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Mrs. Kitty is TTC #1 Comments welcome

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July 29th, 2008, 10:00 PM
Mrs. Kitty
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Alright so a little bit about us.
I'm Aly, I'm 23 I'm a contractor by trade in Sunny S. Florida. My DH is Nathan, hes 25 and is a firedork *coughcough* I mean Firefighter/paramedic.
We've been dating since we were 18/20 (respectively) and have been married since 2006.
Were in the process of buying our first home (which we've already moved into... Long story heh), and we've decided its time to start trying for a family of our own.

The cycle:
Alright so I have been off BC for Hmm... I dunno well over a year I believe, we had been using rhythm and condoms since then.
I started taking prenatals about 2 weeks ago though I have been taking other mineral supplements forever.
DH actually started taking some extra Zinc a few day ago.
My cycle is pretty regular, though I'm not sure when my ovulation is. I used to be able to tell because I would get mild ovulation cramps but that hasn't happened in a while. About 2-3 years ago I had cysts on my ovaries luckily it hasn't happened again since then. The good thing about it was that I had cyst on both of my ovaries meaning I could end up having twins (twins do run in my family on my moms side, shes a twin). Though we would prefer to have only 1 ( well... DH wants 2) we would be super excited for twins.
So that brings us up to now, my cycle is about to end any day now... Just waiting for AF to start and finish so I can start using an OPK so we can start ttc.
I'm so nervous yet excited all at the same time. Its just starting to be real!
I'm going to save a few posts so I you guys can see all my progress after those though feel free to comment, advice, question, or whatnot hehe.

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July 30th, 2008, 08:25 AM
Mrs. Kitty
Posts: n/a
Ok so here I am on day 32 of my last cycle... We did not TTC this cycle though we did DTD but after my apx O days.
So I really doubt that I'm pg... but its still nerve wrecking. For the last 3-4 days I've felt my oncoming mild cramps that I usually get when AF is on here way, but nay... she has not shown yet. Which is odd for me since the last 32 day cycle I had I got her in the AM of day 32.
Ive POAS the last 2 days and I get a BFN.
This sucks... Because he we are looking forward to this being our first cycle TTC and now my current cycle seems never ending and I don't think I'm PG.
I did throw my back out a week and a half ago really bad and have been in a lot of pain since then so I bet the stress from that has something to do with my cycle being late.

Well AF finally showed up at like 1am.
So now on too our first cycle.
But man... I feel more puffy and tired than I usually am. Blah. Normally AF doesnt make me feel icky.'
*sigh* Oh well.
After she leaves I'll start OPTing. yay!

AF is almost gone entierly, she had a really short visit this month. Not that I'm complaining... heheh
So I'm on CD4 I figured I would wait until CD 8-10 to start using the OPK. I'm worried about the fact that HD may be gone when I O...
Hes a firefighter so he works 24 hr shifts at a time, meaning he could be gone when I'm o'ing. I guess we'll just have to make up for it before he goes to work, hehehehe

So I'm on CD9 and my temp for the last 3days has been so stable... I know I'm not using a BBT thermometer Im making DH pick me up one today.
Becuase my temps are just way to stable compared too all the other charts I stalk.
Also so cd7 I tested with an opk in the afternoon and after it dried I realized I had a faint line (which is awesome because thats the first line I've ever gotten at all , even when I was playing around with them last month). So I tested yesterday morning, and had another faint line darker than the first. So I'm all like YAY! I'm gonna start O'ing soon its just got to get darker.
Then last night I get like almost no line, and then the same thing this AM. BLAH!
###### you OPK's and making my a sucker for your lines.
I know its early in the cycle but I'm clueless as to when and if I ovulate.
I guess I'm just eager, in good news though Ive been checking Cervical positioning and CM and its looking more and more promising.

Alrighty so Today I finally got whats looking to be a + OPT. WOOT!
So heres my progression for the last few days.
I seriously POAS WAAAAAy to much Lol.

So I haven't felt any O'ing cramps at yet. But my right bb did get tingly ([url="http://www.justmommies.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=1226171'see post here[/url])
But yeah... Thats about it... been BD pretty often, pretty much every day Nates home. The one thing I really love about TTC is how close its bringing us. I mean I thought we were amazingly close before, but we've been so attentive and affectionate. Our love life has been really nice because well it seems like the more we do it the more we want it which is AWESOME!
But yeah... Thats about it really. hehe I can't wait to get to my 2ww lol then I'm going to over analyze everything from twingy nipples to how much I pee I'm sure I am going to just go insane LOL

So last night and today I have felt some very very mild twinges in my ovaries, and also last night and today I have been suuuuuuper irritable.
But thats about other, nothing else to report on the home front.

