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Travis Michael

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June 22nd, 2007, 09:04 AM
mommywannabe's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Well ladies, its almost been two months and I am just NOW getting a chance to post my birth story. Being a mom is exhausting isnt it! LOL. But now that I am back at work, I have time to post.

On Friday the 4th I woke up around 4am and thought I was leaking fluid. I had a small little gush and couldnt tell what it was. So I went back to bed and of coarse didn't sleep. I kept checking and had one more little gush but after that nothing else happened. So I got up for work like normal and told DH about it. We got ready and went ahead to work. I was still uncertain if I was leaking so when the drs. office opened I called them. My dr. was on vacation that week so I spoke to a nurse who told me that I should walk for an hour. If I was leaking it would continue or speed up, but if not then nothing new would happen. So, when everyone got to the office I told the other secretary that I was going for a walk and I would be back in an hour. I walked 4 blocks to the library and it wasn't open yet, so I started walking up to DH's store which is only 5 minutes down the road from my office....by car....it took me 45 minutes to walk there. I was one block from his store and DH came around the corner in his car. I just stood on the corner smiling and waiving. He pulled up to me and said "I KNOW you didnt walk all the way up here!" hehehe. I told him what the nurse had said and then told him that I had walked enough and got in his car. We ran to a couple banks for his work and then stopped at his store so I could pee and check to see if I was leaking or not. I still couldnt tell, I had more wetness in my undies than normal, but the nurse said that it could have been from being checked the day before or it could be pee, but I knew it wasn't pee. LOL. So DH brought me back to work and went to get a haircut. I called the nurse back and she called the oncall dr. Well the dr. wanted me to go to L&D to get checked. So I called DH and left him a message that I was heading there. The hospital is on the same road I walked down to go to DH's work, lol, so I had already passed by there on foot once that day. So I drove down the street and checked in at the hospital. I really didnt realize what I was in for when I got up to L&D. They had me undress and put on a gown, they hooked up the monitors and had me in a bed. I was filing out paperwork when DH came flying in there half panicked. haha. He didn't know where I had gone and didn't know if I was at the dr. or the hospital, apparently I didn't make it clear on the message I left him. So he got there and then the nurse checked me. She said that I wasn't leaking but the monitor was showing a lot of contractions that I was not feeling. So she wanted to keep me for a while and I had to wait on the dr. to come in and check me anyway.
The dr. finally got in there about 30 minutes later and checked me, he also said I was not leaking and I was at 1cm and barely effaced. Also the baby's head was no longer engaged. Talk about disappointed! I thought for sure I was gonna get sent home. But the monitors were still showing a lot of close together contractions that I was still not feeling. So he said to keep me for a couple hours, check me again and then we would decide what to do. I had checked in at 10:30 and by now it was around 11:30. So I called my work and told them I would be back in a couple hours. Over the next two hours I started to feel some of the contractions, but nothing painful really. When I was checked an hour later I was still at 1 and nothing had changed besides that I was feeling some contractions. The nurse said she didnt feel comfortable sending me home just yet and wanted to wait a couple more hours. Around 2 I called work and told them I was still in L&D and they were going to keep me for a couple more hours and after that I was just going to go home. So DH and I hung around and watched TV in the room....tried to pass the time. He called my family and let them know what was going on. Well, about 3 or 3:30 I started feeling the contractions. It wasnt long and I was feeling every one and they kept getting stronger. But the nurse wouldnt say if I was in labor. By 4:30 I was becoming very vocal with my contractions. I had never felt a pain like that before and I didn't know how to handle it. DH was there rubbing my arm and holding my hand. But the nurse kept telling me that since the contractions weren't really in a regular pattern, that she still couldnt say I was in labor. She called the dr. back and he said that if I had not progressed by 6:30 and my contractions did not become more regular then I was to be sent home. The nurse did offer me some pain medicine and said that if I was not in labor, it would ease my pain and stop the contractions, but if I was in labor it would make the contractions more regular. So I went ahead and took the shot. I dont know what pain medicine she thought she gave me but I had NO relief whatsoever! LOL. But my contractions did become more regular. At 6:30 they checked me and I had finally progressed and I was at a 3! So DH said.."Are you saying she's in labor?!" And the nurse said yes and he said "Are we gonna have a baby tonight!?" And the nurse said "Probably by mid morning!" So DH rushed home to get my bags and take care of the dogs and he called my family on the way there. While he was gone I labored pretty hard, and I begged the nurse for more drugs. She said she couldnt give me another shot and I couldnt have my epidural until I was between 4 and 5. Soooo........I labored for what seemed like FOREVER, but it really was probably only a half hour, and she checked me again and I was between 4 and 5. I said "I WANT MY EPIDURAL NOW!" hehe. So she ran out and got the Epi man and rushed him in and I got it done. Oh I was in Heavan. I proposed to him and told DH that if anything ever happened to him I was marrying the Epi man. Before he left the room I told him that I loved him a few more times. hehehe. Not long after that my family started showing up. I think they got there around 8, they all live an hour and a half away and my stepdad got my mom there in 45 minutes. hahaha. The nurse said it was going to be a long night and I still had 12 hours to go she said. The rest of the night is kind of a blur, I was floating on the Epi and very relaxed. I tried to rest and I think I catnapped while everyone was in the room visiting. Around 10:30 the dr. came in and checked me and I was at 8 and he broke my water. He said "Your gonna have a baby before midnight!" and he could feel that he was getting pretty low. Around 11 the nursee checked again and I was at 10. So she started getting things ready. My family stayed down in the waiting room and my mom went and told everyone that I was getting ready to push. The nurse emptied my bladder and as she was doing so she could feel the catheter start to get pinched off. Well, when my bladder was empty it gave room for the baby's head to move farther down and he pinched the tube. LOL. So she looked and said "Oh my, he's right there. " DH and my mom looked and sure enough, I was just laying in bed with my legs open and you could see the top of his head. He was ready to come! The nurse went to get the dr. and while she was gone we all heard a sound......like a squishy sound that is hard to describe.....and we looked at eachother and I said "You better go get the nurse, he's not gonna wait!" So my mom checked under the sheet to make sure he hadn't came on his own and then went to get the nurse. She rushed back in and said the dr. was in the next room delivering and would be right over. Well, she was getting things ready and I told her I was feeling A LOT of pressure in my bum and so she looked and his head was further down, he wasn't waiting on anyone! So the nurse ran back and told the dr. to come NOW. He came in, said "give me a practice push." I did and he said "WAIT! Let me get my shoe covers!" hahahha.
13 minutes and 4 pushes later, out popped Travis Michael. The dr. and nurses were just amazed it happened so quick. He was born at 11:23pm. Just under 13 hours after I went to the hospital and 5 1/2 hours after they said I was in labor.
When he came out they let DH cut the cord and as he cut it Travis grabbed ahold of MY end of the cord and held on tight. It was the funniest thing ever, the dr. had to pry his hand open. He said he had never seen anything like that before. After that the afterbirth just kinda fell out. They were pretty amazed by that too. I didnt have to push and they didnt have to massage anything, it just kinda plopped out. LOL. I had a second degree tear and the dr. said he couldnt have cut any smaller if he had had time to cut. Which is good cause I didnt want him to cut me.

