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The very QUICK water birth of Phoebe Violet (long!)

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September 5th, 2011, 04:55 PM
thepinkleprechaun's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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The birth story of Phoebe Violet
Born at 1:03 PM on September 3rd, 2011
9 lbs 13oz, 21 inches long, 14 inch head and 14.5 inch chest

On Friday, 9/2 we found out that Jeremy was going to be discharged from the military the next week. I was already kind of freaking out that I would go into labor when he was in an appointment or doing something important trying to outprocess from the Air Force and this just confirmed that it was the worst possible timing. I thought it would be a really great idea to have the baby that weekend! I decided to see if I could get acupuncture done that day but I wasn't sure since it was a Friday starting off a 4 day weekend. I called the one legit seeming acupuncturist in town and thankfully he told me to come in at 11:30!

The acupuncture was interesting, I'd never had it done before but I had always wanted to try it. The acupuncturist was a little old Chinese guy and seemed to know his stuff, he asked me a ton of questions before we got started- making sure that the baby was full term too of course! I had to lay down on a table and he put the needles in my ears, hands, ankles and toes and then he hooked up my hands and ankles to an electric stimulation thingie. The session lasted for 30 minutes and he said that 50% of women would go into labor within 24 hours of the first treatment, another 20% after the second treatment and another 20% after the third. I was really hoping it would work the first time since it cost $70, but he gave me his cell phone number so I could come back the next afternoon if labor hadn't started yet.

That afternoon almost immediately following the treatment my baby started to get VERY active, it was kind of weird because she was usually more active at night. I couldn't even take a nap like I usually did because she was moving around like crazy and I had to pee about every five minutes!

That night I didn't feel anything unusual, I had been having some pretty strong BH and random contractions/crampiness for weeks. The past few days I had been going for long walks in the evening to see if I could get the baby in a better position since I could tell she had her hands up by her face, she kept punching my cervix (ouch!) The walks seem to have worked though and I could tell she was really low. I didn't feel like going for a walk that evening but I did make sure to have sex before bed...figured it couldn't hurt and I might as well do everything I could to increase my chances

Saturday 9/3 (my due date) I woke up several times in the early morning with bad lower back pain and cramps. Again this was nothing new and happened every few days so I did not think I was in labor. I did pretty much get a full nights sleep and woke up again at 8:30, DH also woke up and tried to get some action, which I politely declined lol! I considered it for a minute hoping it would start labor or speed it up if I was in fact in early labor. In hindsight it's probably a really good thing I decided not to.
I got up to go to the bathroom, wiped and there was bloody show! I started to get excited but I was kind of in disbelief because I had never seen this before (induced early with my 2 older kids). I thought okay, this could really be the start of something. OR it could be from DTD last night...but probably not. But I still didn't believe it. I was sure I was going to be overdue!
Pretty much immediately after I noticed the blood I started feeling contractions, and they didn't feel like BH. I ate a quick breakfast and had this insane urge to clean my house, I wanted to vacuum REALLY bad. I decided to take a shower before I did that though, around 9 AM.

While I was in the shower I timed contractions on my phone. They seemed to be more intense while I was in there and from what I saw they were coming about 2 minutes apart and lasting around 30 seconds. I was sure this was a mistake since I didn't even think I was in labor up until maybe 30 minutes earlier! I got out of the shower and my wonderful husband was vacuuming the floor for me I think he realized I was acting a little crazy and thought something must be up. I got my birth ball out (it had to stay hidden or the kids would play with it) and sat on it for a few minutes while I got on the computer. At this point I had told DH that I thought I was having contractions but it wasn't serious and I just wanted to wait a little while longer. Then I started trying to clean and he noticed that I stopped moving and/or talking during contractions which made him nervous and he started trying to convince me that we needed to go to the birth center.
I did NOT want to go anywhere. I was still sure this was a false alarm (yeah extreme denial here) and I didn't want to have to call the babysitter, page the midwives and drive up to the birth center which was 80 miles away.
DH is getting increasingly worried so I told him to get the kids dressed and ready. Worst that could happen is I'm not in labor, we have a nice lunch in Columbia and go home right? I went upstairs to do the Hibiclens wash really quick since I was GBS positive. I was a little annoyed since I had just taken a shower and I had to get undressed again and lay down in the tub to do it. I squatted down in front of the bathroom counter while I was filling up the peri bottle with the Hibiclens solution to make sure I was getting the amounts correct, and while I did that I had a SUPER strong contraction which made me think okay holy crap I'm in labor and we don't have much time. But then I didn't have any more strong ones while I was getting ready to leave so in between contractions I was fine and still in denial phase.
I called the babysitter to let her know we were coming- I had paid her to be on call. She wanted to have like a 20 minute phone conversation and be all chatty and at this point I was getting increasingly annoyed and did not really feel like talking to anyone. Jeremy had gotten the kids ready and I had to make sure we had everything we needed. Most of the stuff was in the car already but I grabbed a few last minute things including the car seat and we headed out. We got about a mile down the road when I realized I had forgotten my iPod- this was important since I had all my Hypnobabies tracks loaded on there. DH asked if I wanted to turn around so we could get it and I said yes even though I was kind of uncomfortable at this point.
We got to the babysitter's house and said goodbye to the kids, I kind of rushed things along hoping she wouldn't want to sit there and chit chat again. We were on the road around 10:45 heading up to Columbia and it would take a little over an hour to get there. At this point I finally paged the midwife and she called me back right away. I told her we were already on our way and would be there around noon. She asked me several questions about when it started and how close the contractions were, etc. She wanted me to eat something before we got to the birth center- I was still in denial mode and I think I kind of downplayed my symptoms- and we agreed to meet at the birth center at 12:30. At this point my plan was to stop at Atlanta Bread Company and have a chicken salad sandwich on the way
Jeremy tried to put some stupid sports talk radio on and I got annoyed and told him to put music on instead. That's when I noticed every time a new song came on the radio I would have a contraction and they were getting a lot more intense. I started having to close my eyes and breathe through them and probably around 11:15 I realized I was NOT hungry at all. At 11:30 I decided Jeremy should probably just go in and get food instead of us going in to sit down. At 11:40 I told DH that I really didn't think we should stop for food at all and called the midwife again to tell her the same thing. While I was on the phone with her I had another contraction and couldn't speak at all (even though I tried lol). She hadn't left her house yet and we were close to the exit we needed to take so we were probably 5 minutes away. She said she was going to page the other midwife who lived closer and she would leave right away and be there soon as well.

