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New Multi Gen CAF 2

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July 22nd, 2014, 07:04 PM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2014
Posts: 1,165
Kids now have kids. Roll the 8 sided dice to find out how many kids they each have. Count along in the first name name bank to find out their children's/spouses name and gender based on the number you get. Count along in the middle name bank for the gender of the first name to get middle name. You choose the last name's.

DS1's Family

DW: count along your full name/count along 10

D1: count along your age/count along your birth month
D2: count along the letters in your first name/count along the letters in your middle name
D3: count along the day you were born/count along your father's fn
D4: count along the day of the week it is/count along your father's mn
D5: count along your mothers fn/count along your mothers mn
D6: count along your last name/count along how many siblings you have if 0 count 1
D7: count along the month it is/count along your height (just feet)
D8: count along the color of your hair/count along how many pets you have if 0 count 1

DS2's Family

DW: count along your mother's full name/ count 8

D1: count along the color of your eyes/count along how many kids you have if 0 count 1
D2: count along your sisters fn 1 if no sister/count along your sisters mn 1 if no sister
D3: count along your brothers fn 1 if no bro/count along your brothers mn 1 if no brother
D4: count along your job title/count along your place of work
D5: count along your high school name/count along your elementary school name
D6: count along your street name/count along the name of your town
D7: count along the town you were born in/count along the country/state you live in
D8: count along 17/count along your so's full name no so count 1

DD1's Family

DH: count along your fathers full name/count along 17

D1: count along your favorite basketball team/count along your favorite college team
D2: count along your favorite football team/count along your favorite mascot
D3: count along your favorite baseball team/ count 7
D4: count along the last place you vacationed/count along your dream vacation
D5: count along the last country you visited, if never visited another country count your country/count along 5
D6: count along your favorite girls names/ count along your favorite boys name
D7: count along your favorite color/ count 18
D8: count along your dog's name, if no dog count 1/count along your cat's name, if no cat count 1

DS3's Family

DW: count along your maternal grandfathers fn/count along your maternal grandfather's mn

D1: count along your favorite soda/count along your favorite drink non-soda
D2: count along your favorite fast food/count along your favorite restaurant
D3: count along your favorite tv show/count along your favorite movie
D4: count along 6/count along 14
D5: count along your favorite band/count along your favorite singer
D6: count along the last concert you went too, if none count 1/count along 15
D7: count along your favorite book/count along 10
D8: count along your least favorite boy name/count along your least favorite girl name

DD2's Family

DH: count along 16/ count along the color of your shirt

D1: count along the color of your shoes/count along the color of your socks, if none count 1
D2: count along the color of your pants/ count 12
D3: count along your paternal grandfathers fn / count along your paternal grandfather's mn
D4: count along 7 / count along 3 for computer, 9 for laptop, 19 for tablet
D5: count along the name of your favorite store/ count 6
D6: count along the color of your car, if none 1/count along brand of car, if none 1
D7: count along 4 for apartment or 6 for house/ count along model of car, if none 1
D8: count along 11 / count along 18

DS4's Family

DW: count along maternal grandmother's fn/count along maternal grandmother's mn

D1: count along female best friends fn/count along male best friends fn
D2: count along 17 / count along boss' name, if none 1
D3: count along favorite teacher's name / count along 15
D4: count along your age / count 6
D5: count 10 if parents alive, 8 if not / count 3 if married count 19 if not
D6: count along oldest child's age, 1 if none / count temperature first number
D7: count first number of address / count color of house/apartment
D8: count 8/ count 17

DS5's Family

DW: count paternal grandmother's fn/count paternal grandmother mn

D1: count time it is (hour)/ count minutes in time
D2: count 19 / count first number in phone number
D3: count what you last had for lunch / count what you last had for dinner
D4: count favorite dessert / count 17
D5: count favorite ice cream flavor / count favorite season
D6: count 7 / count 10
D7: count favorite male celebrity /count favorite female celebrity
D8: count favorite chip flavor / count 16

DD3's Family

DH: count 16 /count 7

D1: count the last movie you saw in theatre/ count last movie you saw at home
D2: count your favorite musical/count favorite comedian
D3: count your last name / count 6
D4: count favorite city / count 17
D5: count favorite play, or any play you know / count 5
D6: count 13 / count favorite animal (pet)
D7: count favorite zoo animal / count 12
D8: count name of niece, if none 1/ count name of nephew, if none 1

DD4's Family

DH: count your SO's fn, if none count 1/count your SO's mn, if none count 1

D1: count favorite kind of cuisine / count favorite song
D2: count most recent tv show watched / count 11
D3: count favorite flower / count favorite tree
D4: count 22 / count 4 for glasses, 18 for contacts, 29 for neither
D5: count 3 for short hair and 8 for long / count 13
D6: count how many siblings your have if none count 1 / count how many aunt's your have, if none count 1
D7: count how many uncles you have, if none count 1/ count how many cousin's you have, if none count 1
D8: count 19 / count 2

DD5's famaily

DH: count your mothers maiden name /count your maiden name

D1: count 28 / count state you'd like to live in
D2: count country you'd like to live in / count city you'd like to live in
D3: count 4 for beach, 18 for mountain, 20 for plains / count favorite place to swim
D4: count favorite sport / count 13
D5: count favorite room in home / count 4
D6: count your fn/ count your mn
D7: count favorite beer, if none count 1 / count favorite mixed drink, if none count 1
D8: count favorite vacation spot/ count last vacation

DS6's Family

DW: count along your favorite theme park / count 8

D1: count 2 / count favorite kids book
D2: count bedroom color / count floor color of room you are in
D3: count color of sheets in bedroom / count 13
D4: count 7 / count 18
D5: count uncles name, none count 1 / count aunts name, none count 1
D6: count 3 / count month
D7: count favorite board game / count favorite computer game
D8: count 16 / count 1

DD6's Family

DH: count dream job / count 17

D1: count daughter's name, none 1/ count son's name, none 1
D2: count favorite condiment / count 12
D3: count 7 / count college, if none count 1
D4: count name of first bf/gf / count 18
D5: count oldest sibling age, if none 1 / count oldest sibling's name, if none 1
D6: count youngest sibling age, if none 1 / count youngest sibling's name, if none 1
D7: count mother's fn / count 17
D8: count mother's mn / count 2

DS7's Family

DW: count father's fn / count mother's mn

D1: count least favorite boy name/ count least favorite girl name
D2: count favorite website / count 12
D3: count 2 / count 19
D4: count best friend's name / count 18
D5: count time you were born, if don't know count 1 / count 13
D6: count 4 / count 11
D7: count favorite karaoke song to sing/ count 9

DD7's Family

DH: count favorite sport to play /count favorite sport to watch

D1: count favorite color / count 14
D2: count weather outside / count hour of day
D3: count 8 / count 10
D4: count hair color / count eye color
D5: count 19 / count favorite school subject
D6: count favorite hobby / count favorite book
D7: count favorite book character / count 12
D8: count favorite beach / count 1

DD8's Family

DH: count 13 / count how many hours of sleep you got last night

D1: count nickname / count 11
D2: count 8 / count high school mascot
D3: count favorite author / count 9
D4: count 10 / count 18
D5: count fathers full name / count 12
D6: count mothers full name / count 2
D7: count 22 / count 6
D8: count favorite drink / count 23

DD9's Family

DH: count anniversary day, if none 1 / count 10

D1: count vowels in name / count consonants in name
D2: count 20 / count 13
D3: count pet's name, in none count 1 / count 23
D4: count 1 / count 15
D5: count favorite movie / count favorite tv show
D6: count favorite actor / count favorite actress
D7: count least favorite male name / count your gender
D8: count least favorite female name / count 9

