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~Basics of TTC & FAQs~

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February 10th, 2012, 01:31 PM
Wishinfor2ndblessing's Avatar Super Mommy
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Congratulations! You are on the journey to try and conceive. This time can be very exciting and to some can become quickly frustrating. Below you will learn the basics of what TTC is, I hope this information proves helpful and that your journey is a quick success!

Body’s Natural Cycle
Your cycle begins each month with the first day of your period. That’s right, your cycle begins with aunt flo’s visit. This is what is referred to as calendar day 1 (CD1) of your monthly cycle. Around CD7, The pituitary gland releases Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and a little bit of Leutinizing Hormone (LH) that begin to ripen an egg in your follicle. As the eggs ripen over approximately 7 days, they secrete more and more estrogen into the bloodstream. Estrogen causes the lining of the uterus to thicken. It causes the cervical mucus to change. When the estrogen level reaches a certain point, the pituitary will release a large amount of LH. This surge of LH triggers the one most mature follicle to burst open and release an egg at approximately CD14, (remember, all women are different, if we were the same, we wouldn’t have to measure these things). The release of the egg is called ovulation, and the time between ovulation and your next menstrual period is called your luteal phase. The luteal phase lasts for about 14 days. After the egg is released, the LH levels sharply drop off and progesterone levels in the body rise in case your body will need to support a pregnancy. Progesterone causes a rise in body temperature, so if you’re watching your temperatures, you can tell if the egg has been released by an increase in body temperature. If implantation and pregnancy occur, the body temperature will remain high because progesterone continues to be secreted. If implantation and pregnancy do not occur, the progesterone production decreases and the uterus of the lining will shed itself in your monthly menstruation.

Learn About Charting
Basal Body Temping Basics
Checking Cervical Mucus
Early Pregnancy Symptoms

TTC Abbreviations
TTC Abbreviation List.

How to post a picture/ signature
How to Post Pictures/Signatures.

O (ovulation) questions & General TTC questions
How do I tell when I’m ovulating if period is always on different days?
What are your symptoms of ovulation?(Symptoms of ovulation)
Early ovulation? Can you ovulate right after your period (Early ovulation?)
Which day do I use for cycle day 1? or first day of LMP?
How long do Sperm live in a women's body?

Fertility Aids
Lubricants and TTC (lubricant...)
soya isoflavones and getting pregnant? (soya isoflavones?)
Robitussin to improve CM (Robitussin Question....)
Instead Cup or Diva Cup as a fertility aid? (Diva cup question)
Progesterone cream and getting pregnant (Progesterone Cream)

BD (baby dancing ~ sex) & timing questions
Is it normal for semen to leak out after sex? (A quick question???)
Is it bad to have sex more than once a day? (Introduction and a unusual question)
Sex every day or every OTHER day to get pregnant? (BD every day or every OTHER day?)
Day after Ovulation? Any Chances?
Timing when TTC- When should we have sex?

CM (cervical mucus) questions

Pictures of CM
NFP software - Cervical Mucus page –Nice pictures of CM
Fertilityuk.org NFP page on Cervical Mucus –Nice illustrations and descriptions of CM.

General CM questions
How do I check for CM? (CM help)
Semen vs. EWCM? (Semen vs. EWCM)
How do you check your CM?
Do you get EWCM before, after or during O? (ovulation question)

CM before O
Can I get EWCM anytime besides around O time?
How long do you usually have creamy CM? (CM question?)
How long does EWCM last? (Question about CM)
Watery CM?

CM after O
EWCM at 8 dpo?
8 DPO tons of EWCM is this normal? (8 DPO tons of EWCM- normal??)
Snot Looking CM (Snot Looking CM?)- *cycle ended with a BFP
Lotiony CM 3 dpo (Gah, what the heck ~ lotiony cm???? pregnant??? updated)
Creamy CM 5 dpo (CM after O)
CM during 2ww?
CM after O

No CM/little CM
What has happened to my CM? (What has happened to my cm?)
Robitussin to improve CM (Robitussin Question....)

Cervix questions
How can you tell if your cervix is open or closed? (Question about cervix?!?!)
Cervix firm and high is AF on it's way?
How often does your cervix change position?
6 DPO. How should my cervix feel?

BBT (basal body temperature) charting questions
Consistency of Temps (Consistancy of Temps)
Temping times and bbt (Temping times)
Should I record my temperature if I drank alcohol the night before? (Question about charting temps)
Does your chart have to dip or be triphasic to be pregnant? (BBT Charting Question)
Should I temp vaginally? (? About temping)
When do your temperatures start falling if you aren't pregnant? (Silly question...........temps.)

