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Living Your Life Magically: Eleven Small, Easy Methods

Pagan References

For information regarding Holidays, Book of Shadows, Moon Phases, and other interests.

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December 6th, 2010, 12:17 PM
Carwen*Angel's Avatar Fly away on my zephyr
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Eleven Small, Easy Ways to Introduce Magic Into Your Home and Life

Ranging from kitchen witchcraft to hedge witchcraft and probably everything in between!

1. Bless your food.

When you're cooking, visualise, or intend that, your love and light are infusing into the food. Just before you serve it, say a blessing in your head or aloud (if you have a Christian background, you may have a specific blessing prayer for this) - something simple like "This food is now filled with health, vitality and goodness for my loved ones and me. So mote it be / so will it be / Amen" is absolutely fine. Blessing your food makes mealtimes a spiritual devotion, and your intention that goodness, energy and wellbeing will enter your loved ones through the food you've prepared is likely to be realised.

2. Use herbs for their magical properties in your cooking.

Here are a small selection of popular herbs which have magical properties you draw upon when you eat them. It could be a nice idea to collect jars of these dried herbs for your kitchen, or even plant and grow them yourself to infuse them with your own unique energy signature. Providing no-one's allergic, this is a perfectly safe way to craft a simple bit of magic in any loved one's direction. While you would need permission to cast a spell for them, you don't need permission for this!

Not only are the properties listed in the link below but extra suggestions for ways different herbs can be used are also included.

Magickal Properties of Common Herbs and Food Provisions

3. Use scent with intention.

Our sense of smell is really important in cultivating our moods, enhancing our sense of security and uplifting us. Ditch the Airwicks and use natural scents to boost your mood magickally, but also to raise the whole vibration of your home environment. You may have heard me say before that it helps evoke connections to the Angelic and Faery realms and also the spirit realms. It doesn't matter whether you use incense, essential oils (and soaps) in the bath or in an oil burner, flowers, or scented candles: they are all means to the same end!

Certain key scents can invoke specific magickal properties in your life and home too - see below.

Magickal Properties of Common Essential Oils (but can apply equally to candles, soaps and incenses with the same scents)

4. Bring the outside, inside!

Many people neither recognise nor utilise the richness, abundance and blessing that's out there in nature for us. Make time for a regular nature walk. Even if you live in a city, check the internet and find a park, local walk or wildlife reserve to visit. Forage! The kids will love this. Bring home natural souvenirs. Feathers, pine cones, twigs, bark, logs, leaves. As a general rule it's better to take things which have naturally fallen from the plant, but small cuttings from plants which are on common land (ie don't steal things from people's gardens!) are sometimes allowed. With parks, check the signs or check with a ranger. These can be introduced into your home as decoration: on your spiritual altar, around your kitchen, hanging sprigs in the window, weave them into wreaths, display them in bowls, make twigs into wands with a whittling tool or by decorating with coloured ribbons and crystals. Twigs and logs can also be used in a wood-burning stove and this is economical as it's so expensive to buy stove wood from stores! If you make a wish related to the properties of the tree while the wood is burning, it adds power to your wish. In addition to inviting in specific properties of different items, trees and plants, bringing in greenery brings in freshness, vitality, a connection with nature, energy, and more oxygen which will promote clear thinking and spiritual development.

In the wild in the north-west, I have found wild holly (NOT edible, including the berries), strawberries (wild strawberries are tiny and so cute and LUSH to eat), blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, bilberries, gooseberries, apples on occasion, nettles, garlic plants (you can eat the flowers!), wild mint, wild thyme and curry plants. Most of these are edible apart from the holly (do wash them THOROUGHLY though!). Literally food for free! If you're interested in this topic, you may want to read "Food for Free" by Richard Mabey which also includes mushrooms. Of course, all of these items also have magickal properties too, and can be introduced to the home or your recipes if you want to cultivate a particular property, or used as part of spellcraft.

Magickal Properties of Common Trees, Plants and Berries

5. Make a minor ritual wish daily, or in a regular pattern.

Because in so doing, you really increase the potency and accuracy of your wishes. You practice the skill of shutting out the world, creating a focused intention, and delivering it to the universe. That way, not only are you showering small blessings on yourself, your family and home all the time, which I think you will find will increase your quality of life exponentially; when it comes to wishing for something huge your skills will be honed, you'll be able to go into that space and make your wish and have it come about much more quickly.

Suggested wishes would be: more abundance, more luck, more general health, healing for a particular loved one, a little magic in a particular person's life, for someone sad or grieving to be comforted, for something nice to happen to make you smile, for more romance, for more joy and enjoyment of life, for more courage, more spiritual ability, more clarity and focus, more career success, for fertility to be boosted. I DO NOT MEAN THE BIGGIES, like wishing for a baby, a new love, or a new career. And choose a new wish every day and try not to repeat for at least one week.

