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Lyren Oliver's Outdoor Home Water Birth

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July 16th, 2014, 08:35 AM
Earthy.Mama's Avatar .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.
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Some of this is in past/present tense because it’s bits and pieces that I’ve already written or posted online etc..

Prodromal (early/false) labor for over a week and was losing bits of the plug. They’d ramp up after my 2nd nap of the day, so between 3-5pm I’d start getting contractions and they’d continue until I went to bed. The 10th and 11th throughout the night the contractions were getting worse, but spaced far apart and dwindled in the morning.

EDD was 7.12.14

8:45pm lost my whole plug and, “I've had random "pressure contractions" since 5:30ish but didn't pay any attention until I lost my plug.

They were pretty accurately 8min apart until I fell asleep about midnight but I woke up 1:30am 7-12-14 b/c they were getting stronger.”

MWs came this morning and checked me. Just super early labor, cervix very high and 0 dilated. Booo! Still consistent contractions, we all think it'll ramp up tonight. Hopefully. Just more waiting right now.


DOG tired last night, was asleep by 9:30pm (and thank goodness for this because I needed my rest for impending labor!) after eating two bowls of oatmeal that were heavenly. I don't even really like oatmeal. Had REAL contractions (NOW I remember what they feel like) all night, but only like 1 or 2 an hour. They woke me up and I had to moan and panic through them wondering if I was sure I wanted to homebirth again.

Had a really strong contraction at 5:45AM, some leakage happened (I am trying to figure out still if my water broke), got up and no contrax for about 30min, then I laid down with Josh and they started up strong again every 10 min. I've laid on left side, right side, birth ball (HELL no that hurt) and standing/sitting they are still coming and strong and hurt. At the end of each contrax a little discharge (or water?) leaks.

I'm....90% sure I'm in real labor. Just waiting for them to get closer together before I call my MW, I don't want them showing up too early b/c they're going to come as soon as I call I know it lol

They were coming pretty consistently all morning, I let my MW know what was going on, she wanted to come check me, since Kailey’s labor wasn’t really painful we didn’t want myself to be caught off guard and in transition before I realized it was time. I was getting tired and wanted to lay down and rest a bit so I took a nap from 11-12:30pm and only had 3 contractions the whole time. I was disappointed but as soon as I stood up I felt a blob leak out of me and then some water droplets were going down my leg. No “blob” was found so I was pretty sure that it was still my water, a high leak that had happened on that last contraction at 5:45AM that morning. Still not getting my hopes up or crying wolf too early I waited to see if the contractions would come.

I was a bit distracted though from noise, it was really hot outside and Josh was getting irritated and the girls were just bickering. I woke up, settled the girls down into QUIET time, made Josh eat and lay down so everyone would zen out and I could figure out what was going on with my body. I had txt the MWs right after I woke up from my nap and told them contractions had stalled and I only had 3 while sleeping, but right after that they started back up again. All about 10-5 min apart, nothing was coming consistently. They wanted me to keep them updated, and I did.

Facebook Status at 3:33 PM
“Oh just me crying wolf again probably. Midwives on their way again to see if my water did break this morning. Have had hard contractions all day but they won't stay consistent or get stronger because kiddo is posterior (face up) so we're going to do some spinning babies AGAIN to get kid to move... AGAIN.”

I knew that I was experiencing REAL early labor, the contrax just weren’t consistent, I knew baby wasn’t in the right position so I asked the MWs to come check on me and baby and help me do some maneuvers to get kid in the right position. We did the rebozo (robozo, sp) and I lifted my stomach up to help get kids head down on cervix better. Baby’s head was down correctly and not FULLY posterior, but not in the best of positions either. The MWs were there for probably 1.5 hrs, we talked, thought either early labor was going to last for forever still or suddenly ramp up out of nowhere. My contrax slowed down like they did the first time they came over, guess my body is shy, I definitely don’t like be watched like “is this it?” even though they weren’t pressuring me at all, they were great.

We discussed some natural ways to STOP labor to kinda give my body a break and sometimes that will help kick things up once it starts back up again. So we sprayed some magnesium stuff on my belly and I took some calcium something or other (lots of ppl know I like all the herbal stuff, but these midwives rocked, they had me taking so many different herbal remedies/concoctions/tinctures blah blah blah even I couldn’t keep up with the names of it all but it was awesome lol). I asked them if active labor did kick in if it would blow through the mag & calcium I just took to stop things and they assured me it’d continue. As they were leaving I had 3 kinda nice (strong) contractions but they were spaced out. They checked me during this appt and I was 2-3cm and 50% effaced while the day before I had 0 changes to my cervix. Also, the main MW checked me first and I was 2-3cm, and the 2nd MW (I’m like one of her last births before she graduates) checked me (I offered if she wanted too, you have to learn somehow and I was very comfortable with these ladies, they were awesome. I’m sure I’ve said that before!) and I was already 3.5cm but she didn’t tell me that, they both kept that secret until they came back and I was in heavy labor later on.

