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Alayniya LeAnn-Blanca Santos

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February 14th, 2007, 08:55 PM
daffy88's Avatar Veteran
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Okay. This is a very late birth story. It's been posted on my Myspace Blog since about a week after I got out of the hospital, but since Baby Fever is going around, I figured maybe some people would like to read:

As some of you probably know, I had preeclampsia during my pregnancy. Basically very high blood pressure. During the last 2 months of my pregnancy, I was being monitored very closely, and in the last month, I was having Non-Stress Tests (where they monitor the baby's heart for 30 minutes at a time) twice a week and having 24 hour urine tests once a week (to test for protein in my urine, a very bad sign). One of my midwives called on Saturday the 5th with the results of my last 24 hour urine test, and informed me that she was going to set me up for induction (where they make me go into labor with a pill or a shot) the next Tuesday, the 8th. Of course, I was very excited, and got it all arranged. The way they set up induction is the midwives set the day, then the pregnant woman calls the morning of the induction so the hospital can set up what time she comes in, just in case they're very busy (true labor patients come first, of course). So, at 6 am on the morning of the 8th I called St. Josephs hospital, and they informed me that they were really busy, and would call me back later that afternoon to set up a time for the induction (I assume after a few of the women had their baby...they have a limited number of doctors, ya know?). So I went back to bed for about an hour, then couldn't sleep so kinda just laid around and read, since I was on bed rest and wasn't supposed to be up and about and Alejandro was working until 11 am. I started getting a back ache at about 9:30, but didn't think too much of it since my back always hurt. Then my stomach started to hurt too, but I figured it was because I'd kinda binged the night before (if you're induced, you're not allowed to eat, so I went crazy lol) and that I probably just...had to go to the bathroom. So I went in and tried and tried but I couldn't get anything out. Then the pain stopped, so I went back to bed. about 10 minutes later, the pain started again, so I thought maybe I could go. Still nothing. This keeps going on for about 45 minutes, the pain in my back slowly getting worse. I was really thinking that I'd eaten something really bad last night, and my kidneys and intestines were in pain because of it...The thing that kept going through my mind was food poisoning. So at about 10:15 the pain was so bad that I was in bed crying, with butt in the air and my chest on the bed, the only position that gave me some sort of relief. The pain would subside a little, and I would try to read to distract myself, and then it would come back. Throughout all this, I keep trying to go to the bathroom, and still nothing.

At this point I'm getting really worried, and I'm thinking maybe there's something wrong with the baby...I'd heard that food poisoning can cause miscarriages...of course, I'm grasping at straws trying to figure out what's wrong with me, and I'm scared to call the doctor, thinking they're probably going to tell me that it's just diarriah (so spelled that wrong). It wasn't until 10:45 that it even occured to me that this could be contractions, but as the pain was ALL in my back, started REALLY suddenly, AND I wasn't due for another 4 days, I knocked that idea right now, but DID start paying more attention to how often the pains were coming, at this point, about every 6-7 minutes, not perfectly regular, but pretty close.

So I try walking around, I try stretching my back, I try laying down, I try sitting, I try squatting...anything to relieve the pain. Nothing is working, so I finally decide that maybe I SHOULD call the hospital and find out if it IS labor, just to make myself feel better. Plus, I knew Alejandro would be mad at me if I was in that much pain and didn't call the doctor. AND I wanted to find out if they'd figure out a time for me to come in for induction yet. So I called, and, crying hysterically, blurted out that I thought I was in labor but didn't know. The lady put a nurse on the phone, and I told her that I thought I was in labor, but the pain was really really bad in my back, pretty regular...then I told her that I was scheduled for an induction that day. So she puts someone else on the phone. She asked my name, and when I told her, she laughed and said that she was just about to call me to tell me to come down for my induction. I told her about my pain, and she said "Well, no matter what it is, you have to come in, so just come on down." I hung up at about 10:50, and figured that since Alejandro was off in 10 minutes anyway, I wasn't going to call him and panic him, so I just waited.

I get a text message at 11:05 from my husband that he's on his way home. I'm thrilled to pieces, but wait about 15 more minutes and he's still not home (it only takes him about 10 minutes to get home). At this point, my pain is so bad that I can't stop crying, and I'm walking around the house packing the bags, trying my ######est to distract myself. I had everything in a pile by the door when finally I call him and say "Where are you?" He tells me "outside," and I tell him that we have to go to the hospital NOW. I guess he thought I meant for the induction or something, lol. So I start dragging the bags closer to the door so he can help me carry them out, since I'm not supposed to be doing anything that causes exertion. I wait about 5 more minutes for him to come in, and finally give up, put all the bags on, and go outside. He's standing outside talking to the neighbors about how we're having the baby today, and he turns and looks at me like I'm crazy.

"What are you doing?" he asks me.

