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my AWESOME Home waterbirth with a few unexpected complications

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February 17th, 2011, 03:53 PM
sharita's Avatar Veteran
Join Date: Feb 2011
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Let me start by saying I saw an OB until about 7 months along when my divorce was final and i lost insurance. I had a previous homebirth with a wonderful midwife student who was now a licensed midwife so I looked her up. She is not a CNM (a nurse midwife) so is not technically legal to attend birth in our state (though some states have changed this). She was amazing last time so I didn't hesitate.

I woke up at around 5 am on a friday morning and had to pee. Usual for 40 weeks pregnant. This was my 5th baby. My due date was yesterday. I noticed my underwear were very damp. I had been having a few accidents or "leaks" with urine so just figured I may have coughed in my sleep or something. I changed, peed and went backto bed.

After another 30 mins to an hour, I woke up again (maybe for water or snack) and was wet again. I have no clue why I didn't get it then but I had NEVER had my water break before transition so it never occured to me that's what it could have been. I decided to go look up some stories on line about water breaking with just a slow leak instead of a gush. I decided I would change and go back to bed but if I woke up one more time wet, I would believe it was my water that had broke. However, I didn't get that far. As I lowered my PJ pants inthe bathroom to change, there went a small little gush of warm water that I could tell wasn't pee. I couldn't believe it. Like I said, I had never had my water break prior to labor, I had only heard of women this happened to but read that was rare.

I was so excited and called my Midwife Cindy. She suggested I try and go back to sleep and rest up before the contractions started. I was far too excited to sleep but managed to doze just a bit. I was so disappointed when I woke hours later and felt nothing. Did I imagine it all? When Cindy never heard back from me she called to check up. She suggested walking and birthball sitting to get baby down into position. I have had anterior placentas with almost all of my kids and most stayed posterior until labor was underway or just right before. I thought maybe that was the problem so worked on getting baby into better position.

I also think that my PROM had to do with my membrane stripping. I did it myself. I just got impatient as most mothers do. I will leave it up to nature from now on.

So, the water just kept pouring out of me and Cindy advised just staying super hydrated. I have never drank so much water in my life. It surely was working to replinish my amniotic fluid though because for the next 36 hours it just kept almost steadily coming out. I had to wear an adult diaper. Imagine my discomfort when I went to the gym, water broken 24 hours prior, on a treadmill, wearing a diaper under my baggy jogging pants and hoodie, water trickling out, no one the wiser. I had a hard time not laughing as I imagined what everone would think if they knew. The walking did help and brought on lots of contractions but no matter how I brought them on, they always stopped once I stopped walking.

Finally, I took a little castor oil. It wasn't as unpleasant as I remembered with my previous attempt years before. About 3 hours later I got crampy but it didn't feel like contractions, just cramps like the diahreah was coming on. I lay in bed with my 8 year old son playing playstation 3 in between the cramps until 10 mins after they started, I could no longer play.

I got up and informed DH to give Cindy a call again though we had been in contact the entire time. She checked in often. No sooner than he got off the phone to tell her that I may be starting to contract, I went to pee and had some spotting. Again, I was so ignorant of what it could be and panicked thinking something was wrong. I mean, I had just started contracting how could that be bloody show? We monitored movement and my fever and color of fluid since water broke and all was fine but had we missed something? Did this mean something was wrong? I called cindy panicked and she just assured me is was bloddy show and meant it was happening and she would be on her way but was 20 mins or so out and had to pick up the birth assistant. That was fine, I thought.

DH started filling up the pool and though it had only been 30 mins since contractions started, I couldn 't stand through them. Cindy called again and suggested I get in as it filled. It was amazing, unlike my last attempt at water birth in a too shallow kiddie pool where the water didn't even cover my belly and just made me uncomfortable. I tried all positions but the only thing that allowed me to stay on top of my intense contractions was kneeling in the pool leaning over the side.

I knew `the way things were starting to feel I was going to go quick. I had DH call cindy again and tell her to get here asap, though I am sure she wasn't taking her time anyway.

