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Kaydence Elise

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November 15th, 2007, 11:42 AM
stephanieTX's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Sorry it's so long, I tried to remember everything to print out for the baby book.

Kaydence Elise
Sunday, October 28th, 2007
11:02 AM
8 pounds 15.7 ounces (9 pounds)
20.5 inches long
Head 14 – Chest 13.5

The last couple of weeks of my pregnancy, I was in a lot of pain and had BH contractions almost every day. I don’t recall being in half this much pain with my other two pregnancies, but it has also been a long time since then. When I went to the OB on Monday, Oct 15th he did an ultrasound and measured Kaydence. At that time she was measuring around 7lbs and 10 ozs! However, he said we were still planning on her coming November 7th, that he wouldn’t move the c-section up due to size.

On Sunday, Oct 21st I was up all night with contractions, feeling nauseous and going potty. Denis almost stayed home from work and took me in to the dr, but I drank a bunch of water and laid down. Wanted to see how I felt after some rest and it went away. Still felt pretty yucky over the next couple of days, so took it easy and rested a lot.
On Wednesday, Oct 24th I had my weekly OB appointment and told him about Sunday night. He told me to call him if it happened again and they would monitor me to see what was going on. He did another ultrasound just to make sure she was doing ok and my fluid looked good. He didn’t measure her again since everything was looking ok. We talked about my surgery and everything that was going to happen, I also went downstairs and registered at the hospital. Completely forgot about doing that earlier!

Well, Friday night Oct 26th I was up all night again with the same symptoms as Sunday night. However, this time I was in a lot of pain! That Thursday, the day before some weird pains started and it hurt to move, walk, lay down, basically anything! The pain was getting unbearable and started to worry me! It was in my lower abdomen, but really intense on my right side. That Saturday morning I got in the shower since Sami had a soccer game and I started feeling a little better. We took it easy most of the day and I took a nap before Brayden’s football game that night. I kept saying if something was going to happen to wait until after his game, I was determined not to miss it. I was also listening to my body and knew I needed to go in if things got worse. I called mom and made arrangements for her to take the kids after Bray’s game so we could go in to the hospital to be checked out. Well, during the game I started having contractions again, but the pain wasn’t as bad. I just started feeling really yucky and the game couldn’t end fast enough.
I called my OB’s office as soon as I got in the car, praying that my dr was on call! I tell ya, prayer really works!! I was SO happy when the on call service told me my dr was the one on call! So, we get to the hospital and they hook me up to the monitors. Everything is looking ok, no contractions, no protein in my urine and the pain had subsided. I was getting frustrated as they were talking about letting me go home, but Kaydence wasn’t responding as well as they liked, so they made me drink some apple juice to get her moving. She hadn’t moved much at all that day, which is another reason I wanted to be seen.

Then all of a sudden, I went to roll over on my right side to say something to Denis and my previous pain hit me like a brick wall and the contractions started almost immediately. Another nurse was next door messing with the lights and came in to ask me if the lights were bothering me and I guess by the look on my face, she knew something was wrong. My nurse came back in and advised me she would call my Dr with the new happenings to see what he wanted to do. She also checked me and I was dilated maybe a finger tip, but 0% effaced.

She then came back to tell me he wanted me to stay the night for observation and to get some pain meds for the pain. They were noticing the contractions as well and Kaydence had started moving really well by this time. So, at least we knew she was doing ok by then. I sent Denis home as I knew he wouldn’t get any sleep there at the hospital with me. I figured one of us needed sleep to keep up with the kids the next day and we only live about 15 mins from the hospital if something were to happen.

I had contractions almost all night, my nurse Candace was absolutely wonderful! She kept coming in to check on me and was trying to decide if she needed to call my dr back about the contractions. Well, when I laid on my left side, the pain would get better and I didn’t contract as much. So, that is what I did and just stayed off my right side. It was very odd, but it was nice to have some proof of the pain I had been having and for it to be showing on the monitors. About 3:30am she brought me in an Ambien since I still hadn’t been asleep, so I got about 1-2 hours of sleep. Not to mention I got about the same the night before, I was a little tired to say the least!

My Dr then came in the next morning about 8am to see how things were going. He was surprised to see that I had been contracting all night and when he checked me, I was dilated to almost a 3 and 50% effaced!! So, I had gone into labor on my own, which I had never done in my previous pregnancies! He then said with all my symptoms, he felt it was time to have a Birthday Party and welcome the baby! The OR room was then booked for 10:30am and I started making calls like a mad woman! Denis was still at home asleep, what a way to be woke up! When I called him, I asked him if he was ready to meet his daughter and he asked if he had time to take a shower first!! Lol I told him we had a couple of hours, but to hurry up as I needed him with me.

