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Haven's Arrival

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November 14th, 2005, 04:06 PM
HavensMommy's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I was scheduled for an induction at midnight on November 2/3. I swear I was on pins and needles all day on the 2nd trying to prepare myself for whatever may happen. I picked my DH up from work at 11pm and he came home and got showered and around 11:45 we left for the hospital. (We live right down the street.) When we arrived I was put into the birthing suite and hooked up to the external monitors for Haven's heartrate and my contractions. I was having 0 contractions but Haven's heart rate was loud and strong.

At 1 am my doctor came in and inserted the first dose of medication. She talked to me for a few minutes and told me what to expect. Before inserting the medicine she checked me and my cervix was still EXTREMELY high, thick and closed tight. She told me to make sure to get plenty of rest and that she'd be in around 7 am to check progress. DH and I watched so TV and then tried to sleep some. He was snoring SOOO loud that I wanted to throw something at him... unfortunately they don't keep anything close enough to a laboring woman's bed! LOL

Around 7 am my doctor came back to check me. I was still closed tight but she was happy as I was starting to "thin out some". She inserted the 2nd dose of medicine and checked the papers to see if I'd been having any contractions...she saw all of about 1 on the readout... YAY for me!

My mom came to the hospital around 9:30ish. My mom and I have never been all that close, so at first it was weird to have her there. (By the end I was SO glad she was with me!) She got me up and we did some walking since I wasn't hooked to any IV's or anything yet. I just had to come back to the room every 30 minutes to be rehooked to the monitors to check on baby's heartrate, etc. By 1pm, my mom DH and I were playing cards, my contractions were starting to actually show on the monitor, but I was still very comfortable. The doctor came in and checked me again, and was happy to announce that I was dialated to a 1 1/2. She seemed very happy with the progress...but I was disappointed that I had been working on this 13 hours already with only 1 1/2 cm to show for it!

She had them go ahead and hook up my pitocin and they upped the levels every 30 minutes, if I remember right... I was still very comfortable and turned down all offers for pain meds. My contractions started to get more regular (about 3-7 min apart) and were showing "Moderate" instead of "Mild" as I'd been having.

At 5 pm, my doctor came back to check on my progress, and found that I had only dialated to a 2 and was only 30% effaced, baby was still very high... he was documented at a -5 station. At this point she said that she was going to recommend that I go home. Since it was Thursday evening she said she'd bring me back the following Tuesday and try the pitocin, etc. again unless something happened on it's own between times. They took me off pitocin and I had to hang out there until about 6:30 until the contractions showed to be slowing and stopping.

I was SOO down when the told me they were sending me home. It had been such an emotional day and so tiring. I had not taken any pain meds yet, but gave in out of sheer exhaustion. They gave me an injection for the pain while I waiting to be released. And at around 6:30 I was out the door.

My DH took off and went to work and my Mom took me to Applebee's to meet my Dad for some supper. I started to feel REALLY neausous, I don't know really if it was the injection they gave me or what it was. By the time I'd eaten 2 or 3 bites of my salad, I was running ot the bathroom afraid I was going to toss my cookies. My mom decided to stay the night with me as I wasn't feeling all that well. So we came home and by 9:20ish I was in bed.

At 10:00pm I woke up in a puddle! I sat straight up and tried to figure out what had happened and thought I had wet the bed out of sheer exhaustion from the day. I got up to go to the bathroom, noticed I lost my plug and the wetness continued to run down my leg. So I went and woke my mom up and she confirmed what I had been thinking, my water had broke.

I called L&D and they told me to take a bath and relax.... TAKE A BATH??? I was told once your water breaks NOT to take a bath.... OOO..KKK... so I paged my doctor instead to see what SHE wanted me to do. She told me to get to L&D immediately and she'd see me there. So I called my DH at work, told him what was going on, and off to L&D my mom and I went.

When I got to L&D I had a really dumb nurse. She used the test strips and confirmed that my water broke. Then she checked my cervix and thought that the baby had had a bowel movement, and had somehow suddenly turned breech. She got the u/s machine into my room and tried to do an u/s but was obvoiusly DUMB...she didn't know what the heck she was looking at. She swore up and down that he'd turned breech. My doctor came in and checked the u/s and said "NO...that's the head"...and then checked me. What the nurse thought was a B/M was just old blood.... so it was pretty much a scare for nothing.

