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Gwen's Bambino #2

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September 28th, 2011, 11:04 AM
KCMomma's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Kansas City
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Well, since something happened to all of our journals, I was able to piece together some of this journal. So that is why it's going to be choppy.

OK so I went back and read my other journal with Paige and I loved reading all about it. So I figured before it got too late I better start another one!! I hope you all don't mind, but I just feel that TTC#1 grad is my home! So here it goes....

After Paige, DH and I decided to wait a while before we wanted to try again. Paige was not the easiet baby so that scared the holy crap out of us!! Anyway, 8 weeks PP I got the Mirena put in and then had it removed July 2010 (Paige turned 1 in June). Mirena's claim to fame was that you can immediately start trying for a baby so that's exactly what we did. I got a visit from AF right away and off we went. At first, I tried to just use the CBEFM (like before) and hope that works. I certianly didn't want all the stress of TTC like before. Anyway, after about 4 months and nothing, we were shocked to find out around Thanksgiving that I was pregnant! Sadly, a few short days later, we m/c. It was very difficult for me to take but luckily I was able to pass it on my own and we moved on. I started temping again. I recently found out that my best friend was pregnant with triplets by using IUI and that scared the crap out of me. So I really didn't want to do any MA for fear of multiples. So I looked in to acupuncture. I read so many positive reviews on it so I thought I would give it a try. I found one and had a horrible expericene. All she wanted was money and I was NOT impressed. Then after some online research I ended up finding a ND (Natropathic Doctor) who tweaked my diet (removing dairy, limiting wheat, changed my prenatals and cut out ALL artificial sweeteners) and I did 2 sessions of acupuncture with her. She must have been my miracle worker because BAM....BFP after just one month of a changed diet and 2 acupuncture sessions!!! I do firmly believe that my diet change helped me conceive. I also tried my very hardest not to stress. Easier said than done right?! But I stayed away from all things TTC and stopped temping after I knew I O'd. I didn't even test until 14DPO!!!

I was so shocked!!!!!! I immediately called DH (who of course wasn't home the day I tested) and said "We did it!" He was sooooo happy!!!!! I immediately called the OB and set up an appointment. Since we had the loss they went ahead and did a blood draw at 16DPO...my HCG was 1375 and progesterone was 21.8. Four days later we did the second blood draw at 20DPO...3719!!! So doubling at the rate of 65 hours. I'm so pleased with that. However, my docs office makes you wait until you are 8 weeks before they do an u/s so that appointment isn't until May 3rd!!! I'm DYING!!!

We've told several friends, but not the fam yet. We plan on telling my SIL tomorrow and my IL's tomorrow night at dinner!!! We will tell my mom over Easter weekend when she comes to visit. I can't wait, but the nervousness still arises! So keep us in your prayers!!!

I put these photos together and it looks kinda funny, but hopefully as I progress it will look better!

6 Weeks 3 days:

I updated my 6 week picture. It looks a lot different to me, but I think it's just because Joe took it closer than before. He needs to work on that !!! Anyway, still feeling pretty good for the most part. I'm just EXHAUSTED, EXHAUSTED!!! OMG I'm so tired...I was literally falling asleep on the way to work this morning. We told my SIL and IL's this weekend and it was so much fun!!! We will be telling my mom this weekend and I can't wait! We got Paige this shirt that says "Big Sister Paige" and so when we went out to dinner with Joe's dad's side of the family (who are a bundle of joy, let me tell you) we just had her wear the shirt to see how long it would take them to realize it. So we walk into the resturant and Joe's dad is the first one we see...of course, he didn't even pay attention to it at all. So we head bck to the table and I'm carrying her. So my MIL starts talking to her and didn't notice at first, then her face was priceless. If only I had a camera!! She was taking a sip of her wine and you could tell she was starting to read her shirt...then her eyes got real big and she about spit out her wine!!! She said "Pagina (that's what they call her since that means page (like a book) in spanish) what does your shirt say???" And she was so shocked!! So we pulled down the shirt for her to read it and she was soooo happy!!! Then Joe's dad came to the table and he read the shirt! Even he was excited and even gave me a hug (which isn't like him)!!! Everyone was really happy for us.

