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Team Green - IT'S A BOY! - Hunter Ian is here.

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  • 10 Post By drewbears

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October 3rd, 2013, 09:08 AM
drewbears's Avatar Mom to 8 AWESOME kids!
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Delaware
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Hunter Ian
Born September 28th 2013 @ 1:53am
5lbs 15.6oz
19 3/4 inches long

Whew! Where to begin? The pregnancy in general seemed to keep things unpredictable so the birth shouldn't have a surprise to me.

Thursday September 26th I had my regular NST appointment and ultrasound to check the fluid levels. NST was passed quick as can be. I think I had 2 contractions that didn't really show up, no biggie. I had contractions all the time on and off anyway. At the ultrasound which was also quick as can be, BoJangles was head down like he should be, and had been for the last few weeks. The only thing that was different was the fluid level. Usually it was around 12-14 and I was always a hold and call to get the docs okay to leave, but Thursday it was over 21. The tech said the level was so good I didn't need to wait. So Sophie and I went about our day running around.

We hit the mall in search of tiny white baby socks and had lunch. When we were there I had a feeling as though I was leaking. It was the same one I had earlier in the pregnancy the one weekend we had a tournament to be at. When I let the nurse know the Monday after the tournament they checked me and said no fluid. I still think it was a small leak that just repaired itself. Anyways..... I figured nah not leaking this time just need a new bladder and went on about the day. Had a few contractions here and there of course.

The day went on like usual. Scott got off work and had to go over to the soccer field to get stuff done. I was on school pick up and soccer practice duty. Kimmy stayed home with Sophie and Micah and made dinner. Andrew had an away game so Scott would get him later. I had the others over to practice. I remember thinking that tomorrow all we would be doing was run to get a few things I forgot at the store and then Sophie and I would have a day to snuggle and relax. I was really looking forward to a Mommy Sophie day. I decided at the park to walk, hoping that would do something with the contractions. Usually it would make them fizzle out, I figured if I was gonna have them it would be nice if they were actually doing something so that when they checked me at my next appointment they could say no worries about needing cervidil when we induce. Again I still felt like I was leaking, even made a joke about it to someone.

Once we were home, the kids were getting dinner and getting ready for bed and for the next day. I was a little sad that Sophie was asleep when we got home, I love my nightly snuggles with her. I decided to take a shower and opted to put a pad on just incase. Btw I didn't mention any of the thoughts of leaking to Scott. It actually seemed like I was gonna get to sleep early. I get into bed and hubby is rubbing my feet and I feel it. Yup my water broke. To which I say out loud CRAP my water broke! Scott of course thinks I'm joking and then realizes I'm not. That was about 9:30.

I get up and go to the bathroom and sure enough its just pouring out, I change the pad and sit there, get my phone and try to call my mom to let her know before it was too late and she had gone to bed. I just wanted her to come over so that when we decided to go in, she was already here. My plan was to just stay home and sleep for the night. I figured the pouring would stop and I could lay down. Well at first I couldn’t get ahold of my mom. I called over and over and finally got her to pick up and told her my water broke, and asked if she could come over and sleep here so we could go when we were ready. Then I decided I better get stuff done that needed to be done for the weekend and get a list of who needs to be where and who needs what for my mom.

I had to get some soccer tournament emails and such sent out and taken care of. Had to get ref money and paperwork ready for the games for the weekend since Scott would need to be on top of that. Got all the stickie notes of who needs to be where when and why on the cupboard for my mom. Then I tried to lay down. I thought I was actually gonna be able to sleep, but I had a few pretty strong contractions and the water was just gushing out. When my water broke with sophie, it was just a little gush here and there, this was so much more, so I figured I would call the doc as a heads and up and ask if I can stay home, and when to come in. Doc called me back and I explained it all and asked if I could stay home. He asked what the result of my group B was, it was +, he said sorry you need to go in so we can start the meds. I was okay with this though. Surprisingly, I was okay.