As soon as they left I had to update my best friend, Stephanie so I got on FB and asked if she wanted to Skype before my sister showed up (I didn’t know Jess was on her way, and felt bad that she might be wasting her trip thinking I was in labor but she assured me she was coming either way so woohoo! And she was bringing Wyandotte BBQ!! This is a huge deal y’all. lol).

So the MWs leave at like 6 and Steph and I start skyping right after they leave…… this is what ensued:

6:11pm 7-13-14
This is the time I realized that active labor began and I started timing things. Steph and I are skyping and every 2-3min I’m having heavy contractions and breathing/moaning through them, but the MWs JUST left so I wasn’t going to call them back. I wanted to see if these would stay or go away, after all they just checked me and cervical checks can cause cramping, but I had a feeling that the positions I was in while they were here got baby locked and loaded and that I was ready to go. After 4 contractions in the span of 15min or so, something like that, Josh watched me and said, “I’m calling them back, this is labor” but I asked him not to b/c I wanted to see if they’d stay or go away. At 7pm, before I even called the MWs I told Josh to get the pool going, I wasn’t delusional anymore, it was time and I was calling them back. They had probably just gotten home when they received my text of “Either active labor kicked in or baby really wants to beat your record of crying wolf six times” LOL! So they came back and I was outside, sis had just arrived and I was still having contractions every 2-3min, sometimes 1 min apart and moaning through them, assuming the hands/knees position. I KNOW that’s labor when that’s all I want to be in is hands and knees!

I had gone to the outhouse to go pee, but was having contractions every 2 min so I was stopped in the doorway moaning through one, my white goat, Henry (my nice, non-statan one lol) was freaking out and making the noises back at me and coming after me like I was calling to him. It was SO funny! I had to yell at Josh to get the goat lol lol

The pool was ready to go, it was filled/heated way faster than our “on grid” birth in the apartment. Josh had an amazing setup outside on the beautiful porch he built just for our birth!

The MWs arrived I guess around 7:30-7:45 or so.
I labored for like 20-30min and they asked if I wanted to get in the birth pool, I wanted them to check me first because if you get in too soon that can stall labor. So they checked and they said 6, 7, 8 cm maybe (I dilated fast with Kailey too so I wasn’t surprised) and I was like ok cool, time to get in the pool. Contractions felt AMAZING as soon as I got in the water (it was 8:20 when I got in now that I recall). At 11pm they wanted to check me again because I said “maybe” I was feeling small urges of pushing. I wasn’t sure, I had never felt the urge with either of my daughters. I didn’t want to actively push against cervix though so she checked me, it was kinda hard to tell, I might have a lip, so she asked if she could check me during a contraction so I obliged. As soon as the contraction was over she just hung her head and said, “You’re going to hate me”…..???.... I was really only dilated to 5cm (this means I’ve also been in the birth pool for 3hrs too SOON). How did this happen? Well, I have a tilted uterus, and that causes the cervix to not hit the canal dead center and dilate all the way. This explains my issue with Kailey & Nola’s birth too b/c the same thing happened. Well because my cervix was all at a weird angle, it felt like I was dilated more than I was.

All during these 3hrs the kids were outside playing with glowsticks, running around having fun, playing on the swing set. Talking to me, just having fun. It was like we were having a party, I just had to moan every few minutes. Josh kept asking me if they were bothering me but they weren’t. I was perfectly content and happy, nothing was irritating me. Before we found out I was only 5cm the girls were in their bathing suits ready to get in to help “deliver” the baby. Kailey kept grabbing my hand during contractions and holding it and Nola would rub my forehead. Love them… They did awesome, but alas, they went upstairs and fell asleep and everyone missed the real thing, but that is okay because I think it would have scared them how it turned out.

So I got out of the pool, telling myself not to be discouraged. We go inside and I labor on my left side laying down on pillows. It actually felt quite nice for a while, very manageable. I was tired and dozed a bit between contractions. The midwives (the 3rd one showed up right before we moved inside) just sat around, we kept the lights turned down, everyone was quiet until I broke the silence moaning deeply through each one.

