never happened. All I had was this small amount pink tinged liquid. I went into the bedroom, and gently roused my husband. Having only been asleep for 20 minutes, he awoke with a start. I whispered, "I think it's time." He grunted with his sleepy grunt, and crawled out of bed grougely. Poor guy. I took my list and packed my bag then jumped in the shower. While showering I noted I was able to squeeze out gushes of water at will. Then I knew for sure my water had broken. Yay! After he took his shower, we headed off to the hospital. I tried hard to not leak more fluid on the way, I wanted my little guy to have his waters until we were safely there.

At the Hospital: Labor

We showed up to L&D around 2:30am and were dismayed to have to wait in line! The anticipation nearly killed me! We sat there and waited for half an hour before it was my time for paperwork. (They had no pre-registion) Then I went into the triage room and was hooked up to monitors and what not. They took samples of my urine and of my waters, and went off to fetch the results of my GBS test. I was negative, so I didn't need antibiotics. Yay again! When they checked me, I was at 3.5cm dilated. Apparently all those painful cramps that week served a good purpose! The contractions grew closer together and much more painful. By the time I had to walk to the delivery / recovery room, I had to walk really really slow because of another wicked contraction.

Once in my room, I labored there for two hours, and found the best comfort kneeling forward, from the floor to the bed. Oh man did those contractions hurt! My goal was to make it to 6cm before taking the Epi, because I did not want to run the risk, though small, of stalling out my labor. My awesome mother in law showed up around this time to be my labor coach. My husband just had to be there for me.

At 4am I asked the nurse to check my dilation again, because I did not want to miss my window for the Epi. Sure enough, I was at 7cm already! So much for long labors for first time mothers! I kind of knew this would be the case, that I would labor fast because I have one day periods. One day of intense cramps and bleeding = a powerhouse uterus!

The Epi showed up an hour after I asked for it, and it was a close call! It was almost too late. The last contraction before I received it was so strong that I literally could not breathe. It was as if the wind was knocked out of me. I could not draw in a breath and it really freaked me out as I gasped trying. I can say I really really did not like the sensation of the Epi being administered. Little tubes going into your spine is not a pleasant feeling... But it was worth it. Twenty minutes later I could not feel the intensity of the contractions, and had to ask if I was still having them (I was).

For this entire time of laboring, my husband lie asleep on the little couch in the room. I didn't begrudge him however, I knew he needed his rest for the time to come. After the Epi I too was able to rest. I hadn't been that relaxed and contently sleepily for over five months. I drifted into a waking sleep because I was too excited to actually drop off. This is when my third person present to my delivery showed up, my sister in law. She was decked out super cute in dress clothes and heels, and here I was in the most tattered hospital gown you could find, hehe. Granted she did have a wedding to attend later that day, so she was just planning ahead.

Around 7am I was checked and was at 8cm. I decided to sit up completely straight in the bed to help the progression, as much as it hurt. Go gravity go! By this time the contractions were getting so strong I was able to feel the pain of them again, because I was on the lowest dose of the Epi (Per my request). I endured the growing pain.

I'm not really sure where the time went.... but at 9am the nurse checked my dilation again, I was at 9cm. She said I had a stretchy cervix, and she did her best to stretch it further for me. This sent many more waves of extremely painful contractions. The pain was really bad. So much so I begged for more of the Epi. They had to ask my doctor because I was already at 9cm and thankfully the doctored okayed it. Whew!

Pushing and Delivery!!

After her stretching my cervix, and the 'top off' of the Epi, it was time to push at 10am. Pushing felt SOOoooo wonderful. I was still having pain, even with the Epi, so thank goodness I had it... But the pain wasn't so bad when I was able to push. I was happy to finally be doing the thing! It took an hour of exhausting pushing to get his head past the pelvic bone. During this hour I hoped beyond hope that he would get past that spot, so that I could have a vaginal delivery.

And Yay! a third time, he made it past. When he was past the pelvic bone the good feeling of pushing was gone. Now it was just painful again. The weird thing is though, as I write this... I know it was the worst pain I could have ever imaged, yet I can not remember the intensity of it. It took another loooong 43 minutes to push him out of the birth canal.

The whole pushing stage is very hazy for me, but I do remember the doctors and nurses and their soothing and encouraging voices... It was as if they were my personal gentle cheerleaders. They told me I was doing great, and that I was almost there, and things like that. I mean, they were really really soothing, quiet and peaceful. This was good because every ounce of my being was being directed into pushing out our baby, and their positivity really helped keep me calm through the excruciating pain (I can't fathom what it would have been like without the Epi). I had my glasses off, so I really could not see anything... not that I had the energy to open my eyes anyways. That was so strange, I literally was so exhausted during the pushing stage I could not open my eyes at all.