"I'm in labor. We have to go NOW!" I said, and give him one of the bags. He just gets this dazed look on his face and says "really?" I nod and grimace, because another pain is coming. We rush to the car, him being really careful with me, helping me up the stairs and in the car and everything. While he loaded everything, I explain to him that I'm not 100% sure I'm in labor...and told him what happened. He's totally scared and excited, and then I have another pain and he kinda freaks out. I'm like baby, I'm okay lol So I call my mom, and she says "I'm on my way!!" and Alejandro tries to call his mom and she's not home. Then we happen to drive right by her, and he yells out the window that we're going to the hospital.

So we get to the hospital, and of COURSE, the emergency parking lot is full. Alejandro tries to park in the handicapped spot, and I'm yelling "NO! That's a huge ticket. I'm not going to die if I have to wait a few minutes. I'll go check in, and you can park across the street." He complains that he doesn't want to leave me, but I get out with my purse, remind him not to forget my bag, and I go in. I tell the lady at the desk that labor and delivery is expecting me, and that I'm in labor. They already had most of my information, only needed copies of my insurance, so I'm giving her those while having contractions. She turns around to go make copies, and as she's walking back, I feel a weird "blub" and warmness running down my legs...it basically felt like I peed myself but I had no control over it. She comes back and I give her a shaky smile and say "I think my water just broke." She smiles and gives me back my stuff. Another lady comes over and she's checking me into labor and delivery...the first lady gives her my name and everything, and she asks me if my water has broken...I told her "I think so..." and they all kinda laughed. At this point, I'm panicking, because it's been more than 10 minutes and Alejandro STILL isn't back, and I'm NOT going upstairs without him. So I'm looking out the door, and finally he runs in, panting. He's like "the other parking was full too, so I had to park around the block. So we wait about a minute, and someone comes out with a wheelchair for me...very cool. I told her I was gonna get the chair all wet, and she laughed and told me it happens a lot. So she wheels me up. I'm still having contractions at this point, but the nurse lady keeps talking to me, asking me about the baby, to distract me. We go up with like 6 other ladies, and they're all telling me it's such a beautiful day to give birth, and wishing me luck...it was kinda neato. So I go in, and they get me in bed and all hooked up to the machines and they tell me I have to be on them for 20 minutes because they need the babies heartbeat...I'm pretty sure it was partly because of my blood pressure and part because they wanted to make sure that the baby's heartbeat didn't drop when I had contractions. They asked me about medications, and I told them that I wanted to try an analgesic first, but I was not opposed to an epidural if the pain was that bad. So she asked me if I wanted the analgesic now, and I looked at her like she's crazy and say "YEAH!" So my mom comes in, and I let her know what's going on...she was freaking out because she didn't know that my water had broken...wasn't even sure I was in labor...and the lady at the front desk told her my water broke, lol. So the analgesic started to work pretty quick...I could still feel the contractions, but they weren't as bad. But about 15 minutes into the heart monitoring, I start to get REALLY uncomfortable laying on my back, so my mom asks if I can get up, turn over...something, and they say no, that they haven't gotten enough heartbeat. I like DAMMMNNN lol but I suffer through it. After they took the monitor off, the midwife came in and checked me and she told me I was about 3 cm. dialated, but that the baby was still too high...-1 or something like that. I was in too much pain at that point to care. I told them that the analgesic was wearing off (I know that sounds quick, but it had really been about an hour or so) and they asked if I wanted more or if I wanted an epidural. I told them to let me think for a few minutes...I asked my mom and Alejandro what they thought...my husband didn't care, but my mom said she thought no...but then she went out to the nurses station to ask for water and they told her that the epidural would lower my blood pressure, which was dangerously high. So she told me that maybe it WOULD be a good idea. By this time, the pain was so bad, that no matter WHAT my mom said, I was going to have the ###### epidural, lol. So not 5 minutes later the anastesiologist (Pssssh I dunno how to spell that) came in and put the epidural in...didn't hurt at all actually. The only thing that sucked was that I had like 2 or 3 contractions in the middle, and I couldn't move at all...all I could do was squeeze Alejandro's hands (my mom had to leave the room...she didn't want to see the epidural go in) and cry. But it was done quick, and started to work REALLY quick. But all of a sudden, like 3 nurses and the midwife appear in the room and start talking about my blood pressure...I guess it dropped really really low...My blood pressure is normally 150/80 or so...I got down to like 91/50 or something like that. So she shoots some medicine into my IV, and I immediately get this SPLITTING headache...the absolute WORST thing I've EVER felt in my life. And I'm not exaggerating. It really felt like my head was going to explode...I could feel my heartbeat in my head...and all I'm doing is screaming...now I'm not normally a screamer but I was SCREAMING. Alejandro's freaking out, going "What's going on, what's going on?" and I'm screaming at them to make it stop...Saying "if you don't make it stop I'm going to pass out...I can't breathe and I can't hear...make it stop" and they're trying to yell over me to calm down...I'm like NO! You cannot IMAGINE the pain. Finally the pain decreases to a level of bearable-ness...not gone but more like a normal headache...so they put me on oxygen. I ask about pain medication, but they can't give me anything because of the epidural until it's out. So I have to suffer.