OPK (ovulation prediction kits) questions

General OPK questions
OPK and timing of sex? (? about OPK and BD timing (X-posted on AIP))
Positive OPK, how much should I have sex? (Those of you that use OPK's help me out please)
What are your favorite brand of OPKs (OPK Recommendations???)
Are results of OPK still valid after testing time? (Opk q)
When do you ovulate after getting a positive OPK? (Confused about OPK)
Can you use first morning urine with OPKs? (Can you ( OPK users))

When should I test with an OPK?
If I usually ovulate C13-14 when should I start using OPKs? (If I usually O CD13-14, when do I start using OPK's?)
What time of day should I use OPKs? (first time user of OPKS)
When should I start using OPKs if I have long cycles? (When should I start using OPKs?)

When should I start seeing something on an OPK?
When should OPKs start looking positive? (When should they start looking positive? (another OPK question))
Do your OPKs gradually get darker? (Ovulation testing ?)
Do your OPKs start out light and then get dark? (Ovulation Test Question)
Does anyone else get no lines at all on OPKs?

Negative OPKs am I ovulating?
Can you ovulate and not get a positive OPK? (Is it possible (OPKs and ovulation))
lots of EWCM but OPK?? (lots of EWCM but -OPK??)

Multiple positive OPKs
Long LH Surge (Long LH surge?)
I already ovulated why are OPKs getting darker? (Apready O'd why are OPK's getting darker?)
I had a positive OPK last night and this morning? (Opk confusion?!)

Implantation/ Implantation Bleeding questions
How many DPO does implation happen???
Question about implantation bleeding...
Implantation Cramping? (Implantation cramping?)

HPT (home pregnancy test) & HCG level questions
Earliest positive home pregnancy test? (Earliest + HPT?)
How soon will a blood test show a postive?
When to test if your not positive when you've ovulated? (When to test if your not positive when you O'd?)
Do evap lines have color?

Pregnancy Tests Pics Arranged by DPO
JustMommies Message Boards - Topics Tagged with 8 dpo bfp
JustMommies Message Boards - Topics Tagged with 9 dpo bfp
JustMommies Message Boards - Topics Tagged with 10 dpo bfp
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JustMommies Message Boards - Topics Tagged with 12 dpo bfp
JustMommies Message Boards - Topics Tagged with 13 dpo bfp

Beta HCG Levels Chart taken from JM - HCG Levels in Pregnancy

Herbal Store

Bulk Herb Store - Herbs, herbal books, remedies, and articles

Oatstraw: Use any age any time. Tisane or tincture. High in nutrients esp calcium & magnesium. PMS/irritability relief, UTI, calcium deficiencies, toxin absorbant.

Rosemary: Safe at all times. Aromatic = sedative effect. Mild antiseptic.

Chamomile: Use any age any time. Strongest effect on liver and kidneys, toxin purge. Relaxant especially in children, dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea, UTI, headaches, PMS cramps, regulates menstrual flow.

Gingko bilboa: Use any age/gender, as often as desired. Active principles wear off in 8hrs. Decreases blood clotting, increases circulation = avoid use while taking blood clotting aid.

Lavender: Safe at all times. Bath, tisane, tincture. Relaxant in physical symptoms caused by stress, eg migraine. Tonic to the nervous system. Causes sweating and reduces fever as tisane.

Peppermint: Safe at all times. Catalyst, or activator. Internal = digestive, heartburn, colds and flu, headaches, dizziness, dysmenorrhea, nausea. External = fatigue, headache, muscle pain, itching, toothache, congestion.

Passionflower: Safe at all times. Tincture or tisane, or poultice for cuts and bruises. Mild sedative; balances nervous system; soothes muscle spasm. Anxiety, tension, cough, hyperactivity, high blood pressure.

White willow bark: NOT safe for pregnant women. Tincture, tisane. What asprin was originally made of, but will not thin the blood. Pain relief, fevers, inflammation.

Fennel seed: Use cooking, tisane, chew seeds. Infant colic, digestion, diuretic, milk production increase, breath sweetener, mild appetite suppressant.

Anise seed: Very similar to fennel. Same uses in menstrual cramp relief. Colic relief.

Feverfew: Bitter taste in tisane. NOT for use during pregnancy or nursing. Local poultice for sting/bite relief. Eases inflammation, migraine, lowers blood pressure. Blood clotting agent.

Mama's blend: contains red raspberry leaf, alfalfa, nettles, peppermint. Safe at all times, especially women's use TTC, pregnant or nursing. Nutritionally high. Nettles = blood clotting, so may be helpful to replace nettles for gingko during menses.

(Note: I am also making a Mama's blend tincture for a stronger impact use, or use on days I prefer to drink another tisane.)

Cough blend: licorice root, ginger root, red clover tops. Expectorant, antispasmodic, circulation increased. NOT for use during pregnancy or nursing. May elevate estrogen with prolonged use.

Dr Cinnamon blend: (this is my version of Shoshanna's) cinnamon, orange peel, green tea, gingko, red raspberry leaf. Great morning blend.

Good Luck with Your Trying To Conceive Journey. May it be short, sweet, and filled with lots of love, laughter, and friendship.

A BIG thank you to *Kiliki* for my beautiful siggy!

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