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Austin Andrew Morrison

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September 26th, 2006, 11:44 AM
Austins Mommy's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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*Sorry this is super long but I wrote it as a letter to Austin so I can put it in his baby book so he can read it when he gets older. *

The Labor & Delivery story of
Austin Andrew Morrison

Columbus Regional Hospital
Birthing Room 202
Estimated Due Date December 8, 2005
Delivered by Dr. Jones on
Monday, November 14, 2005 @ 1:21am
Weight 5 lb. 15 oz.
Length 19.5 in.

Austin here is the story of how you…our precious little angel…came into the world. Mommy had felt really tired, crampy, and had been having lots of contractions off and on for over a week before I went into true labor with you. I woke up on Sunday, November 13 around 11:00am and I was having pretty frequent contractions. They were about 10 minutes apart and were a lot stronger than any of the contractions that I had ever had before. Daddy wasn’t home, so I called him and he said to lie down and get some rest and he would be home very soon. After daddy got home mommy talked to him for a few minutes, and we kept timing my contractions. They were still a very consistent 10 minutes apart. We decided that we’d better go to Labor & Delivery and see if this time it was the real thing. So mommy took a shower and got ready to go to the hospital while daddy was double checking to make sure that everything was ready for you and mommy in case this was it. After we made sure that we were all set, we headed to the hospital. We had made many trips to L&D throughout the last couple of months of my pregnancy due to contractions, etc and were always sent home after a few hours of mommy and you being monitored saying that it was just false labor for me to drink plenty of fluids, get some rest, and keep my next OB appointment. Honestly when we went to the hospital this time, your daddy and I thought we would be sent back home again as usual. We arrived at L&D at 1:30pm and were put into Exam Room 242. They had me change into a gown and lay down and then the nurse…Amy…hooked me up to the monitors. There was one monitor for my contractions and one monitor to keep track of your heartbeat. The nurse…Amy… tried to check my cervix to see how far dilated I was, but said it was too high up still so she couldn’t tell anything really, so she told us that they were going to monitor me for about 30 minutes or so and then mommy’s Dr…Dr. Jones…would be in to check me. At 2:30pm Dr. Jones came in and said that my contractions were staying at 7 minutes apart and I was dilated 2cm, which is the same amount I was dilated at my last OB visit on Friday the 11th. He said he wanted to monitor me for another hour or so and see if the contractions were going to make me dilate or if it was just another instance of false labor. At 4:00pm Dr. Jones came back in and examined me again and said that I was dilated 3cm now. He told daddy and me that he was going to send a nurse in to get us moved to a Birthing Room, get me admitted, and then he was going to come in and break my water. We were both in total shock. We honestly thought that this trip to L&D would be just like all the others…I’d be monitored for a couple of hours and sent back home and once again told it was false labor…Boy were we wrong…This was it…this was really it…we were finally going to have you…finally going to have the precious baby boy we’d been waiting so long for. At 4:15pm the nurse came back into the exam room and moved us into Birthing Room 202, hooked up the monitors, and at 4:30pm Dr. Jones came in and broke my water. This would be the point when mommy started to freak out a little. I hadn’t really been scared till now. Daddy kept talking to me trying to calm me down. He kept telling me just to relax and everything would go great. That in a few hours we would have our baby and everything would be so worth anything that I had to go through to get you. Finally I did calm down some and tried to get a little rest in between contractions. While I was resting daddy starting calling all of our family and friends and telling them that I’d been admitted and my water had been broken and that they could come and visit us in a little while if they wanted to. At 6:00pm the nurse came in to check and see if she could tell how much I had dilated now, but it was the same nurse that had tried to check me earlier and failed after causing me a lot of pain, and so I refused to let her check me and I told her to page Dr. Jones and have him come in and check me. She decided to go ahead and give me my IV while she was in there…which to this day I still swear that she had no idea what in the world she was doing because it seemed like it took her forever to put it in, of course she tried 3 different times so that’s probably why it seems like it took so long, and somehow during the process she managed