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So Frustrated!!!!!!!

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September 19th, 2011, 06:35 PM
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: North Carolina
Posts: 4
Hi! I'm new to the boards and I am really in need of some advice. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes two weeks ago at 11 weeks. I was honestly shocked because I've always had healthy eating habits. I know understand that the reason I was tested so early is because of my family history of diabetes. Both my mother and grandmother are diabetic. I never thought I would really have to worry about it since there are so many things I don't eat, just as a normal habit. Anyway, let me get to the crux of my problem......

What in the heck can I eat?????????

*blows breath* Ok, let me explain. Like I said, I've always had healthy eating habits. I've never been the kid to pig out on ice cream and pizza. At age 16 I swore off all forms of processed meats and about 3 years later I swore off all beef and pork all together. Although as a kid I did have a fondness for pasta and breads, I eventually switched to whole wheat everything. I have issues with that now because my husband is not a fan of whole wheat anything and has refused to buy it in the past if he goes grocery shopping. And it gets very frustrating having to buy two of everything in the house, so I would just relent sometimes. Ok, back to the point. Last year, I stopped using whole and 2% milk unless I was baking or I just had to have a bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch (a once in a blue moon occurance). Instead, I use Almond Milk (Vanilla if I'm making a smoothie). I stopped eating canned fruit last year as well and opt for raw, natural fruits. I don't eat things like chips and salty snacks. But I do (or used to) eat fiberous foods like beans and leafy greens on the regular.

So, here in lies the problem. I go in for my diabetic counselling and I'm told all the fatty and fried foods to stay away from. All of which I just shrugged off because I don't eat them anyway. But I was also told to stay away from fruit juices and fresh fruits, which kills me because that has always been a large part of my diet. If I'm hungry, I grab grapes and mangos and strawberries and anything else I can get my hands on so I can snack away without packing on useless calories. I've never been a label reader, but I've always been conscious of what I eat. Trying to stay on this almost ridiculous carb counting kick is killing me. I can't find enough of any snack that fits within my carb calender to fill me up enough between meals that I'm not shaking and ravenous by the time I'm able to really eat. I'm almost tearing my hair out. And someone mentioned vegetables to me, but I need more variety.

And let me add the last bit of my whiny rant to the mix. lol There are certain types of food that I'm being told should be ok to eat that I just can't because they make me nauseaus. Oh, and did I mention that fruit juices and fruits seem to calm my nausea this time? *sigh* lol Anyway, anything that I call a cold milk product will set me off on a spiral of nausea that has me WISHING I could get something up. So yogurt, cold cheese, cottage cheese, glasses of milk, anything like that is out. I do eat nuts, but I'm very cautious with them because of the constipation risk and my own personal fear. I'm high risk with an incompetant cervix. I've lost two children to it and both times I was in a bathroom. So, I have my own fears about eating anything that will cause me those types of issues. Probably silly, but it's the truth.

This ended up much longer than I expected, but I really do need some help. The portion sizes on a 20 carb snack are way to small to do anything to curb my hunger between meals and I'm afraid of making myself sick. If anyone out there has any suggestions, I would love to hear them! Please!
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September 20th, 2011, 02:23 AM
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 29
First of all, if your GD, it's not due to your diet it's your genes. I'm also not a high risk person - healthy eating, sports, not overweight - but I'm doing this the fourth time round, third time on insulin.

Actually I would advise to talk to your diet cousellor. It sounds as if you'd be having trouble getting all the protein you need with your kind of diet (not to mention calcium, iron and all that stuff). Did you tell him/her about what you're eating regularly? They should be able to assess whether your baby gets all it needs (a good friend of mine, vegetarien herself for decades turned to a vivid meat eater during pregnancy, so try listening to your body).

Did you start testing your blood sugar after meals and snacks? What do the numbers say? Fruit without protein will make your sugars spike, I can only have bananas with plain yoghurt, for example.

The trick is to eat 1g of protein with every 2g of carb. And off course now you have your diagnosis, whole meal is the diet of the day - seesm like your hubby will have to go shoppiong on his own now.

Good luck !

(maybe also try the GD board on babycenter)
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September 20th, 2011, 09:37 AM
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: North Carolina
Posts: 4
Thanks for the reply. No, she didn't ask what my normal diet was like. My OB did. And I did ask her if I had any worries since all I eat is Chicken, Turkey, and Fish. My OB said I was fine as long as I include veggies that have high levels of iron, which is a general practice of mine.

