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Nikola's birth story 1 year late

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May 20th, 2013, 10:23 AM
elizabethchallis's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 1,810
On June 21 I started having mild contractions lasting 30 sec every 2-3 minutes. My fiance and i decided to go to l&d because they didn't stop after an hr and switching positions. I had been having braxton hicks for a few weeks and they would stop if I walked around. At l&d I was put in a gown and monitored. My CTX were showing up on the monitor and I was examined. Still 80% effaced and barely a finger tip dilated like at my last appt. My blood pressure was however through the roof! Which was very frightening I've never seen it that high. So I drank a bunch of fluids to avoid an Iv and lied on my side. Thankfully my blood pressure returned to normal and I was checked again after an hr of having CTX. Still no change so I was sent home and my nurse expected to see me very soon! When I went to bed the CTX fizzled out but I remember waking up to a pretty bad one.

The next morning I received a call from my doc's nurse who wanted me to come for my appt earlier. I ended up having blood work done to look for signs of preeclamspia. That came back OK but my blood pressure was still high. I was never told what it was. My doc said I was now at 1cm and wanted to induce me with cytotex on Mon morning. Told me to rest that weekend and just keep it easy. Right! As soon as I got home I started cleaning like a mad woman and making to do lists for df. I finally felt ready for baby on Sunday and I really hadnt rested at all. I then noticed I hadn't felt him kick for a few hrs. I ended up going back to l&d and as soon as the monitors were on he woke up. Oops haha

Mon morning we got to the hospital and was told to unpack and get in the gown. The nurse set up my iv needle just to have it done and she messed up bad because of these new stickers she didnt know how to use. She told me since i didnt take lamaze shed help me through ctx. After an hr Doc inserted cytotex (8:30am) and I had to lie down for 2 hrs. Df slept and I tried to rest but couldn't. I was encouraged to walk around after the time was up and I wish I would of taken advantage of that. We made a few trips for ice and played cards. I was getting uncomfortable but nothing like BH CTX or even AF cramps like I was told to expect. I had the urge to use the bathroom a lot even when I couldn't go anymore. The nurse tried checking me and she was not gentle like my doc. She had short stubby hands and couldn't reach my cervix. Doc checked and I think I was still at a 1 or 2. So she said next time shed be back shell break my water. This was 11:30am and when my stupid df decided to go home to check the mail for his package (a freaking sword). I urged him to not go and after 30 min of my doc not returning he left! And he forgot his phone. He promised to just check for his package, take the dog out and get something to eat. We seriously live 5 min from the hospital so it should of been 30 min tops! Well sure enough as soon as he left the doc came back to break my water which was very difficult but finally it broke. And that's when the fun began. I started having CTX immediately. For the first hr I could bear through them but barely. I was alone and so uncomfortable in the hospital bed. Once they started getting more intense df came back. He was gone for that whole hr. Ugh! He saw I was in pain and I started moaning to get through CTX. They were lasting 60 sec and coming every 2 min!!! I had no time to relax and at one point they were right on top of each other. The nurse did nothing for me accept say "breathe like this". I didn't realize this at the time but they wanted me to go in the tub which I said "its too early". I thought my labor wouldn't progress if I went in the tub already but I think they were trying to slow my CTX down for fear of hyper stimulation of the uterus. I was so ready for my pregnancy to be over with that I trusted my doc to induce me with cytotex. I used it twice with my first m/c and didnt think anything of it when she said the drug again. Ob/gyns are told not to induce with it. Its not even fda approved for induction. Some hospitals have banned it. There have been many maternal deaths from uterine rupture and amniotic embellism from inductions of cytotex. Very scary! I should of spent my weekend researching and switching docs not cleaning!

