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Flashback Friday!

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May 10th, 2013, 01:24 PM
Crystallee's Avatar Host of the Dec 2012 PR
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Idaho
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Birth! Lets have a quick rundown of everybody's birth stories. Many members never posted one. Come one come all

Thanks kiliki for my siggie!
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May 14th, 2013, 06:44 PM
mlc52811's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 1,433
Mine seems so uneventful, so I'll keep it short!

We got to the hospital at 7 AM for an 8 o'clock scheduled induction. Pitocin was started around 8:30, and I actually laughed when the contractions started because they were exactly like the ones I'd been having for weeks. My contractions weren't progressing me much (I'd been stalled for about 2 weeks at 2 cm) so someone came in to break my waters, which felt crazy and like scraping a balloon, if you can understand what I mean. I think the broken water was the most unpleasant part of my labor! I hated the gush that came with every contraction.
My contractions started to pick up but I was able to manage them pretty well. I think it was because I was so used to the mild contractions since I'd been having them for so long. Our parents left for lunch and my nurse asked if I wanted to get ready for my epidural, since I had requested one for the delivery. I told her I didn't think I needed it yet and that I wasn't in much pain, but she told me it would take a while after putting in a request because I'd need a full bag of fluid and whatnot, so I told her to go ahead and schedule it. She also said it might help me progress a little faster, since I was going at a snail's pace. She must have known what was coming, because about 5 minutes later my contractions became so intense that I could hardly move. They wanted me to go pee one last time, and let me tell you, that was the worst thing ever. I had my worst contraction while they gave me the epidural and I cried a bit, but felt instant relief.
I mostly napped for the afternoon. I was checked around 4:00 and I was only 4 cm! I started to feel really tired, so I took one more nap and when they checked me an hour later, i was at 6 cm. I felt like it would take until at least 10 until I could push, so I was pretty relaxed and enjoyed chatting with everyone in the room and watching a little TV.

When I was checked again around 5:30, they told me I was a full 10 cm and ready to push! Unfortunately I had to wait for my doctor to show up. We did a few practice pushes but they made me stop because I was pushing her right out! I waited for a whole hour for the doctor to arrive, and once she was there, it only took 3 contractions to get Winnie out! I even had the mirror set up to watch, which I NEVER thought I'd want, but it was extremely comforting to see to process, actually! Winnie was born at 6:48 PM and it was pretty fun and exciting for me. It totally redeemed the misery I was in for the last few weeks.

That wasn't very short at all. Whoops!
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May 15th, 2013, 09:28 AM
Elevin26's Avatar Super Mommy
Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: Florida
Posts: 980
Emmett's delivery was pretty crazy so will try and keep it short:

Saturday Nov. 24 started having crazy cramping pains every few hours (idiot me didn't think anything of it since I had been checked on Wed and was only at 1) so got in the tub that evening and took some tylenol to help me sleep.

Sunday Nov. 25 same cramping all day (still didn't put 2 and 2 together lol) Matt and I went driving around looking for speed bumps and I had this crazy craving for pizza. So went to Little Caesars for hot and ready pizza!!

Monday Nov. 26 woke around 4am with intense pain. Thought my stomach was upset so went to get some water and saw the leftover pizza and ate the rest of it lol and went back to bed. Woke around 6 and could hardly breathe the pain was so bad. I woke up DH and asked if he felt ok (thinking it was the pizza) he said he was fine so realized we may have some labor going on. Had Dr apt that morning at 8, so L&D said see Dr first. Saw Dr. only at 1. Sent me home to walk walk walk and come back in 2 hours. We walked the neighborhood for about an hour cause I got to wear I couldn't catch my breath. Back to Dr. he said still only at 1 and was going to send me back home, until he realized I couldn't breathe. Sent me to L&D to be monitored. Nurses there thought I was just being dramatic until they hooked me up and saw I was having major contractions 1-2 min apart (no wonder I couldnt breathe). Was then admitted.

Was given a mild painkiller so I could catch my breath and then hung out and waited and waited. Still wasn't progressing. Around 5pm my water broke on its own and holy crap then the pain really started and still every minute. Nurses checked me again only at a 4 Got me my epidural and said get comfy going to be a long night.

