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December 21st, 2006, 01:19 PM
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So, today is the big day. We ended up getting an even better deal than expected at Curves, too, so my MIL purchased four months instead of just three! I don't have to start paying myself until April 1st. woohoo!

Tonight will be my first workout, and today was my first day dieting. I am doing very well so far, and I hope I can keep it up.

for both breakfast and lunch, I had a homemade meal replacement shake... they're 264 calories each, and I've had some fruit for about 200 calories, so my intake thus far is a little over 700 calories. (and 28 g protein, 21 g. fat--from the pecans)


baked potato w/ homemade fat free "sour cream." 380 calories, 1 g fat, 10 g protein
3 oz. lean beef (london broil) 176 Calories, 27 g protein, 6 g fat
steamed broccoli 50 calories, 1 g fat, 5 g protein
tall glass of skim milk 90 calories, 8 g. protein

intake today:

calories: ~ 1420
fat: 29g
protein: 57g

Not great, but could be worse... I have to try and take in enough for breastfeeding, too.

Tonight's my first workout, too, so I need to take in enough for workout energy AND breastfeeding.

And I need to remember to drink more water. I suck at making sure I've had enough water...
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December 21st, 2006, 05:50 PM
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I made it through my first workout!

I sure missed working out. I changed my dinner a little, too... I had less london broil than I was going to, I didn't have that much broccoli, but I had fresh spinach with low fat dressing and five baby carrots, and I still had my potato. It was yummy. I feel so full.

The only thing is... I had gotten into a routine of having dessert with everyone after dinner... cookies, brownies, cake--whatever I'd made for the week. I had to watch everyone else eat cookies.

On a positive note, though... I was here with the cookies all day, and I didn't pick in them! lol

Friday, December 22

For breakfast, I had two packages of low sugar oatmeal and a glass of skim milk.

The calorie intake for that is 330.

And I'm drinking coffee... I should probably cut down, but right now, that's just not an option. One thing at a time.

So, my calories left for the day are: 1170. I haven't decided what I'm making for dinner yet, but since the kids will be gone, I may tell Scott he's on his own, and I'll just have a big spinach salad. Don't know just yet...

For lunch, I had a small sandwich, a slice of watermelon, and three large green olives. YUM.

Lunch's value was... I'm guessing. I know the bread was 110 calories for three slices, so that's about 75 calories, I'm going to guess the entire sandwich at 120, since I only had two slices of chicken breast on it. The watermelon is about 30 calories, and the green olives are about 50 calories, and I had a dessert for 110 calories.

SO, lunch totals are: 310. I have 860 calories left.

My dinner is 401 calories. It's spinach, 1/2 oz. cheese, one boiled egg, 2 TBSP reduced fat dressing, 1/2 of a Claussen pickle, and a cup of milk, and a slice of homemade sour dough bread-dry.

I have 459 calories left. I think I'll have another cup of milk later on--no harm in that 90 calories. I need it for the baby anyway.

That will still leave me under 1500 by 369 calories! wahoo!

Go me.

(I forgot... I'm eating 3 oz of carrots with dinner, too, so that adds another 38 calories. )

Saturday, Dec. 23

I had a boiled egg and a very thin slice of sourdough with a super skinny layer of peanut butter. I am guessing to be about 175 calories.

That leaves 1325 for the day.

For lunch... I had Golden Corral. It's hard, but we go out with my folks on Saturdays, so...

I had a piece of chicken breast, no skin, a big giant salad with a little bit of ff italian dressing dribbled on, that I only ate half of... and a small bowl of sugar free pudding with sugar free whipped topping. And unsweet iced tea. I'm guessing it's in the neighborhood of: 800 calories. The chicken breast is about 175, so that gives plenty of leeway with the rest.

That leaves me 425. I'm not doing as well as yesterday. UGH.

Dinner is going to be right about that...none spared today.

I slept in today. It was nice. I had a really late breakfast, though, so I had no lunch. I just had breakfast (a bowl of cream of wheat) and dinner--some chicken off the foreman grill, a spinach salad with reduced fat dressing, steamed broccoli, steamed carrots, and 3/4 c white rice. It was filling, and left me with some extra calories.