DD10's Family

DH: count name of shampoo / count 13
DW: DD10

D1: count favorite restaurant / count 9
D2: count 18 / count favorite school subject
D3: count favorite fast food restaurant / count hair color
D4: count favorite city / count 8
D5: count favorite season / count favorite state
D6: count city where you were born / count city you live in now
D7: count first job / count 14
D8: count 2 / count favorite car

DD11's Family

DH: count 20 / count 12
DW: DD11

D1: count favorite food / count favorite drink
D2: count 9 / count 2
D3: count first name / count middle name
D4: count SO's first name , none count 1 / count SO's mn, none count 1
D5: count 9 for married, count 29 for single / count 8
D6: count gender / count favorite body of water
D7: count 10 / count sibling's name, if none count 1
D8: count month / count day

DS8's Family

DW: count day of week (mon, tues, ect) / count 8

D1: count 17 / count 10
D2: count place where your work / count 19
D3: count 12 / count college major, if none count 1
D4: count shirt color / count 3
D5: count father's hair color / count mother's hair color
D6: count father's eye color/ count mother's eye color
D7: count 10 / count 9
D8: count 19 / count favorite game

FN Name Bank:
Eileen, Desmond, Dalia, Kyle, Beau, Mariana, Creighton, Sofia, Bailey, Leighton, Edgar, Jerome, Julia, Hannah, Bryce, Ari, Lauren, Clark, Ryder, Ezekiel, Cameron, Jordan, Delilah, Jade, Lucy, Summer, Nakia, Talon, Kai, Leo, Reed, Daniel, Aurora, Victoria, Gavin, Shani, Edison, Rebecca, Olivia, Samara, Aaron, Mia, Bryson, Diego, Casey, Hudson, Elijah, Ava, Riley, Naomi, Lucia, Brandon, Jayla, Leah, Anders, Lincoln, Emmanuel, Peyton, Alondra, Chelsea, Clinton, Jennifer, Harper, Marie, Kelly, Alec, Kane, Brynn, Hayden, Madison, Braden, Justin, Angelique, Zachariah, Mackenzie, Shannon, Ann, Cash, Robert, Raymond, Kelsey, Eliana, Xavier, Tanisha, Drake, Damian, Hailey, Emily, Trinity, Elle, Ella, Reid, Michael, Kevin, Sarah, Adam, Scarlett, Brooke, Simeon, Alexander, Elizabeth, Jack, Maria, Tanner, Logan, Avery, Aaliyah, Kara, Valentina, Abigail, Amari, Eli, Sheldon, Kylie, Dean, Paisley, Joel, Payton, Katherine, Miranda, James, Aiden, Rachel, Anna, Alicia, Levi, Luca, Rosemary, Edward, Isis, Maya, Caden, Travis, Jason, Royce, Landon, Kayla, Jada, Oscar, Brianna, Audrey, Rocco, Andrew, Cheyenne, Elaine, Molly, Barrett, Marie, Emanuel, Ashlyn, Adrian, Camila, Sabrina, Gordon, Matthew, Paloma, Addison, Charlotte, Stanton, Cayden, Cara, Noel, Eleni, Caitlin, Paris, Kyra, Sadie, Jeffrey, Josiah, Isabelle, Marley, Brady, Nathaniel, Ty, Austin, Gabrielle, Marilyn, Benjamin, Maxwell, Shelby, Mario, Liliana, Genevieve, Evan, Demetrius, Chloe, Abraham, Ian, Bram, Shirley, Ashton, Leilani, Isabella, Madeline, Dakota, Zion, Manuel, Nia, Jocelyn, Dominic, Rylee, Van, Wyatt, Isaiah, Makayla, Erin, Aubrey, Alexandra, Brody, Noah, Lena, Carson, Miley, Amanda, Macy, Ruby, Cody, Javier, Max, Savannah, Gideon, Nathan, Elias, Evangeline, Troy, Ciara, Brooklyn, Mathias, Gabriela, Cassidy, Jesse, Esme, Natalie, Shane, Derek, John, Crystal, Arya, Simon, Candace, Jayden, Sarai, Lillian, Zachary, Kylee, Josie, Shepherd, Steven, Santiago, Ana, Haley, Peyton, Blake, Sage, Claire, Cindy, Morgan, Jillian, Gabriel, Broderick, Chance, Lucian, Amaya, Madelyn, Jasmine, Ayanna, Rowan, Faith, Taylor, Jessica, Carolina, Francis, Bianca, Teagan, Ari, Rafael, Whitney, Lucas, Axel, Todd, Nina, Zoe, Charles, Kennedy, Julian, Jeremy, Athena, Allison, Brennan, Lola, Nicholas, Lorelei, Carl, Cooper, Dane, Reese, Lux, Annie, Ellen, Keira, Christian, Joseph, Barbara, Kayden, Colten, Wylie, Samara, Lia, Genesis, Isabel, Desiree, Eamon, Reagan, Liam, Ethan, Douglas, Stephanie, Malachi, Stella, Juan, Piper, Ariana, Andrea, Anthony, Tyler, Ayla, Jude, Thomas, Zoey, Zane, Lyric, Adriana, Jane, Christopher, Sydney, Jonathan, Noelle, Keane, Kimberly, William, Parker, Luis, Gianna, Caroline, Gage, Alvin, Ellie, Chase, Darren, Casey, Grayson, Layla, Natalia, Melissa, Colin, Jared, Kenneth, Aidan, Jorge, Alexis, Ashley, Fiona, Violet, Cali, Zora, Mason, Melrose, June, Allen, Brittany, Louisa, Kale, Ryan, Alexa, Hunter, Valeria, Donovan, Annabelle, Hal, Sara, Chet, Dalton, Kristin, Peter, Kiara, Milton, Brendan, Destiny, Nevaeh, Melanie, Angelina, Dane, Melody, Daisy, Kingston, Blythe, Arabella, Romeo, Jonah, Samantha, Sebastian, Thaddeus, Atticus, Delaney, Maddox, Irene, Mariah, Gareth, Eric, Keegan, Paige, Gwendolyn, Jennifer, Jeremiah, Trenton, Cameron, Michelle, Truman, Autumn, Seth, Evelyn, Logan, Lily, Angel, Cole, Trevor, Mary, Dayton, Dylan, Francisco, Vanessa, Nolan, Perry, Luna, Bryan, Ellis, Declan, Sophia, Lydia, Leslie, Emil, Cornelius, Cadence, Carlos, Ainsley, Nicole, Sylvia, Jaco, Cory, Paxton, Marvin, Eva, Sergio, Dustin, Margery, Jasper, Camden, Luke, Henry, Preston, Flynn, Katelyn, Abel, Lauren, Trenton, Madison, Clayton, Tessa, Lane, Griffin, Landon, Omar, Janet, Danielle, Teagan, Tristan, Bella, Kaden, Tiernan, Helen, Kieran, Marco, Ariel, Brent,Tucker, Andreas, Kathleen, Cade, Maxim, Asia, Everett, Devon, Lila, Pacey, Tala, Cohen, Tristan, Cedric, Dawson, Phoebe, Conan, Reece, Fernando, Braxton, Alyssa, Marshall, Aubrey, Guy, Dillon, Graham, Anya, Pedro, Donald, Campbell, Kimberly, Macauley, Susanna, Phoenix, Maximillian, Georgia, Chad, Nora, Scott, Annalise, Justus, Cael, Spencer, Patricia, Brett, Daniel, Kellan, Marina, Jess, Serena, Micah, Elliott, Joel, Jolie, Kyle, August, Trey

