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Kieran's Newborn Cloth Bum Review (Pic heavy and long)

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November 2nd, 2011, 01:24 PM
ashj_1218's Avatar Hiya!
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 11,971
I think it is awesome that so many mamas are considering cloth for their newbies lately I thought it would be a good time to post our review to give mamas some more information.

Kieran was born 3 weeks early (Sept 16th, 2011) at 8lbs, 4oz; 21.5 inches long. So I don't even know we would have used the XS dipes if he had gone full term. But that is neither here nor there....

We used cloth starting in the hospital and did not have any issues doing so. The nurses were very open-minded about it and the cord did not pose a problem even with the dipes that did not have the cord-cutout. We opted not to circumsize, so that is not something I know much about. Meconium was not a problem...it must have washed out fine because none of our dipes got stained. We took about 20 diapers and a wetbag to the hospital with us. We were only planning on staying 24 hours (and only stayed about 30 by the time we got checked out). We used disposable wipes while we were there and just threw them away separately with each change. We washed the wetbag with diapers when we got home.

Kieran's first diaper was a TKCuddlers XS/S pocket with side snaps. It was the only one we owned. Overall, this dipe was not our favorite. Mostly because I find side-snaps don't fit our babies well. It was nice and soft and a high quality diaper. It had the cord cutout, which I found I kept snapped down for quite a while after his cord fell off (6 days) because the diaper had a high rise. I found it hard to find a stuffin' that fit it nicely so we had some leaks near the legs. I think this dipe will prolly fit until 15lbs, but not for a chunky-legged baby.
(Pic is about three hours after birth)

(Pics are at 2 weeks; almost 9lbs)

(Pics are at 7 weeks; 12lbs)

The TKCuddlers (small) with hooks were one of our favorites. They were a *little* bulky in the first couple weeks, but we never had a leak with them. We found out pretty early that our little man was a heavy wetter and had to double-stuff many of his diapers. (So don't fall into the "newborns don't need much absorbancy" trap). BUT, we did not have to double stuff these ones for the standard 2-hour stretch. So they were at the top of our list. We started with two of them and I ordered four more within a couple weeks. They fit the skinny legs AWESOME and the hook waist allowed more flexibility than I thought it would. Only downside is that these took the longest to dry of all our diapers. It would not have been a big deal except we did not have enough dipes to get through more than two days, so it was a little irritating that these took twice as long as our pockets/prefolds to dry. But they will fit for a while...my guess is 16-17lbs, at least.
(Pics are at 2 weeks; almost 9lbs)

We also liked preemie prefolds for the really early days. I hear newborn size prefolds are better, since they are a little wider and thicker. I agree they prolly would have been a better choice. BUT, we had these around the house and figured we would use them. We had a dozen of them. I had to double them up, which was hard for someone who is prefold inept. But all-in-all, I went for these often for the trimness (even doubled) and the fact that they were quick drying, simple diapers. I loved them under the newborn bummis covers best. I always used a snappi and the jellyroll fold. We rarely had poo leaks (once or twice onto the jellyroll) and they fit longer than I would have guessed (from 8lbs to about 12lbs). They made good doublers in pockets and I am still using them as doublers in other prefolds/pockets. These were money well spent. Going back, I would have gotten some newborn prefolds and even possibly another dozen preemie ones.
(Pics are at 2 weeks; almost 9lbs)

(Pic is at 7 weeks; 12lbs...not still in rotation, but still fits *okay*)

We used Sandys (XS) in the beginning too. We had 5 of them. I did not like these. They were bulky, not absorbant enough, and hard for me to get on. They have side-snaps, which worked against them in my opinion! They were really huge at first and still seemed big even at 11lbs. I reached for them last after everything else was used. I would say they would easily fit past 15lbs...depending on the build of the baby. But they were just too bulky with a doubler and a cover for our liking. I ended up selling them off at 6 weeks. I tried a Sandys (S) on Kieran at 12lbs and it was still WAY too big for me to consider using them. I could not believe how bulky they were, not to mention we had some leg gapping even on the tightest setting. Those got sold off as well, since we are just not feeling the Sandys love anymore.
(Pic at 1.5 weeks, 8.5lbs...size x-small)

(Pic at 7 weeks; 12lbs...size x-small)

(Pics at 7 weeks; 12lbs...size small)