to make my entire arm and hand feel like they were on fire. About 6:20pm Dr. Jones came in and checked me and said that I was dilated 4 to 5cm. I told him that I wanted my epidural so he paged the anesthesiologist to tell him that I was ready for the epidural. At 6:30pm Dr. Butch…the anesthesiologist came in and put my epidural in. I cried pretty much the whole time he was putting it in because of the pain of the contractions plus the pain of the needle. Daddy did great comforting me though and helped me get through it. At 7:00pm the nurses changed shifts and mommy’s new nurse…Gail…came in to check on us and introduce herself. She was a total sweetheart and daddy and me both felt very comfortable with her and knew that we would be very well taken care of by her as well. At 7:05pm nurse Gail said that mommy needed a catheter put in because of the epidural and said that once it emptied my bladder that your head should be able to move down easier. So she put it in and it was pretty quick and painless. At 7:10pm Dr. Jones came in and checked me again and said that I was still only dilated 4 to 5cm. At 7:30pm I felt like I was about to starve to death and was begging anyone and everyone to go and get me the biggest cheeseburger they could find. They all refused so I got nothing but water, sprite, and ice chips. At 8:00pm nurse Gail came back in and went over my medical history with me. Around 8:45pm I was telling daddy how surreal this all was to me…that I couldn’t believe I was really about to have you. At 9:00pm Aunt Luci had us all play a word game to help keep mommy’s mind off of everything. At 9:50pm Dr. Jones came in and said that I was dilated 6 to 7cm and was progressing really well. Nurse Gail came in about 10:15pm and went over my birth plan with me. At 11:30 daddy asked everyone to go out into the waiting room so him and mommy could get a little rest. Now on to Monday, November 14, your birthday. At 12:00am nurse Gail checked me and I was fully dilated and at 12:10am daddy went out in the waiting room and told Aunt Brandy that it was time for her tom come back in the room, that it was almost time for me to start pushing. There was lots of family out in the waiting room anticipating you arrival as well. There was: Grandma May, Aunt Luci, Grandma Darlene, Grandpa Dale, and cousin Angie. Plus there were lots of other friends and family members that kept calling the hospital to see if you had made your appearance yet, and Grandma Dixon and cousin Jon had came out earlier in the evening to check on us. Nurse Gail had me start pushing at 12:20am and at 1:05am she called Dr. Jones in and told him that I was ready to have you. At 1:10am Dr. Jones came in and had me keep pushing. Once your head was out he kept telling me to stop pushing. Your umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck 5 times very tightly and was cutting off some of your air supply. Once he had untangled and cut the cord from around your neck he had me give one final push and then you were born. He placed you on my belly while daddy cut your cord and mommy kissed you and told you how much I loved you and how happy I was that you were finally here. Mommy, daddy, and Aunt Brandy were all crying tears of pure joy. You were the most beautiful person that I had ever seen. My little precious baby boy was finally here for me to love, hold, and take care of. After about a minute lying on my belly they took you from me and they started to clean out your nose and throat, clean you up a little, and try to get you to start breathing a little better. I heard you cry and it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. I waited so long to hear your precious little cry that would let me know that you were okay. At 1:25am they told mommy and daddy that they were going to have to take you into the nursery because of your abnormal breathing and since you were born 3 and a half weeks early. They said that they would bring you to me around 8:00am if you were doing okay. I was completely devastated that I didn’t get to hold you, that I didn’t really even get to see you except for a few seconds. They wouldn’t even weigh or measure you before they took you away from me. I cried for a long time after they took you to the nursery because I wanted you to be with daddy and me and make sure you were okay. The nurses and Dr. Jones cleaned mommy up and daddy went and told everyone out in the waiting room that they could come in and see me. Everyone came in and asked about you and asked how I was and I told them that besides my headache and backache from the epidural that I was fine. Honestly at this point I was so happy that you were born but so scared at the same time that that something was wrong with you, that I was in total shock and disbelief. At 2:30am I told daddy to go and get my nurse because I could tell that I was bleeding really badly. Nurse Gail came back in to check me and she had everyone step out into the waiting room accept for daddy. After about 10 minutes of her and a