We got to the hospital about 2ish in the morning. The nurses asked if it was a full moon outside cuz it was really crazy busy there. We had to actually wait for them to move a mom out after she delivered and clean the room to take me in my room. So I get in my room, get all the things set and in order. She gets me hooked up to the monitors, I remember when she was looking for the heartbeat, lately it had been down low below my belly button to the one side, she wasn’t finding it, wasnt finding it and then she found it up over on my left side in between my ribs and belly button. I looked at scott and said oh thats not good. But figured nah, its just a fluke. They checked me I was dilated to 2 about 40% effaced, and they confirmed that yes my water was broken. I was having what looked like very light contractions on the monitor, they felt harder than what showed on the monitor of course. Once they got the IV going and the antibiotic going the doc said I could sleep till morning. So I got to doze till about 6. I couldn’t sleep anymore. At about 7 the actually brought me a clear diet tray. I opted to drink the OJ but that was it. I wasn’t hungry.

When the doctor came in around 830 she asked if I was ready to start pit, and I had told her that I would like to walk around first to see if that would pick up things since in the night when I would get up to use the bathroom, the contractions would get harder. She said sure, but first lets check you. She checks me and said I was still the same, no progress, but she didn’t think she was feeling the head. My heart sank. She had them get the ultrasound machine and did an ultrasound and confirmed, BoJangles flipped to butt down, head under my left ribs. I started crying.

Lets just say, the doctor I had was AMAZING! She sat down and said, well we have options…..
1. We can do the csection, told me the risks, the recovery time expectation (which is a minimum 4 day stay in the hospital WTH?!) No driving for 2 weeks, and all that fun stuff.
2. We can proceed with labor, and since baby is butt down, we can do a breech delivery.
3. We can do a version and try to flip the baby, and go on with close monitoring if we can flip baby, and have a regular delivery.

She said she would let us talk for a bit, if we had any questions let her know. I had until 2 in the afternoon to make a final decision because I had drank the OJ, they couldn’t do a csec till after 2. We talked it over for a bit, and had many questions and she answered. I was very worried about an epidural in general because I had had such a bad experience the last 2 births, I was afraid for things to turn out bad again if I had an epi or even a spinal for a csec. After debating the pros and cons, I said no I wasn’t wanting to do a breech, I was afraid of it not working and ending in a csec anyway. We decided lets try the version, if it doesn’t work we tried all we could and we would have to do the section. The doctor first had to do another ultrasound to see if there was enough fluid left in there to flip. If there wasn’t enough obviously we were stuck. Thankfully she saw there was enough and said lets go. They said they would get the anesthesiologist (who was the best one on staff according to my nurses) to come in and we would get ready to go. They wanted to get the epi in before the version because if it didn’t work or if the baby was in distress they would have to do a stat csec. The epidural went in PERFECT! Seriously the best one yet. He didn’t make me feel like stressed at all, his voice and way of talking was very calming actually.

Once that was in they had me lay down and had to wait to make sure it took full effect, once that was confirmed there was 3 other anesthesiologists that came in the room to get things ready and I got a dose of something else that made it so I couldn’t move or feel anything from under my boobs on down. Once that was in full effect they had everyone else come in, my doc, several nurses, and who knows who else. I had my hubby have our daughter go out in the waiting area, I didn’t want her to be in there in case things went bad. (she came over about 8 that morning since we was going to be there for the birth)

I believe it was around 10-1030am when they started the version. They put me flat back and told me to relax and breath, deep breaths and blow out. I couldn’t at first I got all choked up and felt like I couldn’t breath, but my one nurse (who is a personal friend) and the anesthesiologist who was on my right side were awesome in getting me to calm down. I was shaking so bad, not even cold, just shaking I couldn’t get that to stop till they started talking to me and breathing with me. The doctor was able to get started. All I remember is staring at the ceiling and trying to breath and then finally just closing my eyes. It felt like my lungs were gonna come up out of my throat, and I was trying so hard to not cry. I am not sure how long it took, the doc would stop and check the babys heart rate and check position on the ultrasound. After the first try, baby ended up going the opposite way than what she wanted, but she said, thats fine, it will work better actually. The she got him laying completely sideways, and finally head down.