Through out the whole day I had prayed to please let me have the baby before midnight. May 4th was the 4 year anniversary of DH's dad's death. A couple weeks earlier, DH had been talking in his sleep and he said "Sweety, if you can't have the baby on the 22nd (his dad's birthday and 2 days past my due date)....do you think you could have him on the 4th?" He doesnt remember asking me that, but I told him I would do my best in a half joking manner. Who would have thought. It was nice to be able to give DH something positive to think of on that day.

After the nurses cleaned him off and they got done doing everything to him I got him back and just couldnt believe it. He was just perfect. Then I told DH......I WANT FOOD! I had been asking for food all day and hadn't eaten anything since about 6am that morning and I think that it was just a bowl of oatmeal. So DH called BIL who was in the waiting room and told him that I wanted a pizza and to please order one. I couldnt believe how fast he got it there! It was MAYBE 20 minutes. So I ate my pizza while my family all held Travis. They took turns coming in three at a time and just oohed and aahed over him. About an hour after everyone left I got transfered to my room. It was around that time that I started coming down out off my cloud and started realizing what was happening "south of the border". My Epi was also wearing off......ouch! They kept me drugged up on Darvocet every four hours though so I was ok.
I decided to BF Travis long ago and so I was excited to do that, but he was not all that responsive to it. To make this last part short, the nurses had to give him some formula, I couldnt get any Colostrum that I could see and he wasnt eating at all. He got so weak from not eating that they had to keep him an extra night and also kept me. By Sunday night (when they decided to keep us an extra night) I was having a meltdown from exhaustion and stress and so they sent DH home and took baby to the nursery so I could rest. They even turned off my phone and put a sign on my doors saying no visitors. I slept for a couple hours and did feel better. We went home Monday with some formula and had to suplement for a bit. On Tuesday we went to his first dr. appt. and he was down to 5lbs 9 oz....he was born 6.5, so they were starting to worry. I went to my lactation appt. and my milk had finally come in!!!!! We took him off of formula and he was doing great. He gained the weight quickly and has been doing awesome ever since. We are suplementing now that I am back at work. He gets formula during the day except for when I go feed him at lunch and then he breastfeeds whenever I am home. I am pumping but not having great success at it. Hopefully the FenuGreek starts to help soon!

So that is my birth story. I think I had a bit of the "Baby Blues" the first few weeks. But I also think it had something to do with the pain meds I was on. After I got those out of my system and I started to get into a routine, I was fine.
Sorry this was so long!

Here are Travis' stats:
Born at 11:23pm
May 4th, 2007
6 pounds 5 ounces
19 inches long

If you got through all that, good job!!!

Mommy to 3 little monsters: "T" - 8 years old, "A" - 7 years old, & "Q" - 2 years old

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