few other nurses not being able to figure out why I was bleeding so heavily and them not being able to stop it. She paged the nurses station and told them that she needed Dr. Jones to come in my room immediately. He came right in and checked me and said that if they couldn’t stop the hemorrhaging that mommy would have to have emergency surgery. Daddy and I were both crying and scared to death. I asked daddy to promise me that if something happened to me that he would always take care of you and make sure you knew how much your mommy loved you and that everything I went through was completely worth it just to bring him into the world. Daddy promised me, but told me that nothing was going to happen to me, that I would be okay and not to worry. At 3:00am they decided that I had to have surgery to stop the heavy bleeding and they wheeled me off to the O.R. for an emergency D&C. I remember crying all the way to the O.R. because I was so scared and when I got in there they lifted me onto a different bed, strapped down both of my arms and both of my legs and then Dr. Butch…the same anesthesiologist that did my epidural…came in and talked to me and told me that he was going to give me something to completely put me under. They pulled me down to the edge of the table, put a mask over my mouth and nose and then he started to put meds in my IV. He said to take deep breaths and count to 10. I counted to 3 and then I was out. The next thing I remember is waking up in the O.R. and it was really bright and the only other people in the room were 2 nurses that I’d never seen before. They had told daddy that I would be in recovery for a couple of hours. After surgery was over and they noticed I was starting to wake up and called my labor nurse…Gail…and she came over from L&D to check on me. She asked me if I wanted her to go and get daddy and I shook my head yes and then passed back out. Daddy was in the nursery with you while mommy was in surgery and everyone else got to finally see you through the nursery windows. The nurse went and told daddy that I was awake and he could come and see me. I don’t remember it, but daddy came into recovery with me until I was ready to go back to the room. While they got ready to take me back to my room daddy went out to the waiting room and told everyone that surgery went okay and I would be out of recovery soon and they could come in and see me when I was back in my regular room but only for 5 minutes then everyone would have to leave for the night. I was asleep when everyone came in so they went ahead and left so daddy and I could finally try and get a little rest. Daddy went into the nursery and saw you while I was sleeping. They told him that you were 5 lb. 15 oz. And 19.5 in. long. They had to give you an IV so they could give you fluids because they didn’t want to feed you for the first few hours, but they said that you were doing really well and a pediatrician would be in to talk to us later in the day about you. After he checked on you, he came back in and I was about half way awake and I remember him telling me what all the nurses had said about you, he gave me a kiss, and told me how happy he was and how much he loved us both and how proud of me he was. After that we both went to sleep for a few hours. The nurses of course came in every few minutes all through the night to check on my bleeding and to check my blood pressure and temperature which they did all throughout my labor too, so we really didn’t get a whole lot of uninterrupted rest, but the little we did get was much needed. Around 8:30am a specialist from Northside Pediatrics…Dr. Hurless…came in to talk to mommy and daddy after she had examined you. She said that for being three and a half weeks early that you were doing quite well and she didn’t see any reason at this point that they would have to keep you any longer than they would keep mommy. Around 11:00am a new nurse…can’t remember her name…came in a checked mommy and asked if I wanted to go to the nursery so I could finally see you and hold you. Mommy was feeling really sick and light headed, but there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to go and see you. So they put me in a wheelchair and took me into the nursery to see you since daddy was sleeping. They reached into your little crib and got you and handed you to me and I started to cry again. You were even more gorgeous than I had remembered. I held you and kissed you for quite a while, then I started to feel really dizzy so I gave you a kiss and told you that I loved you and I had the nurse lay you back down and take me back to my room because I was scared that I was going to drop you. After I got back to my room they came in to check my iron since I was feeling so sick and dizzy and was extremely pale. Around 2:00pm Dr. Williams came in to check me and said that I needed a blood transfusion because I had lost so much blood and my iron was way too low. So around 2:30pm the nurse came in and started the transfusion and said it would take