Each contraction the MWs would place a fresh hot compress on my uterus or back, depending on my position, and pressing/rubbing my back. Eventually things dwindled down to just Josh and I. I needed to hold one hand during contractions, then two hands, and then I’d be pulling and grabbing on his arms and just need him there. He took over taking care of my back too until I was fully dilated to where it no longer felt good.

Soon I had to get off my side and pee, had a few contractions while in the sitting position with Josh holding me up so I wouldn’t have to use any of my muscles for my body weight. This felt great for a few of them, then I needed to lay back down, but only for a few more contractions and then it was up on hands and knees I go. I could tell I was entering transition, the contractions were stronger, I needed a different position and just knew. Around 2:30-3am I asked to be checked again because I didn’t want to push against any type of lip or anything (I had a lip because of my tilted uterus with Kailey and Nola). They checked and I certainly had an anterior lip, she tried to move it and oooooohmywooooooord no no no no no. I pretty much just yelled/screamed through that. She said in order to move it we’d need to do that, for probably a few contractions or I could just let it move on it’s own, but it likely would take a few hours. Not knowing what to do and being EXHAUSTED and just defeated feeling/crying and holding onto Josh, we decided to get back in the birth pool outside.
The midwives stayed inside since Josh and I were working so well together so they just observed from a distance (window). The water was so warm, it felt great and the tiki torches were going, the moon was shining through the trees, aside from the pain it was beautiful. Oh, did I mention that it was storming/thundering on and off too? How awesome!

I debated internally and out loud with Josh on what I could continue doing, what I should do… I was exhausted, I was terrified of having the lip pushed away, as if I wasn’t in enough pain, I would have to go through that AND push? Or was I going to have to go through hours of more painful contractions and sleep between them? I was so tired. I reminded myself that after I got the epidural with Kailey I was able to relax enough and both anterior and posterior cervical lips moved, so I knew if I calmed down enough I could do it so I held onto that for hope and slept between contractions. And when I say slept, I mean PTFO. I was drooling and everything lol. Josh kept telling me not to give up, that I could do this and I told myself that a 45min car ride to a hospital for meds or help with this lip would be as painful as pushing the lip out of the way. Also, what got me MORE than that was the thought of dealing with all the hospital paperwork lol. Gotta think practical even when you feel like dying!!

I’m leaning over the side of the tub, Josh is in front of me sitting on a bucket and he’s just kinda shrouded around me. A few weeks ago I watched a video of an elephant giving birth and the mama’s head was just shaking/rocking back and forth and rubbing it against something, and I was doing the same thing to Josh’s knees, pushing against him but not wanting him to leave at the same time. So primitive, it was cool.

The MWs come out to check my dilation and the lip was really soft. She said I was doing great relaxing, having just Josh and I alone was really calming me down and letting my body do it’s thing. She wanted to leave me alone a bit longer and let it get softer or move on it’s own. She really didn’t think it’s happen that easily. I attribute this to sleeping through the contrax. She goes back inside but just a few minutes later………………….

Suddenly I feel a hard kick near my belly button and I yell and then water just gushed out. I looked down to make sure it was water and not blood, again, gotta think practical lol. At the same time I growled while all this happened and the head moved down a bit. It was so fast, in the span of two seconds and it took a couple more for my brain to catch up that baby was okay, it wasn’t a kick, it was my water breaking, it wasn’t blood it was my water, that the baby’s head was past the lip and that I growled without thinking because my body was READY. It was a bit intense and I kinda half leapt out of the water towards Josh just yelling over and over, “Help me! Help me, help me!” and he just grabbed onto me and (dude, he was seriously so calm, how did he not freak out when I did that????) said I was okay. All three midwives shot outside, they thought baby was coming out. Once my brain caught up with what happened I told them my water broke and baby’s head moved into the canal. I couldn’t tell them “he’s going to come quick” before the next contraction hit and dear lord those contractions hurt but pushing him down did not so I just went for it when the next one came.

