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Magickal Properties of Common Trees, Plants & Berries

Pagan References

For information regarding Holidays, Book of Shadows, Moon Phases, and other interests.

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December 6th, 2010, 12:24 PM
Carwen*Angel's Avatar Fly away on my zephyr
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...and other miscellaneous magickal items!

To be used if foraging out in nature! **E** means berries or flowers are edible. My knowledge on this is not exhaustive. Assume that nothing else is edible unless you have a reliable reference book which says it is.

Please note, some items you can forage for, such as lavender or garlic plant, are found listed in the Common Herbs or Common Oils thread instead.

Edible parts can be used in recipes to invoke the magickal properties. Other items can be introduced to the home for display or for use during spellcraft or wish work as an association adding power to the spell or wish.

Most flowers are not included because in most places, most flowers are protected and should not be uprooted or cut from nature to take home. However common flowers classed as weeds are included, because these can be taken in small amounts, pressed or dried and kept.

Aloe - For protection, luck and to combat loneliness; can also be placed on graves of deceased loved ones to assure their peace. Aloe sap can also be used in a moisturiser base for its healing properties for skin! It grows like wildfire, so if you get an aloe plant yourself, plant it somewhere roomy in the garden!

Apple - Apples are incredibly versatile and are included because they can be found wild in some places - perhaps even in your own, or a neighbour's, garden, who'd be willing to give you some apples! Apples are known to have healing properties when we eat them: some sources say you can rub the inside of an apple on an afflicted area of your body and bury outside (during the waning moon if possible). They can be used for love magick and divination (see below) and an apple twig or branch is said to be a key to the faery realm when displayed in your home!

Apple Magick and Divination

Ash - For protection (especially financial), prosperity if burnt at Yule and use in sea magick and love magick rituals; wands of ash are also powerful for healing and you can gather ash leaves (dry them and keep them in a bowl perhaps) to attract love

Beech - A good wood to wish on or to make a wishing-wand, beech trees also shed little four-pointed cups in the autumn - you could gather these and use each one as a "wish token" - bury them as you make your wish! We have a beech in the park and I collected loads last year!

Birch - Traditional for witch's besom-making, which can be placed in the house for protection; a birch branch hit by lightening is particularly powerful and could be made into a wand

Blackberry - For healing and money luck, and can be baked in a pie at Lammas to invite in these properties for the coming year; another popular activity is to weave pentagrams from the brambles for protection in the home

Blueberry - Protection, especially of the home - eating blueberries or blueberry pie internalises the protective energy and makes it most potent

Cedar - For psychic protection and psychic development, vivid dreams and visions; burn the wood and the smoke will purge negative energies and bad dreams

Cherry - Attracts love, and the stones can be cleaned and collected to aid divination ability - some people even use the stones themselves for simple divinatory methods, but I can't find any destructions online, sorry

Clover/Shamrock - We all know that to find a four-leaf clover heralds and attracts general luck and a change in fortunes, so if you do find one, dry it or press it and keep it! Regular clovers can also attract love, money, success and fidelity!

Cypress - For longevity, healing, comfort and protection; cypress is associated with the sacred transition of death and you can throw a cypress twig into a loved one's grave as an act of love, for luck and peace in the afterlife

Daisy - A daisy is a cheeky little love charm; pick one for your lover or for your children, or make them or yourself a daisy chain to attract more love and with it joy

Dandelion - (As well as providing free food for any pet rabbits!) These boost divination ability, wish work and communication with trusted spirits (eg passed loved ones). For this type of work dandelion "clocks" are best, which are seen at the end of spring. For a yes/no answer, blow a dandelion clock, each blow should represent yes/no alternately. Whether the last seed blows off for a yes or no blow is your answer. You can also make a wish on a dandelion clock and then blow the seeds away to deliver your wish to the universe!

Elder - For prosperity, healing, and peace, as well as guarding against negative spirits or energies - carry a twig for protection

Elm - For love; carry a twig or make into a wand to attract love into your life

Feather - For angelic connection - to find a white feather usually denotes angelic protection or a message from your guardian angel or a passed loved one acting as a spirit guide for you; a good item to have to pass to friends who may be in trouble or to hold when asking for help from angels

Hawthorn - For fertility, happiness, and it is also listed as useful for fishing magick - perhaps to carry a hawthorn twig for an abundant fishing trip!