They had to let me be for a bit and watch the heart rate for a bit before starting pit and then we were good to go. My friend was there who was taking pictures of the birth, and she said wow! It was so tense. She said you could see it on the nurses faces once he moved into position everyone finally breathed. They got the pit going and we were able to kinda just sit around and joke around and such. I could feel a little pressure when there was a contraction but that was it. We figured baby would come out by 3:30 friday afternoon. HA HA HA The doc I had had gone back to the office, and wanted to confirm that he was still head down. The other doc came in and did the ultrasound and she just wasn’t sure if she was seeing the head or not. It was a little funny cuz they decided to facetime each other so the other doctor could see it. She confirmed that baby was still head down.

3:30 came and went and my friend had an engagement session up north at 5:30 and she said she would come back after just hope I didn’t have the baby till she got back. At 6:30pm I was still only at 2cm, and contractions seemed to be picking up. They did have to have me keep going from one side to the other though because BoJangles heart rate would go so low during contractions.

I ended up getting sick and throwing up at some point that evening, I had had such a headache they let me have Tylenol, but on an empty tummy that probably wasn’t the best. At this point my temp was starting to go up, only a little, but it was still going up. I kept watching the monitor cuz I could see the heart rate going down, but the nurse said it was okay, they were not concerned at this point. During the pregnancy with all the flipping around or staying breech BoJangles did, I always had a thought in the back of my mind, what if there is a reason it cannot stay head down. A cord issue, or what if the cord got wrapped around from all the flipping? So seeing the heart rate going down made me scared, but it would come back up. Many times I felt like saying okay can we stop and just do the section cuz I was at 2 cm for what seemed like forever. I even felt like I would have some pressure, almost hurting during a contraction and I was only at 4-5. The doc (at this point I was on my 4th doctor since my water broke) said he wanted the internal monitors in and did this quickly. I think that was about 11pm. I asked then how much longer they would let me go since at that point it had been well over 24 hours since my water broke. They said as long as my temp doesn’t spike up high and baby can tolerate the contractions we were okay to keep going. He said he had a feeling if I just got to 6 cm, it would go really fast from there.

At about 1ish I started to kinda feel pressure and asked if they could check. I was at 6cm finally. She started to get the room set up, and told me when I felt like I needed to push to let her know. During this time (I think like 10pm and on) my hubby, daughter, and photographer friend were trying to doze here and there, as was I. Around 130, I could feel pressure and wanted to push. Nurse checked me and I was at 9, with an anterior lip. She said no pushing till the doc got there. I told Scott to get up and wake up Kimmy and everyone got into their places. The doc came in and it went from there. They got the bed broke down, told me to give a little push to see where we were, which I guess it was good, cuz he said the next contractions give it ago. I swear it seemed like 10 minutes of waiting before another contraction came. I pushed…. lets just say I was afraid of pooping on the table, that I wasn’t pushing right. So the doc worked on stretching things out and told me to push his fingers out on the next contraction. Again felt like we waited for another 10 minutes before it started. Finally go time! I pushed, 2 more pushes and out came the head. I heard him say we have a cord (but I don’t know if it was just around the neck and he slipped it off or not as my hubby wasn’t looking), and then they said another little push and there he was. At 1:53am he entered this world. The doc said WOW! he is tiny! So I am thinking they all expected him to be much bigger. (guess thats why he could flip so easy inside?) My daughter was the one to announce if it was a boy or a girl, and she said “Its a boy” I think I started crying a little, and I know she started. He was so tiny on my chest, and had the littlest cry ever. And his eyes were WIDE open.

They got him all cleaned up and got me cleaned up, I didn’t have any excessive bleeding but they loaded me with meds to make sure of that too. They wrapped him up, handed him to Scott and then he gave him to Kimmy. So Kimmy was technically the first to hold him. I finally said okay he is mine, its my turn. LOL He was able to start nursing right away and latched on like a champ just wide eyed and looking around.

I got to my post partum room around 4am got settled in and Scott and Kimmy went home to sleep for a bit. Baby Boy was nameless and would have to wait till all the kids came up later to officially have a name. After the long birth process he was so sweet and decided to sleep from about 430 to about 730. which was so nice for me.