I weighed myself at the gym tonight... I was going to wait until it had been a full week, but I just couldn't help myself. I've lost three pounds! And that's after cheating yesterday... a little... It was Christmas... I had to. hah!

Anyway... diet's going pretty good, and I am dropping weight. I've been for three workouts now, and I'll be back there again tomorrow evening. I'm rather enjoying my daily hour of freedom.
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December 27th, 2006, 09:02 PM
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Another good day. Stuck to it. Had a little bit of my homemade fat free, reduced cal ice cream. It was okay. I'm going to look for other recipes, though. I think I can do much better. I am also keeping the 10 cal jello on hand... Had some yesterday, but none today. I am finally taking in more water, too. I had 10 cups today... that's way better than I was doing. I think I'm still supposed to have more b/c of the breastfeeding, but I'm already peeing all the time!

Worked out today, too. I love Curves. I missed it so so much. I'm glad to be back. I can hardly wait for my first weight/measurement check. I hope I do well. I know it won't be as well as last time I went--I was working then. I am now home and a lot less active, but if I lose a total of 7 lbs and 3 inches the first month, I'll be happy.

OK... I'm doing fairly well, but I still need to drink more water. I so suck at that. I had two good days, and then back to my bad habits...

Diet's going well; I've made myself some low cal lowfat or fat free snacks, and that seems to keep the snacking urge at bay...

I've lost 4 pounds! yay!

Saturday, Dec 30...

only two words for today: I suck.

That is all...



Breakfast: I used 1 cup of my homemade yogurt (112 calories) and 1/2 c. pineapple to make a smoothie. I just whipped it in the blender and drank it. It was so yummy. 149 calories for breakfast. woohoo.

Lunch: I had one of the chocolate peanut butter shakes for lunch. That's 213 calories. I still have 1138 calories for the day. woohoo.

Dinner: chicken (thigh, plus breast; no skin) roughly 300 calories--I think that's high, but I'd rather be a little high than too low. Steamed broccoli: 40 calories, and 1/2 cup cooked rice: 85 calories. I also had a piece of my low fat/low cal cheesecake for 128 calories. That's a total for dinner of: 553. I was way below my goal for the day!

I didn't go to Curves, but I took a nice loooooooong walk with the girls.



Good day!

breakfast=213 calories; I skipped lunch--we were super busy getting me registered for classes; dinner=steamed peas and green beans for 100 calories + 2 chicken wings (skinless) and a little bit of skinless breast for 250 calories (I think that's a bit high) + 1/2 c. rice for 85 calories + a salad with a half pickle and ff ranch for 150 calories and I am now drinking a coffee blender drink for 175 calories. And while I was making dinner, I had about 80 calories worth of bitter chocolate. Daily total is: 1053 calories. I have had at least 9 glasses of water, too, and I'm still feeling really thirsty. I worked out at Curves and took the girls for a walk again. Good times.

AND: it's been two weeks, and I'm down 6 pounds!!!!!!!!
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January 7th, 2007, 10:16 AM
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(have to start in a new reply because I live by emoticons ) See? heh.


I'm out of soy milk, so I'm back to experimenting with my morning shake...I used 2/3 c powder milk, 1 1/4 cup water, 2 TBSP cocoa, 4 packets of sugar twin, a tiny shot of vanilla, a couple squirts of cooking spray, and 1 TBSP peanut butter... added ice and blended. Sure tasted good, but it was a little more calories than the other one... *sigh* So, I've used up 269 calories for the day...and gotten 21.5 g protein and 3.5 g. fiber. I have 1231 calories left for the day.

*AM note: calorie counting and watching my calories is really starting to get easier. I thought that I wasn't getting anywhere, but when I stepped on the gym scale yesterday, I was so happy! I have to admit, though, that I'm looking forward to my 2,000 calorie day tomorrow. It's fellowship at church, and it's so hard to be good with all that beautiful food.