So the last 48 hours I have been feeling pretty crummy, Ive had mild dizziness and nausea, mild aching in my lower abdominal area yesterday. It felt heavy kinda how I get right before AF shows up. I partially want to blame my yuckiness on the weather, tropical storm Fay landed in Fla yesterday and we started getting the rains here last night.
As I'm typing this I'm feeling some twinges in my stomach but that might just be because I'm hungry... LOL
I did notice that my sense of smell is a little heightened because there was a carton of milk that was bad (though it still has 1 day left till it expired) and when I smelled it I about yaked! Dh smelled it when he got home and said it smelled a little sour but nothing drastic.
Oh I just remembered that I had a weird dream last night (I rarely have dreams I remember), the dream was me at the Dr. getting an ultra sound and the told me that there were two sacks and that I was going to have twins. But that they were developing at different rates because one egg had been released 2 days before the other. But that they were close enough in age that they were fine.
Strange Hu?

Nothing to really report on the home front. I finally got my Cross hairs on FF this morning, at first I dint because I messed up on temping. My alarm didn't go off so I was an hour late. I was able to use FF temp adjuster and it changed my reading from 98.36 to 98.06. After I imputed the adjusted reading I got my CH's. According to FF I O'ed on CD 17 which puts me at 4dpo. Yay
I get a little nausea every once in a while but thats about it heh
I still have little twinges in my abdomen randomly as well.
I'm trying to decide when I should start testing, I counted the other day and I have quite a stash of HPT, I think I have 9 total sticks 2 of which are digies. So realistically If I wanted I could test every day from 8dpo-16dpo...
I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.
Since this is only our first cycle trying I'm not getting my hopes up that we were successful this time around though with the way my chart looks its not 100% out of the realm of possibility. Especially with the way Ive been feeling. I do think its possible that they could be symptoms, or just the weather messing with me. No way of knowing for another week and a half hehehe.

So yesterday I started being emotional crying and stressing over stuff I shouldn't be.
It has continued on into today. I still had mild cramping as of yesterday but nothing major, just that heavy achy feeling you get when AF is due (but AF isn't due for another 8 days and I never get symptoms of her until 1-3 days before). I still get mild headaches but I think that is from dehydration or the weather its been rainy.
I have HPT's out the wazoo so I tested today with both a $store and an equate (wallyworld Brand) both came up negative. I'm only 6dpo so I really wasn't expecting anything in fact I would have been surprised if something did come up. I'll wait and test again at 8dpo a maybe daily after that.
Oh I did get a really really low dip today. I hope that is from implantation, we'll see how tomorrow goes. I bet there are a lot of people stalking my chart right now hehehe. Though I don't think many stalk my Journal. OOOh well hehehe.

So I went for a run and a swim this AM, it felt really nice though now I am all fatigued...
Ive had no symptoms these past few days really. Sense of smell is still a bit on the sensitive side.
I was a little emotional yesterday, I started panicking because the house buying thing has been really stressful and I started freaking out about if this is the right time to be trying, and if I am PG this cycle did we make the right choice...
I don't know whats up with me for months and months Ive been feeling "ready" and then he finally said he was ready, now I'm the one freaking a little.... Wait... I did this exact same thing the days leading up to our wedding too...
Maybe its just the Gemini in me... I dunno, I'm feeling better about it today though. Even though my temps have been looking good these past few days with all my symptoms subsiding I'm starting to wonder if I was imagining them. *sigh*
We'll see, I did test this AM for the heck of it with FMU and it was a BFN but I was expecting that, I think I'll test again on the 10th.

I test again this AM using FMU and a FRER and I got a big old Neg....
My temp today was also a bit lower than yesterday, still no more symptoms really, although I had a dream last night that my BB's hurt really bad just like everyone described them, but I don't remember anything else from the dream. I went to bed pretty early but was really restless, maybe thats why my temp was low... I dunno I'm just exhausted this morning.
Later today I decided to check again since I hadn't had much to drink all day and i still needed to pee. At first I tested with a blue and I told DH that they have a tenancy to get false positives. Hes like so why bother trying, BECAUSE I WANT TOO!!!
And there was a faint line...
So i decided to use a FRER my last one!

These are the results i got, I can see the faint line can you? heheh


Sooo I tested again this AM I got another faint line a little darker, and my temps were still up. So I decided that I should use the Digi, after using it while waiting for the results I found out that this one expired last month... So I didn't trust the result I got.
So from the same cup of pee I tested with a CB digi and here are my results.

So there we have it, I am officially preggers, DH and I are pretty excited.
I started crying after finding out.

I'm gonna try to tell my Mom tonight... We'll see how that goes. I know she'll be excited but at the same time she's probably gonna freak.
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July 30th, 2008, 07:11 PM
Mrs. Kitty
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August 1st, 2008, 06:49 AM
Posts: n/a
I wish you the best of luck!! You are very lucky that DH wants to have babies too!
I give you lots of baby dust!
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August 8th, 2008, 08:51 AM
Mrs. Kitty
Posts: n/a
Holy Moley I updated!
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August 15th, 2008, 02:20 PM
Mrs. Kitty
Posts: n/a
I updated again!
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August 24th, 2008, 08:45 PM
Mrs. Kitty
Posts: n/a
I posted again, how amazing
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