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July 28th, 2009, 09:33 PM
HippieLove's Avatar Modern Day Brady Bunch
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*Please share your teen mom experience here*
*Also Please try and keep the thread clean keep replies to the minimum*

♥ Isla Rae Due August 28th


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July 28th, 2009, 10:48 PM
HippieLove's Avatar Modern Day Brady Bunch
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It was a warm day in September. I remember I was walking along the school oval as the bell had just rung when I started to feel really shaky and hot. The next thing I remember was being on the ground and my friends all surrounding me, I'd fainted. They all helped me to the nurses office where my mum was called. My auntie came up and took me to ER where I met my mum. They took some blood tests and we were asked to wait around. It wasn't until we were about to leave that mum confessed she'd requested a pregnancy test to be done without me knowing. At the time I remember feeling little panicky but not too worried. Then her cell rang and it was the doctor asking us to come back up as he had my results and wanted to discuss them... The walk back only took less then a minute but it felt like hours. Once we were inside he turned to me and said, "You know we took a pregnancy test yes? What result were you expecting?" I replied "Negative for sure". "It is a positive, you would be around 3-4 weeks". I remember feeling weird like happy and excited but scared. I was young younger then most teen mothers you see around. I'd been with my boyfriend, Chris for over a year and we were very much "in love" He was my first and only.

We left in silence and mum didn't look or speak to me the whole 30 minute ride home. When we got home I went straight to me room to call Chris. He didn't say anything he was just like oh okay I'll call you later.

Over the next few days everytime my mother looked at me she'd cry/ My step dad refused to look or speak to me and Chris was supportive but distant. I was so alone but I had my baby and I made a promise to her that I was going to be a wonderful mother and nothing and nobody was going to get in the way off that.
Eventually my step dad started speaking to me but only about the topic of termination. He offered me money, a car, shopping spree in the city in exchange that I aborted my child.

Of course I refused... Eventually mum convinced me just to go see a doctor and talk about abortion I was running out of options. I knew she couldn't force me to have one but the pressure was insane. I figured if I went she might loosen up a bit if I just went in. In the doctors office he questioned me about it and I bursted into tears. He said there was no way he was going to do an abortion unless I could come in and say to him confidently its what I wanted. After we left Mum did loosen up she started to accept that I was indeed keeping the baby. My pregnancy was really easy what they'd call a textbook pregnancy. When I was 41 weeks and 2 days I was induced and I had my beautiful daughter the next day at 6:37pm. She weighed in at 7lb 6oz and she was perfect. We lived with my mum for a little while before we got our own place.

*Okay I will come back edit and continue this soon*

♥ Isla Rae Due August 28th


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August 25th, 2009, 11:44 AM
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Okay, so I'm finally able to type this out! Woot! LOL

I'm going to have to give some background first, as it will make a bit more sense later on. I first met Jason near our high school, with some friends of mine, in I think it was either December of 2002 or January of 2003. I can't really remember but it was sometime then. I was a freshman, and he had just graduated the year before. He would come down to the local 7-11 store and hang out with his friends and that's pretty much how we met, as I knew some of his friends. We didn't really talk that much until June of 2003 when I started dating one of his friends and he showed up at my boyfriend at the time's house to hang out with us. He was dating a girl I knew, so that helped to break the ice. At the time I was sooo not interested in him lol, since I was dating the other guy and pretty much head over heels for him (first love type thing, what can you do). So anyway, that boyfriend and I had some serious issues near the end of our relationship, and I started talking to Jason more. He started to hang out with us more often, so I got to know him a bit better. My relationship with my ex ended on an extremely bad note in October of 2003 which I will not go into, but that did help bring me a bit closer to Jason. I still had no feelings for him at this point, and he was just a friend. We became best friends. He started dating a friend of mine in early 2004, and she totally screwed up their relationship and really hurt him. She cheated on him and left him for that guy, and I was the only one he would let pick up the pieces. At that point, seeing how much hurt my friend had done to him, I started to fall for him. I didn't actually tell him until my friend of course started showing interest in him again after she left the other guy (okay, yeah, it might have been petty, but I was NOT about to let him get back together with her and she break his heart again and I'd have to pick up the pieces). Jason of course was like uh, no, go away to her, but to me... he started showing a lot of interest back. This is bad, but we actually had sex before we started dating. He was the sweetest and kindest guy I had been with, and after that we both decided that we should date. And that's how our story started lol.