about 6 hours to finish then they would check my iron again and see if I needed more blood. After the transfusion started daddy went to the nursery and got you and brought you in the room with us. Around 9:00pm the transfusion was done and they said after I had another bad of fluids that they would take my IV out. Now on to Tuesday, November 15. Around 12:00am they took the IV out finally. Daddy watched you while mommy took a much needed hot shower and put on the comfy jimmies that she had brought. After I got out of the shower you went to the nursery for a couple of hours so that daddy and I could take a short walk and get a little rest. The nurse brought you back in around 4:00am and me and daddy took turns taking care of you the rest of the night. At 8:15am your pediatrician…Dr. Kavelman…came in and examined you and told us that you looked great and that it was time to do your circumcision. Mommy was really nervous about this. I hated the thought of you being in pain, but he assured me that he would do it very quickly and everything would okay. So he took you with him so he could circumcise you and said that he’d come in and let me know how you did when he was finished. He came back in at 8:45am and said that you were already done, that it went great, and you were in the nursery eating then they’d bring you back in to me and daddy. He also told us the he had cleared you to go home whenever I went home. Around 10:30am Dr. Huey came in to check me and said that everything looked good and that if I was ready that he felt comfortable sending me home. I told him yes that I was more than ready to take you home, so he said he’d send a nurse in to start preparing my release papers and to help us start getting ready and he’d write my prescriptions and home care instructions down for me so they would be ready when I was. Mommy started getting dressed and packing up some of our things while daddy got you ready to go and went and got the car. After I got dressed the nurse came in and went over all of my paperwork and everything and said that we were free to go whenever we were ready. Daddy, mommy, and the nurse finished gathering all of our things up, then they put me in a wheelchair and had me carry you in your carseat on my lap while one nurse pushed us out and daddy and another nurse followed us out with our things. One of the nurses helped mommy into the car while the other nurse loaded are things up and daddy got you all fastened in safe and sound. Once mommy, daddy, and you were all fastened in, daddy looked back at me and asked me if I was okay because I was crying. I told him that I was great…that I just couldn’t believe that we really were finally getting to take you home with us. He smiled at me and said “I know, it’s pretty neat isn’t it?” I told him yes it was definitely neat and I still couldn’t believe it. So we headed home with you for the very first time. We were both more excited and more scared than we had ever been. We had waited so long for this moment and it was finally here. You…our little angel baby…were finally coming home with us. I also think it’s very important that you know how much of an outstanding support system your daddy was for me throughout my pregnancy and especially my during labor and delivery. He stayed right there with me and helped me through it all. If it wasn’t for him, I honestly don’t know how I would’ve made it through. When you have a child, if you are half the help to your wife that your daddy was to me, she will be amazed by you.You are the best thing that has ever happened to daddy and me. I would go through everything I went through every single day for the rest of my life if that’s what it took to keep you. I sit and look at you and I’m just completely amazed by you. I’ve always wandered what my purpose in life was and now I have found it…it is you. You are my reason for living…my reason to have faith…and my reason to hope that everything will always turn out okay. No matter what I will always have you, and you are all I’ll ever need. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect or more beautiful son. I can’t wait to watch you grow up and turn into the wonderful man that I know you’ll be. Austin…mommy wants you to always remember this…I love you more than life itself, and I will always stand behind you and support you in whatever path in life you choose to take. You are my whole world, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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September 27th, 2006, 11:07 AM
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Oh my goodness! I am so sorry that you had to go through all that! I am sure you and your entire family were terrified! I am happy that the surgery went ok for you and that Austin didn't need to stay longer in the hospital! What a scary experience!!

I love that you wrote it to Austin! I am sure the whole traumatic experience was well worth the beautiful baby you have!!
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