Boys Middle Name Bank:
Eric, Douglas, Marc, Nicholas, Paul, Jared, Thomas, William, Chad, Ryan, Matthew, Conor, Adam, Jordan, Stephen, Evan, Cooper, Allen, Marshall, Donald, Jason, Daniel, Cohen, Donell, Nicholas, Kevin, Lee, Christopher, Kirk, James, Brock, Joseph, Carl, Steven, Frank, Phillip, Howard, Andrew, Tyrees, Scott, Johan, Shad, Blake, Dale, Antonio, Marland, Matthew, Robert, Brandon, Nathan, Ford, Eugene, Quinn, Reid, John, Travis, Edward, Karl, Bryant, Alejandro, Kenneth, Grant, Gerry, Shawn, Simon, Mitchell, Judd, Jett, Austin, Andrew, Benjamin, Anthony, Del, Sean, Ronald, Murphy, Patrick, Aaron, Gary, Jon, Shamus, Wilson, Roman, Charles, Ezra, Richard, Burt, Brett, Cole, Dylan, David, Adam, Noah, Gregory, Kadem, Wesley, Joshua, Derek, Brendan, Perry, Lamar, James, Ross, Jon, Jesse, George, Cory, Lyman, Kevin, Jamison, Myles, Royce, Carter, Jordan, Ray, Vance, Mac, Brady, Rene, Zachary, Ian, Shane, Kellogg, Murray, Kent, Donald, Anderson, Bradley, Devin, Kenneth, Todd, Antjuan, Rodney, Franklin, Drew, Nathan, Clinton, Shaun, Alexander, Javon, Timothy, Tanner, Britt, Griffin, Paul

Girls Middle Name Bank:
Marci, Ashley, Laura, Bailey, Lori, Miranda, Deborah, Brenna, Jennifer, Reese, Sara, Sherry, Kylie, Erika, Amie, Kasey, Dianna, Pamela, Adrienne, Rebecca, Jaclyn, Megan, Victoria, Kristen, Kaci, Kate, Lauren, Brenda, Lucy, Emily, Barbara, Shannon, Kelley, Sandra, Jessica, Diane, Robin, Nancy, Laurie, Kyla, Judy, Candice, Tina, Amy, Maggie, Amanda, Alexis, Claire, Billie, Jo, Allison, Sarah, Michelle, Vallen, Joyce, Karlie, Cori, Roberta, Danielle, Greer, Courtney, Rae, Rose, Rachelle, Sophia, Brooke, Samantha, Sylvia, Rita, Elisabeth, Natalie, Erin, Richelle, Beverly, Cathy, Megan, Aubree, Krista, Alyssa, Genesee, Susan, Alanna, Alida, Kathryn, April, Carman, Amber, Jaime, Sonya, Ann, Diane, Marie, Jade, Lawna, Tiffany, Melissa, Morgan, Lindsay, Lisa, Renee, Laura, Beth, Paula, Delores, Andrea, Taylor, Felisha, Angela, Kimberly, Maggie, Christy, Stacey, Elaine, Jennifer, Heather, Natasha, Kay, Sheila, Stephanie, Erica, Laurel, Tara, Julie, Hilary, Kara, Veronica, Penny, Kelsey, Kesa, Tina, Claire, Eva, Melanie, Ciara, Marissa, Jamie, Theresa, Jean, Kelli, Dorothy, Tessa, Joslyn, Carly, Margaret, Cali, Kendra, Alisha, Beatriz
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July 22nd, 2014, 09:12 PM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2014
Posts: 1,165
LN: Reinhold

DH: Miles Duncan
DW: Rena Alice

DS: Nathaniel John "Nate"
DS: Wade James
DD: Effie Rose
DS: Isaac David "Zac"
DD: Rachel Emma
DS: Kirk Michael
DS: Colin Finn
DD: Lana Maureen
DD: Marta Grace
DD: Leah Abigail
DS: Callum Lee "Cal"
DD: Christine Anne "Chrissy"
DS: Grant Alan
DD: Bridget Megan
DD: Harper Michaela
DD: Ashlyn Emily
DD: Reagan Cassidy
DD: Sydney Laine
DS: Nolan Vaughn "Noel"

Miles & Rena Reinhold:
Nate, Wade, Effie, Zac, Rachel, Kirk, Colin, Lana, Marta, Leah, Cal, Chrissy, Grant, Bridget, Harper, Ashlyn, Reagan, Sydney, & Noel Reinhold

Nathaniel John's Family

LN: Reinhold

DH: Nathaniel John "Nate"
DW: Erika Kristen

DS: Reed Thomas
DD: Shani Brenda
DS: Anders Conor "Andy"
DD: Jennifer Shannon "Jenna"
DD: Brynn DianeDD: Angelique Robin
DS: Raymond Cooper "Ray"

Nate & Erika Reinhold:
Reed, Shani, Andy, Jenna, Brynn, Angelique, & Ray Reinhold

Wade James' Family
LN: Reinhold

DH: Wade James
DW: Sarah Greer

DD: Tanisha Courtney
DD: Elle Rachelle
DS: Michael Allen "Mike"
DS: Dean Nathan
DS: Aiden Gerry
DD: Maya Elisabeth
DD: Kayla Megan

Wade & Sarah Reinhold:
Tanisha, Elle, Mike, Dean, Aiden, Maya, & Kayla Reinhold

Effie Rose's Family
LN: Mercurio

DH: Patrick Gregory
DW: Effie Rose

DD: Elaine Kathryn "Lainey"
DD: Ashlyn Diane

Patrick & Effie Mercurio:
Lainey & Ashlyn Mercurio

Isaac David's Family
LN: Reinhold

DH: Isaac David "Zac"
DW: Morgan Laura

DD: Charlotte Angela "Charley"
DD: Eleni Erica
DS: Brady George
DS: Benjamin Zachary "Ben"
DD: Shirley Claire

Zac & Morgan Reinhold:
Charley, Eleni, Brady, Ben, & Shirley Reinhold

Rachel Emma's Family
LN: Senger

DH: Nathan Timothy
DW: Rachel Emma

DD: Dakota Jamie
DS: Dominic William "Nic"
DD: Erin Kelli
DD: Miley Beatriz
DD: Savannah Miranda

Nathan & Rachel Senger:
Dakota, Nic, Erin, Miley, & Savannah Senger

Kirk Michael's Family
LN: Reinhold

DH: Kirk Michael
DW: Sara Dianna

DD: Ciara Jaclyn
DD: Lillian Brenda "Lily"
DS: Santiago Cohen
DS: Todd Kirk
DD: Lola Alexis

Kirk & Sara Reinhold:
Ciara, Lily, Santiago, Todd, & Lola Reinhold

Colin Finn's Family
LN: Reinhold

DH: Colin Finn
DW: Sarah Cori

DD: Lux Jade
DS: Douglas Phillip "Doug"

Colin & Sarah Reinhold:
Lux & Doug Reinhold

Lana Maureen's Family
LN: Staven

DH: Eugene Bryant "Gene"
DW: Lana Maureen

DD: Ayla Laura
DS: Zane Del
DD: Sydney Felisha
DD: Layla Hilary
DD: Melrose Kesa
DD: Sara Eva
DS: Brendan Ezra

Gene & Lana Staven:
Ayla, Zane, Sydney, Layla, Melrose, Sara, & Brendan Staven

Marta Grace's Family
LN: Snyder

DH: Richard Burt "Rick"
DW: Marta Grace

DD: Daisy Tessa
DD: Irene Bailey

Rick & Marta Snyder:
Daisy & Irene Snyder

Leah Abigail's famaily
LN: Golden

DH: Gregory Brendan "Greg"
DW: Leah Abigail

DD: Luna Erika
DD: Nicole Kristen "Nikki"
DS: Paxton Ross
DS: Preston Vance
DS: Griffin Zachary "Griff"
DD: Teagan Lucy
DS: Marco Kenneth