No lunch--again super duper busy at the social security office and school. I hate waiting... I did have a small 70 calorie bitter chocolate goodie, though. And I drank lots of water, too...

And later on, I made a coffee thing in the blender... with 1/3 c dry milk, 1 c coffee, some ice, and a couple packets of sugar twin, and a heaping TBSP of cocoa, so that's about 100 calories...

Dinner was so delicious! I made a top round london briol, steamed peas and green beans, and mashed potatoes. I had a dab (1/3 c) mashed potatoes, and I'm guessing that it was about 90 calories with the dry milk and all that is in it; I used 1/2 the milk though, and extra water--and I used ICBINBS instead of real butter, much to Scott's dismay... I measured 3 oz. of the london broil, which is in the neighborhood of 250 calories, and a huge portion of the peas and green beans, for 100 calories. The total for dinner is: 440. How do you even eat a dinner that big and consume so few calories? I love it!

Daily total: 440+269+70+100=879. Sure felt like more to me... guess it pays to stay busy. Oh... and I did my Curves thing, too. I love Curves.



Cheat day turned into a fat girls dream, I guess... ICK... turned out to be the family Christmas night--hard to get all of us together, since we have such a big family. And I pigged out. I am proud, though, that for the most part... I stayed out of the really bad sweets. I brought some chocolate and vanilla (two layer) low fat low cal cheesecake that was cut into pieces that are about 55 calories each, and packed with protein and some fiber, and when I'd wander over and look at the fudge and cookies, I'd grab some of the cheesecake instead. I did, however, go over on the calories, I'm sure. I ate turkey bacon with pineapple, baked pineapples, chicken wings, and a couple pieces of beef summer sausage with crackers... add that to the fellowship after church and my gross breakfast that was all due to a fight with Scott, and I don't even want to TRY counting the calories. UGH. To make things worse--we got home at 130 AM, so I couldn't take a walk. I feel like such a pig...


Back to it today...

Drank my breakfast for 213 calories.

Funny... after a day of eating so crappy, I am craving all that crappy stuff... I shouldn't have given in to temptation. I should have been good. Well, I guess it could have been worse. I could have grabbed lots of cookies and fudge... and candy, too... I guess all things considered, it wasn't that bad... but I'm still wanting junk after a day of junk. I'll have to keep myself extra busy today. Unfortunately, Curves is closed on Sundays... *sigh*

Lunch: I used 1 c of apple juice and brought it to a boil, added some cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves and simmered for about ten minutes and then drank it hot. YUMMY! I've always been a cider lover, and this was really close tasting to cider. And cinnamon boosts metabolism, so that can't hurt me a bit. 125 calories.

I have 1162 calories left for the day, but after yesterday, I would actually like to stay below 1000 for today. I think that will give me the best fat burning, weight loss results. I know some of the most effective diets are on/off and keep the metabolism going, so maybe having Saturdays off is really a good idea. LOL. I'll try to think of it that way, anyhow...

Dinner... I have to add my calories, but here's what I had... 1.5 oz (cooked) pasta, 1/4 c marinara sauce, and a huge huge portion of veggies. It was 150 calories worth of peas and green beans. Yum. The pasta--I'll have to figure, and the marinara is worth 50 calories. Pasta is worth 158 calories. OH.. and a half piece of bread sprayed with ICBINBS with garlic and a tiny bit of parmesan on it... so that's another 110 calories. That gives dinner a total of: 468.

That's a daily total of: 806. OK... so, since I'm well below my 1000, I'm going to have a blended coffee thingy. That's an additional 100 calories. That puts the daily total up to 906. hooray! Off to blend away...


Monday, 1/8/07.

breakfast: 213 calorie shake

lunch: 213 calorie shake + 1/2 cup of soy milk= 263 calories.

dinner... is going to be tricky. I guess I'll have to take it with me...Scott is getting home right on time for me to skate out of the door and get to Curves and then skate out of there and get to class... class tonight from 7 to 8:40. I'll have to eat on the run, I suppose. I'm making chicken tenders with ginger and sesame for the family... Maybe I'll grab the piece of cold chicken in the fridge and take that and a big ole portion of veggies with me. That should suffice... Then I'll have a coffee thingamajiggy when I get home... mmmmmm.....

