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Trying Natural (again) after prev. c-section

Forum: Natural Childbirth


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October 13th, 2006, 12:21 PM
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 17
Hello Ladies:

We are planning a natural birth and I was wondering if any of you had experienced successful vbacs?

If no experience w/ vbac could you tell me what things you did that helped you to have a successful natural-unmedicated first birth? What things did you to to helpf you cope during transition?

(Piece of my story)

With my first I had strange labor that only came at midnight and would last anywhere until 2-5 a.m. (it did that twice in a row) by morning of the second labor-filled night I thought to go to the hospital (in the morning) and by then I was at 7 cm and 75% effaced.

After about three or four hours of fairly mild contractions and walking around, my ob thought breaking my waters would help to make my contractions harder and more effective (funny they were quite hard and effective while I was at home!).

Deciding to let her break my water was such a hard decision (looking back I should have taken my intact waters and waddled on out of there back to my family room where I was able to labor quite nicely) but in the end I let her do it. Outcome? It didn't help! No changes.

When I think back to that day, it's like my body decided that it just didn't care for the new enviornment so it stopped laboring effectively- just like it did days before.

Again...we should have just gone on back home and had the baby there where where was no iv, beeping monitors, knocking nurses and peeping-clock watching, cervix-checking ob doctors. I think that I needed the quite familiar of my home and along with that it wasn't midnight so my body just didn't see the need continue with what it had been doing naturally.

My labor slowed and seemed like it didn't intend to give up a baby anytime soon (ob's don't like that) monitoring nurses found elevated blood pressure (I later learned that many women who are laboring have elevated blood pressure as the body copes with the pain) so as you might guess the interverntions began to roll.

My doc called in for a Pitocin drip to try to restart/rev up labor (looking back my body was just not ready to give up the baby... maybe not until that midnight but, I would never make it to midnight again).

The pitocin caused extreme contractions that didn't give me as much as 5 second breaks between contactions (up until that point I had been taking my contractions like a trooper and even the really long and painful ones that I had at home I was able to endure because when they let up I at least got to rest for a minute or two before they'd startup again.

I caved in under the pressure of this drug induced pain and against my own better judgement, called (with much tears) in for an epidural.

The placement of the epidural was a nightmare in and of itself. The epi doc could not properly place the needle so it hurt like someone was banging my funny bone with a hammer while getting stung by a bee(in my back)...this compounded with the fact that the pictocin-killer contactions were still groping and choking me into a screaming frightened victim.

The epi never really took. It just ended up numbing one of my feet.

Blah, blah, blah, my ob gave me until 10 p.m. for something more to happen before she'd call in the aid of her scapel (gulp). Try as I did, I just could not make my labor progress fast enough (for her) sigh

More trouble in the horizion. So after you get pitocin and a catheter and and epi. you can't walk around anymore. Sometime after the placement of the cathether I began to have these "pushy" feelings. Now what? A swollen cervix that's what. I was trying not to do any pushing but I seemed to have lost feeling of what I was doing "down there" and had begun to push a bit. It felt like my bladder was full even though the catheter was reportedly draining my liquids. That was strange.

(Begin playing sad violin song here) So by 10 p.m. I was wheeled into the O.R. to have my baby via c-section. For a baby that was not coming out my ob sure had a tough time unengaging her little head from the mouth of my cervix!

By surgery crunch time had given up my hopes for a natural birth. Two years after my daughter's birth I still feel robbed and unfulfilled in how she came into the world. I didn't know that the way you give birth could have such a lasting impact on one's psyche but, that has been the case with me.

For the most part I've made peace with it all but, now I don't want to go back to the hospital.

In my first pregnancy, I had fibroids that grew pretty large. Thankfully none of them affected the baby. I even thought that maybe one of them stopped my daughter from decending but, my doc only mentioned that the one closest to the cervix was as large of her head and NOT that it blocked the cervix in any way.

I've since had them removed and have been researching vaginal births after myomectomy. I've gotten my surgery notes from my surgeries and though my doc will not entertain the idea of me going natural I have other plans.

Something within me is telling me not to just go along with surgery and I don't want to go against that.

I'm 26 weeks and 5 days with our son and I have prayed to God to help me to deliver this baby naturally.

I told my husband that maybe we could wait until I could see the baby's head before going to the hospital. He as like uhhh right....

But, really, my ob (the same one who delivered our daughter) is talking about a 37 week c-section. Well, I have not bothered to argue with her or to tell her as yet that I want a natural birth.

I mean who really is in charge of one's body and one's birth anyway?

I'm looking into a midwife. She's not troubled by the previous surgeries and had even done vaginal's for women who have had the old classic cut. I don't have the classic but more of a t shaped cut on the uterus with the bikini cut on the outter (seen) surface.

So, there's my story in a really big nutshell

Any good positive ideas, suggestions that you have regarding natural birth will be appreciated.

