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Zoey's birth story *induction - FTM* (warning VERY long)

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June 7th, 2011, 08:46 AM
fancypants27's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Just under 35 weeks it was decided that i would be induced aruond 37-38 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. We were able to control the high bp with medications, and my weekly NST and blood tests came back fine. Throughout my pregnancy I had always planned on a c-section because of some personal reasons. My dr thought I should try a vaginal birth, and I was liking the idea of a quicker recovery + health benefit for baby (lungs) going this route. He checked me at my 37 week appointment and I was elated to hear that I was 1.5-2cm dilated, soft and baby was very low. We chose an induction date of June 2nd and a doctor. My doctor wasn't scheduled to be at the hospital until mid June because of conferences etc..

June 2nd there were no beds available.

June 3rd - Called L&D at 6am, we we re told to call back at 10am they would give me a time to come in then. At 10, I was told to come in at 3. FINALLY!!! We showed up at 3. Did all the paperwork, hooked me up to IV and ran NST. DR came in at about 3.30 to check me. (The DR that was delivering had extremely good rating when I looked him up...we also found out that he delivered my husband! So we were extremely excited to have him). Now for the big dissapointment. DR checked me, I was 1cm, thick and baby was HIGH! He broke my water - which wasn't painful but a bit uncomfortable. Said he would check back in a few hours and see if they would use pitocin or not.

My parents, sister and DH were in the delivery room with me. I had asked my parents not to come, but they were insanely excited and showed up anyway.

Pretty much immediately after they broke my water I started feeling contractions. Within an hour they were 1.5-2 min apart and STRONG. Very painful and I was feeling them in my back. At 6.30 the nurses checked me and I was 2cm. I knew I would be having an epidural but wanted to wait until I was at 4-5cms. By 7.30 I coudln't take the pain anymore. nurses suggested i try the birthing ball - I did and it really didn't do anything at all for me. I wanted to take the baby out myself at this point. at 8.30 I said I would try the whirlpool. by 9 I was in the tub and it did help a bit. But the contractions in my back were just too painful. at 9.30 I was out of the tub and demanding an epidural. They finally paged the anaethisiologist and checked me...still a 2. I got my epidural around 10.30 - but it didn't take too well and I could still feel everything. Although it did take alot the edge off the contractions. The epidural made me SUPER ITCHY!!!! 11:00 end of nurses shift. They checked me I was still a 2, and because I could still feel everything they gave me a bolster. This helped ALOT. DH's parents were waiting in the waiting room - and came in quickly to say hi and wish me luck..they saw I was in pain and knew to leave (why coudlnt my parents be like that???). I had to ask my parents to leave and said It would probably be at least 6 more hours there was no point in them waiting around. We would call when action started. My step dad wanted to stay - he didn't like that I was in so much pain. But I managed (with nurses help) to get them to leave. ahhh..sleeeeeep.

At midnight my new nurse woke me up, she wanted to check me and see where I was. I told her there ws no point. At 11 I was a 2 it would be a while. But she said, she wanted to see for herself. To my surprise I was a 7!!!! DH and I decided right then and there that we would NOT be calling our families. We would just tell them everything happened too fast. At 12.30 I started to feel very nauseus. I did feel some pressure on my rear end but nothing like the feeling where I needed to push. I told my nurse I was nauseus and she said I bet your fully dilated! checked me...and low and behold I was a 10!!! The epidural still wasn't working as well as it should (I was in a decent amount of pain) and so she gave me another bolster before we started pushing and had me lay on my left side since i could feel EVERYTHING on that side. Suddenly, I got extremely dizzy and sick. DH said I turned green. The nurse pulled the emergency cord in the room and within 5 seconds a team of nurses were in there, putting me on oxygen and flipping me from side to side. Apparently Zoey's heartrate dropped under 60bpm. I was so afraid. I thought I would lose my baby, since they coudln't find a heartbeat for a good 2 minutes. Finally they got it and I could breathe or short sigh of relief. They paged the doctor (who was at home), and inserted a catheter.. my frist thought I'd be having an emergency c-section and I would feel everything!

As I started feeling better, Zoeys heartrate started to normalize. The doctor came in and did an ultrasound at about 1.45. We found out that the baby was headup. He said we have 3 steps: 1 - you push by yourself for 20-30 minutes and the baby flips on her own. If that doesn't work step 2, I try to flip the baby with forceps and you push for 20-30 minutes. If that doesn't work, we go to c-section. He explained that because her heartrate dropped, and now was really high (180), she wsa in some distress and it would be for the best. I agreed. And so - we started pushing. The baby didn't crown, but she came down so low that when I would push DH was able to see her hair. This went on for about 45 minutes. We had to take some breaks in between because her heart rate would get really high. Unfortunately, she didn't turn. Now DR came back in. I didn't watch as he set up all the equipment, I was too afraid. He felt confident the baby would be out, and had the nurse page NICU team since baby was in distress. He inserted the forceps, and had me push. Everything happened sooooo fast, he had me stop and do a little push and said the head was out. Another little push and we heard her cry and they immediately put her on me. She stopped crying and was just staring at me. I cried, DH cried. There was some joking with my dr and the one from the nicu, but I just heard the 'thanks for showig up for her bday' comment. She was born at 2.55am and scored a perfect 10 on her apgars - everyone was shocked as I think we all expected there to be some type of problem. I held her until about 4.15 when the dr finished stitching me up. He said he didn't do an episiotomy and only used the forceps to turn the baby. I pushed her out myself. However, I did have a bad 3rd degree tear. I didn't care, I had my baby and she was perfect.