Well, I'm home. I ended up having the chicken in the fridge, for 200 calories, portion of veggies for 100 calories, and 1/3 c. cooked rice for 113 calories, and a piece of my yummy cheesecake for 100 calories (I cut the pieces pretty small). Dinner total is: 513

Daily total: 213+263+ 513=989

I opted not to have a coffee thingy, but instead... a nice, hot cup of coffee coffee. yum.

Ahem... I am a cheater. I was ever so hungry last night, for some reason... so I had a big bowl of special K. So... add 215 calories to my daily total for: 1204 ugh



I ate differently today.

Breakfast: 1 c special K with 1/2 c milk = 155 calories.

Lunch: 1 slice of bread with 1 TBSP peanut butter and 1 tsp homemade strawberry jam for a total of: 230 calories. Those are my favorite, but they are so out...

Dinner: one turkey wing, a big portion of steamed peas and green beans, and a couple bites of mashed potatoes... for a total of: 115+100+70=285 calories.

I also had a piece of my sugar free cheesecake (they're in two bite pieces) so that's another 50 calories.

And I had a little bit of chocolate earlier in the day. For 100 calories.

Daily total is: 155+230+285+50+100=820.

I didn't get to work out... I had school, so there just isn't time on Tuesdays with that campus being soooooooo far away. It took me over an hour to get there.

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January 10th, 2007, 12:20 PM
Posts: n/a

Breakfast: 3/4 c "special K fruit & yogurt" and 1/4 c soy milk and 1/4 c light soy for a total of: 120+25+20=165 calories

I haven't made lunch yet, but I know what I'm having... a big salad with ff dressing, carrots, and a little bit of 2% milk cheese and a half a pita sandwich, I think... I'll have to see what I have to put in it...

Time to add up my lunch. I did have a pita sandwich and salad.
Salad: 10 calories for spinach, 20 calories for carrots, 30 calories for a pinch of the reduced fat cheese, 40 calories for 1 TBSP of ff dressing, and 3 calories for a pickle. That's 10+20+30+40+3=103 calories. Pita sandwich: 1/2 whole wheat pita loaf is 70 calories, 5 tiny slices of turkey is 50 calories, a bit of romaine is 10 calories, and the mustard is calorie free. So that's: 70+50+10=130 calories. Lunch is 130+103=233. I also had a nice tall glass of no sugar iced tea. 50 degrees out and I'm drinking cold tea.

Calories remaining for day: 1102.

OK... on the way to the gym, I had a coffee 'shake' for a pick me up. It was 1 c coffee, 2/3 c soy milk, 1 TBSP cocoa, and some ice all blended up. Good for about 65 calories and some much-needed caffeine.

Then after the gym and before class, I had a portion of peas and green beans, for another 100 calories. When I got home from school (about fifteen minutes ago), I had 1 c of special K with 1/4 c soy +1/4 c light soy milk for another 155 calories.

That's an evening total of: 320.

That gives a daily total of: 718. And... in that case, I am having another bowl of special K... so make that a total of: 873. No wonder I'm feeling a bit hungry... I definitely could have another bowl with no problem. BUT... I think I'm having the other one, so it's acutally 883. I want the fruit and yogurt one.

Then I'm off to make myself some low cal, fat free yogurt. mmmmmmmmm...

*****I ALMOST FORGOT!!!!! holy cow! I have lost 8 lbs AND!! for s&g, I had them measure my waist, and I've dropped 3.5 inches already... I am wondering if she really measured correctly. . . . . .



Breakfast: blended: 1 c light soy milk (80 calories), 1 TBSP peanut butter (95 calories), two sugar twin packets, and 2 TBSP cocoa (30 calories) with some ice. 205 calories.