I'm still trying to remain positive, but this happened last time too. When we tell his family or mine I freak out a bit becuase then it's real or something??? IDK, I'm weird. I'm still super freaking nervous that we won't see a heartbeat, but trying to remain positive. I still have a ton of symptoms so I'm just going to see that as a positive sign. My boobs are KILLING me!!!!! I'm super bloated now too which just sucks. It's like I look 4 months prego but no one can really tell, just me becuase my clothes are tight. Awesome.

Paige had a bad night last night. I was so tired I went to sleep around 8:30pm and I guess I was OUT becuase Joe came and woke me up around 10:15pm and she had been up screaming. Poor baby. I think she was either a bit gassy or got really scared about something. She would calm down but when you lay her back down about 10 minutes later she was screaming again...and I mean full on screaming. And for whatever reason she only wanted Joe. She does that when one of us is with her the whole day she becomes attached to them. Kinda sad for me, but I get it. So poor Joe had to lay on the floor by her bed until she went to sleep. I had to work this morning and he didn't so he got the pleasure of keeping an eye on her. I felt horrible for them, but I was so dang tired and worn out. So hopefully we won't have a repeat of that again.

Other than that, things are going good. I'm still trying my hardest to workout. So far so good. I'm also learning that I just can't eat crap food. It is totally effecting my body not in a good way when I eat the smallest amount of it, so I'm just trying to avoid it at all cause.

2 weeks from tomorrow is the u/s and I'm DYING with nervousness!!! Keep us in your prayers!!!

7 weeks 3 days update:

So I believe the m/s has hit...UGH! I just overall feel BLAH. I feel like I need to contanstly eat something so I don't get nauseous, no fun! Joe opened up a bowl of leftover chicken and I about tossed my cookies!!! Seriously...it was NOT GOOD!!! Whew, so he put it away and I was good. I guess my sense of smell is hightened becuase I can smell everything!!! Eggs seem to be my BFF right now. I'm also super tired...and not sleeping well so the combination of the two isn't great. But with all that said, I'm so happy to have symptoms. After reading Tonya's post just today about her terrible loss, I'm terrified beyond belief. I still don't get my first u/s till a week from tomorrow so I'm super anxious about it. I say that I will rest easy when I see the heartbeat, but Tonya saw a heartbeat and still ended up with a loss. It's just not fair. My heart truly breaks for her. So that's where I'm at...starting to feel sick, tired and unbelievably anxious for my u/s!!! With that said, I have such good feelings about everything so I'm trying to hold on to that!

We told my mom this weekend and the rest of Joe's family. Everyone was very very excited for us!!! That's about it so far!

8 weeks 3 days update:

I had those few bad days of m/s but now I'm feeling better. Just super SUPER tired!!! And unfortunately I have to work nights this week, till 11pm, so that's not helping. My boobs are HUGE (for me anyway) and sooooooo sore!!!! I'm just trying to focus on all the sympotoms to get me through. I have my first u/s TOMORROW (May 3rd) and I'm beyond nervous!!! I'm terrified there won't be a heartbeat but trying to remain positive. I will honestly be beside myself if there isn't becuae I do have such a good feeling about everything. So anyway, keep me in your prayers for tomorrow's appoitnment!!!!!

8 weeks 5 days update:

So yesterday was the best day EVER!!!! I had my first u/s and appt! After a long wait in the waiting room (well, not really, but it felt like forever) and the normal, weight, blood pressure, pee in a cup and 7 viles of blood...WE FINALLY SAW THE HEARTBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of coure, I cried! I think I was crying before I even saw it!!! At first, I didn't see anything at all and got a tiny bit freaked out, but then she moved the wand and there he/she was!!!!! According to my LMP I should have been 8 weeks and 4 days, but the u/s showed 7 weeks 5 days so because of that (and I think my nervousnes) we get another better u/s next week!!! YIPEE!!! Any reason to see the little flickering heartbeat again is totally worth it! As of right now, the due date would be Dec 17th but they said they would do the c section at 39 weeks so it will be earlier than that. We should know more next week as far as the due date. I might be a bit MIA becuase next weekend I'm going to Vegas for a bachelorette party...no drinking for me! Oh well, the price you pay!