I was in full transition by then and barely remember Cindy getting there. All she did was let me hold her hands as each contraction wave crashed over me and I gave one or two really low, long, deep moans during each. That was about all the sound I could make they required so much attention. What seemed like minutes later, I felt that pressure and felt my body bearing down without my help. She immediately got behind me as I just stayed kneeling on my knees and held my hand over my vagina until I felt him crowning and then just left it to her to catch. With just two or three pushes, out he shot, like a cannon, right through Cindy's hands so that she had to go to the other side of the pool and scoop him up to hand him to me. All I could say over and over again was "It's over! It's over! Thank God it's over! Yes, that is the reaction a very intense labor will get you.

I scooped him up and peeked and announced it was a boy, though I had already had an ultrasound to tell me that. I couldn't believe all the hair he had. My 4 previous babies were practially bald. Then, here was this baby with straight jet black hair down past his ears almost. He came up from the water ready to nurse. The only way I could quiet him while we tried to deliver the placenta was keep my finger in his mouth as he wasn't quite getting the nipple just yet.

The placenta seemed at first to slide right out but when my midwife went to scoop it up, realized it was still attached by a single piece about the side of a dime maybe. It just hung there underwater as we tried pushing, coughing, nursing, etc. She decided to have me get out and get on the birth stool. I coughed and coughed, pushed and pushed, had my uterus massaged, you name it. finally, it detached after about 10 to 15 mins where my midwife noticed my cervix was peeking out the vaginal opening. She told me but said not to worry, with kegals and time it would return to its place. I had never even heard of a uterine prolapse before.

She, I, and the birth assistant with baby still attached to placenta made a trail for the bed. There I layed down with baby by my side, still sucking my finger for comfort, as everytime I removed it he wailed. DH began the task or emptying the pool and I heard him curse a time or two, I was told later he found it pretty gross.

It had been about 10 mins after the placenta released, maybe 30 tops since the birth and I felt strangely nauseous. Before she got the pan to my mouth I felt a hot gush onto the chux underneath me. I told Cindy, though I didn't know what it meant and she gave my uterus a little massage where even more gushed out. She yelled for the birth assistant to bring her bag with urgency. I had never heard this very hands off, calm, soft spoken midwife use that tone before and it alarmed me slightly but I don't know if it was the birthing high or what but I never panicked. I got 2 shots of pit, and after that didn't work, a cytotec suppository which worked like a charm. My baby never left my side in my bed during all of this though. Nor was there a huge panic. I just felt a bit flushed after and was force fed soup since I had no appetite.

Baby was finally weighed, cord cut and placenta examined. He was 8 lbs 4 oz. an exact lb smaller than my last. (I didn't gain as much weight this time and really ate healthy unlike the other times where I used pregnancy as an excuse to eat any and everything.

She stayed a few hours, then we all went to bed and got a good night's sleep with no nurses barging in flipping on the lights every hour to check my blood pressure, temp and suggest I let her take my baby to the nursery. Cindy did leave another Cytotec pill with instructions just in case though I never had any other trouble.

Within weeks, my cervix did go back ALMOST to where it belonged. I was horrible about my kegals else I may have had better results. Though, I never notice it is a tad lower than it should be.

Langston Micah Genesis was born 8pm exactly weighing 8 lbs 4 oz.

36 hours after waater broke, 2 hours of contractions. He decided to swim right past the midwife as he emmerged. He is 1 year old now and I still can't pull him out of the water without a fight.

Since out midwife isn't legal, all we had to do is go to the health dept and list DH as the "catcher" of the baby and witness to the birth. They require one witness. Also, a bill from one month before DS was born and one after proving we lived in the county during time of birth. Also DH and My SS nums and ID (since we werent married) otherwise just mine and a marriage cert. To be on the birth cert he also had to fill out a paternity affidavid. Other than that, within 30 mins of being there, they printed out his birth cert right there for us and SS card came a few weeks later in the mail. So easy.

He ended up jaundiced and his ped prescribed the biliblanket cause it got bad. Home phototherapy blanket for those who dont know what it is. Also had to go to the hospital to get PKU test which is state required.


Just born:


shortly after birth:



Right after midwife left:


One day old:


6 months:


1 year:


Expecting again in a few months. Langston will be 15 months old. Planning another home water birth. Will try to get a lot more pics maybe a video this time and will post the birth story here.

Student midwife and Homebirthing mama to the brady bunch! (3 boys, 3 girls)
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