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The Birth of our Little Bug London-(homebirth/hypnobabies)

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April 5th, 2010, 10:34 AM
soImarriedAnerd's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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I just finished it without alot of editing, sorry about that if its a little hard to read but I needed to get it done.

Birth Story of London Jacob Small (very detailed)..

Saturday Aug. 1st, 2009.

Jonni, my best-friend since middle school was in town visiting for the week with her 3 kids and mom. We had her there hoping she would be present for my labor. I was at all three of her kids births. She was to leave on Sunday. We spent all week seeing the sites of Chicago. We walked miles and miles everyday, I was 40 weeks pregnant and not feeling anything. Friday hits and we walked 8 hours that day downtown Chicago. I got a couple pressure waves (the hypnobabies, HB, for contractions) but nothing exciting. Saturday in the early morning I woke up for my normal 4am bathroom trip and I had some slight blood tinged discharge but not enough for me to even use a pantie liner and I figured it was from the walking I did the day before. So I went back to bed just making a mental note of it. I was woken up at about 6am with some light cramping in my thighs, which I again figured was also from the walking the previous day. So I went back to bed because it was 6am and I don't wake up that early LOL. For weeks people would ask me if I felt anything and all I could say was "I just don't feel like its going to happen soon". But Saturday during the day I had a feeling like I could go into labor soon, but not that I was in labor yet. I was having some mild twinges every so often, nothing that I really even paid attention to. I was going to the bathroom a ton because baby dropped overnight and I had to pee a ton, which was new for my pregnancy. I also was starting to waddle that day--Troy was nice enough to point that out! Jonni and the family all hung out for the day and even went to Portillo's for dinner where I for the first time didn't finish my Italian Beef sandwich--I should have caught something was up then. While there I got a few pressure waves that made me take notice them but nothing even worth timing. Everyone came and hung out at our hotel room (which was a 2 bedroom apartment like hotel) since it was their last night with us. They all went home about 9pm since they had to be up to drive home on Sunday (12hr drive). So I was picking up stuff and then at 10pm BAM! I got on Contraction Master: Your FREE, online contraction timing assistant! and start timing them to see where we are at. I was having solid pressure waves that made me pay attention and they were regular...they just WHAM BAM started they were 5-8 min apart at first timing. No slowly starting and get closer and closer and stronger and stronger....looking back I probably was in labor since 6am that morning and just not really aware that I was. I had previously set up a private live blog of my childbirth...so I start updating! So I tell troy and he decides "we" best be going to bed now and get some sleep....that's what his books and the midwife told us to do. He cleaned the rest of the hotel room and then went straight to bed and was asleep in minutes. I however was not able to sleep. I grabbed a glass of white wine and headed for a nice warm bath. I was in the tub for about 30 min. The pressure waves slowed down a touch so I thought this would be a great chance to get some sleep. I laid back in bed. I was able to "sleep"......it was like snoozing in the morning when your alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button only to be woken up again in 8 min...that was me till about 4am. I got back in the tub...great thing about hotel rooms, endless supply of hot water! After about another half hour I got back out of the tub and back into the bed...trying to sleep but not even able to nap at this point. The pressure waves are still a little farther apart but gaining in strength. Ok its about NOW I realized I was in active labor. So its 6am and I now realize I'm in labor, which is about 24 hours after I really started! LOL Since Jonni was still in town we give her a call and let her know I'm in labor. She comes on over. Troy also calls the midwife, Hillary, at 7am to let her know we are in labor, I thought we didn't need to call yet but he wanted to call earlier but I said no till at least 7am...she should be able to sleep at least! She listens to me having a pressure wave over the phone and lets us know we have a bit to go and to call her back when I think she needs to come...which is what I told troy she would say! haha We are no longer timing pressure waves now we are just wanted to do stress free with no measurable goals. (I didn't want to get upset finding out my numbers were slowing down or not speeding up, etc).