My family started arriving and I asked the nurse if I could take a quick shower. I knew from experience that it would be a while after surgery that I could take one and that it would make me feel so much better! So, I took the quickest shower ever and the kids were there by the time I got out. We took a couple of pics and about that time it all started hitting me. It wasn’t an anxiety attack, but I was literally scared to death! My mom told me I had the look of fear in my eyes, I was freaking out inside! The nurse came in to get everything with me settled and I remained very quiet. I wasn’t saying much, so everyone kept asking me if I was ok. I was trying not to show them how bad I was freaking out, while talking myself out of it as well. Not sure what was freaking me out the most, but I think the lack of sleep and all the meds they gave me that night surely wasn’t helping. I don’t even remember if I got to say goodbye to the kids, I just remember everyone leaving as the nurse was getting me ready.

We walked to the OR room and they immediately got started on me. The anesthesiologist was actually very nice and told me my scoliosis wouldn’t be a problem for the spinal, but was glad I told him about it. I also told him about my anxiety and he said if it got too bad, he would sedate me – not what I wanted to hear! I had a lot of fluid on my spine, so he had to press really hard to get it out of the way, I think that hurt worse than anything! The spinal itself wasn’t that bad. I went into Lala Land while he was doing the spinal, I couldn’t say a word. When they would ask me a question I would just mumble or shake my head, I literally couldn’t speak. It was a very weird place for me to be in, I wanted Denis to be there with me and I kept praying to get me through until he came in. They put the sheet up and got started, I could feel things but nothing painful. I asked where Denis was and they said he was on his way and about that time I had a major anxiety attack and the anesthesiologist said I was hyperventilating. So, he raised my head a little bit and my arms were flying all over, I think my claustrophobia was worse than anything. That sheet in my face, all the wires and the fact that my gown kept choking me, was not a good combination. About that time, I demanded Denis to be brought in and someone said “oh, I forgot to get him!!!” I was not happy! He came in and knew right away that I was having a hard time, I fought the tears and calmed myself down with his help. One of the nurses from NICU came over to me about that time and asked if I knew Rhonda. Rhonda’s husband is Brayden’s football coach and her son plays on the team as well. Rhonda is a head nurse in NICU and couldn’t believe I was having the baby as I was just at the game the night before.

They got Kaydence out not long after Denis arrived, it all happened so quickly. I remember hearing “there’s an arm”. They pulled her out and everyone was talking about her being so big and I was already being defensive and wanted them to shut up about my baby being big! Lol She was not crying and they just told me she had a lot of fluid in her lungs, so Denis went over by her. I could hear them working on her and it was the scariest time of my life! I started crying and wanting to hear my baby, let alone see her! However, by the sounds of things, I didn’t want to see what they were doing to her!  Finally she started crying after what felt like an eternity! Denis came over and told me she was ok! About that time I look up and see Rhonda standing there! She had put on scrubs and came down to see me. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to see her, it really meant a lot to me that she was there. She told me that Kaydence looked ok and she was breathing on her own and doing much better. That was when they weighed her and I heard 8lbs 15ozs, then they said 15.7 ozs, so really 9 lbs even!!! I couldn’t believe it, so much for getting my smallest baby! She ended up being my biggest baby yet!

I can’t remember everything as I was so out of it, but after we knew she was ok Denis brought her over to me. She was sticking her tongue out just like Brayden did right after he was born, it was so cute! Denis was holding her by my face and when I would talk to her, she would try to open her eyes and move her head. Denis kept saying “she knows who her mommy is, look at her responding to you!” It was the sweetest thing ever! They actually let Denis and Kaydence stay in the operating room for the remainder of the surgery, I have never had that before. They always took the babies right away to the nursery and I barely got to see them, so this was awesome! It really helped me forget about what was going on. I also liked having Denis there with me. My dr said my scar tissue was moderate to severe, so not as bad as he first thought it would be. Before he did the tubal, he leaned over the curtain and asked me for the final time if I was positive. It was so nice saying yes and actually feeling emotionally ready to make that decision!

When it was time to go to recovery, both Den and Kayde got to go with me then as well! I remember as we were getting ready to leave the OR room, I asked what her apgars were. I never knew what Bray and Sami’s were, but since there were problems I wanted to know. Hers were 6, 8 and then 9. That 6 scared me, but they assured me she was much better!

I was really out of it during recovery, Denis went out to let everyone know things were ok. They are used to him coming right out with the baby and neither him or baby had left my side the whole time. I knew they were probably worried, so I asked him to go tell everyone what was going on. While he was gone I asked the nurse if she would help me hold Kaydence. I didn’t feel comfortable holding her on my own and they wouldn’t let me sit up anyway because my blood pressure was really low. So, she kind of stabilized her on my chest and I got to hold her for the first time. I was so much more emotional during this delivery than my others. I think the lack of sleep, the being in labor all night and all the meds didn’t help. However, also the fact that she was a miracle surprise to us, it was all so surreal at the moment!

