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*~JoLina and Baby Matthew's Journey~*

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January 12th, 2014, 02:54 PM
jojo2bee's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Colorado
Posts: 2,775
I'm JoLina and DH is Jason and we started TTC our first in september 2011. We were on our 5th cycle of TTC our first and had finaly recieved our BFP on January 5, 2012.

Our EDD is September 17, 2012!!!!

Were Team Blue!!!!

Waiting the arrival of our little boy Matthew Ernest Paul!

First blood drawl - January 7, 2012 @ 12 DPO
~ Blood Hcg - 64.4

First prenatal appointment - January 18, 2012

Here is my begining story of this wonderful journey!

I had taken a HPT at 6,7 and 8 DPO (I was very impatient) and all BFN. I was confused with what was going on this cycle anyways so I just figured I was out. I had to work late so I was up late taking care of a few things and I sall where I have my testa at and I was looking at the one from 8 DPO and I started to think I sall a second line, even though it's no good anymore after 2 days! So then I got the urge to test again so I grabed my amazon cheepie and went and took the test. I waited like 30-45 seconds maybe and looked at it and I sall that beautiful second line! My heart started racing and I was in complete shock so I went and woke up DH and told him I just took a HPT and theres a second line! I had him look at it and he sall it to so I had to test again. I grabed a FRER and chugged water so I could pee and tested and another BFP!!!!

I then decided to test again in the morning if they were positive again I was going to call the doctor! I woke up and took a FRER and a amazon cheepie and BFP again!

Belly Pictures

Ultrasound Pictures

First u/s at 8 weeks 2 days, Febuary 8, 2012

Second u/s at 12 weeks 2 days, March 7, 2012

Third u/s at 19 weeks 4 days, April 27, 2012

Fourth u/s at 29 weeks, July 2, 2012

His little face!

another one confirming he's a boy! ha ha

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January 12th, 2014, 03:00 PM
jojo2bee's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: Colorado
Posts: 2,775
Birth Story

Matthew Ernest Paul
September 14, 2012
8 lbs 4 oz
20 1/2 in

Starting around the 8th or 9th ish I had been getting contractions but very mild and no regularity. I wasen't sure if they were even contractions at all and I think I was in denial lol. I had an OB appt on the 10th and still no progress. I was closed and he was head down in the pelvis at about a -3 station.

Thursday the 13th I was at home just taking care of a few errons and phone calls when I noticed I was starting to get those pains a lot more. This was around 4pm and just to be safe I decided to start timing them. They were about 8-12 mins apart and lasting around 30-45 seconds. This went on for about 6 contractions then they became every 3-6 mins apart and lasting 30-60 seconds. At this point I was still in denyal but thought it all really could be happing. I decided to call Jason (DH) at work around and let him know. He said OK and if he should leave work now and I decided he was fine to stay. He was getting off in like 45 mins to an hour anyways lol. I called him back when the contractions droped to 3-6 mins apart like 10 mins later and told him he should leave now. He works about 30 mins away with no traffic and this was almost 5pm in Denver, the main rush hour point. So he left work.

While he was on his way home I decided to take a shower to relax and I wanted to be clean if it was the real deal. While in the shower I lost my mucus plug.I finished up and called Jason again to let him know I had just lost my mucus plug. He was maybe 15 mins away at this point and I asked him to stop at berry blendz (like jamba juice) and pick me up a smothie because I was hungry but didnt want to eat anything that would be to harsh on my tummy.

He got home and asked what now, I said we wait lol. We waited untill about 530-6pm ish and I had him call the doctor. My contractions had meet the 5-1-1 rule but were not very painful at all. So he called and she said to call back when my contractions had intenisifed more. So Jason and I just hung around at home watching TV and I decided to go for a walk to help get thing going. We went for a little walk and I felt my contractions getting stronger finally. We kept walking and just being patient at home for a littlebit longer. I was sitting on our bed with Jason and he noticed a pinkish spot on my underwear so I went to the bathroom and sure enough it was bloody show.