Of course, at this point, my contractions are about 3 1/2 or 4 minutes apart (My mom's timing them and keeping me updated) and I can't really feel them apart from a little bit of pressure. So I'm dozing, trying really hard to sleep. Of course, now that the pain's gone, I'm absolutely STARVING...not surprising since I hadn't eaten anything all day. But since they put the epidural in, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything except ice. Not even water until they put the cathetar in. Alejandro's mom comes in, and everyone's chilling, watching TV...the midwife comes back in pretty soon after the headache problem and checks me again...and tells me I'm 5 cm. now. I look at her like she's crazy and say "all that work for 2 centimeters?!?!?!" she laughs and tells me I'm doing great, and she'll be back to check me soon. So I'm dozing in and out, resting all I can since I know I'll be pushing at some point.

Finally at about 6 pm, the midwive comes back to check me. My mom's downstairs calling home and calling my dad, letting everyone know what's up. She puts a hand in, pops it right back out, and says "Well, you're 10 cm." I just gape at her...no way! She says "yep...but you're not ready to push yet...I want your uterus to do a little more work dropping her out before you push." I was just in shock because everyone told me first births take FOREVER...and that I could expect to be in labor for between 12 and 24 hours...most likely about 18 or 20. I was in labor for no more than 8 hours! So I send Alejandro down to fetch my mom...she comes back in and gets very excited when I tell her I'm at 10. So I'm resting some more and finally the midwife comes in and we all get set up. I do one practice push, and do a pretty good job considering the whole of the lower part of my body is numb. The whole labor process was pretty gruesome, so lemme make it short and sweet: try to imagine doing the HARDEST work you can imagine doing and the most PAINFUL work you can imagine for 2 1/2 hours without a break. That's about how it felt. I had my mom on one side, Alejandro and his mom on the other, and they're holding my legs while I push and push and push...I couldn't get that ###### head out for the life of me. I guess she was turned around, so the midwife had to flip her because her head just wouldn't come out the other way. At about 8:30, after pushing for 2 whole hours, I'm exhausted. Absolutely, completely exhausted. I'd thrown up three times (mostly bile and water) partly because of the contractions and partly because of the headache, and I was just DONE. I hear the midwife saying that maybe I'm too tired, they might have to take me in for a C-section. My mom looks me right in the face and says "NO. You've gotten this far. Her head is RIGHT there. You can DO this." So, everytime a contraction came, I pushed, and everytime it stopped, I laid back and kept trying to go to sleep, and said "I can't do it I can't do it I can't do it...oh NO not again...." and the whole process started over again. (My mom told me after that she talked to the midwife while I was pushing about all the blood, and she told her that I had a pretty bad tear up by my cervix already...so my mom figured that if I HAD a C-section, not only would I be cut across the tummy, I'd be in a lot of pain down there too, so she figured it was better if I just finished it this way.) Finally, I just got pissed. I was doing pushes of about 10 counts, about 2 times every contraction before. The nurse goes "You can do it. Give me two good pushes and you can get her out." Man, I put everything I had in those pushes....and her stupid fat head STILL wouldn't come out. lol. So I said "AGAIN" and gave it another REALLY good push....and still nothing. They look up and tell me the contraction is still going on....so I say "ONE MORE" and PUUUUSHHHHHH and out she pops. I'm freaking DONE by this time. My mom's yelling at me "LOOK LOOK LOOK" and I've got my eyes closed, half asleep. They plop the baby, blood and all, on my tummy, and I get the first view of my baby girl. But I'm too freaking exhausted to even cry. So they take her away, set up the bed so they can stitch me up, and I go to sleep. She's getting her first shots, and all cleaned and wrapped up and warm. They give her to daddy, then to Gramma, then back to me and I hold her, looking at her. All I can think about is how beautiful she is. Mosts babies come out all wrinkly and squished and ugly, but not my Alayniya. She was gorgeous!! And of course, everyone's laughing about how huge her head is...she does have a gigantic cabeza. lol.

Then I say "someone take her, I'm gonna throw up." My sister had come in and she's like "ewwww" lol and I throw up again. So the nurse asks me if I want to take some medicine to stop the nausea, but it'll make me sleepy. I say yeah, so she puts it in my IV and I go IMMEDIATELY to sleep. I don't remember too much about the rest of the night...a little bit when they took me downstairs...they made me get in the wheelchair and got me into bed where I went to sleep again while daddy held Alayniya...then they came in later and gave her a bath and put her in bed with me. I'd breastfed a few times, and was already not really liking it...she was having a hard time latching on and it hurt a lot...but I fed her again and we went to sleep together.
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