I felt him crown. My mother in law, who was directing my pushing by counting for me, began to cry and laugh at the same time as she saw him crown. Talk about multitasking: She counted, cried, and laughed all at the same time. This made me laugh too, even though I was mid-push. The doctors had me bear down, and before this time I had felt them stretching me out to help his head out, and when his head finally came out I felt as if they were stretching me waaaay to much. This odd and very painful feeling I later figured out wasn't them stretching me at the end, it was the feeling of the 3rd degree tear happening. I was lucky, because it was almost a 4th degree (into the rectum)... just a hairbreadth away.

After his head was out, I still had to push. This was BY FAR the oddest feeling. I felt I had this massive thing sticking out of me, and it was WIGGLING! I felt him squirming while he was half in, half out of me. A few more pushes and he was out! I heard him cry!!! <3 At this point the pain down there was very vivid to me, and I remember whimpering, "It huurrrts." The doctors told me, in their gentle voices, "Here is a numbing shot" and I could not wait for it to kick in. My mother in law had followed the baby over to the corner where they were doing their checks on him, and my husband came to my side and rubbed ice cubes on my hot face. He was so tender and loving, I will remember that always. I don't remember much, but He says that I was a strong woman, and did not scream or cry or say anything bad. He said I was joking with the doctors while pushing. He also said that the doctors were amazed at the delivery and how great I did. Every step of the way there was progress.

My doctor oversaw and trained another doctor to sew me up. I recall thinking for a split second, "I really hope she does a good job, being a trainee and all..." but honestly I was not really too concerned about it. I was in another place completely. They brought him over too us, and I was amazed.... I did it! He was adorable and perfect, and had his cute little eyes open. 8 pounds, 20 1/4 length, and a whopping 37cm head. We still can't believe he's real!

I have been blessed to have had a great easy pregnancy with no issues, and I have been blessed to have made it through the delivery with none as well. All my fears did not happen, and all my hopes did. Fourth yay! Yay!!!!!

Five Days before the Birth

Our first Moment together. <3

He can't be within a foot of me without being kissed.

A big boy for a little Momma!

Happiness! We did it!

What a joy! A beautiful healthy baby boy!

Bundled up cuteness.

In the Birthday Hat provided by the hospital, complete with a cute little bow!

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August 2nd, 2010, 09:08 AM
LillyAinwe's Avatar Super Mommy
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Michigan
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I should have know the Labor and Deliver was coming, I had clues for the entire week before the day...

7 Days Prior I:

-Along with the usual painless BH contractions, I was also having very strong menstrual type cramps every day. These painful contractions were infrequent, about five a day, and they lasted about 5 minutes each time they hit. I assume because of my fast labor, these cramps helped dilate me slowly.

-Heightened sense of smell. I could detect trace amounts of an odor or fragrance. Bad news for the hubby who had to change the cat litter a little more than usual that week.

-Increasing hip/pelvis pain. Especially at night.

-Insomnia and extreme discomfort in my body. I couldn't get comfortable to sleep.

-Loss of appetite for a week and a half before delivery. I even lost a little bit of weight.

Steps I took that week to try to evict the little guy
(Because he was measuring 3 weeks ahead and he was already 8 pounds when I delivered at 37 weeks, 4 days.)

-Sat on an exercise ball at my computer desk, and bounced around.

-Went on lopsided walks: one foot walked on the curb while the other foot was on the pavement. Although I had been doing it all week, I had gone on a looong one of these walks the day I finally went into labor.

-On the day went into labor, I blended and drank a whole fresh pineapple. I was constipated for several weeks, and after I drank this, I was happily flushed out. It wasn't like taking a laxative though (with discomfort and cramps), it just all kinda ... came out with a whoosh. o.O

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August 2nd, 2010, 09:16 AM
LillyAinwe's Avatar Super Mommy
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Michigan
Posts: 803
My tips for those who have yet to deliver:

-It's hard to relax your whole body while pushing but at least relax your face. When the doctor told me to do this, my pushes became much more productive. I had little red dots on my face, around my eyes, and on my chest and shoulders, but it would have been much worse if I hadn't relaxed my face. I did not get bloodshot eyes, either.

-Chose the tear over the episiotomy. The doc told me if he had cut me it would have created a weak spot that would have tore anyways, into my rectum. My 3rd degree tear just barely fell short of a 4th, however 8 days later I am off pain meds for it, and it is healing wonderfully. The doc also stated that at that hospital, they only cut 10% of the women now because the tear heals faster and better.