Have any of you tried any herbs that you found to be helpful during labor?

If any of you have taken the Bradley method can you explain exactly what that class teaches and if you were able to use any of that during your actual natural childbirth?

Thanks and God bless you all!

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October 13th, 2006, 01:20 PM
wonderfullymade's Avatar Doula & MW Apprentice
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Galveston, TX
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WOW Adonna! All I have to say is WOW!

I have seen many births take your route, unfortunately. Even more unfortunate, though, is that the woman hardly ever questions the decisions that were made and the route their birth took. I just posted my birthstory up in the NCB childbirth section (subforum at the top of the main NCB page) that, for the early labor, sounds just like yours.

I firmly believe that there is a reason for slow dilation, 'stalled labor', natural alignment, long labors, etc... and for you to recognize this as well is a great step in the right direction!

I am a teacher of the Bradley Method and would refer you to the sticky at the top of the main NCB page that talks about pain management and NCB methods (outlines and links). I used many of the relaxation techniques from Bradley and all of the prenatal and postnatal care from it. I also read up on Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth and used some of her information.

I am so encouraged by your strength and determination, taking the incentive to find a mw and to look at your past birth experience with such analytical and decifering eyes.


Bellies & Babies Blogger
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October 13th, 2006, 01:34 PM
abigailsilva's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 4,103
I too am thoroughly amazed by you! I have read too many women having c-sections and completely losing faith in their bodies because of it, YOU, however, realize that the docs intervention is what hindered rather than helped you ability to have a natural birth. This will be my first natural birth and I have decided that for me, natural isn't possible in the hospital so I have switched practices to an amazing midwife and we are having the baby at home. I am sorry that I can't give any advice on how to obtain your natural birth, it really sounds like you are fully capable of doing it alone, it really sounds like you just aren't comfortable in the hospital and would be even less comfortable now and that kept your labor from progressing. how do you feel about a birth center or homebirth?
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October 13th, 2006, 02:17 PM
Showbiz's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 1,646
Thank you for your story, Adonna! Mine reads much the same, and I am in the same position you are, except I'm not PG again yet. I'm glad you're going first, LOL! I feel the same way about wanting to just keep waiting at home during my next labor, and perhaps even doing an "oops! The baby was born before I got to the hospital" type of thing, although I know it would terrify my hubby. My birth center won't allow me since I'll be a VBAC. I'm an hour from the hospital, and although it seems like a long ways, most "problems" could wait an hour if I needed to go.

Anyway, sorry to expand on my situation and my apologies for not giving you any answers. Just know I'm very interested in what you end up doing, so please keep us posted!

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October 13th, 2006, 03:40 PM
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 17
Thank you ladies for your encouraging words!

Sometimes I feel like I'm from planet "You must be Mad" when I try to share my birth hopes and plans with others. This has lead me to be more quiet because I just don't wanna hear anymore from those who refuse to at least consider ideas from outside the box.

If I am to at least attempt an intervention free birth I must be in an environment that will support that--ie, no negative comments or discouraging words about what happened "last time" (Sorry
mom that means you too... )

I told my husband just last night that I need this birth to be protected from prodding hands, from machines and from impatient-intervention laden advisors and practitioners.

I don't want to have access to pain meds. Just having access to something like pain meds can be so tempting when you are close to the end and feeling tired, discouraged, and frustrated ie; very close to actually giving birth!

I've been through labor... I know that there are discomforts to work through.

I was totally mentally ready to deal with my pain the first time. I moaned, cried a little, walked around alot, listened to music and sometimes pleaded with God to help me get through some the longest and strongest contractions.

Birthing sensations passed over me like large roaring waves and each one left hopeful thoughts of holding my baby and calming feelings behind. I found that not fighting the intense contractions helped me not to freak out when I "felt like the pain "waters" rising a bit above my head".

So yes, I am considering and am moving towards a homebirth.

I was willing to try birthing at a birth center but none in my area (or surrounding areas) accept vbacs!

To me not taking vbacs is like adding insult to injury.

Women who planned for a natural birth and end up having a c-section have a lot of mental stuff to unpack.
Namely like, "why did my body fail", "can my body do this?", "am I damaged in some way?", "why can just about everyone else have a vaginal except for me?" You know, stuff like that...

Though I was a bit bothered that the birth centers would not take me, after thinking a bit more about it I realized that it better for them to be up front about their real feelings than for them to get me in and then flake out on me and quickly shuttle me off to the nearest hospital.

When you are in labor you don't need to be fighting with ANYONE at all. A laboring woman needs an clear headed, well educating birth advocate. My husband will support almost any birth choice that I make because both of us tend to err on the side of letting nature take it's course.

My husband is still kinda fluttery about an unassisted homebirth but, I think that he is very much more for it if it is attended by a midwife.