Lunch: (a new, improved meal replacement shake post health store visit). 1 cup light soy milk (80 calories), tsp vanilla (inconsequencial) 2 TBSP soy protein isolate (60 calories), 2 TBSP cocoa (30 calories) 1 TBSP milled flaxseed (30 calories), and 1 capsule of soy lecithin squeezed in (10 calories), with ice and blended. It's actually much better tasting than it looks. I think it's the flaxseed that made it taste really nutty. Anyway, the soy protein really ups the protein intake a lot, and since I"m working out, I need that. 210 calories.

Now... dinner's not going to be extravagent. I think I'm just having a salad and 2 oz. of sliced top round london broil. I have a broil in the fridge for the family, so that's what I will eat. I think I'll make baked potatoes, too, so I'll have a potato with ICBINBS and ff sour cream. Sounds good enough to eat. . ..

OK... I totally made something different. I made some pita pizzas instead. Don't know why, but I had a hankerin' for pizza. Anyway... I made mine different then the family's pizzas. I had way less cheese and I added chicken and tomatoes to mine, and I had a salad (minus the cheese, since I had it on my pizza).
So... here's the breakdown:
whole wheat pita-140
cheese, 1 oz.-80
chicken, bits of breast, very little-50 calories
TOTAL for pizza: 320
romaine and spinach-20
boiled egg-70
1 TBSP dressing-40
TOTAL for salad: 150

Total for dinner: 470 + I shared a sugar free ff pudding with the baby, for an additional 50 calories (really it was less, since the baby ate some...) so that's 520 calories.

Total for day: 935.

Worked out today, too... and weighed myself before hand and I have lost another pound! I'm down almost 10 pounds in three weeks (today)!!! yay!!!!



Breakfast: my new improved shake for 210 calories.

Lunch: 1 pita with tomato, onions, tuna, and reduced fat sharp cheddar... baked.. for a total of: 350 calories.

Left for day: 940.

I'm *VERY* worried that I went over today... I'll put what I had, and then I'll figure it all out.

I had three 40 calorie cookies for 120 calories, and I had a coffee shake thing for a boost since dinner was late tonight, for another 80 calories. That's 200 calories and that's not even a MEAL!

Dinner: 4 oz of london broil (top round, trimmed), broccoli, a baked potato with 1 TBSP ff sour cream and a couple squirts of ICBINBS, and half a pita with ICBINBS and some garlic powder, baked... with a shake of parmesan cheese. So, that's........ 211+40+140+15+70+15=491

THEN... I had a serving of sugar free edy's ice cream... so that was another 90 calories.

SOOOOO... here's the days' calories: 1341. HOLY TOLEDO! I didn't go over?! I'm adding again.... *I DIDN'T GO OVER!!!!!!!!* yay!
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January 14th, 2007, 11:38 AM
Posts: n/a
1/13/07... since it's my day off, I won't attempt to add it up. I did go over my 2K, though, I'm pretty sure w/o even TRYING to figure it.



For breakfast, I had a smoothie with some soy protein powder in it. 165 calories.

Lunch, I had a shake with soy milk, soy protein powder, flaxseed, 1/2 c. strawberries, 1 TBSP cocoa, and some lecithin. Total is... 80+60+30+25+15+10=220 calories.

That leaves me 1115 for the day; however, I'd like to only take in about another 600... we'll see if that happens.

Well, I went over the 600, but stayed below my 1500 for the day... *sigh*

For dinner: 9 chicken wings, no skin... just meat, for 270 calories. I also had beans. Kidney beans. You'd think that a food that's so good for you would have fewer calories, but I had about 325 calories' worth of kidney beans. I also had four 40 calorie cookies. for another 160 calories.

That's an evening total of: 795.

Daily total: 1180. yikes.



Breakfast: 3/4 c wheaties with skim milk: 145 calories.

Lunch: two of teeniest pieces of whole wheat bread (pepperidge farms very thin) with mustard, one slice of turkey, one piece of iceberg lettuce, six strawberries with 1 TBSP cool whip lite, and half of a ff sf pudding (the baby stole most of it ). So that's.... 75+20+10+70+25=200.

