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Birth of Addison Elizabeth

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January 28th, 2012, 02:47 PM
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I know this is way past late! We've just had so much going on with Addison's health that I'm just getting around to it.

On Wednesday, November 9th, I went for a routine weekly OB appointment and was 38 weeks 5 days. Miserable didn't even begin to describe how I was feeling. I was set and ready to beg for an induction. When my vitals were taken though, it removed need for me to beg. My midwife came in concerned that my BP was creeping up and that I had not gained any weight in three weeks. After making sure Addison's heart rate was strong and that I was measuring right at 39 weeks, she asked me what day I wanted to have Addison. I told her Friday would be a great day because DH was off work but that i knew they weren't doing elective inductions that day because it was Veteran's Day. She said that it wasn't really elective and that I had to be induced in the next five days, so she didn't see why they wouldn't approve it for Friday. She left the room and came back in with the OB who would be the lead on L&D that day. He was a really nice man and said he looked forward to delivering Addison.

The big day arrived, and we headed to the hospital at 4:30. When we arrived at 5 am, there were several women in active labor, so they told me just to get changed and comfortable and someone would come in once things settled down on the floor.

At 6:30 am, the lead doctor who was about to change shifts came in and asked me if my doctor knew it was a holiday. I politely told him yes and told him the reasons that she and the doctor he was about to give shift to had agreed that I didn't need to wait any longer. He argued with the reasons they gave me which were history of rapid labor, elevated BP, low lying placenta hence bleeding risk, and severe swelling. I told him I would wait for the other doctor and that they probably needed to know I had started having regular painful contractions that were 3 minutes apart. DH was already fired up and said he wasn't letting them send me home.

At 8:30, a nurse finally came in the room and told me they had several issues they were trying to work out in order to induce me and told me it was possible that I would be sent home until that night because of the patients going home and the ones in active labor. She said we needed to do a NST and vital check before they could really make that decision. It took ten minutes in which I had 3 really good contractions and one BP reading that set off the alarms for the lead OB to come in and tell me I just jumped to priority and would not be going anywhere. He then told me we had to get my BP down and had me roll to my side. The next BP reading wasn't as bad but was still high so he said I needed an IV in case they needed to give me meds. He also asked me what was used in my induction with my older child and the details about how labor progressed with her.

My nurse came in with several other staff members who all asked their own sets of questions. My nurse wrote my birth plan on the board and asked someone to start my IV. OMG! It was the worst stick I've ever had, and the girl blew my vein, so I got really hot and almost passed out. My nurse told her to stop and that she would try the other arm, and someone brought a cup of ice chips to me. Once the IV was started and all the blood was drawn, I was introduced to the resident OB and was asked if she could deliver Addison. I consented but asked that the lead OB would be on hand and in the room for the actual delivery just in case he needed to step in quickly.

By 10 am, I asked my nurse if they had forgotten to give me Cytotec to help ripen my cervix. She laughed and said they were afraid to start my induction with my contractions the way they were because they were afraid she would have to deliver me. Just then, we heard a baby cry next door. She said that is what they had been waiting on. At 11 am, I finally got Cytotec and was told I probably didn't even need it since I had come in at 1 cm and was already a good 3.

We let DD, my mom, my MIL, and some friends come in to visit for a few minutes at 11:15, and then I told DH to go with them to eat so I could get some rest. I was exhausted from all the chaos of getting the IV and answering questions while having contractions like crazy. At 1 pm, DH came back in and I was allowed to walk for 30 minutes. After that, my temp was up some so my nurse told me to eat three popsicles back to back. Then she came in and told me they were going to break my water soon and that I might want the epidural if I was going to get one. I really wasn't sure whether I should get one then or not, but she said there wouldn't be time after they broke my water if I kept progressing this way.

At 3 pm, I got the epidural from a wonderful anesthesiologist. She was so good! I barely felt the initial stick. The only problems were that I got more meds on the left, and my BP bottomed out so I had to have fluids pushed really fast to get it back up. They kept rolling me to my right to get the epidural to work on that side, but it was no use. At 4:30, the resident came in to break my water. That was horrible. It took her eight times and over an hour of trying to get it. The hook would never tear through. DH was freaking out by the time she did it and told me later he wanted to offer to do it himself. LOL The fluid was clear and BOY was there a lot of it! Then came the fun of the catheter. I felt it since I wasn't numb on the right side.

By then it was 5:45, and we had been at the hospital for 13 hours, and I'd had contractions consistently for 14 or 15 hours. I was beyond tired, so I tried to sleep for a little while. At 7, my nurse came in to introduce me to the nurse who was taking over for her. This lady was a 30 year veteran nurse who had delivered 75 babies herself. You could just tell she knew what she was doing. She asked if she could check me because the first nurse wanted to see how far I was to know if she could wait it out to see Addison. She and I had talked throughout the day and found out our families were from the same town. I was 6 cm, and I was so disappointed. My first nurse said she was going to wrap up most of what she had to do to leave but would come to see how I was feeling before she left. At 7:30, she came back in to tell me bye and that she would be back on Sunday.