There is a midwife that I plan to look further into. She has delivered a friend's two sons.

Since I have not experienced a vaginal birth as yet and he has never attened one, I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to at least have someone in the room when the head is crowning who has been there before and can help guide the little one out without me tearing or him getting stuck.

I will keep you all posted on how my indepth interview with the potential midwife goes.

Oh, I found some really graphic (up close) birth videos online that made me say wow! Down there can do THAT?! Cool!

Let me know if you want me to post the links.
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October 13th, 2006, 04:57 PM
abigailsilva's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 4,103

I think that's so awesome, I am continually shocked by how strongly doctors fight to prevent us from BIRTHING! I don't even like the word delivery any more, it reeks of doctors hands and I am not freaking SICK so I don't need one! I cringe when I hear women say, I had a breech, so, of course I had a cesarean. i realize that not all breeeches can be delivered vaginally, but many can, and it's a lot more that can do it and are delivered instead by C-section. Since deciding on this homebirth, I cannot see myself ever entering a hospital or obstetricians office again, I feel totally confident in myself for this birth and I know that the people that are with me during it, My husband and midwife, will only add to that confidence. So I wish you all the best, and know that here, at least, you can shout your feelings freely! I know you're due in jan, but feel free to check out the fddc anyway!
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October 13th, 2006, 05:44 PM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 1,220
Wow, I agree the only thing that can be said is WOW.
I have to say after my C the thing that bothered me the most was being so flipping doped up that I was afraid to talk or move for fear of looking and sounding like a drunk! Sorta takes the thrill out of LOOKING at your brand new baby because of course when you have a C you dont even get to hold her! The took her and DH out of the room right after I looked at her because they had to attend to me. Then of course she went into the nursery for all the stuff they do while I was taken care of. When I got into my room they brought her in a little while later and she was in the warming box so I still couldnt HOLD HER. Not that I would have because of how drugged up I was. I had DD1 naturally but they didnt let me hold her either cause her apgar was a 9! They took her out to after doing all they had to and stitching me. At that time I was 24 and afraid to open my mouth to the "proffesionals" so it wasnt till 11:30 pm, 4 hours later, when I finally said "can I see my baby now?" I hadnt seen or touched her once! Luckily I had a nice nurse at that shift who was shocked. You havent held her or even seen her yet? NOPE. She took me right into the nursery sat me down and handed me my beautiful daughter. But with both I missed out on bonding in those first important minutes after her ordeal.
Oh another thing that really ticked me off at the hospital. I had filled out all the paperwork prior about breastfeeding and how I did NOT want any bottle of any kind offered to the baby. This was for DD2 as I didnt BF with 1. So on the 2nd night I was in so much pain from the surgery I couldnt sleep. It was around 2 am. I went for a walk to the nursery. The first nurse tried to stop me because I shouldnt be walking so much,, yeah I should just stay in bed and be miserable right, but i kept going. I get to the nursery and what do I see? MY DAUGHTER BEING BOTTLE FED FORMULA! I was so ticked off. I said what are you doing? oh we didnt want to bother you. I had been up for hours so its not like they even checked to see if I was asleep or not and regardless I wrote and told them NO BOTTLES AT ALL. I said put that down and put her back in her bassinet. she did and I wheeled her back into my room and BF'd. Of course I told her first dont you or anyone else ever do this again. I was explicit in my request for no bottles, I wrote I dont care what time of day or night it is, who is in my room, if I am sleeping or not, no bottle. wake me up to BF. Lord knows when I am home thats what will be happenig. I was so mad. So this time I am writing it again and making sure I tell them before I give birth and again as soon as he/she comes out NO BOTTLES. I think I should just have her room with me even though I would like the opportunity to sleep without worrying about him or her for a day or two but forget it. Its not worth them doing what they want to or whats easier for them and ignoring my requests. WHEW I forgot how much this had upset me. so for those of you that want to BF keep this in mind!!
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October 13th, 2006, 07:28 PM
Showbiz's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I had a midwife for my first birth (was supposed to be at a birth center) and STILL ended up with a CS. While I don't have any qualms with how my midwife did, next time I plan to have a midwife AND a doula. I need someone there JUST FOR ME, to STICK UP FOR ME, and to be knowledgeable enough if we enter the hospital to tell me what I can refuse. I don't want to put that pressure on my husband, and I know the midwife's first concern is the baby. I need someone there who's first concern is ME!

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October 15th, 2006, 06:32 AM
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 17
These videos are from youtube.com

I had to and you may also need to sign up for an account with youtube (free and easy) in order to view these videos because of thier graphic nature.

Think I did a search on natural birth or something like that when I came across these.

This first one is of a Japanese lady giving birth in a hospital- she had a nucal cord partly around the neck.

This second video is really just the "involved parts" birthing I think it's from an instructional video. This one make me think OUCH near the end.

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