Greg & Leah Golden:
Luna, Nikki, Paxton, Preston, Griff, Teagan, & Marco Golden

Callum Lee's Family
LN: Reinhold

DH: Callum Lee "Cal"
DW: Amy Sarah

DS: Brent Timothy
DS: Cade Griffin
DS: Devon Conor
DS: Dawson James
DS: Braxton Steven
DD: Aubrey Danielle
DD: Anya Brooke

Cal & Amy Reinhold:
Brent, Cade, Devon, Dawson, Braxton, Aubrey, & Anya Reinhold

Christine Anne's Family
LN: Allen

DH: Tyrees Travis
DW: Christine Anne "Chrissy"

DS: Donald Edward "Donny"
DD: Georgia Krista
DS: Spencer Shamus
DD: Marina Melissa
DS: Clark Burt
DS: Casey Noah
DD: Lucia Elaine
DS: Lincoln Kadem "Linc"

Tyrees & Chrissy Allen:
Donny, Georgia, Spencer, Marina, Clark, Casey, Lucia, & Linc Allen

Grant Alan's Family
LN: Reinhold

DH: Grant Alan
DW: Sheila Tara

DD: Harper Tina
DS: Braden Cory

Grant & Sheila Reinhold:
Harper & Braden Reinhold

Bridget Megan's Family
LN: Blevins

DH: Brady Devin
DW: Bridget Megan

DD: Shannon Margaret
DS: Robert Clinton "Robbie"
DD: Hailey Miranda

Brady & Bridget Blevins:
Shannon, Robbie, & Hailey Blevins

Harper Michaela's Family
LN: Edwards

DH: Paul Conor
DW: Harper Michaela

DD: Ella Dianna
DS: Simeon Marshall
DD: Kara Kate

Paul & Harper Edwards:
Ella, Simeon, & Kara Edwards

Ashlyn Emily's Family
LN: Hanks

DH: Jason Brock
DW: Ashlyn Emily

DD: Paisley Kelley
DS: Landon Dale
DD: Audrey Karlie
DS: Rocco Bryant
DS: Gordon Jett
DD: Paris Erin
DD: Isabelle Krista "Izzy"

Jason & Ashlyn Hanks:
Paisley, Landon, Audrey, Rocco, Gordon, Paris, & Izzy Hanks

Reagan Cassidy's Family
LN: Welsh

DH: Wilson Wesley "Will"
DW: Reagan Cassidy

DD: Liliana Amber "Lil"
DD: Rylee Marie
DD: Alexandra Lindsay "Lexi"
DS: Max Jon

Will & Reagan Welsh:
Lil, Rylee, Lexi, & Max Welsh

Sydney Laine's Family
LN: Gebhardt

DH: Murray Nathan
DW: Sydney Laine

DS: John Griffin
DD: Kylee Renee

Murray & Sydney Gebhardt:
John & Kylee Gebhardt

Nolan Vaughn's Family
LN: Reinhold

DH: Nolan Vaughn "Noel"
DW: Angela Natasha "Angie"

DS: Lucian Chad "Luc"
DD: Reese Marissa

Noel & Angie Reinhold:
Luc & Reese Reinhold
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July 27th, 2014, 12:12 PM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2014
Posts: 1,165
LN: Haltom

DH: Julian James
DW: Elizabeth Mavis "Liz"

DS: Andrew Thomas "Drew"
DS: Vincent Reid "Vince"
DD: Hattie Jo
DS: Jack Benjamin
DD: Pamela Janell "Pam"
DS: Cole Henry
DS: Brendan Craig
DD: Ciara Megan
DD: Lana Danette
DD: Dinah Gail
DS: Samuel Quinn "Sam"
DD: Julie Grace
DS: Darren Curtis
DD: Ava Shannon
DD: Ella Sabrina
DD: Kaylee Kathleen
DD: Brenna Reilly
DD: Darcy Robin
DS: Grady Blaine

Julian & Liz Haltom:
Drew, Vince, Hattie, Jack, Pam, Cole, Brendan, Ciara, Lana, Dinah, Sam, Julie, Darren, Ava, Ella, Kaylee, Brenna, Darcy, & Grady Haltom

Andrew Thomas' Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Andrew Thomas "Drew"
DW: Erika Kristen

DS: Reed Thomas
DD: Shani Bailey
DS: Anders Conor "Andy"
DS: Clinton Evan "Clint"
DS: Kane Donald

Drew & Erika Haltom:
Reed, Shani, Andy, Clint, & Kane Haltom

Vincent Reid's Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Vincent Reid "Vince"
DW: Laurie Alexis

DS: Braden Jason
DD: Ann Deborah
DS: Cash Daniel
DS: Simeon Reid
DS: Eli Kenneth
DD: Miranda Erika
DS: Levi Judd
DS: Andrew Jett "AJ"

Vince & Laurie Haltom:
Braden, Ann, Cash, Simeon, Eli, Miranda, Levi, & AJ Haltom

Hattie Jo's Family
LN: Maher

DH: Jordan Brock
DW: Hattie Jo

DD: Addison Brenda
DS: Noel Ronald

Jordan & Hattie Maher:
Addison & Noel Maher

Jack Benjamin's Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Jack Benjamin
DW: Michelle Cori

DD: Isabelle Shannon "Izzy"
DS: Mario Wilson
DD: Leilani Amy "Lani"

Jack & Michelle Haltom:
Izzy, Mario, & Lani Haltom

Pamela Janell's Family
LN: Perry

DH: Matthew Ford "Matt"
DW: Pamela Janell "Pam"

DS: Manuel Burt "Manny"
DS: Van Brendan
DD: Alexandra Claire "Lexi"
DD: Macy Karlie
DS: Elias Jesse
DS: Mathias Carter "Matty"
DD: Esme Rae

Matt & Pam Perry:
Manny, Van, Lexi, Macy, Elias, Matty, & Esme Perry

Cole Henry's Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Cole Henry
DW: Rae Sylvia

DD: Arya Brooke
DD: Claire Genesee
DS: Chance Bradley
DD: Lorelei Carman "Rori"
DS: Joseph Douglas "Joey"

Cole & Rae Haltom:
Arya, Claire, Chance, Rori, & Joey Haltom

Brendan Craig's Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Brendan Craig
DW: Richelle Krista

DD: Reagan Melanie
DD: Adriana Kelli
DD: Caroline Lauren

Brendan & Richelle Haltom:
Reagan, Adriana, & Caroline Haltom

Ciara Megan's Family
LN: Tyson

DH: Judd Sean
DW: Ciara Megan

DD: Melissa Jessica "Missy"
DS: Aidan Evan

Judd & Ciara Tyson:
Missy & Aidan Tyson

Lana Danette's Family
LN: Stevens

DH: Ronald Murphy "Ron"
DW: Lana Danette

DD: Zora Alexis
DS: Milton Lee "Milt"

Ron & Lana Stevens:
Zora & Milt Stevens

Dinah Gail's famaily
LN: Trawny

DH: Roman Brett
DW: Dinah Gail

DS: Trenton Howard "Trent"
DD: Mary Cori
DD: Vanessa Courtney
DS: Cornelius Nathan "Cory"
DD: Eva Maggie
DS: Camden Reid "Cam"

Roman & Dinah Trawny:
Trent, Mary, Vanessa, Cory, Eva, & Cam Trawny

Samuel Quinn's Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Samuel Quinn "Sam"
DW: Ann Lindsay

DS: Henry Simon
DD: Lauren Sylvia
DD: Tessa Susan

Sam & Ann Haltom:
Henry, Lauren, & Tessa Haltom

Julie Grace's Family
LN: Powell

DH: Noah Jamison
DW: Julie Grace

DS: Lane Mitchell
DS: Tiernan Gary

Noah & Julie Powell:
Lane & Tiernan Powell

Darren Curtis' Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Darren Curtis
DW: Paula Felisha