I'm now quit updating the blog, and troy picks up that job. So Jonni is with me as troy makes me some breakfast. I had a few bites of strawberry yogurt with granola. I ended up throwing up breakfast....thats when I joked I liked being the Doula more than the laboring woman. I was listening to my hypnobabies tracks (early labor script) and also some Josh Groban....because Josh just makes me feel good. While Jonni is with me troy also moves some furniture around and inflates the birthing tub, and gets the spare bed all prepped with sheets over a shower curtain and chux pads. I also prepped some big nighttime menstrual pads with water and put in the freezer for after birth. So we are all ready for baby and labor. Troy was being great at reminding me to snack/drink....he was trying to crush some ice to make chips for me...well he was making so much noise it was funny. Troy and jonni would switch positions. Troy would be with me and then jonni would make ice chips but if I looked to be getting sick they traded back quickly...since troy has a VERY STRONG gag reflex. I admit I was nervous about this fact because I wasn't sure If I would get sick while in transition and I knew I wanted him right there during that.
I continued being on all fours and going in and out of the bath tub till about noon. Noon was the magic hour, Jonni HAD to leave by then at the latest to make it back to work. So unfortunately she wasn't able to stay till the birth. We had a back up though, Kyle. We called her and she was in the process of interviewing a doula! I told her she should bring her with to do a demonstration of skills interview, I was nice enough to offer up myself!!! I also told her I was craving red Popsicles so I asked her to pick me up a couple. So jonni left, and kyle was going to be about an hour. I finally feel like its time to call Hillary back. So I talk with her on the phone and she agrees by the sound of my pressure wave that its time for her to come also. She was there shortly with her bags of stuff. She does a check on me and lets me know I am indeed in active labor (which I know means at least 5cm!) So we start filling the birthing tub....which makes it even more real that a baby was on its way.
I'm still trying to keep my energy up so I snack on bananas, ice chips, toast....I throw it all up, but it was worth eating it. I did keep the Gatorade and some bananas down though. Kyle arrives and WOW did she listen to my red Popsicle request! I had about 6 different types... rainbow ones, ones with strawberries in it, plain cherry ones. The one with the fruit in it was my fav! And I kept it down! Hillary suggested getting my birthing ball into the tub and put the shower on. I was skeptical at first....WOW it was great! I felt great while in the shower and I had troy put his swimsuit on and sit on the edge of the shower and feed me some Popsicles, kyle was sitting on the toilet seat keeping me motivated by reading me the wonderful comments I was getting on my life labor blog. Those words were so encouraging and helped more than I could explain...it really was great having a village of women supporting me. The pressure waves were getting more intense but I had high spirits and was still joking around even. I continued to do my HB cues every so often with a more intense wave. Troy was AMAZING at giving me cues when needed. And at this point I want/need troy right next to me so he stops blogging and Kyle picks it up. Also Tera the midwife assistant shows up. I get out of the shower after a long time and then crawl on all fours around the hotel rooms. It must have looked funny. I should mention I had been butt naked since about noon, I wanted nothing to do with clothes. While I'm crawling around Hillary does another check and tells me I can get into the birthing tub! Which we had previously agreed would be when I was 8-10cm or in transition.
So I get into the tub...and OMG its like natures epidural. I felt great a little to great as my waves do slow down a touch. I was so relaxed in between waves that I even dozed off between them! Well that little refresh was what my body needed...it was go time. As I went from squatting to on all fours to sitting I suddenly just had an urge to push...Hillary does a check and I do have a little cervical lip...so I get in positions to help that lip go away but still doing little pushes during the waves. During this we are listening to the Hypnobabies pushing script. Troy would see a wave starting to take over me and he would give me a "peace" cue and it literally brought me right back....it was shocking how well that worked. We had to repeat the pushing script a couple time because of how long it was taking. At one point I said something about the track and Hillary joked about how it should just get to a point where it says "f*ck it and just come out baby" ...we all laughed! I was still doing my little pushes with the waves and Hillary was doing some spot checks here and there of baby's heart tones....at one point I decide she didn't need to be getting wet and I just grabbed the machine and started doing them myself! Which is a little harder then checking someone else. After (what I think was about 45 min) her next check she informs me there is no lip so we can get down to some serious pushing! I tried pushing on all fours and squatting but it felt more productive while I was more in an upright sitting almost squat position. Every so often I would let my body float up and that was becoming anti-productive so Hillary tells troy to hold me down! Which I had to laugh a little about. He was in a chair sitting behind me with his arms on me for support the entire time I was in the tub.
As I was doing some pushing I kept my hands down on my perineum so I could feel how I was doing (Yes I was being a nurse to myself to gauge my pushing effort!). While I was doing that during a big wave troy asks "can you feel it?" ...I made a funny face and we all just started laughing at him. We took it as could you fee the wave-which I assure you I could, but he meant could I feel the babies head. I couldn't believe we (I) was relaxed enough to joke and talk in between pushing waves!!! I felt no uncomfortableness during my breaks which were about 1 min long. A couple minutes later baby was crowning...my hands were right down there and I could feel baby's little head, which helped me keep it down when I had my breaks. I so comfortable during the breaks that I could keep a constant pressure to hold the head in the most "painful" spot. While I was doing that (2 breaks worth) I just sat there saying "stretch and stay". I could hear Troy telling me how much he loved me and how amazing I was. The next push was go time....these last couple hurt...but not like anything that I would imagine...it kind of threw me for a loop. I always imagined the pain at the end was the vaginal wall stretching...that's not at all what I felt. I felt like my clitoris/urethra area was going to tear. I took one of my hands and held pressure on that area and the other hand on the head. After one more good push I guided the head out and announced to everyone "head's out, head's out" (I know I'm such a nurse! LOL). NO PAIN AT ALL from there out. Then I take both my hands and give another good push and out comes baby into my hands. Words can't even explain how cool the feeling of actually delivery your own baby is (5:50pm 8/2/09). I pull the baby to my chest and I about screamed "hey baby, its a boy, OMG, its a BOY!"...1, 2, 3 seconds " and he has earlobes!". (Troy doesn't have them so it was a long running joke). Troy was still sitting behind me and I could feel the tears he was crying on my cheek and hear him just repeating over and over how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. And Kyle saying OMG OMG and how amazing it was. As I held him to my chest he started to cry a beautiful sound and Hillary brought over a blanket to drape over us. When she does this I announce "heck that wasn't so bad!" LOL. I then say Hello there London. I guess I kind of trumped Troy on that since we had two names picked out (Collin or London) but London just fit. Then everyone asked about middle name. We had two picked out Jacob or Reid...troy was whispering in my ear "Jacob Jacob Jacob"...so London Jacob it was! Troy and I just stared at our SON in amazement I forgot about the placenta. The cord was pretty short so I couldn't pull London up as much as I wanted to. The cord was pulled kind of tight and rubbing against me in the spot that previous hurt...it felt weird, not painful just odd. So after the cord stop pulsating (about 8 min) Troy got to cut it and release London from my body. Then Troy helped me put London on the breast. It took him a couple feels but London latched right on.
Then it was time to deliver the placenta, Tera got to do this part, I didn't feel the need to deliver it! Again not what I expected...usually I say my patients kind of grunt and push like it was painful...it wasn't at all for me. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but.. It was actually VERY pleasurable to push it out...I honestly thought I was close to having an orgasm, I'm assume it was from the incredible high of hormones I had going at the time. Once that was done Tera started to do the uterine massage...I thought she was being to nice so I just asked her if it was ok if I did them myself....and I did! LOL Now it was time to get me out of the tub. Hillary gave me some towels and we wrapped up London and handed him to Troy so we could get me to the bed. I was suppose to go slow and be careful....well I felt so great I just jumped out of the tub and waddled to the bed. I was waddling because I was trying to hold a towel and chux in between my legs so not to dirty the floor. I get to bed and the midwives check me out. No vaginal tears but I do have two very small ones by my urethra (well THAT would explain what I felt earlier). I got the option to stitch or not to stitch....since it was there I decided to go with the stitching. Troy was holding London during this. Once I was done London and Troy sat in bed next to me...I grabbed London back and just sat there in total bliss ...me and my two boys! The sun was setting and the light was coming in the window ...I was wiping up London a little and putting on his first diaper (which was cloth!) and this is when we noticed...we have a red head!