Hubby finally brought all the kids up to meet him and they decided on his name RIGHT away. Hunter Ian. Kimmy did say when he was born that he really did look like a Hunter, but she wouldnt tell the other kids. Everyone took a turn hold him, even Sophie which surprised me. She did really good. She did cry and ask me if she could sit with me, and she kept telling the kids to shhhhhhhh for the baby. It was sweet.

His birth was by far the longest most complicated. I am glad its over. I look back and think…. its kinda crazy how my fluid levels were so much higher on thursday, and my water broke that evening. If they had been lower, there may not have been a chance at a version. My L&D nurse said I was so lucky that I had had that particular doctor, she is more on the side of natural birth, any of the other docs wouldn’t have given me any options and done a section right away. And as for when he flipped, I have no idea cuz I don’t recall feeling any big major movement, so who knows. Also another thought…. at my high risk scan Sept 9th, they had his weight guess at that point at 7lbs 3oz. So did he lose weight? or were they really THAT far off on measuring? Its all over though, so I need not to dwell on that.

We got out of the hospital on Sunday around 2, we were able to get over to see the last of Noahs soccer game before going home and settling in. Monday we saw his doc in the office and his weight was down to 5lbs 8oz and the length they got for him was 18 ¾. He is a peanut, too small for his carseat actually. And of course other than 2 preemie outfits I had, no clothes fit him yet. Guess I need to go shopping.

I am happy to say the pregnancy chapter of my life is over. We are now Scott and Jenn Makes Ten!


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October 3rd, 2013, 09:34 AM
MrsPea's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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He is really the cutest little thing!! What an intense birth story too! You are one tough momma!!

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October 3rd, 2013, 09:45 AM
Spyctre's Avatar Arwen
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He is so cute! Congratulations! I'm glad everything worked out so you didn't have a longer recovery.
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October 3rd, 2013, 09:46 AM
sweety_pie's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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Thanks for sharing!! He's TOO CUTE and TINY!

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October 3rd, 2013, 11:34 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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Oh wow, what a story. I'm so glad that he got head down and that you were able to deliver him vaginally. Definitely inspiring.

He is also just the cutest little thing! Congrats Jenn!
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October 3rd, 2013, 11:34 AM
jamieshalon2's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I really did love your birth story. I know it was very intense, but for some reason it gave me the courage to go in and have my little girl soon.

congrats again Jenn!! He is such a perfect little boy. I love seeing his pics.

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October 3rd, 2013, 11:45 AM
~Momma*2011~'s Avatar I love my little girl!!
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I'm glad everything worked out for you to deliver him naturally. He really is a cutie!!
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October 3rd, 2013, 12:26 PM
slmehaffey's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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My daughter was too small for her carseat too, and the nurses at the hospital tried to tell me how I could make it work.. I told them they were stupid and sent hubby out to buy a new seat immediately... I hope you guys figure something out for that!
Your birth story was pretty intense, but hey, the last baby of 8 needs to make himself an individual right? lol..
congratulations, he is adorable.
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October 3rd, 2013, 01:16 PM
joonzgurl's Avatar Proud mama of 2 girls
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Wow what a story! Glad he is here safe and sound

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October 3rd, 2013, 01:56 PM
Rosiegirl7's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Wow great story with a happy ending..he's adorable!
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October 4th, 2013, 07:37 AM
AshleeH's Avatar Veteran
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wow what an amazing story I even had tears ... Hunter is so cute and perfect.

Make a pregnancy ticker
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October 4th, 2013, 09:34 AM
Lemon's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Congrats mama!
What an amazing birth story.
He is beyond cute.
angela - mom to joey (8) and emma (4) and william jude (10/16/13)
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October 4th, 2013, 11:11 AM
allysmomma's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I was keeping up with you during all of your posts on here and FB, but to finally sit down and read the story...holy cow, what a trooper!!! Congratulations and hope your both doing well and getting settled in by now!!

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October 4th, 2013, 12:36 PM
Mega Super Mommy
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*lurking* Sorry it didn't go as easily, but he sure is a looker.. Glad he is doing great..

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October 8th, 2013, 03:17 PM
fancypants27's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Hes adorable. glad they were able to flip him and that you didnt need a c/s.
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