DS: Tucker Shawn
DD: Lila Jade

Darren & Paula Haltom:
Tucker & Lila Haltom

Ava Shannon's Family
LN: Masden

DH: Ian Todd
DW: Ava Shannon

DS: Cedric Aaron
DS: Conan David
DS: Dillon Lamar
DD: Kimberly Morgan "Kim"
DD: Serena Beth
DS: August Ray "Auggie"
DD: Hannah Jennifer

Ian & Ava Masden:
Cedric, Conan, Dillon, Kim, Serena, Auggie, & Hannah Masden

Ella Sabrina's Family
LN: Hogan

DH: Griffin Thomas "Griff"
DW: Ella Sabrina

DS: Ari Donald
DD: Jade Laurel
DD: Aurora Tina "Rori"

Griff & Ella Hogan:
Ari, Jade, & Rori Hogan

Kaylee Kathleen's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: William Evan "Will"
DW: Kaylee Kathleen

DD: Samara Theresa
DD: Chelsea Ashley
DD: Kelly Kate
DS: Alec Timothy
DS: Robert Chad "Robbie"
DD: Trinity Robin
DD: Sarah Candice

Will & Kaylee Johnson:
Samara, Chelsea, Kelly, Alec, Robbie, Trinity, & Sarah Johnson

Brenna Reilly's Family
LN: Parrish

DH: James Blake
DW: Brenna Reilly

DS: Jack Allen
DS: James Cohen "Jamie"
DS: Caden Kirk
DS: Oscar Andrew "Ozzy"
DD: Elaine Sarah "Lainey"
DS: Adrian Dale
DS: Matthew Karl "Matt"

James & Brenna Parrish:
Jack, Jamie, Caden, Ozzy, Lainey, Adrian, & Matt Parrish

Darcy Robin's Family
LN: Hall

DH: Grant Del
DW: Darcy Robin

DD: Cara Greer
DS: Josiah Bryant
DS: Ty Shawn
DS: Austin Simon

Grant & Darcy Hall:
Cara, Josiah, Ty, & Austin Hall

Grady Blaine's Family
LN: Haltom

DH: Grady Blaine
DW: Elaine Laurel

DS: Ashton Ronald
DS: Cody Gregory
DD: Gabriela Samantha "Gabby"
DD: Natalie Elisabeth
DS: Simon Brendan
DD: Lillian Cathy "Lil"
DS: Peyton Lyman
DD: Carolina Tiffany

Grady & Elaine Haltom:

Ashton, Cody, Gabby, Natalie, Simon, Lil, Peyton, & Carolina Haltom
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LN: Johnson

DH: Ross Lee
DW: Martha Lisette

DS: Isaac Benjamin "Zac"
DS: Curtis Raymond "Curt"
DD: Ava Madeleine
DS: Simon Michael
DD: Stacie Patricia
DS: Andrew Jack "Drew"
DS: Aiden Brian
DD: Mackenzie Shea "Kenzie"
DD: Valerie Jo "Val"
DD: Marlene Cynthia "Marley"
DS: Owen Bruce
DD: Charlotte Myra "Charley"
DS: Hunter James
DD: Kelly Bree
DD: Hayley Autumn
DD: Brianne Shayla
DD: Sheridan McKenna
DD: Courtney Denise
DS: Dexter Harrison

Ross & Martha Johnson:
Zac, Curt, Ava, Simon, Stacie, Drew, Aiden, Kenzie, Val, Marley, Owen, Charley, Hunter, Kelly, Hayley, Brianne, Sheridan, Courtney, & Dexter Johnson

Isaac Benjamin's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Isaac Benjamin "Zach"
DW: Bailey Reese

DS: Reed Thomas
DD: Shani Erika
DS: Anders Conor "Andy"
DS: Clinton Evan
DS: Kane Donald
DS: Justin Jason
DS: Robert Kevin "Rob"

Zac & Bailey Johnson:
Reed, Shani, Andy, Clint, Kane, Justin, & Rob Johnson

Curtis Raymond's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Curtis Raymond "Curt"
DW: Jade Megan

DD: Trinity Victoria
DD: Sarah Kate
DS: Adam Lee
DS: Luca Bryant
DD: Ashlyn Tina

Curt & Jade Johnson:
Trinity, Sarah, Adam, Luca, & Ashlyn Johnson

Ava Madeleine's Family
LN: Moore

DH: Daniel Murphy "Danny"
DW: Ava Madeleine

DD: Charlotte Allison
DD: Eleni Roberta
DD: Isabelle Sophia "Izzy"
DS: Austin Roman
DD: Shelby Elisabeth
DD: Chloe Megan
DS: Ashton Lamar
DS: Zion George

Danny & Ava Moore:
Charlotte, Eleni, Izzy, Austin, Shelby, Chloe, Ashton, & Zion Moore

Simon Michael's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Simon Michael
DW: Rebecca Genesee "Becky"

DS: Isaiah Carter
DS: Brody Ian

Simon & Becky Johnson:
Isaiah & Brody Johnson

Stacie Patricia's Family
LN: Lantini

DH: Lincoln Donald "Linc"
DW: Stacie Patricia

DD: Amanda April "Mandi"
DS: Max Shaun
DS: Troy Timothy
DD: Esme Lawna
DD: Arya Renee

Linc & Stacie Lantini:
Mandi, Max, Troy, Esme, & Arya Lantini

Andrew Jack's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Andrew Jack "Drew"
DW: Jennifer Taylor "Jenna"

D1: Zachary Paul "Zach"
D2: Chance Thomas

Drew & Jenna Johnson:
Zach & Chance Johnson

Aiden Brian's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Aiden Brian
DW: Brynn Christy

DS: Francis Dale "Frankie"
DS: Nicholas Brandon "Nick"
DD: Samara Theresa
DD: Stephanie Miranda "Stevie"
DS: Christopher John "Topher"
DS: Parker Simon

Aiden & Brynn Johnson:
Frankie, Nick, Samara, Stevie, Topher, & Parker Johnson

Mackenzie Shea's Family
LN: Davis

DH: Drake Anthony
DW: Mackenzie Shea "Kenzie"

DS: Grayson Jon
DS: Colin Gregory

Drake & Kenzie Davis:
Grayson & Colin Davis

Valerie Jo's Family
LN: Brown

DH: Damian Kadem
DW: Valerie Jo "Val"

DD: Fiona Sherry
DS: Hunter George
DS: Hal Jamison

Damian & Val Brown:
Fiona, Hunter, & Hal Brown

Marlene Cynthia's famaily
LN: Montgomery

DH: Michael Ray "Mike"
DW: Marlene Cynthia "Marley"

DD: Mariah Megan
DS: Jeremiah Kent
DS: Truman Kenneth "Tru"
DS: Dylan Britt
DD: Lydia Kate

Mike & Marley Montgomery:
Mariah, Jeremiah, Tru, Dylan, & Lydia Montgomery

Owen Bruce's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Owen Bruce
DW: Brooke Sandra

DS: Emil Jordan
DD: Ainsley Robin
DS: Cory Lee
DS: Jasper Antonio
DS: Flynn Ford
DD: Lauren Amy
DS: Tristan Karl

Owen & Brooke Johnson:
Emil, Ainsley, Cory, Jasper, Flynn, Lauren, & Tristan Johnson

Charlotte Myra's Family
LN: Robinson

DH: Tanner Ronald
DW: Charlotte Myra "Charley"

DD: Bella Maggie
DS: Brent Burt

Tanner & Charley Robinson:
Bella & Brent Robinson

Hunter James' Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Hunter James
DW: Valentina Billie "Tina"