Dinner: 1 small (homemade) hamburger bun--but the recipe had calories on it. It says 145, but I made 9 instead of 8, so it's less... but I'll go with the 145 anyway. With a little bit of chicken on it, and 2 tsp of bbq sauce, and a big helping of steamed veggies (green beans, peas, broccoli). 400 calories.

I had a snack of granola (also homemade with caloric information; but mine's less since I used fake sugar and fake butter... yay!) with 1/2 cup of skim milk for another 300 calories.

Daily amount: 145+200+400+300=1045

Worked out tonight, too... wish I could tomorrow, too... ugh. I'll miss it for sure.



I'm going to pretend I never got up.



breakfast: I skipped it. Lots going on, and I was too busy to stop and grab something.

lunch: 460 calories (also in a hurry; two granola bars )

Diinner: one serving pasta with one serving sauce with a little bit of lean beef 400 calories. Also a piece of bread, for 110 calories, with some ICBINBS and garlic powder and a touch of parmesan for 10 calories. Total: 520.

Daily total: 980

worked out, too! I weighed myself when I got there, and I'm down TEN POUNDS! Thursday is four weeks to the day. I am going to get officially weighed and measured Friday, so that should be interesting. I am definitely having a good month--I know I'm down the 3 inches on the waist, and the 10 pounds, so those numbers far surpass my expectations of my first month! I'm feeling pretty proud today. Scott has been really supportive, too, (most days, anyway) so that helps a lot.



I'm getting my workout in earlier today. I'm meeting mom (Bette) at the gym so she can see the baby a while today. I'll meet her at 2 pm. I have lots to do around here before I can go, so just a quickie update on my food for today...

breakfast: 1 curves shake for 190 calories. Yum. Didn't realize how much I missed them. They're sooooo yummy..

lunch: granola w/ light soy milk for 240 calories

Left for day: 1070

dinner: potato, 2 oz ground beef, and a big portion of steamed green beans and peas. 250+145+100=495.

snack... again... I suck... I got hungry late... UGH! A [fairly big] bowl of my granola...480 calories.

Total for day: 1405.

Figures I'd wimp out the day before I get weighed officially. Probably packed a couple pounds back on... UGH. ICK. EW.


1/19/07... weigh day!

breakfast: one packet of quaker instant [weight control] oatmeal. 160 calories. It's really yummy, but I think I can make my own for way cheaper... I only got it because it was on sale BOGO and I had good coupons. I'll experiement with making my own, though...

I had such a naughty lunch! And on the day I'm getting weighed! Dummy me... I had spaghetti, to the tune of 200 calories, sauce for 90 calories, a little bit of lean hamburger, for another 50 calories, and half a piece of bread with some ICBINBS and garlic... for another 50 calories. Lunch total: 350. yikes.

Left for day: 950.

I hope I don't have snack attacks again tonight. Tomorrow is my cheat day, so if I can just hold out until then...

Dinner... not such a healthy dinner... but I could have made worse choices... 3 hushpuppies, chicken breast no skin, and a 1/2 ear of corn... so that's.... 180+200+60+18 for half a pat of butter. Total: 458. Not nearly as bad as I'd have thought! Oh.... wait... bbq sauce, too... for another 40 calories. 498 calories.

I also had a piece of low fat, low sugar cake with no frosting on it... for 100 calories.

Daily total: 1108

I was soooooooooooooooooooo happy with my weight and measurements today! I went way far beyond what I thought I would! I lost a total of *21* inches this month!!! And the 10 pounds!!! hooray for Curves!
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January 20th, 2007, 05:24 PM
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Technically, it's my day off... but I still need to tally it up...

breakfast: 160 calorie oatmeal

lunch: salad (100 calories), chicken (350 calories), 1 roll (175 calories ), broccoli (50 calories), ice cream, light, (100 calories) with hot fudge (35 calories) and sf pudding (100 calories). Holy crap, what a cow I am... that's a total of: 910.

