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How to survive/what to expect during labor & mini labor

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May 12th, 2006, 04:32 PM
Astrid's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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This has been posted so that those of you choosing to have gone through labor or mini labor may share your experiences. There are many ways we lose our babies whether it be through a natural m/c, a D&C or labor. Hopefully the experiences of others will allow you to know what to expect & what emotions you may feel before/during/afterwards.
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May 13th, 2006, 01:37 AM
Loving My Piglets
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I posted this as a new topic sorry Astrid i will paste it here;

I'm going to share my experience about when i was induced & I'm hoping it will help other ladies who will have to unfortunatley go through this too.

First off i had a choice of D&C or being induced and going through what the doctors called a "mini labour." I chose the mini labour because this is what i felt was right for me at the time. I was 14 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

I went to hospital on a sunday and at 7:10 the midwife inserted four pessarys vaginally {this was a little uncomfortable but it did not hurt and it could vary from person to person} this was to soften the cervix and to bring on the contractions, almost immediatley the contractions started, they were very light at first and were like this for approximatley 45 minutes then they got stronger {if you have had a baby before its kinda like that where the contractions get more & more painful} but they were not bad, i did not scream over them they were just like very bad period pains x10

Every three hours the midwife gave me two tablets, they continued to do this every three hours until the baby passed naturally {these tablets speed things up and help the baby pass}

From 7:50pm - 11:30pm the contractions got worse {they do offer you pain relief for this if you feel you cannot handle the pain & the midwifes are very kind, you are put in a room on the labour ward and treated like any other woman on the ward - just like you should be} At 11:30 my waters broke; this was not uncomfortable at all; just a little embarassing because you are not sure if you have just wet yourself or your waters have broke {it feels exactly the same as taken a pee} so there is no need to worry about that.

Straight after the contractions got worse they were very strong and they felt different to period pains at this point to me they felt like sharp pains but this could vary from person to person too they were also coming about every minute and lasting 20 seconds. At 1:00am i asked for pain relief because personally i could not handle the pain so i got given morphine. When i first pressed the button to get a dose of morphine i went dizzy and threw up a few times {but this is normal so dont panic if you do if you ask for morphine} after the second push of the button its all ok. Morphine helped the pain alot; all you can feel of the pain is little twinges which is perfectly fine {i managed to sleep through them for 45 minutes}

This went on until 3am in the morning {note; this labour can take longer then a normal labour because your cervix has to soften and everything in your body has to prepare its self for the baby coming out whereas if you are 40 weeks and going in labour your cervix is aleady soft and your body is already prepared} At 2am i lost alot more water and blood {be prepared to lose alot of blood; this is also normal, if you think you are losing to much dont hesitate to call the midwife} at 3am my contractions stopped altogether and i felt something "strange" as if the baby had come out but nothing happened and i had no pain again; Because the baby was so tiny there is no way if you push that the baby will come out and the baby may sit on the cervix {this happens in most cases with people who are not far along} I called the midwife but she told me the baby wasnt there {i knew he was, so if you think something is wrong and then demand a vaginal examination} my midwife did not carry one out for me until i got a new midwife at 7am where i told her the same as the previous midwife and she did a vaginal examination and i was right baby was sitting there and did not want to come out.

She got a delivery kit and tried to ease him out but him being so tiny and fragile she did not want to poke around too much because she did not want to hurt him so after easing him a little bit she told me to give a little push and Riley was born at 8:50am on the 24th April 2006 {there is no pain at all when passing the baby as he/she is so tiny. Yes you can feel baby come out but it just feels as if you are doing a number 2 except its coming from the other end, its not uncomfortable and baby just slips out}.

Now the midwife asks you if you would like to see your baby, hold your baby, have some time with you baby or if not any of those if you want any photographs of your baby. You can turn any of these down if you want too, or you can take them all, it all depends on how you are feeling at the time. I went in the hospital and told the midwife i did not want to see him or hold him i just wanted to have photographs but when he was born i decided to hold him and spend some time with him, he was so tiny but yet so perfect. Do not be scared of what to expect, though it is hard not to think about what baby will look like it is no where as near bad as you think; Our little boy had everything a 4o week old baby would had except he was between 4-5 inches long. It is up to you what you decide to do with your baby; whether you decide to see him or not he is still your baby and he/she knows how much you love them & understand if you decide not to see them.