So the tub felt amazing for about a min. They let me labor for 30 min and decided to get me out. I was checked and still at a 2. Awesome! That's when I was hooked up to everything else. Internal monitor, Iv, the finger monitor for me etc. The nurse made a point to say "these ctx aren't that strong". I wanted to punch her in the face. I got the urge to sit up, stand, kneel anything other than sit on that bed. It made the pain so much worse. I started asking for an epidural after another 30 min. Then begging! I found some relief when I held df's knuckles in between my eyes and pressed down. And that was it. The nurse was completely useless. I think it was 30 min before the anesthesiologist came. He introduced himself saying I'm gonna make you feel good you're gonna love me. What a tool! He was so loud and disrupted the little comfort I had found for myself. He told me I was in pain because my fiancé was there and when you're with someone you love you react differently. OK!?! So df said OK ash you're on your own for the next CTX. And I flipped out and Dr feel good (what we named him) said yup he's right you're gonna have to get through a CTX without him. So everyone stared at me while I got through one on my own. I sat up and they cleaned the area. I was not instructed how to do anything or what to expect. Just to let them know when I was CTXing. Which was pretty much all the time at this point. So I had to sit through them. The first time he got it in I screamed bloody murder. Df left because he almost passed out. I felt a huge electric shock throughout my body. The 2nd time I jumped from the same shock, the new nurse was in now and she was half my size and couldn't hold me down. 3rd time I tried with all my might but I still jumped. I was putting all my energy getting through CTX and sitting still and the shock just threw me off I couldn't do it. So Dr feel good actually said that 3 strikes you're out and gave me a huge loud speech about how he wont give me an epidural and repeated himself 5 times until i flipped on him and said something like "ok i get it". He yelled at me some more and started talking about my beautiful back and stupid bands from the 90s in CA with df and left. Df and i were left alone crying our eyes out. He thought I was going to be paralyzed and I thought I'd never have any relief. Dr feel good had got in some epidural but not much I was still moaning through ctx. Maybe 15 min he came back saying OK well try again I'm gonna give you demoral. Df left, they put half in my iv waited to see how I reacted. I felt absolutely no different and the nurse held me down. I could feel it go in the whole time again and jumped but was able to stop myself. Thank god he finished! I was completely tuning this jerk out by now and I think my doc was in at the point and she had the audacity to yell at me defending dr feel good when I snapped at him and she said "he's just doing his job" and "you have to start trusting us" I was now at 4cm and she said she expected me to be complete soon after starting pitocin. In an hr I was at 10cm but before that I was having a hard time breathing. I was so worried about the baby and I think the demaral was making me paranoid. The nurse immediately called Dr feel good in (nooooo!) And he accuses me of having anxiety problems. The nurse quietly got me in a sitting position so the CTX wasn't restricting my lungs and I felt better immediately. Once at a 10 I was able to start pushing even tho the baby was at 0 station. I pushed and pooped for an hr not feeling a thing and I was ready for delivery. All of a sudden I was being praised and encouraged. Where the **** was this all day?? I had an oxygen mask because my heart rate was dropping. At 9:33pm baby came and there was meconium on him. The baby nurse took him from the doc who stuck up for me and said shed like to hold her baby. We got a pic and a kiss and we were in awe. He was so beautiful. Just let out a little whimper and was just staring at his mama. Once the nurse took him back he had his first bath while I had my bartholin gland surgery (4th one in 2 yrs, was done differently this time and hasn't flared since) and I'm assuming some stitches and delivered the placenta. Df just stared at me I had no idea what was happening because the doc said nothing but I didn't care I just wanted to hold my baby again. He was 8lbs 2oz 20 1/2" and swallowed a lot of fluid. I asked if I tore but wasn't told of how many stitches just that I might of tore a little. My son Nikola Alastair has a birthmark on his stomach just like me! It looks like a music note I had more pics with Niko all cleaned up and df had some too. He made phone calls while I was took to the bathroom. The pain I had down there was nothing like I have gone through with my stupid bartholin gland so at least I was prepared for that. My baby didn't latch at all. My nipples were swollen from Iv and the nurses weren't able to help much. I was able to get him latching with a nipple shield but I didn't have a drop of milk until day 5 with pumping every 2 Hrs. I was devastated when he had his first supplemented bottle. And again the nurses lacked supporting how I felt. Niko's stomach was pumped before that because he was so "glurpy" and had no intetest in nursing but right after was starving! The day we left df was called into work and I asked one time if we could leave before his shift started. They ended up rushing me out too fast messed up my appt date for Niko and didn't offer me a wheel chair. I couldn't even make it off the elevator and a senior volunteer saw me struggling and got me one. He waited with me and the baby while I cried. I reported everything to the hospital administration personally and unfortunately Dr feel good is employed by a separate partner and they were supposed to call so I could make my report and i was never able to get ahold of them. I told df in the hospital that I recognized Dr feel good immediately. He was my anesthesiologist with my first emergency bartholin drainage I was put under for. Df and I had trouble getting my septum piercing out of my nose and he yelled at me saying "I'm gonna rip it out with pliers" while I was high on morphine. The nurse actually stuck up for me and he yelled at her! I'm again pregnant and happy to say well be going to a birth center!!! Haha I love my son more than anything but i feel my experience was robbed from me. I probably cried for 2 weeks straight I was so unhappy with the hospital. I've been to two births for two different friends and they had such a great experience not once were they treated as I was. I went to the hospital completely open minded with no plan but I had no idea how much disrespect I would get while having a baby. That's an experience I will never forget. A year later I am now able to write his birth story and talk about it. That's pretty sad!

6 weeks 10 weeks 4 weeks

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May 21st, 2013, 12:13 PM
Ali and Jillybeans mom :)
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Hemlock, NY
Posts: 1,663
Yeah I am really glad you're going somewhere different! My experience with Ali was not that bad but it wasn't great and I switched for Jill and was glad I did. You will be so happy you switched and your next birth story will be a happy one!
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May 26th, 2013, 08:59 PM
LJD3Tdance's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Eagle, Idaho
Posts: 60,398
Why couldn't you go to the bathroom anymore?

I'm glad you did decide to share with us eventually. Someday I bet when you look back on this you'll be glad you have this even though it wasn't what you wanted.

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May 27th, 2013, 03:54 PM
elizabethchallis's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 1,810
Because i felt like i had to poop again and nothing was coming out lol

6 weeks 10 weeks 4 weeks

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June 25th, 2013, 09:14 AM
Platinum Supermommy
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: Delaware (the state!)
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I am really sorry to hear your birth story was so traumatic. That sucks! But, Niko is here, healthy and adorable and you will have a much better experience since you have switched!
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