Daily total so far: 1070. Yikes!

Snack: low sugar, low fat cake with peanut butter... 290 calories.

Total: 1360.

And I still need to get dinner on...

Well... I was tired, the baby was asleep, so I went to bed early! I didn't have dinner, so the daily total remains 1360... I was going to have some chicken and potatoes, darn it.


1/21/07 (one month today!)

breakfast: 160 calorie oatmeal. I was forced (by little eyes and the sound of "mmmmmmmmmmmmm"s to share some wtih Maddie... so it was a little less, but I'll go with that...

lunch: I was a bad, bad girl. Taco Bell... TWO bean burritos... bad, but oh so good. lol 740 calories. Could be worse, could be worse...

That leaves me: 600, technically, but I like to keep it super low after a day off... so I'd like to just have a salad for dinner to keep it low... guess I better go buy some BOGO salad blends...

Oh, boy... did I ever eat like a pig?! YIKES! Guess it's a good thing yesterday turned out not to be a cheat day!

Dinner: 2 oz lean top round for 105 calories, one small potato with ICBINBS for 135 calories, a big ole portion of veggies for 100 calories, and a salad with ff dressing for 95 calories... that's a total of: 435. And I had two bites of the neighbor girls' cherry cobbler "that they made themselves," for another... I'm kind of guessing b/c a 1/6th package serving is 280 calories, so I know I didn't have anywhere near that, although I take big bites. I guess that's another 50 calories? So that's 485 for tonight. Guess that's not so bad afterall.... sure felt like a lot.



OK... breakfast was sooooooooo yummy! First of all... I made up some oatmeal packs yesterday that I would consider super comparable to the weight control ones from quaker... and it only costs about a buck to make double the packets... woohoo! SO... one packet is less calories than the quaker, too. comes in at 121 calories. I also had an eggo 60 calorie waffle, and I had one TBSP sf syrup for 15 calories. Total: 196. woohoo. And I feel really full too... that's the best part. I am concerned about gaining weight back after my two high caloric days in a row... yikes.

Lunch is going to be super fantastic, too... I already know what I'm having. I bought some whole grain lavash wraps, so I'm having 1/2 a lavash for 50 calories, mustard for 0 calories, and 2 oz of smoked turkey for 60 calories and either a sf pudding or an applesauce for 50 calories... so all that for only 160 calories! hip hip hooray!

okeeedokeeee... it's finalized--I had 160 calories for all that lunch! woot! so far, my total for the day is: 356. Left: 1144. I opted for the applesauce, too... and added some metabolism boosting cinnamon to it. I eat the all natural, no sugar added stuff, so the cinnamon really helps to take off the tart 'edge' anyway.

So far, the only plan for dinner is the chicken that I've been marinading since last night. It's boneless skinless chicken breast with louisiana red pepper marinade. I know I'll have my usual veggies, too... guess the only thing to really think about now is the starch... I saw that converted white rice is low on the GI, so I think I'll probably have that. Not too bad calorie wise, either. So... I guess it's [tentatively] chicken, uncle bens, corn for the family and my green steamed veggies for me... yummy. I'm not hungry though, so it doesn't sound as good as it will after the gym! lol

Dinner: 2 oz bnls sknls chick breast, 1/3 c rice, romaine with lite ceasar dressing (1 TBSP) and a boiled egg, and a serving of steamed carrots and asparagus. Yum.... I followed it up with two bites of brownie.

So... that's 110+60+15+35+70+40+40=370. And the brownie is 100 calories... so, that's 470 for the evening...

That leaves 674 for the day... so that means I'm having a snack later. I had a snack, all right. Add another 320 calories... I had a BIG bowl of oatmeal (the homemade ones I did, so they're 121 calories each)... with walnuts in it. Oink.


bah... I suck anyway... I guess I give up. I'm going through too much ##### with the baby right now to keep on a diet... I'm an emotional eater, and let me say... I've got emotions.

I guess I'm destined to be a cow forever... I should just embrace that and be done with it...

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