The next part is you have to pass the placenta now this can take a while and can be tricky as the placenta is not ready to leave the body yet some of it may not come unstuck {this is what happened to me} it took me 2 hours to pass half off the placenta and i had to sit on the toilet and wait for it to pass; The placenta is much bigger then the baby and you can feel it more {again it does not hurt and it isnt uncomfortable but it is big} only half of my placenta came out and so i had to go into surgery as an emergency to have the other half taken out {the midwifes do try and get it out as much as possible, by tugging a bit and doing examinations, which are uncomfortable and you can tell them to stop at any time if you feel any pain} Once i got into surgery i got given a spinal and it took them 30 minutes to remove my placenta. You then get taken to the recovery room & after you have recovered you go back to the labour & delivery ward. With a spinal you cannot feel your bottom half {i found this very scary at first} but it's ok, if you have any problems call your midwife.

I had to stay over night because of the spinal & i got released from hospital on the tuesday. I was bleeding for just over a week but i wasnt sore at all; if you have any problems the hospital allowes you to ring at anytime.

I hope my story has helped anyone that decides to go through the mini labour. Feel free to PM at anytime if you have any questions.
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May 13th, 2006, 09:40 AM
wclark602002's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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well why they call it mini labor i dunno.you have the same (actualy i had worse) pain as a normal birth.anyways,im not sure of all the days and times as even today it is still foggy.i had no time to prepare for this just an US and ok your baby is dead.i do know i labored all day thru the night and half way into the next.i eventualy did get an epidural im assuming since i was induced thats why the pain was so much worse.after i finally did get the epidural it wasnt long and there was one big gush,i had zachary at 9:32a.m. on sunday jan 8.he was small but was so beautiful.both DH and i held him.i then started to bleed pretty badly so they called the doctor in,the epidural had been cut off and feeling was returning very quickly,when the doc got in she checked me and said the placenta was stuck and she had to get it out,so she proceeds to stick her hand(whole hand)up in me trying to get it she then tries to use both hands,this is when i stopped her and told her i couldnt take it,so they turned the epi back on and rushed me to get a DC.i woke up about an hour later,they wanted me to stay but i just wanted to leave,i had no reason to stay they were keeping my son and he wasnt ever going home wiht me.so i left and between grief and weakness i dont remember much at home but i did get to go 2 days later and bring my baby home,and he remains here today!i hope and pray that noone has to go thru this and i know thats one prayer that wont be answered but at least we have each other to lean on.yall are great.THANKS,
Wendimarried to my soulmate and mama to 4 great kiddos & 1 sweet angel