As far as how I'm feeling...not too bad. I have to work nights this week (the last time for the pregnancy) so that's been hard, but other than being tired, not too bad. Been slacking on the whole working out thing, but I will get back to it. That's about it for now!
10 weeks 6 days:

Well, I'm sooooo close to the 2nd trimester I can taste it!!! So far this hasn't been too bad with the exception of the exhaustion. I know, I know - I would much rather be tired than sick but I feel like a big lazy bum! My bbs are still super sore and I'm actually starting to get a bump!!! So far I've only gained .4lbs so not sure how, but somehow my clothes aren't fitting!! Oh well, all things are different with #2 that's for sure. It's just frustrating becuase my maternity clothes don't fit yet and my other clothes are too tight! If I could live in sweats I would be one happy girl!!

We got our second u/s on May 12th!!! I had to go in with a full bladder so it made it quite difficult to enjoy. I was in such pain by the time we got in there that I was just like "Where is the baby and where is the heartbeat?" She actually turned the machine up so we could hear the heartbeat!!! I was so happy. It was a strong 165BPM!!!! We could see little limbs moving around and it was awesome!! I probably won't get another u/s till 20 weeks but I'm checking to see if my insurance covers the NT testing and if so we will do that and get to see baby again. Otherwise we will probably skip it becuase it's like $600 out of pocket.

We've thought about names, but have decided we are keeping them a secret. We probably won't decide 100% on the name until we know the gender anyway.

It's still all sinking in that I'm actually pregnant and that we are going to have TWO babies soon!!! It's a bit scary for sure!!

Next appointment is May 27th!
11 weeks 4 days update:

WOW! I had one interesting weekend. So it started with visiting the ER with my best friend. She's 25 weeks pregnant with triplets and was having some BH but her doc told her to go in to get checked out. So she went and I met her there. All was well. All babies are great and her cervix wasn't dilated. WHEW! So that evening I was attending a fitness competition with my best friend and another friend. So we were standing in line waiting for the doors to open and all of a sudden I just started bleeding?!?!?!?!? ***??? At first I thought it was just some discharge but it just kept coming and all I could feel was a lot of wet between my legs. I'm in public so I could just check to see if I was bleeding, but I just knew it was. So, I had already said once that I think I needed to use the bathroom and then when it just kept coming I was like "Girls, I'm bleeding!" And my friend Mary was like "What????" So we walked off to find a bathroom...sure enough my underwear was full of blood and when I went to the bathroom even more came out...bright red. I was absolutely terrified, TERRIFIED. So, she took me to the ER. The whole ride there I was just baffled. I wasn't cramping, I wasn't in any pain and just a week ago we saw the heartbeat for the second time?!?! Things just didn't make sense to me??? So I called DH and he met us at the hospital. I got checked in and back to an ER room. By this point, I was visibly upset. Of course, I was thinking the worst, but trying to remain positive. So they took my blood, made me drink a few glasses of water to fill my bladdar then FINALLY did the u/s. We immediately saw baby boucning all around with a strong heartbeat of 167BPM!!! Whew what a relief...however we weren't out of the woods. So the dang u/s tech wouldn't tell me a thing. I said "Does everything look ok?" and she said she couldn't tell me anything that the doc would talk to me...so that freaking me the F out! So after she gave her findings to the radiologist doctor who then talked to the ER doctor who then paged my on call OBGYN doctor...he FINALLY came in to talk to me. Turns out I had a subchorionic hemmhorage. Which basically is a tear in the placenta. I have now found out that its a small tear which is good and should repair itself on its own. My OB checked me yesterday and my cervix is still closed and in place so that's a great sign too. So basically, I am to sit and do NOTHING until this resolves. I was on strict bedrest for a few days now I talked my OB in to letting me go back to work as long as I just sit at my desk and no nothing (which luckily is what I do!!!) Right now I can't even pick up Paige but that should change tomorrow and I can at least pick her up from her crib in the mornings to get her to my MIL's. Overall, I'm in the best spot I can be in considering the situation we have been dealt. I was beyond terrified and honestly, still am. It'sj ust hard to relax when you know that there is still a threat to lose this baby. Most recover fully and have normal pregnancies so I have good odds. My other fear is when I had Paige it ended in an ER c section becuase the placenta was tearing away from the wall...my fear is that will happen again earlier than I want. So I'm still stressed out, but trying to remain positive. I have a follow up appointment on Friday the 27th so hopefully some of the restrictions will be lifted. That's the update for now...whew.
13 weeks 4 days update:

Whew, I take a breath and BAM 2 weeks have flown by!!! Happy to report that the bleed has officially STOPPED!!! I've had zero red/brown blood since the early morning hours of May 22nd! However, since then I've been on pelvic rest and restricted duty. Last week I got the clear to no longer be on restricted duty but I still couldn't work out and I was still on pelvic rest. So just yesterday I got the clear to workout!!! YIPEE!!! I'm so excited. They said I had to take it slow but that I could workout!! Still on pelvic rest though...poor Joe!!! Other than that I've been feeling good. I'm still having some food adversions...mainly to chicken which sucks since that was pretty much all I ate. I've gained 2.5lbs so not too bad. Hoping that my full appetite comes back soon and that the working out will help off set things too. Overall, I'm not doing too bad on my diet. I certainly have my days where I just let myself go, but for the most part I'm good! I don't have another appointment til June 23rd and then the next appointment after that should be for my BIG U/S!!! I'm beyond excited and can't wait!!! I'm totally thinking this one is a boy though...just becuase of the problems I've already had, but who knows. I was convinced that Paige was a boy too!

We had Paige's 2nd Birthday Party over the weekend. It was a huge success. Paige had so much fun and got a ton of great things!!! The biggest surprise was when my best friend's husband showed up dressed up as Elmo! The kids were so excited...all except Paige! She didn't know quite what to think and was a bit scared. We had so much fun though!

I can't believe I'm in the 2nd trimester already! WHOO HOO!!! I need to hit the store soon because, lucky me, I'm pregnant at the exact opposite time as last time so needless to say my long sleeved shirts and pants aren't going to cut it this hot summer!! Yipee.
15 weeks update:

WOW! So at the most I have 5 more weeks till we find out the gender! OMG I can't wait!!! Joe wants to do the whole gender party thing, but I'm not sure I can wait. I guess it depends on how long I have to wait for my big u/s! We shall see. OVerall, I'm feeling pretty darn good. I have started working out, slowly and it feels great!!! I started out just walking then did the elliptical then tried to lift some weights with doing some ab work. Not sure if it was the abs or weights, but I was sort of crampy afterwards. So I waited a bit and tried some weights again yesterday and this time instead of crunch type exercises I just did some planks and that seemed to go much better - except I'm super sore...but I my legs always get really sore when I work them out! AND AND AND...I even jogged (slowly) for 2 minutes at a time in between exercises with zero problems!! YIPEE!!! I'm just excited to do something somewhat "normal" for me!!! I also went and bought some new clothes and that helped me too. I am trying super hard to just embrace this bump and ever changing body but when you feel frumpy in your clothes it makes it difficult!

To date I have gained...drumroll please........5.1lbs! Not too bad, but last week I gained 1.6lbs and this week 1 lb exactly...I was hoping for more around .5lbs but what can ya do. I have been able to eat a little bit of chicken hear and there if I cut it up into baby size pieces!! But I can only do about 3 oz and then I'm DONE! Still obsessed with strawberries. I actually found this recipe for strawberry lemonade and its like a little piece of heaven for me!!!

Well, I have an appt in less than a week (June 23) and I'm beyond anxious. For some reason, I just really really need to hear the heartbeat. I have had so much anxiety lately about this pregnancy for some reason. I'm sure it's all in my head since I still have symptoms, but I can't shake the feeling. My bbs are still super sore (including my nipples) and my belly is growing and I get some round ligament pains so that's all good, but for some reason I just have this nagging feeling. I wish I would have gotten a doppler so I could check at home. OR I can't wait to feel some movement so that will give me some relief!!!

Anyway, that's about it for now!!! More to come after the 23rd!
19 weeks 4 days update:
It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!
We are just soooo excited!!!!! Of course, we were shocked since we totally have a girl name all picked out but have ZERO idea for a boy!! HAHA, that's how it goes huh? I clearly saw all the little boy parts so I'm sure!!! Everything looked great...heart, lungs, kidneys, brain...all of it! Baby boy weighed 9oz and is exactly where he should be. He's quite the little mover and is constantly doing summersaults! I can just hear him flippin in there saying "WEEEEEE!!!" Over and over!!! LOL...

Otherwise, all is great. Oh and my placenta looks great so guess what that means...NO MORE PELVIC REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!