As far as covers, we liked Bummis the best. We had one super-brite in newborn with the cord cut-out. I loved that one. It fit from birth until around 12lbs. It fit best over our prefolds. I felt like I had to shove Sandys into it. But a smaller fitted in another brand might fit really nicely under it. We just did not go for many fitteds. It had nice and thick PUL, sticky velcro with laundry tabs that actually held. The gussets were awesome for newborn poo that might escape the prefold (never had a leak with these). I got a super whisper wrap and super brite in size small that started to fit at 11lbs, with plenty of room to grow. The only reason I prefer the super brites is because of the gussets. The whisper wrap is just as nice, but I feel more confident in the super brite with those gussets.
(Pic at birth...size newborn)

(Pics at 7 weeks; 12lbs...size newborn)

(Pic at 6 weeks; 11lbs...size small)

(Pic at 7 weeks; 12lbs...size small)

We had one newborn and five size small pull-up fleece covers. These were actually really nice once they were on. But a PITA to get on. I did not consider how hard it would be to pull something up on a newbie. I felt like I was breaking his legs. So I recommend a velcro fleece cover (see below). But for the softness and comfort, I loved these. I saw the newborn one as pointless for us, since he was so big and barely wore it before he could fit into the size small. So that would be one thing I would change. Size small made it up to 12-13lbs nicely. And possibly even further. I liked how there were no lines from covers and they were breathable. We had no leaks, not even compression ones from sleeping. They fit best over prefolds, but also were fine over Sandys (XS). I am sure they would work for any fitted. My mom made them from the Katrina soaker pattern.
(Pic at 1.5 weeks; 8.5lbs...size newborn)

(Pic at 7 weeks; 12lbs...size newborn)

(Pic at 2 weeks; almost 9lbs...size small)

(Pic at 7 weeks; 12lbs...size small)

Organic Caboose is the one fleece cover we had with aplix instead of it being a pull-on. I really loved how easy it was to get on and the fact it was still fleece. But would NOT recommend the brand. The aplix was "backwards" so EVERYTHING in the laundry got caught on the front strip. Not sure whose brilliant idea that was. And it was cut really small. It was a size small, weighted 6-12lbs. I used it from around 8lbs to *maybe* 10lbs. Then it would not fit over anything anymore without things sticking out around the legs. So the style I recommend, but not the brand. I am sure plenty of WAHM's on Etsy sell something of the sort.
(Pic at 1.5 weeks; 8.5lbs)

We had Thirsties Duo Size One covers as well, two of them. They worked great starting at 9-10lbs. I thought they were a little too big earlier than that. We had gappy legs at 8-9lbs. Plus, we had the snaps duos (which I ended up liking a little past the 9lb point), so it was hard to get them tight enough around the waist. I feel they came second to bummis covers, but still were great. Especially for the lasting factor. They will easily make it up to 18lbs for us, I guess longer. I don't mind the snaps like I thought I would. They make a good fit now that he is bigger. The gussets are awesome and they fit over everything we had nicely (both preemie and small prefolds, Sandys). I think I will like these even better as he grows.
(Pics are at 1.5 weeks; 8.5lbs)

We had one TKCuddlers hooks cover in small that I find to be rather large cut. It was way too big at 8-10lbs and bulky at 11lbs. The hooks were nice for the waist, but there was a lot of extra crotch fabric until around 12lbs and over a small prefold (versus a preemie one or even an XS Sandy). They are nicely made and we did not get leg leaks even though there were no gussets. This will fit for a LONG time...I guess at least 16lbs.
(Pic at 4 weeks; 10lbs)

(Pics at 7 weeks; 12lbs)

We used one AI2 system in the first 6 weeks. I found that starting around week 5, we could use the best bottoms system. The small hemp inserts are SUPER absorbant (we had six) and the cover (we had four) does snap down to get pretty tiny. It was too big before 10lbs, but then seemed bulky (extra fabric) right beyond that. But it did not leak and the covers have amazing gussets. The EBF poo destroyed the inside of the covers so they were not incredibly practical (I had to wash the covers almost every change), but still a nice addition to the stash. I think I will like these even more as he grows. They were very trim, which is always a bonus in tiny clothes. These are OS...so I know they will fit for a long time. Our toddler at 30lbs wears the cover fine with large inserts.
(Pic at 5 weeks, 11lbs or so)

(Pic at 7 weeks; 12lbs)

One of our two favorite pockets was the Swaddlebees Mini Nappi. I got them when he was around 3 weeks old and immediately wanted ten more (I got three)!! They sorta have a weird rise snap thing going on. But it never impeded a good fit or irritated me, I just didn't understand it at first. I loved the materials on these...bamboo velour inner with bamboo and velour dual insert (they are sold as either a pocket or AI2). They were absorbant and fit really, really nicely. The elastic was gentle too, which I liked. And the outer prints were cute He started wearing them at 9ish lbs and at 12lbs we are still on the snapped-up rise setting and the tightest waist settings (as he was on when we got them). I think they will last beyond the 15lbs the specs state. We have never had a single leak, even during a 5-hour sleeping stretch!
(Pic at 3 weeks; 9ish lbs)