At around 930pm my contractions were now strong enough that I couldnt talk through them so we decided it was time to call the doctor again. Jason called and she said come in to labor and delivery and get checked out. We grabed a few last items and headed to the car. We had packed the carseat and bags after Jason got home so it wouldnt be a hassel later on. Were about a 15 min drive from the hospital and I had a good 4-5 contractions in the car. My contractions had also went to 3-5 mins apart at this point as well.

We get to the hospital and decided to leave the bags in the car untill I was actually admitted so we didnt have to haul it all around. We head in and go up to labor and delivery and they were all ready for us with my chart ready to go and a room prepared. We head into the room and I get changed into the gown and what not. The nurse then hooked me up to the monitors and did a cervical check and I was only at a 1cm! I really was suprised because of how close my contractions had been and from the begining to! They then monitored me for about 20-30 mins. They put this rolled up blanket under my back on my right side so I was leaning to the left and with my contractions it was really uncomfortable!

She came back in about 11pm and did another check and I was still at 1 cm dilated. She then decided to have us walk around the hallways to get things going for 1 hour. We walked in the same circle like 1000 times it seams and my contractions were increasing in pain a lot more to the point we had to stop when I had one and Jason would massage my back. We go back into the room after an hour and she checkes me again and still a 1cm! She hooked me up to the monitors again for about 20 min then came back in and said we had 3 options, 1) go home 2) go home with some ambien to sleep 3) try walking for another hour. We decided to just go home since we live 10-15 mins away and Jason had been at work since 530am. It was confusing because I didnt really understand when to come back again. my contraction were already at the point they tell you to come back. the nurse said if my water breaks or bright red bleeding or I just cant handle it anymore. She said we would be back that day for sure.

We get home about 1230am and hang out for a few mins. We then decided to go take a nap. we lay in bed and Jason was like 2 seconds away from being asleep and I started to get a contraction. I started to sit up and as I'm sitting up I hear this POP and I thought oh is that what I think it is?!?! I get all the way up and GUSH! I said OH CRAP and Jason said what and I said my water just broke. He was up and in the closet and dressed in 2.2 seconds! I have never seen him move that fast! thankfully it was just enough to barley spot on the bed. I went to that bathroom so I could check the color and as I sit down a huge gush came out. I noticed a clear fluid on my undies with what looked like coffee grouds in it. I took a peak in the potty and sall all this dark brown black ish gunk mixed in. My first thought it he went poo inutero! I told Jason that and he freaked out and said lets go!

We left about 145am after being home for bairly an hour. I grab a towel and put on a pad and head to the car. my contractions got quite a bit more intense at this point. It was very difficult in the car. We get to the hospital and checked in again around 2am. The nurse checked me and still 1cm! I wanted to try laboring natural but with the very little progress and intense painful contractions, I decided to get an epidural. I told the nurse and she let the doctor know. The doctor was OK with me getting an epidural so eairly in dilation because my contractions were regular and had been. Within what seemed like 10 mins the anestiologist was in the room and I got my epidural. It was such relief! I decided I would rather take the time a relax and save my energy for pushing rather then laboring naturaly. I don't regret my decision at all!

The nurse came back in at 5am to check me and I was at a 2-3cm. They doctor decided to start pitocin, and check me again in an hour. At 7am was the shift change and the night on call doctor which just happens to be my normal OB lol came in to check me and I was at 5-6cm! We were very happy at this point and tryed to nap again.

The day shift doctor came in an hour later at 8am and checked me and I was at 8cm now. Jason and I then decided to call our paents and let them know it was coming soon. My mom and auntie got there a little after that. At 9 the nurse came back in and cheked me and I was at a 9 plus. We called Jason's mom again and said hurry its very soon now! The nurse said she would come back in 15 mins and I should be all ready to push! y brother then got there, he took his first day off work since being with this company so he could be there for me and his nephew.