Hazel - For luck, fertility, and also a good wood for wish-making - pop a twig on a wood-burning stove and make a wish to give the wish more potency - or carry a twig and hold it when making your wish! The catkins could be included in a magickal pouch for these properties, too!

Heather - Most people have heard of lucky heather, and to wear a brooch of it or carry a pouch of it protects against negative energies and attracts luck - sprigs hung up at home can bring luck to the whole household; it can also increase vitality and longevity, and help the wearer to see and radiate their own beauty

Holly - The best thing about holly is that it can be used for dream magick - gather nine holly leaves, wrap them in a cloth or pouch (white or violet would be best) and place beside your pillow for vivid dreams - for best effect ask a question before sleeping; we all also know of course, that decorating the house with holly at Yuletide brings luck for the coming year! Holly wood wands are also excellent for protection - what a versatile plant! (And we have it growing wild in the village! Yay! ) ***Berries NOT edible - keep away from children!***

Horse Chestnut - For money luck and healing - gather conkers in a bowl or display them in a net or pouch to bring it to the entire household, or make presents of them on strings or laces to your children who will get as much joy out of playing with them as they will out of the healing energies! ***Do not confuse with edible chestnuts!***

Ivy - For protection and healing; and again, Yuletide decorations for luck. Whereas holly is luckier for males, ivy is the female counterpart and luckier for females!

Juniper - For protection, use as an anti-theft charm (twig or branch mounted or placed just inside the door) and to attract love

Larch - See Juniper! Same properties!

Lime - For healing, love and protection

Maple - For luck, longevity and prosperity

Mistletoe - For love and love luck! No wonder we kiss under it at Yule or Christmas! ***Berries are v.v.poisonous - keep away from children!*** Also known to bring luck for hunting expeditions and boost fertility!

Oak - Oaks are representative of strength, potency, standing in your own power, courage and healthy growth; acorns are representative of potential and could be sewn into pouches and hung in children's rooms to encourage them to maximise their protection; due to the strength and potency properties oak twigs/branches are great for all-purpose wands - general properties include general protection, luck and healing

Pine - Gather fallen needles and display them or incorporate them in a magickal pouch for healing, protection against negative energies, and money luck! The pine cones can also look lovely on display and I find them lucky - they bring abundance in all forms, not just monetary. Additionally, place them on your window as a weather guide - when they close up some it's usually going to be cold and possibly wet; when they open out some it's usually going to warm and hopefully sunny!

Poplar - For money luck and flying protection - take a leaf or twig on your travels with you!
The catkins could be included in a magickal pouch for these properties, too!

Raspberry - For protection and to attract love - some people also find it a bit of an aphrodisiac!

Rowan - For developing psychic powers and abilities, as well as healing and success - so another great twig or branch to make into an all-purpose wand for spiritual witches!

Shells - This could be a topic in its own right because different shells have different divinatory meanings - however for the non-sea magick user, suffice to say that shells harness our connection with powerful ocean energies - mermaids are known for wish-granting and dolphins for healing and you call upon these energies when you hold, carry, wear, or have shells around!

Strawberry - For love and luck and again, an aphrodisiac!

Thistle - For strength, protection, a symbol of love, loyalty and trust when given to another, or in oneself - the flowers are easy to press, dry and keep; thistles are also known for hex breaking or if you prefer, dispersal of negative energies

Toadstools (or mushrooms) - Sometimes you see toadstools or mushrooms grow in a "fairy ring" - we get one every autumn in our garden around the blossom tree - make a wish when you see this, but don't pick, cook or eat unless you are sure they're edible as obviously many are poisonous. Toadstools are also good for weather wishes!

Willow - Known in particular for its association with magick and suitability for wands, willow promotes healing and divination abilities

Wych Elm - See elm, but also, the twigs and branches sometimes hollow out in the cold weather making them ideal for wands incorporating crystals

So that you can recognise tree from tree if you were to see them, you may like to bookmark some tree identification sites!
Woodlands: A Guide To Tree Identification
An Interactive Key to British Trees and Shrubs
Trees of the World Tree Identification

IF I get time I may update with some tree pictures at some point. But not today! As you can see, I'm busy busy!

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