Around 8pm I started getting uncomfortable so tried moving around, but as soon as I moved all the monitors started going crazy. Got oxygen on me and nurse said oh your fine (still have bitter feelings towards that woman). Then shift change occurred.

Evening nurse came in to get oriented with everything and I said my right leg was numb but my left I could feel, said I needed to move around some. Said last time I moved monitors went crazy, she says I won't leave just need you to move a little. Of course I move monitors go crazy, she pages the station and nothing she is trying to get an internal monitor on M and can't she then yells down the hall I need help NOW! I end up with 3 nurses in there moving me all over the place. I was on all fours on my head at one point (not to easy to do with an epidural) They get the internal on M and me back on my right side and seem ok again. Then said don't move. Yay.

9pm I notice the monitors going off again, but I hadn't moved this time. Nurse comes in and sees I haven't moved and checks me, still at 4!!! Get comfy again and I am just staring at the monitors and see that with every contraction M's heartrate is now dropping. Tell DH something is wrong. Then 4 times in a row M's heart rate drops from 140 to 70! Freaked me out. So my blood pressure was rising being worried about him.

Nurse comes in at 9:30 says your Dr is here we are prepping you for a c-section. I ask when? She says now and M was born at 9:55 pm on November 26.

Pretty crazy and not the way I expected it all to turn out, but got him here healthy and safe so that's all that matters.

At least I now know not to ignore the weird cramps next time lol.
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Mama to Emmett James (11/26/12)
and Owen Jack (7/2/15)

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May 16th, 2013, 08:30 AM
Blcooper32's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Tulsa OK
Posts: 1,991
Mine was pretty boring. Went to the Dr on Oct 23, they decided lorelei was just not growing as fast as they thought she should(turns out they just wasn't getting good measurements) and Grayson didn't want to move like they should so they said they would be better off on the outside. I went to the hospital where the nurse that i hated said they didn't think they should deliver even though the high risk Dr was the one that said get them out now so i told her off lol and she called my Dr and gave me a different nurse. They got me all hooked up to make sure babies were ok with her stressing me out and all was well. Then my Dr came in( i swear he was gay or something as he didn't check me the whole 34 weeks) and suggested a c-section that i probably should have fought but i can't change it now. They gave me 30 minutes for someone to come get savannah so dh could come in with me. They preped me while he got ready then got started. As they started i was throwing up( though i hadn't had anything to eat) they had to give me stuff in my iv that only worked a few minutes at a time. When they took lorelei out she let out a nice scream with no encouragement(she is still a drama queen if you pick her up to fast lol) it felt like the best relief ever. There was lots more room to breath. Then they took him out but he didn't cry until the sucked him out then he was mad. They took them away to the nicu nurses to be weight and length checked. They let me see them fora second and told me they had to go to nicu and that tommy should go with them. So i was left there all alone which was horrible. And now that Im crying and upset all over again i will say this was the worst day of my life and i hope to put it behind me and start my memories the first day i actually got room touch and talk to them
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May 17th, 2013, 03:25 PM
Wishinfor2ndblessing's Avatar Super Mommy
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Location: Oklahoma City, OK
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October 29th was just like any other day. I got up went to work, had a great day and headed home. On my way home I started to see little black spots... I thought that maybe I didnt eat enough at lunch and I just needed some food. I went home and picked up Ryan and Hannah for dinner. On our way to eat I stopped for gas. The black spots in my vision were getting worse.... so I asked Ryan to drive as I was scared of causing an accident. Then we went to Target to get a pumpkin carving kit for Hannah. In Target I almost passed out and hit the floor.... scared, I called the after hours nurses line for my OB. She advised my to check my BP and if it was low to lay on my left side for an hour and check again. She never said what to do if it was high. We went to Walgreens to buy a BP machine.... got home and checked my BP which was 167/94. Ryan freaked out (rightly so) and told Hannah to get in the car, as he helped me get to the car since I was starting to get sick.

Once we got to the hospital and up to L&D the nurse checked my BP again.... it was 207/117... not good at all.... At this point I became violently ill and had a migraine that I can only describe as dibilitating. I literally felt like someone was trying to crack my skull open with that instrument that doctors use to crack open a chest for open heart surgery. The doctor decided to admit me. The began to run every test possible. The doctor was afraid that with my pain and BP that there was a tumor, or anurism (SP) but all of the scans came back normal along with all of the blood work.