The simplest way to do a regular ritual wish is have a candle tray somewhere in your home - out of the reach of kiddos and away from smoke alarms! Preferably near a window. Collect candles on it. Start with one candle, and add them as you receive them or spot ones you especially like in stores, or make them!! Have a variety of colours - the more of a rainbow you create, the more energies you draw in. Light your candles and speak or think your wish for the day, very clearly, three times. Then say or think "So mote it be / so will it be / Amen" and blow out your candles, out of an open window if possible, to deliver your wish to the universe.

6. Notice the little blessings, strokes of luck, and miracles.

Now I'm getting on my bandwagon a little because we're back to an old favourite of mine: staying present in the moment. Try to take a walk out of the home each day and see, really see, the miracles around you. The miracle of life in trees, flowers and plants. The miracle of birth in mothers and babies. The miracle of the kindness of a stranger. The miracle of sunshine or rain or snow or blue skies or clouds - they all have energies we need! The luck of seeing coins on the floor and collecting them, or a useful magickal item you'd been meaning to collect, or a feather which may denote angelic contact. The luck of bumping into someone you know. You should also spend 5 minutes a day contemplating the blessings you have in your own home and family: warmth, home comforts, love, a roof, shelter, food and drink, running water. The more you spot them, acknowledge them and silently thank the universe, guess what? The more they flow!

7. Bless everyone - friends AND enemies!

Blessing someone is as simple as holding a thought and a feeling of love in your mind and heart and directing it at them. Some people prefer to say the words "Bless you". Some people prefer to visualise pink light going to the person from their heart chakra. Some people prefer to ask angels to watch over them. Some people prefer to say something like "All the best." Bless everyone you meet, including those who serve you in shops, banks, schools, companies, cafes etc, and any work colleague you speak to. Even strangers. And even people who have riled you that day - ESPECIALLY people who have riled you that day! You'll be amazed at the peace, forgiveness and unconditional love energy you bring about and the harmony and co-operation and surprise kindnesses that manifest in your life.

8. Welcome everyone into your home.

Now, I don't mean letting in Jehovah's Witnesses if you're not genuinely interested in what they have to say - or equally salesmen! (It wastes their time and yours, so is not a respectful thing to do, and this puts out negative energy!) Neither does it mean leave your doors unlocked and don't bother to protect your home from intruders. DO protect your home by invoking Archangel Michael or the angels of protection, by placing crystals (clear quartz, black obsidian, amethyst and black tourmaline are the best for this) and green plants around it, or salt in the four downstairs corners. And then...If friends or neighbours call round, invite them in, don't speak to them on the doorstep. Offer them a drink. You might want to have a bowl of sweets or pretzels handy to offer visitors. Crystal people often do the same with cheap common crystals and sea-loving people might do the same with shells. Have your home warm and comfortable and soothing. Invite family over. Let your kids invite friends home for tea. Have parties and get-togethers and girlie or couples nights. Why? Your home will be filled with love and laughter energy which will also lighten it and bring it closer to the vibration of the higher realms. You will also create huge amounts of goodwill, which will come back to you when you need it and this will help you feel lucky.

Items you can place near your doorway to make your home look welcoming and inviting and lucky are - hanging baskets or flowerpots, heather hanging in the window, angel and faery ornaments in the window, flowers in the window, a horseshoe in the entrance, a lantern or light for dark nights, a wreath in the winter. To keep away undesirables who drain your energy, you can buy little warning triangles telling hawkers or canvassers they're not welcome; thyme, lavender or garlic plant in your front garden also repels negative energies - and garlic plant additionally keeps other people's cats from weeing on your garden! (allegedly )
9. Notice your pets and other animals around your home.

AND wherever you travel. They do communicate with us, just not in words! If your pets are restless, it often can indicate there is adverse weather or bad luck coming which you should prepare for. If your pets are happy and content, you have a good flow of positive energy around your home. If you get wild animals visiting your garden, you're getting the welcoming vibe right. To boost your harmony with nature, which will aid your intuition and your magickal flow, as well as bringing you a sense of calm, serenity and being "in tune" you won't get from anything else, and to build up your good karma which can then return to you in other ways, give wild animals who visit your garden a helping hand in the cooler months - birds love fat balls which you can make yourself, squirrels love seeds and nuts, hedgehogs love milk and bread, and if you put out scraps all of these as well as local cats who may be shut out or lost will eat them all up. The animals will often bless you with their presence then - their song or chatter, their company, a magical close encounter with nature for your children, not to mention their animal totem messages for you.

Here is a really good online dictionary of animal totem messages to bookmark:
Animal Totems at What's Your Sign.com

There's a really good list here of Shamanistic meanings too:
Mystic Familiar Animal Totems

You should also be aware that contact with your pets decreases loneliness, deflects stress and anxiety, and increases comfort and can also pacify a need for physical affection - stroking a cat, dog or rabbit or chatting to a bird, lizard or rodent can be a really healing and companionable activity. Your pet will often try to comfort you if you're ill or upset. We used to have five cats and sitting in a "cat triangle" of three of them by accident usually meant particularly magical luck. When your pet passes away, give them a memorial befitting their loyalty, trust and love and their love and guidance will stay with you. I have even been known to bury a beautiful blackbird that gave me a lot of guidance and pleasure over an entire summer.