It ended up taking her 45 mins to come back in but when she did she did a check and I was fully dilated and ready to push! Jason and I got very excited and my brother was there at this point and I looked over at him and said "bye brother!" He said OK and went to the waiting room and meet up with our mom and aunt. Jason and I wanted it to just be us for delivery. My nurse came back in and we got positioned and started pushing around 930am. I pushed for a while and I could feel soooooo much pressure which my nurse said was a good thing and we just didnt want me to feel the pain part. It had been like 45 mins into pushing and I was starting to feel the pain. My epidural had worn out so I could feel EVERYTHING. It was horrible and I was tring to just breath through the contractions and not freak out. I was sooo tired at this point that my pushes were crap and wernt really doing anything. The nurse decided to let me take a break and contacted the anestegiolist again. She came up and gave me a bolus of the epidural medicine and it was heaven! It kicked in pretty fast and I was ready to push agan.

My nurse was being so rude to me during pushing saying I wasent trying hard enough because he wasent moving under my pelvis. When she left the room I started crying and told Jason that she was makeing me feel like this horrible person that sucks at pushing and I'm being a baby and not trying! I was sooooo upset because of her. She came back in and we started pushing again. I was pushing will all I had in me like before and she said I was doing awesome and they were the best pushes ever. I was starting to feel everything again and it was so horrible! I keept pushing for a bit longer and still nothing. The nurse had left and Jason looked at me and told me that the baby was getting stressed and had a high heart rate and had had it high for a little while at this point. That made me nervus so when the nurse camera back in we started to push again. She then said that he wasent moving down and went to get the doctor. The epidural had completly worn out again now and I was in so much pain and I was starting to freak out during contractions and just didnt know what to do. I was so tired and just couldnt find a comfortable position. I was screaming through the contractions to try and ease them a bit and was still pushing as hard as I possible could.

Finaly she came back in with the doctor and the doctor had me push and checked and then got up and said were having a baby through the tummy today. He was stuck in my pelvis and I needed an ER c-section ASAP. He was still very stressed and I was freaking out, I didnt know what to do. They sent the epi doctor back up and she asked if the second bolus she gave me worked. My nurse interuped me answering andsaid no, that pissed me off because hoe does she know! I told the epi doc that it did work it just didnt last long enough like it was suposed to. They were trying to figure out what to do for me for the c section. I guess my nurse had also givin me 2 doses of narcotiocs during this time and they didnt even phase me. I didnt even know she gave them to me! I didnt want narcotics and she knew that from my birth plan so I was livid at this point.

They had no idea how to help me with my pain or what to for for the c-section. There was only 1 doctor there that day and there was another c section going on so we had to wait untill it was done go in. They decided they were going to take out my epidural and give me a spinal tap which is just the numbing. I couldnt get it untill we were in the OR though. We had to wait for like 45 mins or so and Jason was getting gowned up at this point. I was so out of it I didnt really know what was going on fully lol.

They finaly come a get me to go to the OR and Jason had to stay behind untill they were ready to go. I had a contractin as were going down the hallway. We get into the room and during the spinal tap I had 3 contractions and it was soooooo hard trying to stay still in the funky position. MY mean nurse was the one with me and she was actually awesome helping me in the OR. Finally they get it done and it was instant numbing and relef. I was so thankful at thins point. Then Jason came in and I was so tired I keept falling asleep during the c section then next thing I know I hear the slighest tiny cry and I wasent sure if that was him or not so I looked over at Jason and he had the most amazed look on his face I knew it was our baby boy coming out. They he started crying and I sall them take him to the table and all I could think was how is he and wow there really was a baby in my belly ha ha! They had Jason go over to the table but I couldnt see anything because they were behind me more and there was a lot of nurses around covering him. I started to doze off again and then Jason was at my side again telling em about him and I have no idea what he said lol then the nurse gave Matthew to him and he helped me sort of half hold him and I was finaly able to meet my baby boy and he was everything and more then what I expected and he was just this perfect little boy and I was so happy. He was born at 2:13pm at 8lbs 4 oz and 20 1/2 in.

They took him with jason to the nursery and i had to stay behind of course and went to recovery. While I was in recovery a nurse came in and said that his blood glucose was borderline low and if I wanted to breast feed him now so it would help his levels. I said yes and they brought hime in and I got to hold my baby boy and he nursed like a champ!

It was a rough time but I would do it all over again. Were so happy to have our baby boy! Wow that was long ha ha now pictures and lots of them!


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