DH called my parents and his parents at about 3.45. And they were there immediately. We were so glad that we decided not to call them immediately. Those minutes alone with our baby were priceless.

At about 6am they tried to move me from delivery room to recovery. Unfortunately I had lost so much blood, that when they tried to get me up, I blacked out. My bp was 80/63. They decided to keep me in the delivery room until later in the morning.

9am, woken up by the nurse from hell (she was just doing her job). She told me I had to get up and go pee. I was in so much pain from the stiches and so weak from the blood loss, I was a bit slow. I was also afraid to pee. She walked me to the washroom. I sat and tried to pee, but the most i could get was a trickle. She said you either pee, or I insert a catheter. I tried and tried but coudln't get anything out. I begged her to give me a glass of water and 10 minutes and she laughed and said that wouldnt do anything. And inserted the catheter. I had alot of urine in my bladder so I guess that was the right choice.

She wheeled me to recovery, where a nurse was waiting in the room. She was weird - she didn't check the baby or me and said she was going on break for 30 min but would be back after and check us.

At 4, the next shift of nurses started. I saw a familiar face from when I was admitted a few weeks ago. thank goodness. She checked my bp which was a bit low but ok and drew some blood. At 6 she came back with some pills. Naproxen and Colace. She then looked at Zoeys chart and wondered why nothing was written. We told her nobody had checked up on us all day. She was in complete shock. I told her i had to pee and was so afraid, she asked me if i had been taking my sitz baths or using the squirt bottle. What sitz bath? What squirt bottle? She got me my "supplies" and explained what to do. She was shocked and appalled that no one had checked up on us all day.
Later that evening the nurse came by and explianed that my hemoglobin was really low and they would have to take another test. If it was just as low or lower I would need a transfusion. She also brought me 'tylenol/codein' for the pain. I asked her if it was possible to get something much stronger since these types of drugs don't do anything for me. She asked me if morphein was ok, I asked for supeudol (quick release oxycontin) instead since I don't get the itchy rash from that. After several hours of chasing down a doctor and the pharmacy I got my supeudol and some relief.

Because I was petrified of having a bowel movement, I had stopped eating all solids and would only eat jello and water. I don't think this helped with my recovery. I had a really nice nurse overnight and she told me that she tore with all 3 of her babies and said if i was taking my stool softeners, the bm would hurt but it really wouldnt be so bad. She got me some tucks pads and also hemroid cream. (I didn't get hemroids, but she said it would help with all the swelling). She got me some flyers and information on perineal care and really made me feel at ease...so I started eating. Meanwhile my bloods came back and were still super low, I was definitely going to be at the hospital an extra day or two.

For the next day I struggled through the pain, I took my sitz baths, kept my legs elevated, took my colace, naproxen and supeudol as I should and I started slowly feeling better. Monday afternoon, I finally got discharged!!! The drive home was so hard sitting on my butt. And after being on my feet for a bit when I went to pee, I almost passed out from the pain. But it got better. Tuesday morning I had my 1st bowel movement. Yes it hurt....yes I bled...but it wasn't horrible!

things are definitely starting to get alot better now, and I feel so fortunate to have such an angel for a baby. She doesn't fuss over very much. She sleeps so well, no problems eating, poops on schedule.

I am so happy that I decided to have a vaginal birth. Even more happy that my biggest fear of needing an emergency c-section after going through labor didn't happen. Yeah it sucks that it was so tramatic, but it only makes me stronger and more knowledgeable for the next time. (I will be asking for the epidural as soon as I check in lol)

I have flattish nipples and had a breast reduction 15 years ago so I wasn't sure if i would be able to breastfeed. However, Zoey was a champ and latched on immediately. unfortunately, my nipples started to crack and because I have liver disease, although the chance of passing it on to her is less than 1%, DH and I decided (after speaking with pediatrician) that it wasn't worth taking the chance. So I had to stop breastfeeding. I was a little bummed about it, especially when Zoey is hungry and will try to grab my breast - but it's for the better.

Mom to:Zoey - June 4, 2011
Noah - October 21, 2012
Lexi - September 10, 2013


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June 8th, 2011, 12:37 PM
itsmemaggi's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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She's beautiful! Inductions are crazy, but I'm so glad yours had such a happy ending!! Congratulations!

Thank you,
PinkCuppycakeSprinkles, for my beautiful siggy!!

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June 8th, 2011, 03:58 PM
Super Mommy
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What an amazing story! Congratulations... she's a beauty!
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June 11th, 2011, 06:20 AM
Tree_Love's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I'm sorry the induction was so traumatic... Mine was not like yours, but terrifying none the less. I tell everyone it was totally worth it. Zoey is beautiful though!!!

Elan Dakota 7/28/2012
Paxx Tarlow & Sage Finley 10/20/2012
Cael Hollis 5/3/2013

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June 12th, 2011, 09:45 AM
Petuniababoon's Avatar Super Mommy
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Wicihta, KS
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I'm sorry you had such a difficult induction, but so glad you still managed to have your vaginal birth, and that you ended up with such a sweet and beautiful baby girl! I hope you heal quickly!


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