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November 20th, 2006, 08:04 PM
MyAngelHayden's Avatar Veteran
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Ok here's my story. On October 6, 2006 I had an appointment to find out the sex of my baby instead I found out my baby had passed away. I was given the choices of getting a d&e, different then a d&c since I was 22 weeks along 2 weeks past the max to get a d&c. I also had the choice to wait for labor to come on itself which could take who knows how many weeks if my body would automatically go into labor and my last choice was the be induced. Going into natural labor sounded crazy to me and I wasn't sure on being induced or having a d&e. With being induced if I wanted I could have bonding time with my baby, find out the sex, and bury or cremate the baby the downside was I was going into labor which could take up to 3 days for anything to start and would leave the hospital without my baby. With having a d&e it would be a 2 day procedure. Day 1 I would have dilators put in and go home, Day 2 I would go back be put under and have the baby removed and then everything is over. I would have no chance of taking pictures or holding my baby. At first I wanted to get a d&e or so I thought. I really wanted to be induced but was so scared of going through labor and leaving the hospital without my baby. Finally on October 12th I went into the doctors and had one last ultrasound before being scheduled for the induction. I got one last picture of my baby in my belly. My doctor scheduled me the very next day October 13th at 7 a.m. to be induced. The next day I went to the hospital at 7 a.m. They had me change into a gown, give a urine sample, have an IV put in and they took 20 vials of blood from me(bloodwork my doc asked for to see if we can found out what happened to the baby) Then at 8 a.m. the doctor came in to start my induction. She inserted 4 pills vaginally which was very uncomfortable but didn't hurt. I was to get 4 pills every 4 hours until labor begun, I was also told that as I get these pills inserted everytime is going to be more uncomfortable and may hurt since my cervix was being irritated. Side effects of the pills were vomiting and diarreah of course I had the second side effect and was given Immodium which helped. Well I then got a second dose of pills at 12 p.m. After that dose I started cramping, it felt like light period cramps. At around 2 p.m. my contractions started to hit hard, I told my nurse and she put a monitor around my belly to monitor my contractions. She gave me something in my IV for pain (don't remember the name) all it did was make me see really distorted and scared me so bad, it didn't take away any pain. The nurse offered me an epidural and I said no at first but then just couldn't handle the pain and decided to have one. When you get an epidural (if you don't already know) they make you sit up and curl towards the baby and that hurt and when I did that I felt everything start coming. Everything from the waist down went numb which was great. I felt no pain. Then I layed down and the doctor wanted to give me another dose of the pills but I said there was something there. So she checked and said it was the sac. Then all of a sudden without me pushing the baby in the sac still attached to the placenta all came out at once. Not all of the placenta came out so I had to push while the doc pushed on my stomach, that didn't help so I needed a d&c. During the d&c I was awake since I had the epidural. I kept asking the nurses if my baby was a boy or girl. They said they were waiting for when I wanted to see the baby then they would open the sac. At first as soon as the baby came out I said I didn't want to see the baby. After everything was done they asked if I wanted to see my baby, without hesitation I said YES! They handed me a beautiful baby girl. She was absolutely perfect. She had every little thing a full term baby had only teeny tiny. We named her Hayden Rae Mulvaney, she was born on October 13, 2006 at 4:10 p.m. at 9 ounces 9 inches. The nurses did her footprints which are a tiny bit bigger than an inch and measured her head at 5 3/4 inches and her belly at 5 1/2 inches. I also got a memory box with two tiny hats in it, with her measuring tape, crib card, blanket, and hospital bracelet in it. We took a bunch of pictures of her. We spent about 2 hours with Hayden. I thought it was going to be too hard to give her back but when I thought about it, I felt so bad holding and passing her around between me, her daddy and grandmother, I just felt like we needed to leave her body in peace. I was asked again before I left in the morning if I wanted to hold her again but said No and I don't regret that at all, like I said she needed to be left in peace. I was and am so happy I decided to be induced and see my baby. We decided to have an autopsy done on Hayden but still don't have the results back, it has been 5 weeks 3 days since Hayden was born sleeping. We also decided to have her cremated and her urn is on my dresser in my bedroom along with her memory box and other things that remind me of her. We also had a memorial mass for her on Nov 18th and it was beautiful, she was baptized and her urn was blessed. Well that is my story of me and my baby girl. If anyone has questions or would like to know anything else please feel free. I wish this on no one and wish it never happened to me but I feel that since this happened I owe it to everyone and Hayden to help other women out.
Thanks for reading and letting me share.

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January 16th, 2007, 11:38 AM
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On the 7th November 2005 we had our 12weeks scan i excited and couldnt wait to be told all was ok... But how rong was I???? the sonographer detected bilateral talipies and adnormal wrists i didnt know what this was really till the lady said, we had a appointment with our consultant the same day as my partner has Muscular Dystrophy and our consultant said it was quite serious to get this looked at, so the next day we were sent to London to go for a more detailed scan in a fetal medicine unit which confirmed that the blood supply wasnt flowing thru the ambilicol accord properly which had brain damaged our precious baby thats why the adnormalities were caused as there wasnt ne signals being sent from the brain to the other parts of the body we were devasted, we was told that our baby wasnt going to make term as the brain damage and were advised a medical termination (I HATE THAT WORD)...
A midwife rang me up a few days later to say that i wpuld be going to have a ''mini labour'' i wasnt given a choice, i had no idea what this was til she sed.. We had to go to the hospital on 14th november 2005 to take the 1st tablet to softent he cervix and was told we need to go back in 48hrs and was booked in for wedesday 16th november 2005 at this stage i was 13wks 2days pregnant, we were put on a different ward from all other mummys and babies and i was given the next lot of tablet at 10am and no sooner had i had them i started to get pains and they grew stronger and stronger i was sick, and in a rite state so i had to be given a sickness injections and they gave me pethadine which sent me to sleep thru contractions, then at 5.00pm 16th november 2005 our baby was born, it was a long and devasting day we were advised a post mortum which confirmed our baby was a little girl which we named Hope.. we later found out that the cause of our daughters adnormailites was actually caused by Amniotic Bands Sydrome ...