-Drink a lot of water before you go into triage. They cut you off and ooooh man was I ever thirsty. Ice chips did not cut it. Haha funny story, after I delivered I was so thirsty so I drank two apple juices, two waters, and half a Pepsi. I was unable to pee though from the Epi, and I felt as if I would burst. It was horrid. When the nurse did a straight cath, she extracted a full LITER of urine... Here my bladder hadn't been able to hold more than a teaspoon for months, and all the sudden I had a full liter! Wild!

-Go with the flow without too many expectations. The doctors and staff really do want the best for you. I didn't have a birth plan per say, but the things I wanted were done and the things I didn't want done weren't. Have your support person know your wishes, and good luck! <3

-Have your breast pump ready on the 3rd day after delivery. For the love of god start pumping as soon as you notice your breasts are swelling. I did not, and the engorgement was extremely painful and I had to press really really hard (causing even more pain) to get the milk out even with the pump. It was a rough three days...! Pump pump pump! Omg Pump. hehe

-Start using the infant anti-gassy drops as soon as possible. He's much happier ever since I started giving him a few drops with his meals.

-For breastfeeding moms: Fear not the formula. The lactation nurse showed me a super awesome trick to get him to breastfeed. First you give the baby a few seconds of suckling on the formula bottle, to make them hungry. Next, you take it away and squirt a few drops of it on your nipple. Then you have your baby latch onto your nipple. Bottle, Nipple, Bottle, Nipple... and so on. I did this after I got home also, only I used pumped milk instead of formula. Now, Eight days later He has the hang of it, and I don't need to engage his appetite with the bottle first, he goes straight for the boobie.
Soren... ....6 months of mighty cuteness! <3

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August 2nd, 2010, 09:21 AM
New Mom
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What a great birth story! Congratulations on your beautiful boy. You did great!

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August 2nd, 2010, 09:38 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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Congrats! He is beautiful!!!
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August 2nd, 2010, 09:44 AM
i:heart:you's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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August 2nd, 2010, 10:03 AM
Buttercups's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Thanks for sharing your story! Love his birthday hat.

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August 2nd, 2010, 02:56 PM
mshah's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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My oh my!! What a big boy for such a small mamma! Congrats, he's sooo cute! Thanks so much for the advice, too! When I read about the feeling of him wiggling halfway in and halfway out I was like "ohhhh I need to prepare for that one!". Also, I will definitely try to remember now to relax my face...such great advice!
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August 2nd, 2010, 06:48 PM
LillyAinwe's Avatar Super Mommy
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Originally Posted by mshah View Post
My oh my!! What a big boy for such a small mamma! Congrats, he's sooo cute! Thanks so much for the advice, too! When I read about the feeling of him wiggling halfway in and halfway out I was like "ohhhh I need to prepare for that one!". Also, I will definitely try to remember now to relax my face...such great advice!
hehe yeah, If I had to describe the sensation, I would liken it to having a giant trout hanging out of you, that is trying to swim upstream.
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August 3rd, 2010, 01:29 PM
Trish36's Avatar Mom of 4
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Great birth story!!!! I can't believe his head circ. was 37cm. holy cow!!!!!!! No wonder you had a hard time getting him out.
He is soooo cute!!! Great job momma!!!!!!! CONGRATS on your sweet baby boy!

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August 4th, 2010, 06:23 AM
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August 4th, 2010, 07:39 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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Thank you for sharing your story! Congrats on your adorable baby boy.
Mama to Jackson (23 months)
Fiance to Matthew
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August 4th, 2010, 09:18 AM
knightsgirl's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Fantastic birth story! Soren is such a cutie, and you look beautiful in your pictures! =D

Thank you so much to Typical Vampire for my awesome siggie!!

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August 4th, 2010, 12:19 PM
Platinum Supermommy
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Great story! Congrats!

MEG, mama to Blake (11/18/08) and Hudson (08/11/10)

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August 5th, 2010, 09:36 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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He is adorable! And you looked GREAT! I looked like vomit afterward haha. Thanks for sharing. Also, I agree about the water. I didn't have a thing to drink twelve hours (from before I went to bed until an hour after my epi was removed). Torture!
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August 5th, 2010, 12:18 PM
LillyAinwe's Avatar Super Mommy
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Originally Posted by pthree View Post
He is adorable! And you looked GREAT! I looked like vomit afterward haha. Thanks for sharing. Also, I agree about the water. I didn't have a thing to drink twelve hours (from before I went to bed until an hour after my epi was removed). Torture!
haha yeah, I was so darn thirsty during the pushing that my sister in law bought me an apple juice to show me, as a focal point and reward for delivering her nephew! haha I drank it before they even showed him to me...

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