By 7:55, I was hurting so badly that my nurse called the anesthesiologist for a top off. I kept thinking Addison was crowning because there was such sharp pain in my right pelvic bone and thigh. While we waited, Addison's heart rate dropped to 50 and I sent DH out to get my nurse who met him at the door and yelled down the hall for the resident and someone to bring an oxygen mask. I was scared! She pulled my catheter out, and Addison's heart rate went back up but they started oxygen on me anyway.The resident checked me and said Addison was still high and that I was 8 cm and 75 percent effaced. She walked out of the room, and my nurse sat at the end of the bed. She said, "Mom, we are about to get this baby out!" She bent my knee and pushed my heal to my butt, told me she was going to check me again, and told me to push the hardest I could. I pushed through one contraction, and she said I was complete and went to get the resident again.

The resident came in, and the anesthesiologist was right behind her asking why they had not called me sooner. She said there wasn't time for a top off, but I cried and begged her for it. She asked if they could wait ten minutes to have me push, and the resident said she would wait. This time the epidural hit the right side as soon as she put the top off in the drip, and the left leg was dead, like a rock, dead. They had me wait a few minutes, maybe ten and told me to let them know when I was numb enough. The whole time we were waiting, everyone was coming in to set up for delivery. After the ten minutes or so, I told them I could push.

I pushed three times, and on the fourth, the resident called another resident over to show her how a "real, effective push" looks. (Thanks ladies, I would love another gawker please.) Then I pushed another time, and there was something said at the door of the room about forceps. On the next push, Addison's head was out and the one after that, her body was delivered. That was 8:34 pm. The lead OB laughed and said that forceps talk always speeds things along and patted my leg and told me I did a great job. Then they put Addison on my chest. She was so beautiful and pink! Her head was not molded at all, and she just looked so perfect. DH was instantly as in love with her as I was.

After a few minutes, I was asked if they could take Addison over to the scale and to be cleaned up across the room. DH stepped over to take pictures while they weighed and cleaned Addison up. My placenta was delivered, and I got one stitch. The resident told me to be at risk for heavy bleeding, I had actually not bled as much as normal. Then they cleaned the room up some and sent everyone out as they handed me Addison all bundled up. DH went to get our older DD, and the first meeting between her and Addison went well. She was a little shy and said Addison needed a bath. My mom, my MIL, and my brother came in to visit for a few minutes but by this time it was about 9:30 pm and I was starving and exhausted beyond belief. My nurse stayed in the room with me and actually took some pictures of us all together. When she noticed how tired I was, she handed me an apple juice and a granola/protein bar and told DH that he needed to walk everyone out. He walked them to the elevator and came back for a few minutes to find out what I wanted to eat.

While DH was out of the room, my nurse told me to start nursing before Addison got too sleepy. She nursed wonderfully for a good thirty minutes. My nurse left after about two minutes and told me to just hit my call button if I needed anything and she'd be back to get me up in about an hour if I had feeling again.

At around 11 pm, my nurse came in and helped me to the bathroom. That first trip was hard, and I shook a lot! The walk back to my bed was easier, and I was much cleaner. I was still dying for a shower though.

At 11:20 a nurse came in to give Addison her bath. Since Billy wasn't back yet and I was so tired, he took a picture with my phone after he finished the bath. Addison didn't cry at all and actually slept through most of it.

DH came back after having a shower and getting me food. So at about 11:45 pm, we sat eating chicken sandwiches and fries from Wendy's and looking at our sweet Addison sleeping.

It was such a wonderful and beautiful birth experience. I cannot explain how relieved I was to be induced and to have the two greatest nurses who ever lived over my care. They were so wonderful, caring, and friendly. It was good too that my older DD didn't see me in pain I could not control completely. I am surprised that my second labor was so much longer than with my first. the first was 5 hours including an hour of pushing. This time since I never got pitocin, I guess I'll count from when I remember getting a painful contraction in the shower that morning. That would make it 17 hours. I was never in excruciating pain until after 7 pm, so even a long labor wasn't horrible for me.

On Sunday, we were released to go home. Addison was about 36 hours old when we were discharged.

I think my labor and delivery were easy so that I would be able to endure the next 21 days. God never gives us more than we can endure, and we certainly had a hard time. Addison went back to the hospital after her routine check up showed she was in respiratory distress when she was 4 days old and was in and out of respiratory distress until she was 21 days old. We had 3 hospital stays to include one at UAB Children's Hospital and two at Sacred Heart. Only then did we get a management plan for her symptoms that would keep her home with us although she is still under the care of several specialists for narrow nasal passages and severe GERD (reflux disease). At her latest pulmonology appointment, we had to get an echocardiogram done on her, and that has shown three heart defects which we do not yet know how severe or what treatment might be needed. The consultation for cardiology is Monday, so we will see then.


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