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Chloe Hannah Rose

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July 14th, 2012, 05:16 PM
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 59
Born June 3rd 7:56pm
Weight: 6pounds 4 oz

Well here goes with Chloe's birth story... as written in my baby journal.

Friday night ( June 1) we found out that my Dad had to go to Red Lake area for work and that he was leaving on tuesday and wouldn't be back till the 16th. I was disappointed because I thought that there would be no way that the baby would be born before then and that he would then miss everything and not get to see his grandchild till after every one else had. I hoped and I think prayed that it would happen before then so that he could see the baby. DH and I were hoping and praying that we would have our baby that weekend. For a certain friend's birthday.
Friday night, my sisters and I did sister pictures. They turned out cute. We got home late that night.
That night ( early saturday morning) at about 3:30 am I started feeling cramping in my lower uterus. By 8 am, I couldn't handle laying in bed anymore because the cramping had turned into contractions. I made a list of things we needed to do if this was the real thing and started watching the clock. They were maybe 10 or so minutes apart. I ate breakfast and made some raspberry cream muffins to snack on. I kept peeking to see if DH was awake yet, I figured he might as well sleep while he could cuz he would need the energy if this was it. Just before 9am we started timing to see how far apart my contractions were coming.( They were around 5-8 minutes apart) We slowly got stuff together and ready for if we would need to leave. I tidied the house and finished getting our toiletries together. My contractions weren't coming very regular or but they were steady. We went for a couple walks to try to help labor along. I went for a nap after lunch or at least tried. I don't remember now if I actually slept or not. My contractions definately started to hurt more at this point even though they were a little further apart. ( about 10-15 minutes apart-earlier they were closer)
At about 3:30 in the afternoon I thought I lost my mucus plug. I felt kinda shaky.
Around 5 or 6 o clock DH called the St Boniface Triage unit to see if we should come in. She said to wait until my contractions were 4 to 2 minutes apart. ( My doctor had told me 5 min). They would only admit me once I was 4 cm dilated. She did say we could come in but to see if there was someplace in the city we could go to stay if I wasn't far enough along. We were not sure how fast labor would go, and wanted to play it safe rather than sorry. St B is roughly a 2 hour drive from our place.DH then called friends of ours to see if they were busy and explained our situation. They weren't so we headed out. I felt kinda silly and really hoped this wasn't false labour. We decided to see how I felt once I got to Gimli. We decided to keep going. Our next decision was whether or not to go to St B first to get checked our or whether to just go to our friends' house. We decided to just go to their place. My contractions seemed to pick up when walking so I tried to do lots of walking at their place. I started reading the last book in the Bailey Flannigan series. My contractions really hurt. They felt like really bad period cramps or stomach cramps. And contractions really do come in a wave. They build up and then peak and recede. I did my best just to breathe through them. Breathe in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth... and repeat. Forget the huffing and puffing and hyperventilating breathing techniques they may try to teach you in prenatal class.
At 1:30 in the morning we decided to go to the hospital. I was shaking so bad from my nerves. They were just shot. We thought we may as well go and see if they could give me something to relax me and in the process help out the contractions thing. ( They were between 4-8 minutes apart).
We parked by the emergency room door and as we walked in a gentleman made the comment about us going to have a baby. We found someone to direct us to the 3rd floor. It feels almost sereal to have someone ask if we were there to have a baby. I still felt slightly silly at that point. We found the labour and delivery triage desk. We had to wait a bit and then filled out a few forms and were then shown a bed. It was a room with oh maybe 4 or 5 beds curtained off in it. I did not find it to be a very relaxing place. I hadn't expected that. I didn't like hearing the other ladies. They hooked me up to a couple monitors to check on my contractions and how the baby's heartbeat was doing. They then did an internal exam and checked to see how dilated I was. Ouch! At that point I was 2-3 cm. They told me to then go walk around for an hour and come back unless my water broke. I was more than happy to do that, as I heard someone throwing up. Yuck. I can't handle that.
After an hour I had only dilated another centimetre so we did some more walking for another 45 minutes or so. I think my nurse was on a break or something. She was nice. Her name was Bonnie. I felt so tired and the contractions hurt so much. They were lasting for 45 seconds, to a minute and a half? long. I ate a couple pretzels and chewed on ice chips. Got to love those ice chips. I had some orange juice too.