(Pics at 6 weeks; 11.5lbs)

We had one small blueberry pocket diaper. I am not sure these are even still made. It seems that I can only find the adjustable diapers now (like the mini nappi above) instead of flat sized diapers. This was TINY. I got it at 4 weeks old, thinking we would have plenty of room and I feel we won't get much use out of it. I would say it would have been great to have for 8-12lbs...but much bigger and he won't fit either the rise or the waist. But I do like it. It is a little small to double stuff, but I manage when I use two hemp/bamboo inserts versus microfiber.
(Pic at 5 weeks; 10.5lbs)

Thirsties AIO with pockets have been replaced by the Thirsties Duo Pockets...but we had four of the original in new-used condition. They are said to start fitting at 12lbs and I find that to be pretty accurate. They are bulky double stuffed, but I like that they have tons of room for stuffin's. We use these at nighttime. I did not like the XS (don't even have a pic of the two we had, I sold them off) because he leaked out of the gussets and they were hard to stuff. But the size small we do like and they seem to fit him much better than the XS did. I say they will fit til around 18lbs or so. The gussets are nice for containing poo messes. The aplix is decent and the laundry tabs work good. They are not number one on our list, but we do plan to hang onto them for the next bebe.
(Pic at 6 weeks; 11lbs)

Our second "top spot" for favorite pocket goes to Happy Heiny's Mini OS. They fit so nicely and are so easy to use. I change his dipe in the middle of the night in the dark with these diapers. They are easy to stuff (and fine for doubling, or even tripling), have strong aplix, and soft elastic. The laundry tabs absolutely SUCK, so expect laundry chains. I am also not sold on the idea that they would fit a 5lb baby. Kieran was a solid 8lbs and on the absolute tiniest setting possible (rise and waist). His legs were skinny, but not as skinny as a 5lb baby and we still got some poo leaks from gapping. Even at 12lbs, we have a couple where the elastic is not as tight as others and have allowed poo to leak out. I find one weird thing about these dipes is there seems to be no "industry standard." Some have a second flap of fleece inside near the snaps, some have an HH logo tag on the outer cross-over tab, some have one version of a tag, some another. Some fleece is super-soft, some is not quite as soft. I feel they kinda seem cheap after buying them all new and seeing so much variation. But it does not temper our love for them. Nothing can beat middle-of-the-night changes made easy. And I love that they will very likely make it past 15lbs in them. I see us growing out the rise versus the waist/legs on these.
(Pics at 2 weeks; almost 9lbs)

(Pics at 7 weeks; 12lbs)

The first OS diaper we tried was the Cutie Patootie from Junktique on Etsy. They have really small waist snaps and decent leg elastic, so I figured they would fit a newborn well. They are AIO and I knew I would have to put a doubler in them since the are not as absorbant as some other dipes. But they were HUGE at 8-10lbs and I can't even put them on my 12lber. The leg elastic does not get tight enough (like a finger-sized gap without stretching) and I see poo disasters. Since these diapers don't fit kids past 25lbs well either, I vote they are not really a OS diaper, more like a medium sized one. I will try again when he gets bigger, although the absorbancy is only going to be more of a problem.
(Pics at 7 weeks; 12lbs)

The second OS dipe we tried was BG Elementals. After the Patooties failed so miserably, we did not pull these out until 6 weeks. And were delightfully surprised they fit nicely. We have had no leaks and they are really absorbant. I think they are my favorites for nighttime with an additional hemp insert. One got us 7 hours (because I was lazy and he was not wet when he woke up). And since they fit nicely until around 30lbs, these are a nice economical choice. If these had cross-over snaps, they might fit newborns phenomenally (so if anyone wanted to try that and find out, it would be cool).
(Pic at 7ish weeks; 12ish lbs)

I think that is it for "newborn" reviews. I figure at 7ish weeks he is no longer a newborn. Especially at the grand-ole 12lb mark. Hopefully this helped someone!! I know what we will be using for our next newbie. We will be saving the stash we had this time (minus what we sold off) and adding some prefolds for our next babe. I feel we did a decent job getting diapers we liked. I would have skipped the Sandys and gone for more prefolds (plus, I would like to try prefitteds). But otherwise would not have done a lot different. All-in-all, our newborn stash was more expensive than a lot of them out there...but easy for me, which is important!

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November 8th, 2011, 02:39 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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Thank you so much, what a great review
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January 12th, 2012, 07:14 AM
Shadeauxe's Avatar It's me
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Great review!
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