DS: Everett Adam "Rett"
DS: Dawson Jesse
DS: Conan Murray
DD: Aubrey Samantha
DS: Campbell Clinton "Cam"
DS: Phoenix Marc
DS: Trey Conor

Hunter & Tina Johnson:
Rett, Dawson, Conan, Aubrey, Cam, Phoenix, & Trey Johnson

Kelly Bree's Family
LN: Simpson

DH: James Daniel "Jimmy"
DW: Kelly Bree

DS: Beau Phillip
DS: Creighton Matthew
DS: Bryce Edward
DS: Cameron Mitchell "Cam"

Jimmy & Kelly Simpson:
Beau, Creighton, Bryce, & Cam Simpson

Hayley Autumn's Family
LN: Curry

DH: Jason Sean
DW: Hayley Autumn

DS: Leo Ezra
DD: Rebecca Beverly "Becca"
DS: Riley Gregory
DD: Chelsea Marie
DS: Hayden Cory
DS: Raymond Kevin "Ray"

Jason & Hayley Curry:
Leo, Becca, Riley, Chelsea, Hayden, & Ray Curry

Brianne Shayla's Family
LN: Claussen

DH: Royce Rene
DW: Brianne Shayla

DS: Xavier Shane
DS: Tanner Drew
DD: Kara Heather
DD: Abigail Tina "Abby"
DS: Aiden Paul

Royce & Brianne Claussen:
Xavier, Tanner, Kara, Abby, & Aiden Claussen

Sheridan McKenna's Family
LN: Farrow

DH: Emanuel Adam "Manny"
DW: Sheridan McKenna

DS: Jason Daniel
DD: Sabrina Theresa
DD: Charlotte Carly "Lottie"
DD: Kyra Laura
DS: Brady Joseph

Manny & Sheridan Farrow:
Jason, Sabrina, Lottie, Kyra, & Brady Farrow

Courtney Denise's Family
LN: Heaston

DH: Josiah Dale
DW: Courtney Denise

DS: Benjamin Eugene "Ben"
DS: Abraham Reid "Abe"
DD: Leilani Deborah "Lani"
DD: Madeline Brenna "Maddie"

Josiah & Courtney Heaston:
Ben, Abe, Lani, & Maddie Heaston

Dexter Harrison's Family
LN: Johnson

DH: Dexter Harrison
DW: Gabrielle Kasey "Gabby"

DD: Lena Kate
DD: Kylee Maggie
DD: Morgan Sarah
DD: Amaya Joyce
DD: Taylor Greer

Dexter & Gabby Johnson:
Lena, Kylee, Morgan, Amaya, & Taylor Johnson
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LN: Waite
DH: Bryce Campbell
DW: Alberta Marion

DS: Simon Matthew
DS: William Alan "Will"
DD: Charlotte Elizabeth "Charley"
DS: John Warren
DD: Jacklyn Suzanna "Jackie"
DS: Ross Oliver
DS: Blane Keenan
DD: Selma Colleen
DD: Julie Amelia
DD: Hannah Suzanne
DS: Liam Maury
DD: Joni Deena
DS: Calvin Drew "Cal"
DD: Riley Caitlin
DD: Jordan Haley
DD: Stacy Sheila
DD: Shannon Kendal
DD: Gina Tracey
DS: Cody Bryant

Bryce & Alberta Waite:
Simon, Will, Charley, John, Jackie, Ross, Blane, Selma, Julie, Hannah, Liam, Joni, Cal, Riley, Jordan, Stacy, Shannon, Gina, & Cody Waite

Simon Matthew's Family
LN: Waite

DH: Simon Matthew
DW: Erika Kristen

DS: Reed Thomas
DD: Shani Brenda
D3: Anders Conor "Andy"

Simon & Erika Waite:
Reed, Shani, & Andy Waite

William Alan's Family
LN: Waite

DH: William Alan "Will"
DW: Tina Allison

DD: Marie Michelle
DD: Madison Karlie "Madi"
DS: Braden Adam
DS: Zachariah Cooper "Zach"DD: Kelsey Rose
DD: Trinity Elisabeth
DD: Sarah Megan

Will & Tina Waite:
Marie, Madi, Braden, Zach, Kelsey, Trinity, & Sarah Waite

Charlotte Elizabeth's Family
LN: Dunn

DH: Brock Robert
DW: Charlotte Elizabeth "Charley"

DD: Maria Kathryn
DD: Kara Diane
DS: Aiden John
DS: Luca Kenneth
DS: Caden Mitchell

Brock & Charley Dunn:
Maria, Kara, Aiden, Luca, & Caden Dunn

John Warren's Family
LN: Waite

DH: John Warren
DW: Morgan Laura

DD: Brianna Angela

John & Morgan Waite:
Brianna Waite

Jacklyn Suzanna's Family
LN: Farmer

DH: Wilson Richarld
DW: Jacklyn Suzanna "Jackie"

DD: Elaine Jennifer "Laney"
DS: Emanuel Derek "Manny"
DS: Matthew Lamar "Matt"
DS: Noel Jamison
DS: Jeffrey Vance "Jeff"
DS: Nathaniel Kellogg "Nate"

Wilson & Jackie Farmer:
Laney, Manny, Matt, Noel, Jeff, & Nate Farmer

Ross Oliver's Family
LN: Waite

DH: Ross Oliver
DW: Stephanie Kara "Stevie"

DD: Shelby Kesa
DD: Nia Jamie
DS: Isaiah Shaun
DS: Derek Griffin
DD: Kylee Deborah
DD: Josie Erika
DS: Peyton Marc

Ross & Stevie Waite:
Shelby, Nia, Isaiah, Derek, Kylee, Josie, & Peyton Waite

Blane Keenan's Family
LN: Waite

DH: Blane Keenan
DW: Adrienne Kristen

DD: Sage Laurie
DD: Bianca Amanda
DD: Kennedy Joyce
DS: Cooper Donald
DD: Desiree Courtney

Blane & Adrienne Waite:
Sage, Bianca, Kennedy, Cooper, & Desiree Waite

Selma Colleen's Family
LN: Pritchett

DH: Phillip Blake "Phil"
DW: Selma Colleen

DD: Lyric Elisabeth
DD: Sydney Alida
DS: William Brandon "Will"
DS: Casey Mitchell
DD: Zora Jaime

Phil & Selma Pritchett:
Lyric, Sydney, Will, Casey, & Zora Pritchett

Julie Amelia's Family
LN: Upchurch

DH: Judd Jett
DW: Julie Amelia

DS: Kale Patrick
DD: Sara Lisa
DS: Brendan Ezra
DS: Eric James
DD: Michelle Stacey

Judd & Julie Upchurch:
Kale, Sara, Brendan, Eric, & Michelle Upchurch

Hannah Suzanne's famaily
LN: Hanson

DH: Kevin Jordan
DW: Hannah Suzanne

DD: Ainsley Tara
DS: Jaco Vance
DD: Eva Penny
DS: Camden Devin "Cam"
DS: Clayton Rodney
DS: Omar Clinton

Kevin & Hannah Hanson:
Ainsley, Jaco, Eva, Cam, Clayton, & Omar Hanson

Liam Maury's Family
LN: Waite

DH: Liam Maury
DW: Joslyn Ashley

DD: Danielle Jennifer "Danni"
DS: Kieran Tanner
DS: Tucker Ryan
DS: Devon Christopher
DS: Tristan Joseph
DD: Phoebe Kasey

Liam & Joslyn Waite:
Danni, Kieran, Tucker, Devon, Tristan, & Phoebe Waite

Joni Deena's Family
LN: Sumpter

DH: Howard Reid "Howie"
DW: Joni Deena

DS: Conan John
DD: Anya Brenda
DS: Phoenix Anthony
DS: Scott Dylan
DD: Sofia Sandra "Sofie"
DD: Victoria Kyla "Tori"