From there until the time Haven was actually born, was kind of a blur to me, so I'll just type it as I remember it happening.

Doctor checked me and it seemed that I had gone to 3 cm and 50% effaced between the time I left the hospital and the time my water broke bringing me BACK to the hospital. This was encouraging as I thought I may start seeing some progress... they hooked me back to pitocin and very quickly I started having pretty moderate and regular contractions.

By this time I had a new nurse...THANK GOD... and she was WONDERFUL, she kept talking me through everything. They hooked me up to a ton of things and wanted to insert an internal monitor inside my uterus. It was SOOO painful. That was the MOST painful thing of my entire labor. I was literally vocally in pain, when they tried to insert it, I've never felt anything like it . They tried twice and my doctor recommended that I get the epidural so I could relax some. The contractions weren't horrible so I didn't want to get the epidural yet, but she insisted that the internal monitor was very important to seeing how regular my labor patterns were, so I agreed to the epidural.

The anestiesiologist....(or GOD since that's easier to spell! LOL) came in and asked me a bunch of questions and my nurse Jenny talked me through everything that was going to happen. I was a little nervous, but OK. The anes...GOD... lol went ahead and begun the process and really aside from the burn of the lidocaine... it was a piece of cake! In minutes I was feeling NO pain and yeah... it was heavenly! LOL I even told my mom, "Wow I didn't think the contractions were nearly as bad as I think they really were, I'm getting a lOT more relief then I thought I would!"

Doctor came back in and got the internal monitor on me and baby and it was PAINFREE... and I was a happy camper.

Sometime in the middle of everything my blood pressure dropped REALLY low and the baby's heartrate had some pretty serious decels. I'm not sure of any of the specifics because I was INCREDIBLY out of it. All I remember is that they put an oxygen mask on me and the room became incredibly busy as everyone was trying to get my BP back up and the baby's heartrate normal again. All I really remember is that they had me get on my hands and knees and stick my butt up in the air, and I kept thinking "OMG this is SO embarassing...." and yet I really was so lathargic and out of it I could have cared less. I kept thinking, "My baby, is he OK".. but I couldn't even speak. I just listened to my doctor giving orders to a bunch of people and yelling to keep the anestieasiologist on the floor because we may be in for an emergency C-Sec if things didn't improve and SOON.

Someway somehow they got everything leveled off and got baby and I back to healtier levels. My mom said it was the scariest experience ever. All I remember is after I got to lay back down, I was leaking amniotic fluid and some blood, so badly that they had to change my bedding and the pads under me several times, and I was so out of it I couldn't even help. Eventually I was able to go to sleep.

When I woke up, I noticed one thing, VERY quickly.... I could feel my legs, and move my feet...and OMG I think my epidural wore off or came out or SOMETHING. I was feeling the contractions pretty strong now, about 2-3 minutes apart...and just as strong if not stronger than the day before when I had NO pain meds. I told my nurse and the anestiesologist came back and informed me that it was in the right spot, that's why my BP crashed so low... so he was sure it was in the right spot. I went all morning telling them over and over that it wasn't working but I kept getting told that they didnt' want it too strong so I was able to push...etc.

My doctor came back to check me and I had made 0 progress. I think it was around 8 am or so... again like I said I'm not really all that sure. She then told me that the internal monitor they had in me was NOT working and that she was going to have re-insert one. She HAD to have those labor patterns documented (atleast 3 strong hours of them) in case she had to do a C-sec. She tried to insert another monitor and I was in tears and again, vocally in pain. I KNEW my epidural was NOT working, I was 110% sure of it now, but she and the nurse with her both said that I was so anxious that I was making the pain worse because of it. The monitor would not go in. The doctor told me that she would be back at 10:00 am to try once more to insert the internal monitor.

At 10 when she came back my mom had to leave the room, she couldn't bear to watch me anymore. I had her wake my DH up because I KNEW that he'd have to hold me down if they were going to accomplish this. ANd He DID!! It, again, was so excrusiating...words can't even describe. BUT she got it in (this is the 5th attempt, btw) and they had to start me on penicillin because it had been 12 hours since my water had broken. She left and I bawled.