We pulled up in the parking lot and we were the first ones there, but the second midwife arrived about a minute after we did and I was SO glad to see her car pull up! I was sitting really upright in the car and I was super uncomfortable at this point. I tried to get out and I could barely do it, I could hardly walk either at that point so DH had to help me in and we went back to the room.

The midwife was running around trying to get supplies ready and she asked if I could do a urine sample, so I did and then had another super intense contraction on the toilet. I was vocalizing through them at this point so she turned on the water to fill up the tub right away and told me to go lay down on the bed to try and slow things down a bit, which I thought sounded like a great idea. I went to the bed and laid on my left side, I was having a really hard time coping and all I wanted was to be in that **** tub! I could tell that Jeremy was kind of at a loss for what to do, he wanted to do something to help me or comfort me so he tried to sit down on the bed next to me and I yelled at him, which I felt bad about but I couldn't really help it!

She didn't want me to get in until the other midwife got there. After about 10 minutes of laying down I pretty much insisted on getting in the water. Thankfully the tub was full really quickly so I started to get up and as soon as I did my water broke! I kind of staggered to the bathroom and DH helped me in, and it felt absolutely wonderful! I can't even say enough about how much the water helped me, I feel like it was the only thing that allowed me to relax enough to get through the hardest part of my labor. So I'm laying in the tub and the midwife keeps asking if she can check me, she said if I was only 5 cm then I would be able to relax a little bit and I remember thinking if I am 5 cm this is going to be the worst day ever LOL! So I finally let her check me and surprise I was already complete! That was probably the biggest relief ever.
I heard the other midwife get there and then their apprentice came as well. DH was sitting behind me (not in the tub though) and giving me sips of ice water. I was moaning really loudly through the contractions at that point and I remember being suprised that I didn't have the urge to push yet since I was fully dilated. Between contractions I tried to relax as much as possible, then one of the midwives checked me again and said she could feel the baby's head! She told me to feel it which I did, it was probably only 2 inches from the opening of my vagina and it felt really cool, all squishy and wrinkly. I could not believe I was feeling my baby ready to come out at that point, since maybe an hour or two earlier I wasn't even sure I was in labor!
I started feeling a LOT of pressure in my butt, I already had some hemmorhoid problems so that was really uncomfortable and they started applying some pressure to the area during contractions to help me out a little. After a few minutes I took a washcloth and applied pressure myself because one of the midwives was checking the heartbeat with the doppler and the other one was writing stuff down. I remember thinking it took a LONG time for the baby to come down and start crowning. I was pushing and I felt like I was getting somewhere but it just seemed harder this time around. Her head finally started crowning and I started pushing harder and trying not to vocalize during the contractions but use that energy to push instead.
I didn't know this until the next day but all the sudden her heart rate went down to the 90's during a contraction. Thankfully her head was about to be out so they kind of grabbed one of my legs and turned me on my left side and told me to push as hard as I could. After her head came out I thought the rest would be easy like my first two babies, but not this time! I had to work even harder it seemed to get her chest and shoulders out.Thankfully it didn't take long and she floated out into the water and I think I was the most relieved I have ever been in my life! I brought her up to my chest and she was pretty blue but her cord was pulsing really well so nobody was too worried, then she started pinking up right away and cried a little bit. The next day at her checkup they told me that her cord was around her neck but not tight, they think when she started crowning the rest of the cord was getting pinched on her chest and that's why her heart rate dropped. No big surprise that she was squished, she ended up being 3 lbs bigger than my last baby! I noticed right away how fat she was, she has huge cheeks and rolls all over!
I ended up with a small tear, probably wouldn't have if it wasn't urgent to get her out. It doesn't really hurt at all though and other than being insaney tired I feel great. It was so nice not to be hooked up to any machines, no IV, I got to hold her for a long time and nurse her and we cuddled up in bed for a while before we did the newborn exam.
Everything else was perfect. It really couldn't have gone any better I don't think, except for maybe getting there more than like an hour before I gave birth haha! My water broke only 45 minutes before I had her and I had already done the Hibiclens before we left so I was really glad about that. There is no way we would have had time to get antibiotics through my system and it would have been sheer torture to get an IV in at that point! We stayed at the birth center until around 6 PM and decided to go home, it was pretty good timing because we had time to go through the drive through, get something to eat and by the time we got back to Augusta we picked the kids up and it was almost time for them to go to bed.

I still can't believe my sweet baby is here, it all happened so fast it feels like a dream!
Katie- mom to Aden (5) Phineas (3) and Phoebe Violet (1)
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September 6th, 2011, 06:16 PM
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LOVE IT! So happy that you got the birth you wanted!

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