Bird Fatball Recipe

10. Harness natural energies.

There are certain magickal things you can do in accordance with nature.

Weather first: when it's raining, think about water as the water of life and give thanks to the universe for the rain. Take a moment to bless the plants in your garden and make a wish for them to thrive. Collect rainwater in any receptacle to use for cleansing of crystals or yourself - or cleanse them directly in the rain.
When it's sunny, thank the universe for warmth and joy. Take a walk and feel the sun on your skin which is really healing and healthful (unless you're allergic and high factor protection please!) Charge crystals and magickal tools in the sunlight. Put water out for the birds to bathe and drink. Take a trip to the ocean to work with sea energies or gather shells.
When it's stormy, lay all your crystals and magickal tools (and natural items) out on a windowsill for the charging of their life - especially if there's lightening. Watch the lightening yourself to charge your own energy, or make a wish when you see a lightening fork. This is a good time to work on overcoming fears: for example, affirming "I AM courage" during the storm. When it's cloudy, foggy or misty, it's a time to stay indoors and be introspective. Do a life review or look inside at your own priorities and what you need to heal. It's also a good time to contemplate esoteric mysteries and ask for inspiration to clarify them in your mind!
When it's windy, the winds of change are blowing through your life, so it's a good time for wish-making and planning new ventures or getting yourself organised. It's also a great time for a clear-out - giving the stuff you no longer need to charity or selling it on a boot sale or garage sale will attract abundance to you.
When it's snowy and icy, venture no further than your garden if you can help it, but do wonder in the magic, reflections and clean slate of snow. Try some of the snow magick Misty suggested.
When it's dry and fine, take it as a sign from the universe to do some gardening, spend time in your garden for nature healing or go walking and foraging in your local park, woodland, wildlife reserve or open fields.

Secondly, heavenly bodies: pay particular attention to the moon. Different types of magick work best during different phases of the moon. It's good to invest in a moon calendar or a regular calendar including moon phases so that you never miss a full moon and know what type of spiritual work is best at any one time. Make wishes on a full moon or take a "moon bath" by stepping out in the moonlight for energetic cleansing and charging of yourself. Charge crystals and spiritual tools in the moonlight on your windowsills on a waxing moon. The following website is excellent and comprehensive on this:
Moon Phases and Magick

You can always, at any time, wish on an especially bright star or on the first star you see of an evening. It inspires wonder and awe to star-spot: looking for constellations in the night sky. You can also send a thought or a healing vibe to a loved one via a star - this is just done with the power of your mind. On a particularly clear night, you can charge crystals and spiritual tools in the starlight. It's considered a lucky omen to see a comet (though it's hard to do!). Consider an eclipse a new start - a time to wish away or let go of any negative influences in your life. Don't look directly at the daytime sun, but watching the sunrise or sunset is powerful, cleansing, charging, and romantic and can lead to spiritual epiphany and these are powerful times for wishes: sunrise for things you want to attract, sunset for things you want to repel. Cloud-watching can be a form of divination. Many people have reported seeing angel shapes in the clouds and you may also see other shapes which can indicate current influences in your life. A rainbow symbolises good luck and a change in fortune. A double rainbow, doubly so, though this is rare. A sundog signifies grace, so it's a good time to appeal to the universe about a "biggie" in your life - release it to the higher beings if it's something you've done everything in your own power to work towards, and trust that the universe will resolve the situation.

11. Look after the pennies and the rest will look after itself.

I have done this for years. IT WORKS. Clean out a large bottle with a wide neck, remove all labels etc. Collect all your copper coins (or the smallest denominations of coins, I don't know if they're copper elsewhere, if you're not in the UK) in there. The copper has healing properties but it also has conducting properties. The more you collect in there, the more it will attract more abundance and conduct it through your home and your life. If you ever need it, take it of course. When it gets full, get it changed at the bank and you'll be amazed how much of a cash boost you get - this also clears the slate energetically and you can start afresh. If you have any citrines or gold tiger eyes popping them in there, or around the jar, can be effective in giving your abundance a boost. You may even want to tie a yellow ribbon around it to harness natural joy and abundance energy. It will not make you rich, but it will ensure you have what you need, when you need it! DON'T place it in sight of a window - even small change in such large quantities can be a burglar magnet.

A final word: I think you can probably tell I've included all my best magickal tips and tricks in this thread.

I did not introduce all of these activities into my life all at once and I'm still terrible at some of them - like harnessing moon energies, for example!

Just introduce them one at a time, you don't even have to use them all at once, and obviously only use the ones that resonate with you.

The best thing is these are all easy things to incorporate, and if you incorporate even say 3 of them, you will really start to feel magick occurring in your life.

If anyone else has any quick and easy tips or wants to embellish on any of mine, please do so in this thread. Also feel free to chip in if you practice any of these things and have had luck and success with it! And also ask any questions in this thread. Sorry it got so long - one to bookmark and come back to time and again, I think!!

Copyright: Silverla 2010

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