Somewhere around 11:30 I think, my Doctor came back to check me and I was STILL at 50% effaced and at 3 cm and the baby was still at a -3 station. He and my cervix were both still so high that when they checked me it brought tears to my eyes. At this point I'd been going through different stages of labor for almost 36 hours now, and NOTHING was progressing. Doctor looked over my monitor sheets and said that she could offer 2 options. 1 was to wait 2-3 hours long to see if ANY progress happened on it's own. And the other was to go ahead and do the c-section. Since no one believed me STILL that my epidural was not working, and 35+ hours had made VERY little progress for me.... and my mom and dh were both TIRED of seeing me in so much pain, we all discussed it for about 2 minutes and decided to go ahead and prep for the c-sec.

I think it was around 12noon or a little after when they brought the scrubs in for Houston and wheeled me down to the OR. When we got in there, a new Anesties...GOD (yes this one really IS GOD, I swear!) came in, started some new meds in my epidural cath and started to explain to me the process and the prepping. Then one of the nurses started to rub this EXTREMELY cold stuff on my belly.... and I said "OMG that is COLD" and everyone stopped and stared at me and GOD said, "You can FEEL THAT?" ANd I said "YES" and he started poking me and touching me in different places and I could FEEL EVERYTHING. He said "This is NOT right" and had me sit up. He checked my epidural cath and low and behold... it had come out of my spine and was just between my spine and skin. UH DUH I told them it wasn't working for HOURS now! He then gave me a spinal block and in a matter of minutes I was numb numb numb again!

Everything else was a blur, I remember my DH coming into the room, my doctor saying the time and documenting the first incision....and within minutes my precious little boy was BORN!

All I could hear is them discussing what A BIG boy he was...and look at all his 'red hair'... My DH went over to where they were taking care of him and pretty soon Haven's nurse brought him to DH who held him for me to see. I took one look at his beautiful little face and started crying. That really IS what unconditional love is!!

After that... well DH took him out so my mom could see him, and they started putting my pieces back together again. I could not WAIT to hold him! It was the worst thing, seeing him and having my arms strapped to boards...I couldn't even touch him. I had an oxygen mask on so I could barely feel his face next to mine, but OH I LOVED HIM!

After they wheeled me back to my room, I had to wait for them to finish up in the nursery with Haven, and then they brought him to me, where I got to hold him for the first time and feed him his first bottle... I swear it was like a slice of Heaven!

Well... I THINK that about covers my whole birth experience... if anyone is actually still reading to here... Kudos to you! LOL Sorry about the novel!

The only other thing I can even think of to add is... I LOVE my little boy and LOVE being Haven's mommy!!! It was ALLLL worth it!
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November 14th, 2005, 05:38 PM
Platinum Supermommy
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I am happy you FINALLY have Baby Haven in your arms!! What a long labor and delivery! I am sure he was well worth the wait and work, but I wish you had had an easier time!
Congratulations on your baby boy!
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November 14th, 2005, 06:14 PM
Erin's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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wow! that's insane about the epidural! I had a very similar problem with my first, so i can imagine how frustrating that was for you. but i applaud your upbeat attitude about the whole ordeal.

Congratulations, enjoy little Haven!!!!
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November 14th, 2005, 06:22 PM
Mega Super Mommy
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whoa you went through alot!!! but im glad everything ended up good. and yay for haven!
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November 16th, 2005, 02:13 PM
Proverbs31Mom's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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I quote:
"All I really remember is that they had me get on my hands and knees and stick my butt up in the air, and I kept thinking "OMG this is SO embarassing...." and yet I really was so lathargic and out of it I could have cared less. I kept thinking, "My baby, is he OK".. but I couldn't even speak."

THIS IS FUNNY! I just tried to picture you on all fours anxiously asking about your baby!! lol lol I am totally craked up!

Congratulations and enjoy your baby!!
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November 20th, 2005, 11:16 AM
MissyPrincessEha's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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Wow...I can't believe how brave and strong you are. I could have never went through all of that. Congrat's on your sweet baby...I wish you both a wonderful life together.
"I am a midwife. It is not just what I do, it is what I am, and I grow in it."
-Ruth Cobb

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