Howie & Joni Sumpter:
Conan, Anya, Phoenix, Scott, Sofie, & Tori Sumpter

Calvin Drew's Family
LN: Waite

DH: Calvin Drew "Cal"
DW: Maggie Billie

DD: Samara Vallen
DD: Ava Brooke
DD: Naomi April
DS: Lincoln Lyman "Linc"
DD: Harper Lindsay

Cal & Maggie Waite:
Samara, Ava, Naomi, Linc, & Harper Waite

Riley Caitlin's Family
LN: Whitley

DH: Zachary Todd "Zach"
DW: Riley Caitlin

DD: Brynn Stacey
DS: Justin Rodney
DS: Raymond Britt "Ray"
DS: Drake Thomas
DS: Tanner Conor
DD: Valentina Julie "Val"
DD: Anna Marissa
DS: Jason Adam

Zach & Riley Whitley:
Brynn, Justin, Ray, Drake, Tanner, Val, Anna, & Jason Whitley

Jordan Haley's Family
LN: Goldwyer

DH: Kevin Steven
DW: Jordan Haley

DD: Audrey Kendra
DD: Ashlyn Lori
DS: Stanton Blake "Stan"
DS: Josiah Kenneth

Kevin & Jordan Goldwyer:
Audrey, Ashlyn, Stan, & Josiah Goldwyer

Stacy Sheila's Family
LN: Hopkins

DH: Grant Anthony
DW: Stacy Sheila

DD: Marley Brenna
DS: Ashton Ezra
DS: Zion Cory
DD: Jocelyn Victoria
DD: Lena Kelley
DS: Gideon Rene

Shannon Kendal's Family
LN: Clark

DH: Franklin Douglas "Frankie"
DW: Shannon Kendal

DS: Mathias Ryan "Matt"
DS: Shepherd Stephen "Shep"
DD: Claire Nancy
DD: Morgan Amanda
DD: Amaya Sarah
DD: Taylor Danielle
DD: Teagan Richelle

Frankie & Shannon Clark:
Matt, Shep, Claire, Morgan, Amaya, Taylor, & Teagan Clark

Gina Tracey's Family
LN: Sulley

DH: Steven Marland "Steve"
DW: Gina Tracey

DD: Allison Susan "Ally"

Steve & Gina Sulley:
Ally Sulley

Cody Bryant's Family
LN: Waite

DH: Cody Bryant
DW: Sonya Morgan

DS: Colten Travis "Colt"

Cody & Sonya Waite:

Colt Waite
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DH: Julian Bryce ThompsonDW: Rena Elizabeth *Fisher* Thompson

DS1: Nathaniel Isaac Thompson "Nate"

DH: Ezekiel William Bishop "Zeke"
-DD: Mia Lori Thompson-Bishop

DS2: Reid Oliver Thompson

DW: Riley Reese *Pratt* Thompson
-DD: Leah Amie Thompson
-DS: Anders Chad Thompson
-DD: Jennifer Rebecca Thompson "Jenny"

DD1: Madeleine Rose *Thompson* Lawson "Maddie"

DH: Robert Kevin Lawson "Rob"
-DD: Emily Lauren Lawson
-DD: Brooke Diane Lawson

DS3: Benjamin Michael Thompson "Ben"

DW: Elizabeth Tina *Howard* Thompson "Liz"
-DD: Avery Claire Thompson
-DS: Dean Brock Thompson
-DS: Levi Chad Thompson
-DS: Caden Travis Thompson "Cade"
-DS: Andrew Judd Thompson "Drew"
-DD: Addison Rose Thompson "Addie"

DD2: Rachel Stacie *Thompson* Browning

DH: Nathaniel Benjamin Browning "Nate"
-DS: Ty Anthony Thompson
-DS: Mario Charles Thompson
-DS: Abraham Adam Thompson "Abe"
-DD: Madeline Erin Thompson "Maddie"
-DS: Wyatt Derek Thompson
-DD: Aubrey Krista Thompson

DS4: Andrew Ross Thompson "Drew"

DH: Carson Wilson Mays
-DS: Javier Burt Thompson-Mays
-DS: Derek Gregory Thompson-Mays
-DS: Jayden Kevin Thompson-Mays
-DS: Chance Ray Thompson-Mays
-DD: Carolina Morgan Thompson-Mays

DS5: Brian Craig Thompson

DH: Axel Ian Velasquez
-DD: Allison Kimberly Thompson-Velasquez "Allie"
-DD: Samara Christy Thompson-Velasquez "Mara"
-DS: Douglas Donald Thompson-Velasquez "Doug"
-DD: Ayla Natasha Thompson-Velasquez
-DD: Gianna Tara Thompson-Velasquez
-DS: Casey Nathan Thompson-Velasquez

DD3: Lana Shea *Thompson* Fletcher

DH: Mason Britt Fletcher
-DS: Hal Douglas Fletcher
-DD: Kiara Marissa Fletcher
-DS: Dane William Fletcher
-DS: Atticus Nicholas Fletcher
-DD: Cameron Dorothy Fletcher
-DS: Dylan Christopher Fletcher
-DS: Ellis Scott Fletcher

DD4: Valerie Jo Thompson

DW: Ainsley Alisha Booker
-DD: Eva Erika Thompson-Booker
-DD: Tessa Kaci Thompson-Booker "Tess"
-DD: Janet Brenda Thompson-Booker "Jan"
-DD: Tala Cori Thompson-Booker
-DS: Fernando Quinn Thompson-Booker

DD5: Hannah Abigail *Thompson* Briggs

DH: Aubrey Alejandro Briggs
-DS: Micah Judd Briggs
-DS: August Benjamin Briggs "Gus"
-DD: Dalia Courtney Briggs
-DD: Bailey Beverly Briggs
-DD: Ari Krista Briggs

DS6: Owen Samuel Thompson

DW: Jade Carman *Serrano* Thompson
-DD: Summer Lisa Thompson
-DS: Reed Murphy Thompson
-DD: Shani Stacey Thompson
-DS: Bryson Gregory Thompson
-DS: Elijah Kadem Thompson "Eli"

DD6: Julie Christine Thompson

DW: Lucia Kesa Ramirez
-DS: Brandon Wesley Thompson-Ramirez
-DD: Alondra Tessa Thompson-Ramirez "Ali"
-DS: Alec Brendan Thompson-Ramirez
-DD: Mackenzie Sara Thompson-Ramirez "Kenzie"
-DS: Alexander George Thompson-Ramirez "Alex"

DS7: Charles Grant Thompson "Charlie"

DH: Logan Ray Pierce
-DD: Amari Amie Thompson-Pierce
-DD: Miranda Lauren Thompson-Pierce
-DS: Aiden Franklin Thompson-Pierce
-DD: Rosemary Maggie Thompson-Pierce "Rose"

DD7: Lesley Bridget *Thompson* McCann

DH: Jason Griffin McCann "Jay"
-DD: Jada Danielle McCann
-DS: Andrew William McCann "Drew"
-DS: Adrian Allen McCann

DD8: Avery Jordan *Thompson* Scott

DH: Noel Kevin Scott
-DD: Kyra Elisabeth Scott

DD9: Emily Kathleen *Thompson* McConnell

DH: Dakota Phillip McConnell
-DS: Zion Chad McConnell
-DD: Ruby Alida McConnell
-DD: Savannah Taylor McConnell
-DS: Gideon Edward McConnell

DD10: Hillary Reagan *Thompson* Carr

DH: Mathias Andrew Carr
-DD: Natalie Heather Carr
-DD: Haley Tara Carr
-DS: Broderick Murphy Carr "Brody"
-DD: Carolina Tina Carr "Lina"