I'm just about halfway through and can't believe it. Decemember still seems like forever away!!!

21 weeks and 6 days!!!

So I realized I hadn't updated in a while. Not much new here...except that we officially have a name!!!

Mason Joseph!!!!

I've been feeling pretty good lately except some bad allergies. This kid is a mover for sure...he's constantly moving around and Joe was finally able to feel him kick this past Friday, exactly 21 weeks!!! Love sharing that with him. Priceless!

I've gained...14lbs so far!!! Not too happy about it, but I'm dealing with it. Trying to stay active as I can, but I feel like we have been so busy lately. I have been walking on the treadmill at about a 12% incline and that kicks my butt!

In other news, my best friend had her triplets!!! I haven't been able to see them yet, but I"m soooo happy for them. Babies are doing great. She made it until 35 weeks. Max is 4lbs 10oz, Kendall is 4lbs 11oz and Ben is 5lbs 10oz!! All were born on August 1st! Max and Kendall are rockstars and as of today are out of their isolates and in their very own cribs. Ben is still having some oxygen issues but the docs aren't too concerned. It's normal for triplets. My best friend however has had some concerns. At first her pain meds didn't settle well then she had an allergic reaction to the something with the blood transfusion. But I hear she is doing better today! I can't wait to meet them. I showed Paige the pictures and she wants to see the pics over and over again. She loves them already!

29 Weeks 5 days update:

Well, I'm so sad that all of our journals were somehow deleted. I know I missed a ton of posts and I now missed my entire journal from Paige's pregnancy So anyway, here is my update so far. I had my 29 week appointment this past Monday and all is well. Mason's heartbeat was 140-150ish which they say is perfect. Got the results from my glucose test and I was perfect!! Not anemic or anything!! I measured right at 29 weeks so that's great too. Thankfully this doc didn't say anything about gaining too much weight. I'm up.....GASP....29lbs!!!!!!! I can't believe it! Part of me says, eh, whatever and just go with it, but the other, more logical part of me can't stand seeing the scale go up that much. My origninal goal was between 25-30lbs...guess I'm gonna exceed that one! I gained 46lbs with Paige so hopefully I just don't gain that much! My hips are starting to absolutely KILL me and so is my back. Mason sits super low and is constantly active so I'm sure that's the cause of it all. I have been suffering from allergies/sinus crap for over 2 months now and after two rounds of different antibotics I have just resorted to the fact that it's gonna be like this for the duration. Oh well. I counted today...67 more days...WOW!!! We have the room all painted and furniture all in. I have to wash his little clothes and put them away. We still have to decorate the nursery with this super cute decal and other things. Not sure if I'm going to get his name in letters on the wall or not. Haven't quite decided. But it's coming together and the bottom line is that if he decided to make an appearance tomorrow we would be ready!! I think that's it for now.

Paige is awesome! And she thinks she can "talk" to Mason through my belly button which is just adorable. I do feel bad though becuase I can already see our relationship changing and it breaks my heart. She so badly wants to help with everything and therefore is in to EVERTYHING which isn't always good. I just have such anxiety over how this new baby is going to effect our relationship. I'm sure it will all work out, but I"m still worried. I just want to shower her with all of my love now becuase I know after he arrives, I will have to split my time.

Anyway, that's about it for now!

Thank you Julka for my beautifully, perfect siggy!!

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October 2nd, 2011, 10:56 AM
daneeleigh's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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You don't look like you've gained that much, you're all belly!
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October 2nd, 2011, 01:09 PM
Mom2JDub's Avatar (formerly junie22)
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Love your progression pics! So cute!

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October 2nd, 2011, 01:12 PM
KCMomma's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Thanks girls!!!

Thank you Julka for my beautifully, perfect siggy!!

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October 7th, 2011, 03:59 PM
~Momma*2011~'s Avatar I love my little girl!!
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Gwen.......where are you!! I really miss seeing an update from you!! We need updated belly pictures!! Hope all is going ok... I can't believe we're into the 3rd trimester and your due date isn't that far away!!

I really hope that things level out after Mason is here.. I'm sure things will change but I think that after things settle down your relationship with Paige might change but it will change for the better!!
Jacky - Mommy to Caylyn (12/17/11) and Carter (10/8/13)

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