I guess I'm wary of my counselor because she wasn't much help to begin with. As I said, she didn't ask about my current diet. She just went down the list of things I shouldn't eat. Every so often, she would stop and say, "You know what I mean?". Either I or my husband would just say, "No because I/she doesn't drink/eat that." And she never offered any real alternatives. When I mentioned that fruit was a huge part of my diet and what I normally use to fill up between meals, she just said I would have to cut back to maybe one piece of fruit a day like an apple and to cut out all fruit juices. But she didn't tell me what to fill the void with. I guess I'll try her again. I had a procedure right after I was diagnosed and I have a follow up appointment with my OB tomorrow. I'll ask again then. Thanks for the help. I'm trying to stay calm and not stress about it because I hear that stress can cause my levels to spike as well.

I swear this particular child is going to wear me down before he/she ever makes an appearance in the world! lol
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September 21st, 2011, 01:36 AM
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 29
My snacks revolve around peanut butter toast (whole meal). If I'm still hungry I have salted almonds (love them), cheese or smoked turkey - those do not have carbs but are filling. Ah, and 85% dark chocolate.
Apart from the cheese those would be OK for you?

Being GD means that it's not the calories you should worry about, basically you need a lot of protein (and fat) to smooth out your sugars. I never ate that many nuts in my whole life.

Fruit juice is evil, sadly, it makes the sugar spike, but if you add enough protein to your fruit, maybe the numbers will stay OK - though I have to admit the combination of banana with yoghurt sounds more appealing than say banana and turkey...
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September 22nd, 2011, 06:59 AM
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: North Carolina
Posts: 4
I've started eating pistachios, mostly. I try to stay away from too many nuts right now for fear of constipation. Chocolate has never really been my thing, really. I know, I'm a weird woman! lol I have had cravings in the past where I wanted a Symphony bar with Toffee chips or a frozen snickers bar.

And I can have the cheese as long as it's hot. So I eat a lot of hot turkey and cheese sandwiches lately. I did try to talk to the dietician yesterday, but she had 3 other people she had to speak to, so I have to wait until she can call me back.

Also, my husband and I got into it this morning because I was complaining about not being able to get enough food to keep me feeling well. He said, "Well, things are just going to be a little crazy for a few months." I swear the pregnancy hormones almost made me go lizard brain on him! lol But I calmed down and challenged him to eat my low carb diet for as long as he could and function at work. So he started this morning with 40 carbs worth of cereal and I have to text him everytime he needs to eat. This is going to be interesting. hahahahahahaha
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September 23rd, 2011, 02:47 AM
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 29
another meal idea: anything with eggs. I know a lot of GD ladies eat them for breakfast and dinner (at least!). Self made whole meal pancakes work for me, as well as omlettes (love them with tomatoes and cheese). Very filling, lots of protein and not a lot of carbs
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October 8th, 2011, 12:55 AM
TheBoyMaker's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 2,787
Diabetes runs in my family as well. Matter of fact after the birth of my third child I have pre-diabetes, which I think is a dumb term. To me you either have it or dont, and I feel I do have it.
When I was pregnant the only way I could keep my sugar levels in control was when I ate 6 times per day and when my breakfast was very light. Such as 1 or 2 eggs with 1 toast with butter. No Jelly or fruit or sugar in the AM. If I didn't have the egg I had 1 slice of bread with peanut butter, or organic (or one with 25 or so carbs) oatmeal mixed with Original non sweetened Almond Milk or water. I could not eat cold cereal or anything outside of this. Reason being is because your mornhing sugar levels will spike higher than the rest of the days levels. You fast all night and then wake and need to eat some thing that is not going to give you an immediate spike but a gentle rise. Then exactly 2 hours after breakfast I ate a carb with protein snack. Such as cheese and crackers or small apple (not much bigger than my hand) and peanut butter, etc. Then lunch was exactly 2 hours after the snack, I had like 2 carb choices and a protein. Two hours after that I had another snack. 1 carb 1 protein. Two hours after that was dinner which I had three carbs and 1 protein. My last snack of the day was always no later than 9pm. I fast from 9pm to 8 - 9am.
For me it was all about eating small and many times exactly at the same time each day so my sugar levels never spiked or went crazy. The constant worry was horrible though.
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February 22nd, 2012, 04:55 PM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 3,013
I feel your pain!! It sucks to be on a "measured" carb diet. And no sugars I was told that there was nothing I could have done differently to have NOT gotten gestational diabetes. The problem lays with the placenta, where it's not processing the sugars as well as it should, during pregnancy. So even if you are a pre-healthy eater, it doesn't mean that you won't get GD. Unfortunately all types of food contain sugars, like carbs. So with my diet, i have to limit my carbs at each meal and snack time, which sucks!
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