DD11: Darcy Laine *Thompson* Klein

DH: Nicholas Brett Klein "Nick"
-DD: Barbara Marissa Klein "Marissa"
-DS: Eamon Dylan Klein

DS8: Nolan Bryant Thompson

DW: Stella Carly *Russell* Thompson
-DS: Jonathan Perry Thompson "JP"
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LN: Clarkson

DH: Quentin Leon "Quent"
DW: Nadine Bette

DS: Jacob David "Jake"
DS: Henry Oliver
DD: Emmy Nan
DS: Moses Jethro "Mo"
DD: Roseanna Sharlene "Rosie"
DS: James Randall "Jamie"
DS: Kerwin Ewan
DD: Moira Glenda
DD: Sherry Roseanne
DD: Judith Janice "Judy"
DS: Randy Larry
DD: Tina Jody
DS: Charles Troy "Charlie"
DD: Lesley Fallon
DD: Avery Molly
DD: Keely Deidre
DD: Hillary Ryan
DD: Sonya Dana
DS: Brogan Kane

Quent & Nadine Clarkson:
Jake, Henry, Emmy, Mo, Rosie, Jamie, Kerwin, Moira, Sherry, Judy, Randy, Tina, Charlie, Lesley, Avery, Keely, Hillary, Sonya, & Brogan Clarkson

Jacob David's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: Jacob David "Jake"
DW: Bailey Reese

DD: Samara Dianna
DS: Casey Nicholas
DD: Marie Megan
DD: Angelique Kate
DS: Robert William "Robbie"
DS: Drake Chad

Jake & Bailey Clarkson:
Samara, Casey, Marie, Angelique, Robbie, & Drake Clarkson

Henry Oliver's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: Henry Oliver
DW: Elizabeth Sandra "Libby"

DD: Abigail Jessica "Abby"
DD: Paisley Nancy
DS: Joel Ryan
DS: Aiden Steven
DD: Rosemary Maggie

Henry & Libby Clarkson:
Abby, Paisley, Joel, Aiden, & Rosemary Clarkson

Emmy Nan's Family
LN: Berkus

DH: Rocco Ford
DW: Emmy Nan

DD: Ashlyn Michelle

Rocco & Emmy Berkus:
Ashlyn Berkus

Moses Jethro's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: Moses Jethro "Mo"
DW: Paloma Cori

DD: Caitlin Rose
DD: Gabrielle Megan "Gabby"
DS: Bram Gerry
DS: Dakota Patrick
DD: Aubrey Amber

Mo & Paloma Clarkson:
Caitlin, Gabby, Bram, Dakota, & Aubrey Clarkson

Roseanna Sharlene's Family
LN: Pratchett

DH: Elias Shamus
DW: Roseanna Sharlene "Rosie"

DS: Mathias Richard "Matt"
DD: Natalie Lisa
DS: Simon Cole
DD: Josie Angela
DS: Blake Kadem
DD: Jillian Heather "Jill"
DD: Madelyn Laurel "Maddie"

Elias & Rosie Pratchett:
Matt, Natalie, Simon, Josie, Blake, Jill, & Maddie Pratchett

James Randall's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: James Randall "Jamie"
DW: Taylor Penny

DS: Ari Brendan
DD: Lorelei Claire "Rori"
DD: Keira Kendra
DD: Lyric Bailey
DS: Parker Brady

Jamie & Taylor Clarkson:
Ari, Rori, Keira, Lyric, & Parker Clarkson

Kerwin Ewan's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: Kerwin Ewan
DW: Ellie Jennifer

DS: Darren Paul
DD: June Kasey
DS: Donovan Conor
DS: Brendan Kirk
DD: Delaney Megan "Laney"
DD: Paige Shannon
DS: Logan Scott
DD: Sophia Claire "Sophie"

Kerwin & Ellie Clarkson:
Darren, June, Donovan, Brendan, Laney, Paige, Logan, & Sophie Clarkson

Moira Glenda's Family
LN: Rockmore

DH: Dustin Matthew
DW: Moira Glenda

DD: Katelyn Greer
DD: Madison Erin "Madi"
DS: Landon Quinn
DS: Marco Andrew
DS: Donald Murphy "Don"

Dustin & Moira Rockmore:
Katelyn, Madi, Landon, Marco, & Don Rockmore

Sherry Roseanne's Family
LN: Grant

DH: Campbell Patrick "Cam"
DW: Sherry Roseanne

DS: Chad Richard
DS: Brett Joshua

Cam & Sherry Grant:
Chad & Brett Grant

Judith Janice's famaily
LN: Kahling

DH: Elliott James
DW: Judith Janice "Judy"

DD: Delilah Alanna
DS: Leo Royce
DD: Victoria Carman "Tori"
DS: Hudson Kent
DS: Lincoln Devin "Linc"

Elliott & Judy Kahling:
Delilah, Leo, Tori, Hudson, & Linc Kahling

Randy Larry's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: Randy Larry
DW: Mackenzie Lawna

DD: Ann Jennifer
DD: Kelsey Kay
DD: Hailey Tina

Randy & Mackenzie Clarkson:
Ann, Kelsey, & Hailey Clarkson

Tina Jody's Family
LN: Martin

DH: Reid Eric
DW: Tina Jody

DS: Michael Douglas "Mike"
DD: Scarlett Joslyn
DS: Tanner Kevin
DS: Sheldon Dale
DS: Oscar Ford "Ozzy"

Reid & Tina Martin:
Mike, Scarlett, Tanner, Sheldon, & Ozzy Martin

Charles Troy's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: Charles Troy "Charlie"
DW: Cheyenne Kendra

DS: Adrian Travis

Charlie & Cheyenne Clarkson:
Adrian Clarkson

Lesley Fallon's Family
LN: Eshnaur

DH: Noel Mitchell
DW: Lesley Fallon

DD: Sadie Sherry
DD: Marley Erika
DS: Maxwell Murphy "Max"
DS: Demetrius Ezra
DS: Isaiah Dylan
DS: Noah Lamar
DS: Gideon Carter
DS: John Jordan

Noel & Lesley Eshnaur:
Sadie, Marley, Max, Demetrius, Isaiah, Noah, Gideon, & John Eshnaur

Avery Molly's Family
LN: Espinosa

DH: Santiago Shane
DW: Avery Molly

DS: Peyton Rodney
DS: Broderick Javon "Brody"
DD: Jessica Victoria "Jess"

Santiago & Avery Espinosa:
Peyton, Brody, & Jess Espinosa

Keely Deidre's Family
LN: Banks

DH: Francis Paul
DW: Keely Deidre

DS: Axel Stephen
DD: Ellen Diane

Francis & Keely Banks:
Axel & Ellen Banks

Hillary Ryan's Family
LN: Weeks

DH: Eamon Christopher
DW: Hillary Ryan

DS: Anthony Howard "Tony"
DS: Luis Shad

Eamon & Hillary Weeks:
Tony & Luis Weeks

Sonya Dana's Family
LN: Schulte

DH: Mason Reid
DW: Sonya Dana

DD: Kristin Amy
DS: Dane Travis
DD: Arabella Claire
DS: Jonah Edward
DS: Dayton Simon
DD: Luna Michelle
DD: Cadence Danielle

Mason & Sonya Schulte:
Kristin, Dane, Arabella, Jonah, Dayton, Luna, & Cadence Schulte

Brogan Kane's Family
LN: Clarkson

DH: Brogan Kane
DW: Eva Samantha

DS: Lane Ronald
DD: Lila April
DD: Alyssa Marie
DS: Dillon Aaron
DS: Campbell Kenneth "Cam"

Brogan & Eva Clarkson:
Lane, Lila, Alyssa, Dillon, & Cam Clarkson
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