I was in recovery about an hour and had already started itching, but she gave me something to help with that. She gave me Nubain, where last time all they gave me was Benadryl and that didn’t do a thing! However, this stuff knocked me out, which I didn’t like as I couldn’t hold Kayde and feel comfortable about it. They asked me if I wanted to try feeding her, but I still couldn’t sit up and keeping my eyes open was not easy. Denis said I was going in and out the whole time we were in there. I was sad about that, but also proud of myself for even wanting to try to nurse! One look at my other kids and I just couldn’t do it. That was a huge milestone for me! I stayed in recovery about an hour or so, they had already taken Kaydence to the nursery and was giving her a bath. Denis went out with the video camera to get the kids first reaction to her, he said they were so excited! Something funny, when Kayde was in the nursery a stranger at the window made a comment about how big she was. I guess this person said something like “look at that fat baby!” Well, Sami did NOT like that and went off about someone calling her sister fat!! My brother said she was so mad and raised some major heck about it! Go Sami!!

I was pretty out of it by the time we went to my room, I was still having a hard time staying awake. I was also disappointed to see that my whole family had left, so I didn’t get to really see anyone. My mom was the only one that stayed, but she was helping with the kids. As soon as they wheeled me into my room, both kids came up to my bed. Brayden grabbed my hand and very seriously asked me “mom, are you ok?” It was the sweetest thing ever! He was really worried about me and the thought of surgery, I think he watched too many baby shows with me! Ha! The kids didn’t like how I kept dozing off, they would yell at me every time my eyes closed. I didn’t like it either, so I made Denis stand with me whenever I held Kayde.

The kids wanted to hold her right away and were already fighting over her! Brayden sat in the chair holding her, singing to her and talking to her for over 15 minutes, did not want to give her up. He was telling her she was the best baby sister in the world and just couldn’t stop loving on her. I did not expect him to react so strongly to her as he was so disappointed for so long about her not being a boy. I asked him if he was still upset about not getting a brother and he pretty much told me not at all, he was happy with the way things turned out! Sami was acting out a little bit that day, I could tell all the excitement was getting to her. So, my mom went home and Denis took the kids to get something to eat and home to rest for a little while. I attempted to rest at that time, but didn’t get a whole lot between people calling and the nurses. They wouldn’t let me have Kaydence in the room with me while I was by myself as I couldn’t get up or anything. I was sad that nobody had come to visit me, I wanted my baby!  They did bring her in for me to feed her, but took her right back to the nursery afterwards. I also got up and walked a little around 4pm and actually did pretty well. The nurse was impressed at how well I was moving.

Denis and the kids came back that evening, I had to call him and tell him to get his butt back because I wanted my baby girl! Ha! He didn’t realize I hadn’t been able to have her all afternoon. Mom also came back and took the kids with her that night, so Den could stay with me. However, he ended up going home around midnight to get some rest as he was going to work the next day. My nurse that night was wonderful, so he knew I would be taken care of. I got up a couple times that night to walk a little bit, it felt so good to move around.

I stayed in the hospital until Wednesday, the 31st. My dr wanted me to stay until Thursday, but we compromised and I stayed until after 3pm that day. It actually worked out great as Denis got the kids from school and then came and picked up Kaydence and I. They were able to be a part of us coming home, which was very important to me. Kaydence weighed 8lb 5oz on the day we left the hospital and they no longer heard the heart murmur that they thought was there the day she was born!! Mom and Nanny came out that night while the kids and Denis went trick or treating. I ended up going to the dr 2 days after getting released from some odd pains I was having. Come to find out, I was having an allergic reaction to the steri-strips they put on during surgery. The reaction was so bad that it was half way up my belly and I was completely swollen from it. Glad I went with my gut and went in to be seen.

We took Kayde to see the ped on November 7th, the day she was actually supposed to be born! She weighed 8lb 4 oz at that time, so had lost an ounce since coming home from the hospital. Then I took her back on Monday the 12th and she weighed 8lb 7oz. Since she was not back at her birth weight, I have to take her back again next week. However, besides that she is doing wonderful! She is even sleeping 6-7 hours at night, I can’t believe it! She cluster feeds from like 8pm-11pm and then gets up around 5:30-6am. I hope it continues as it is such a blessing!

I still can’t believe we have 3 children, we have been truly blessed! This little miracle was such a surprise to us, but I know she was definitely a part of God’s plan for our family. I have already seen her make such a difference in our lives, what a little angel! I also didn’t know I could fall in love with my other children all over again, my love for them grew as well! Denis and the kids have been amazing during this time, I am so thankful for all that I have in my life!

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November 15th, 2007, 02:08 PM
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Congratulations! Sounds like there were some scary moments but you have gotten a beautiful little girl out of it!!
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November 15th, 2007, 03:48 PM
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What a great birth story! Congratulations on your baby girl.

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November 15th, 2007, 04:49 PM
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What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing and congrats!!!!!!
Thank you Mrs. Jantzen for my wonderful siggy!

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November 17th, 2007, 10:10 PM
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Thanks for sharing. I totally understand the being emotionally ready to say yes to the tubal, I told the dr. no with Jaz, and it was at the final asking, this time I was ready!!

Thank you Kara!
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November 18th, 2007, 06:20 AM
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amazing story! congrats steph!

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November 23rd, 2007, 04:49 PM
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Congratulations, Mama!!!
What a great story! Welcome Kaydence!
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