I started freaking out again because I didn’t feel the head move into the canal like it should and I thought he was getting stuck on my perineum. I’m growling like a crazy animal (again, so primitive and awesome, it was like my brain was put on a shelf to observe and my body just took over), I reared up, was on one knee and put my left leg stretched out behind me, I put both my hands down to check where the bulge was trying to come out, my bum seemed ok and the head was right on the perineum. I started yelling again to help me because I didn’t know how to get him in the canal and finally I felt his head pop and he was moving down. I just pushed, it was so slow, but fast, consistent. No two steps forward, one step back, it was just steady and I knew he was coming. I was growling still and going crazy from the contractions and just pushing pushing pushing and one of the MWs kept saying, “Can you feel your baby Jackie? Jackie, can you feel your baby?” because my hands were there. As soon as I felt him crowning and I knew he was coming out of the right hole (haha) I arched my back and told Josh to hold me because I couldn’t support myself. I wish I caught this crazy position on camera, it was so unreal. So as the MW is asking me that I’m thinking, “Of COURSE I can feel my baby, it’s in my vagina!” lol, but I wasn’t mad I just thought it was hilarious, I knew what she meant though. So in the course of one contraction his head came out, I felt the membranes over his head still, kinda collapsed for a second (one minute actually), the head being out didn’t hurt, no ring of fire, no tearing/stretching, no pain there, just the contractions painful. The main MW didn’t think he was coming that quickly so she went inside to grab something for the birthing part and when she came back out the assistant MW asked her to check the head and she was like “What? The heads out?!” because it was only a matter of seconds. On the next contraction I pushed and nothing happened so I pushed again hard and he just came all slithering out and I breathed a sigh of relief and sat back.

I could feel them hold him as I sat back and they were bringing him up to my chest but I said, “cord short don’t pull” so I laid him on my tummy. I pretty much immediately started cracking jokes about how that all hurt like hell, I was SO happy it was done, I couldn’t wait to eat some (Wyandotte) BBQ and go to bed, and that I also wanted 10,000 ice packs on my vagina hahaha. For the serene part, as soon as he was on me and I opened my eyes I looked up and saw the full moon between the trees. It.was.awesome. I had successfully had my dream outdoor waterbirth under a full moon. Next part was to see if I had another daughter or son. I knew as soon as I saw his face. I even said, “Look at him, it’s a BOY!” and laughed but asked Josh if he would like to check. I could feel him kneeling behind me just shaking, poor guy, I was a lot of weight for him to hold in all these crazy positions but he was so strong, I knew he was tired though. He said we could just wait a minute, get him suctioned out and then look. He came out so fast I wasn’t able to get all the stuff squeezed out of him while he was in the canal but he did fine. My hand was on his butt and after like 2-3min or so I asked Josh if I could feel what we had. I thought it was a girl but I reached up further and felt his little “num nums” as we (me) jokingly call them and I just laughed and said, “ha! It’s a boy!” lol.

Suddenly I felt a contraction come on and I was pissy like ***, I have to have more of these?? And then I remembered the placenta. I breathed and reminded myself to look at my baby so I rubbed his head and just said, “baby baby baby baby” and breathed through it.
The cord stopped pulsing pretty quickly so Josh cut it and they handed baby off to him while all the ladies helped me.
Once I got up on my hands and knees I felt another contraction and out came the placenta, no tugging or anything was done to it, I can’t stand when I see tugs on placentas while watching videos or reading birth stories, yuck!

So, we had our boy, got inside and I laid down. Woke up my sister and she was super excited to have another nephew. I guessed he was 7lbs 8oz but he was 7lbs 6oz, close enough though!!! He nursed very quickly and easily latched, still not having any issues with the nursing.

18 ¾ inches long
3:29 AM 7-14-14

Everything is great. Already starting to forget the pain of labor J
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July 16th, 2014, 08:54 AM
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What an awesome birth story!! Love it, love it! Congrats again! =)
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July 16th, 2014, 09:18 AM
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Wow ... Glad you had the the Birth experience you wanted outside under the moon. It sounds amazing. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy.
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July 16th, 2014, 12:11 PM
meld10's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Wonderful birth story!!! You got me all teary! I'm so happy that you got the full-moon outdoor birth you wanted and that your beautiful boy is healthy and doing great.
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July 16th, 2014, 01:02 PM
lea23's Avatar Super Mommy
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Great birth story. Thanks for sharing
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July 16th, 2014, 06:00 PM
brookes630's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Wow!! What a story!! Congrats
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July 16th, 2014, 06:22 PM
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Beautiful story Jackie! Sounds incredible.
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July 16th, 2014, 10:35 PM
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Awesome birth story, congrats!
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July 19th, 2014, 08:22 AM
chihuahuaesque's Avatar Super Mommy
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That was an amazing birth story! I'm so happy you were able to have your dream outside birth, especially with the full moon and storming. It sounds so serene.

You are one strong mama for working through the pain like that!

By the way, I love your son's name! It's beautiful.
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July 20th, 2014, 10:30 AM
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It sounds almost like from a movie! congrats again!
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August 7th, 2014, 09:43 AM
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what an awesome story! congrats!!
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