sorry for the long story xxxx

love char xxxxx
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June 22nd, 2008, 02:17 PM
IAMommy's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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I had an induced mini labor of twins in late April of this year. My twins suffered from TRAP Sequence which is when one twin passes away early in pregnancy, but continues to grow because the umbilical cord of both twins are connected. This puts alot of demand on the healthy baby's heart to pump blood for both babies. In some cases, this can be corrected by fetal surgery, but in our case we found out too late and both babies ended-up passing away.

I was 20 weeks along when we lost the babies. Below is our mini-delivery experience.

The procedure we had was supposed to be a two to four day procedure. Our experience only lasted two days thankfully. The first day was to begin the dialation process, and the remaining days were for labor and delivery.

Day 1:

On Monday, April 28th, We went to the hospital at 2PM to have Laminaries placed in my Cervix. Laminaries are similar to mini tampons. They have different sized of laminarias, and they are made out of different materials. One type of Laminaria is made out of seaweed and another is made out a man-made materials. The reason for placing laminaries in the cervix is to begin dialation.

The nurse had me undress from the waist down and lie down on the table. My Husband was allowed in the room, and he sat by my head and held my hand. Before I give details about this process, I want to say that not everyone has the same pain tollerance, so for some this will be more painful than for others. For me, It was very painful, but the procedure does not take very long, less than a 1/2 hour. Having my husband there REALLY helped me out, he was my rock. I would recomed having someone you feel very comfortable in the room with you, if you have to go through this process.

The process started out similar to having your papsmear. a Speculum is placed in your vagina to open up the area so that the doctor can get to your cervix. Then a devise is inserted into your vagina to grap onto your cervix. After that, you are given a shot in your cervix to help numb the area. Then the laminaries are placed in your cervix. They will put as many in your cervix as you can hold. I had 5 laminaries placed at first. 4 small ones and one large one. By small I mean about the width of a toothpick, and by large I mean about 1/2 the width of a tampon. After the laminarias are places they put alot of cotton in your vagina to help hold the laminarias in. After that you are finished. The doc will leave the room, and you can get dressed. Be VERY careful after gettin up off of the table. I was very dizzy, and the doc said that this was a normal reation to pain associated with your cervix. The brain does not quite know where your cerix is at. Like if you cut your hand, your brain knows where those nerves are. you brain does not react the same to pain in the cervix, and than can make you dizzy.

They did this procedure to me twice. Once at 2PM, and again at 8PM. I did not say the night in the hospital, I was discharged right away after each time.

I felt very uncomfortable and emotional after each laminary application. All I wanted to do way lay down. My Husband was spectacular. He was really there for me.

We had to drive 2 1/2 hours to get to our hospital, so we stayed in a hotel overnight. We did not want to drive back home just incase anything happened in the middle of the night.

Neither of us slept very well that night, and we had to be at the hospital early the next morning.


We arrived at the hospital at 7AM. they took us to a secluded wing of Labor and Delivery. The room was huge and had a very nice laboring bathtub. The nurse from this day before was the same nurse I had the day before. She said that I could keep my regular clothes on until I became uncomfortable. *** I would recomend to everyone that they bring to the hospital loose fitting PJ's and a robe**** I started off wearing regular materinty clothes, and they became uncomfortable VERY quickly.

At 8AM the nurse brought in 2 pills of Cytotec. Cytotec is normally used to treat ulers, but it can also induce labor. I was told that I would take 2 pills of cytotec every two hours until after I delivered the placenta.

For me the cytotec worked pretty fast. at 10AM, I began to shake and tremble. I felt very cold. I then started to have diarhea. The nurse said that the shaking was common with labor, and the diarhea was a side effect to the cytotec. she gave me some meds to help control the diarhea which worked pretty well.

At 12:00 I began to really feel some labor pains. From that time on things moved pretty quickly. I had choosen to not use any pain meds unless I just couldn't stand it anymore.