At 6 am Sunday morning they gave me an IV and some morphine to help me sleep and deal with my contractions. I think we also talked about my options as far as what I wanted as far as pain management for labour and delivery. I decided to have an epidural.
The morphine helped me rest. It also made my head very very sleepy as far as functioning and thinking. It really was hard to think. I felt so stupid in the head. I guess it takes a few hours to wear off. It also makes getting up to go to the bathroom kinda fun. They made sure I wasn't going to fall over before letting me go. So thankful for an IV pole to hang onto.
Around lunch time, they wheeled me off to labor and delivery where they put something in my IV to help my contractions become stronger and more regular because I wasn't progressing. My starting nurse there were named Pam. The first thing they do is check again how dilated a person is and so she did, seemingly with gusto. They joke about it being called a tonsil check. It felt like she stuck her hand in up there all the way to her elbow.... I don't recall ever feeling so violated before. I just looked at DH with big eyes. I had to work a little bit at liking her after that. She was a nice lady. She sat just outside my room in case I needed anything. At about 6cm dilated and me getting more tired and exhausted, she started regularily checking as to where and when the epidural guy was coming. She told them that I was exhausted. I was nervous about getting it. ( I was sure it was going to hurt at least as much if not more than the IV did going into my hand). They were really friendly and thouroughly explained what they were going to do, what I needed to do and then proceeded. I just had to let them know when I felt a contraction coming. It hardly hurt at all. Way less then the IV did.
Once the epidural was working and numbing, ( Funny feeling. Your legs go completely asleep.It feels rediculous.) she put in the catheter and increased the drug to help my contractions. I was able to rest. Yay for epidurals and catheters. So nice.... I got to control the temperature in the room. hehe. yay for cool air and warm blankets. Brr for everyone else. lol.
At 6pm I was 10cm dilated and I was told I could push. Problem was that because of the topper off of the epidural I had gotten I couldn't feel how to do that. I was so frusterated I cried. Apparently I was doing it right but just couldn't feel it. The baby's head was just inside my vagina. Like an inch in or so. They told me I could try to rest for a couple contractions whatever felt better. Pushing felt better than trying to breathe though the pain. The baby pushed my water out and then it broke. It was clear apparentely. No meconium. Once the epidural wore off a bit more I could feel more what to do. At times I thought, this just isn't working. The baby is never going to come out. Towards the end I coudl feel the baby moving and pushed until my face felt like it was going to pop. You basically curl up in a ball, take a deep breath and try to have the biggest poop ever. Makes for sore stomach muscles. They kept telling me to "push" and "one more" and "give it all you got". "Get angry and push!" when you have 3 people telling you that I guess a person's got to listen. I barely had time to eat the couple ice chips adam was feeding me as the contractions were right after each other.
I felt the baby come out. Kinda reminded me of the movie Milo and Otis where the dog is giving birth to puppies. It felt how that looked. DH told me he seen the head. It didn't feel like very many contractions before the baby was out. Once the baby was out, they asked DH if he wanted to cut the cord. He did. I was proud of him. I asked him what we had and he told me a girl. (I was expecting a boy, so I was really happy to find out there was a little girl) Once she was out, they wiped her a tiny bit i think and laid her on my chest. We bawled. Well, I bawled. DH maybe cried a bit. She was finally here! I was so very very very tired. We named her Chloe Hannah Rose. She weighed 6 pounds 4 oz. She was beautiful and small.I marveled at her tiny little ears. She was born at 7:56 pm that Sunday night. ( June 3) She scored 9 on her apgar scale test. She caught onto breast feeding right away and they said she was a champion. DH told me how proud he was of me. I found out once she was born that I had a 3rd degree tear. From my vagina to my bum. Scary. She stitched for what seemed like a long time and it was uncomfortable. I was glad that I had Chloe on my chest to distract me, as the view beyond her was a bloody messy one.
At about midnight we were moved to recovery in a private toom with a shared bathroom. yay! I was scared we would have to share a room. At that point I was so terribly exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep.
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July 15th, 2012, 01:55 PM
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Not from your due date club, but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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