Finally the doctor was able to get my BP under control, but was still unable to get my migraine under control. She told me that she was not comfortable sending me home like that, and if she couldnt get my pain under control she would have to take Sophia.... but it was still tooo early for that. She had to wait until I reached 35 weeks.

I was so scared.... as I was not ready to have this baby yet, and Sophia was not done baking! The staff tried everything possible, but could not get my pain under control. The doctor ordered a 24 hour urine test. My proteins were high... and finally they were able to diagnose pre eclampsia... So on Nov 2nd the OB decided to deliver Sophia. I FREAKED!!!! All I could do was cry and say "She's not ready!"

Ryan was at home doing some chores.... so I had my mom call him so that he could get back to the hospital as he rarely left my side. Ryan got there in record time (I later found out that he got a speeding ticket trying to get back to the hospital)

The nurses prepped me, and took me into the OR to receive my spinal.... which hurt like HELL cause she kept hitting bone... Finally she got the spinal done and they let Ryan into the OR. I was okay as long as I could see Ryan's face. Once they got started on the c-section Ryan was distracted. All he wanted to do was watch the surgery, so he would disappear around the curtain. I freaked out when I couldnt see his face. I needed to be able to see his face in order to focus and stay calm.

Finally the doctor pulled Sophia out at 1:26pm on Nov 2nd. I listened but there was no crying... Sophia had not made a sound. So i freaked out.. All I could say is "She's not crying, why isnt she crying?!" After what seemed like and eternity, but was prob only minutes, Sophia cried.... It was one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. They rushed her to the team of NICU doctors that were in the OR. I couldnt see her, all I could see was the team of doctors surrounding her. I sent Ryan to be with Sophia and make sure she was ok. Ryan didnt want to leave my side but I insisted and would drop the issue.I knew that she needed her daddy more than I did. I just didn't know how right I was.

In the recovery room the nurse was AWFUL!!!! My spinal wore off very quickly, and I was in sooo much pain. I asked the nurse for some pain meds but she refused saying "There's nothing I can do for you!" very sternly. I cried... I had to go through the entire hour in recovery without pain meds. Once my regular nurse got to my room, I again asked for pain meds and she asked my why I had not said anything earlier to the other nurse.... buy was she pissed when I told her what happened... I had pain meds with min 10 mins.... ahh sweet relief..... well that is until the doctor told me that Sophia was in the NICU.

I didnt get to see Sophia for the first 24 hours.... The nurse said that in order to see Sophia I would have to get out of bed and go to the bathroom.... I was in so much pain that I didnt want to move.... but my heart was in so much pain that I was determined to do so..... So I prepared myself... and told Ryan to get out of my way... And on my own got out of my bed. At that point no one would let me walk by myself.... but I managed to get to the bathroom and go potty.... Then as I left the bathroom Ryan tried to help me back int bed.... I told him that if he wanted to really help me he would get out of my way and get a wheel chair and take me to see Sophia! I am so glad that he listens....

Seeing Sophia in the incubator with tubes down her throat is the WORST image I have ever seen. I would not wish that on anybody. No one wants to see their baby with tubes down their throat.... I could hold my baby... all I could do was touch her tiny little hand.... I found out that Sophia was born 6 lbs 15 ounces and 18.5 inches long. I couldnt believe that she was soo big.... I was discharged on Nov 4th. Leaving Sophia in the hospital in by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do.... I never missed a day to go up there an be with Sophia.... and every day it was heart wrenching to leave her there.

Sophia got well quickly. She only had the respirator for 3 days, and then was on the nasal cannula for 3 days.... Sophia developed jaundice so they had to put her under lights..... after that they told us that all they were waiting on was Sophia to take 2 ounce bottles on her own. I tried everything, nothing I did would get Sophia to eat the 2 ounces.....

Then on Nov 8th my mom came up to see Sophia.... and was able to get Sophia to eat her first 2 ounce bottle.... Sophia from that point on ate like a champ and was released from NICU on Nov 11th! Hard to believe that she has been home a month tomorrow..... its also hard to believe how much she has changed all of our lives.... I cant imagine life without her!
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