At 12:30, They checked me, and I was 3cm dialated. They tried to pop my bag, but I was to uncomfortable. The nurse suggested that I take a water bath to labor in for a while.

The bath was great. I was in alot of pain by then. Labor pains really came on strong and fast. by 12:45 I barely had 20 seconds between each contraction. They were right ontop of eachother. The water jets helped to massage my back and helped some with the pain.

at 1:15 I was ready for pain meds!!!!! They made me get out of the tub. (I really didn't want to move!!) Travis helped me to the bed, and the nurse gave me a shot. I was too out of it at the time, and I do not remember the name of the pain med, but it worked really fast.

The doc came in again, and broke my water. She left the room, and 10 minute later I could feel the first baby comming out. I did not feel an urge to push, It was more of a sippery sensation. I could feel something moving down into my vagina, but it did not hurt. The doctor came in and Isaac William was born at 1:52PM on April 29, 2008. The Doctors asked Travis if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord, and he did. After that Isaac was placed on my chest. Even though Isaac never took a breath, I felt a surge of love for him that I will treasure forever. I remember feeling protective of him right away. I still had another baby to deliver, and I was nervous that we was on my chest. I didn't want to hurt him. I was still having contractions that were very painful.

A few minutes after Isaac was born, I felt the slippery sensation once again. The docs were called back, and Avery Richard was born at 2:00PM. Travis could not cut his umbilical cord becasue it was too small. I also had delivered Avery in his sack. We were able to see them break his sack and see our 2nd sweet baby emerge. It was love at first sight with Avery also.

Right after Avery was born, It was time to deliver the placenta. This was the only time I had to push. It was a very messy experience, and a little painful, but not that bad. There was a lot of blood involved, but you do not have to see much of that. I was too busy looking at me babies.

Going into this delivery, I thought the only emotion would be sadness, but I feel blessed though this experiece becase I felt this huge elation at being able to see my babies. The love I felt was the purest most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced. I never got to see them move(alothoug I was blessed to feel Isaac move in my stomache), or hear them cry, but they are both my childern and I will always love them dearly.


After both the babies were delivered, they were both weighed and measured. the nurse then brought over a tub of water to the bed, and I was able to give them a bath. After the bath, I was able to dress them in outfits provided by the hospital. They had these very small clothes that were designed for premies that were so precious. After they were dressed, I wrapped them in blankets that my mother and mother-in -law made for them.

I will cherish forever the time I got to spend holding them forever. Those images are forever ingrained in my head.

right after deliver, but before the nurse began weighing them, the hospital had a professional photographer come in and take pics of the babies and of both travis and I holding them. At first I didn't want to do this, but in the end I am VERY happy they did. I wish I had a thousand more pics of them from every angle.

We also had the babies blessed by the hospital minister.


We went home that night. The hospital said that we only needed to stay 4 hours after delivery. We left the hospital at 8:00PM. I Would recomend to everyone that you have someone drive you and your partner home after delivery. This is when reality hits, and the emotions are VERY powerful. Travis and I drove our babies to the funeral home that night, and we were so upset we could barely see to drive.

Sorry this is so long, it is very fresh in my mind as this only happened less than 2 months ago.

- Samantha

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January 28th, 2010, 09:44 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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I can't tell you ladies how comforting it is to come across this topic!!! I had two miscarriages last year. The first was at 14 weeks 2 days, happened two days before my D&C was scheduled so I didn't have to go to hospital in the end. I had been light contracting, like a bad period, for about 4 hours. We had found out the day before that our first child had died at 11 weeks. Contractions grew more intense, regular, and my mother-in-law / doula was timing me at every minute, but nothing was happening. No spotting, nothing.

I was given black and blue cohosh in alternate doses. That's what kicked things into action in the end. It was miserable. I spend a full Saturday night in mini labor in the bathroom, between the tub and the toilet for alternating comfy positions, and then again all Sunday afternoon and most of that night, too. Once it was finally over and my OB checked me out, I had fully cleaned out inside but I had lost almost as much blood as they would expect for a full term labor, and I was very weak. Totally drained. There is no happy rush of energy on getting to hold your baby. There is only grief and pain and emptiness.

I had not heard of anyone else going through such an extreme m/c before, so although I am so sorry for all of you experiencing this, I am relieved for myself!
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