After some bonding time and Breastfeeding time London got his exam done. 19.5 cm in length, 6lbs 10oz and healthy as could be. Kyle was great and headed out to get us some Olive Garden food...I was HUNGRY! Everyone was gone by 9pm and troy was EXHAUSTED and snoring by 10pm and I had my second wind and so did London so we sat up for hours getting to know each other so more.

Non-graphic Photos- Picasa Web Albums - London - Birth Day of ...
It was the most amazing day of my life and I couldn't have done it without all the support from Troy, Kyle, Jonni, Hillary, Tera and my online woman village THANK YOU ALL for making it such a special day!

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April 5th, 2010, 04:05 PM
ShaunaB's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Love it! So proud of you. What an incredible birth story. Troy doesn't have earlobes?!! It looks like he does to me. BTW, I love the picture of you and Troy facing almost nose-to-nose on the edge of the tub. What a lovely moment among so many that day.
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April 5th, 2010, 05:28 PM
soImarriedAnerd's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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The lower part of troy's ears don't hang (in a lobe) they connect to his face (his whole family is like this). I really need to get a better picture to explain! LOL
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April 8th, 2010, 10:16 AM
LM1385's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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That is a beautiful story!
Lisa & Brooke(4) + Blayne & Brewer(4) & Healy(4) + Baby = One Big Happy Family

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May 15th, 2010, 06:09 PM
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She has such beautiful, unusual eyes!
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