We dated for 11 months, and during that time we had some major issues. His first love was trying to get back in his life and DH felt confused. He loved me, and he loved her, and he just didn't know what he wanted. Obviously this caused some serious issues between us. I won't go too far into it, but she and I pretty much had a mutual hatred for each other at that point. Jason had made plans with her to get married and have children, but she screwed that up, and now he wanted to be with me. But when she showed interest again... well yeah, you get the idea. I had a pregnancy scare in January of 2005, and Jason and I got into a huge fight about it. He thought that if I was pregnant, I should get an abortion and told me so. I told him flat no. That caused some serious stress along with the other crap that was going on. So after 11 months, I couldn't handle it anymore. This was in February of 2005. I broke up with him, and I started dating a jerk who abused me. It was a very dark time in my life. During this time, Jason finally realized exactly who he wanted and what he had lost - me. After the jerk broke up with me after I confronted him for cheating, Jason was there to pick up the pieces, much like I had done for him. I had never stopped loving him, and we couldn't be apart from each other. We both realized how much we loved each other and that we wanted to be together forever. So he proposed (without a ring lol) and we were engaged. We were having sex like rabbits, but we were using condoms (I couldn't be on birth control, never worked well with my body). Well, late July 2005 I got pregnant. I was 17, Jason was 21. I didn't actually know until two weeks before my 18th birthday in September. I was in total denial about it and just thought I was gaining weight because I ate like crap and was just tired because of stress since my senior year had just started. Jason actually told me I had missed two cycles and maybe I should take a pregnancy test. So we go down to the grocery store and buy the First Response kit with two home tests. We go back to his apartment and I'm practically hyperventilating at this point because I was terrified of what it would be and how Jason would react, since the last time I had a pregnancy scare he had told me I had to get an abortion or he'd leave. Well, the first test came out positive and I just sat there in shock. I finally went out of the bathroom and just handed him the test. He stared at it, then at me, then back at the test, and finally said "we're having a baby. It'll be okay, we'll handle it". Abortion and adoption never crossed our minds, and Jason told me that because of my reaction the first time, he didn't want to lose me again. And it was his child - he couldn't do anything but keep it. I felt the same way. I went home that night and slept like crap, and then in the morning I took the second test. Within five second, bam, two lines show up and I'm pretty much positive I'm preggo. So, I tell my mom. She was pissed, naturally. I went to the doctor, and somehow their pee test was negative, yet I had two HPTs that were positive. So they ordered a blood test, and results came in a few days later and ta-da, pregnancy confirmed. I got in to see my OB/GYN, and they did an ultrasound to confirm my dates. They actually were off, since I had odd cycles, so my due date was changed from April 13th to April 27th after they did the ultrasound. I was about 9 and a half weeks or so pregnant when I turned 18 on September 27th and I was a senior in high school. I was terrified, but I tried to be positive. Jason and I both felt that we made this baby, and that we were responsible for it. We would make it work as best we could.

About my high school - I had been kicked out of my public high school (the one that Jason and I had both gone to), halfway through my sophomore year. I started going to an alternative private high school that were for people like me; basically kids with issues. It was a very small high school and I LOVED it. When I found out I was pregnant in my senior year, I sat down with all my teachers and the principal and told them I was going to be having a baby in April, and that I really needed their support and encouragement to get through my classes. They were all very understanding and worked with me and around my pregnancy. I was allowed to sleep in a room that had a bed (it was pretty much for sick kids, like a nurse's office) if I was feeling exhausted, and they allowed me lenient schedules. Anyway. My pregnancy was considered high risk because I had been on a bipolar medication that was not safe for pregnancy. So I had a lot of ultrasounds and a lot of doctors' appointments to monitor the baby. My mom and stepdad were still pissed with me about being pregnant, and that first month was utter hell. My dad, ironically, was actually happy about becoming a grandfather. Jason's parents were the opposite. My MIL and her husband were ecstatic, while my FIL was more reserved about it. He had been 18, and MIL was 20 when Jason was born, so they knew it was going to be hard for us. But, they both told us that at least Jason was older than they had been (he was 22 when we told them). My mom and my stepdad finally came around when my mom took me to my first level 2 ultrasound at 12 weeks (or was it 13? crap I can't remember! LOL it was one of those, it's been so long now I have trouble remembering the dates) and she saw my baby on the screen. She actually started bawling and told me that everything would be fine, and that she'd do as much as she could to help us and her grandchild. Then I started crying lol. We also found out at that point that the baby was most likely a boy and the tech was 98% sure of it. Pregnancy goes on... at 16 weeks, it was confirmed that we were having a boy. I was SO glad lol, I was terrified of having a girl! And FIL came around at that point, he was so excited to be having a grandson.

It was hard going to school and being pregnant. I was tired all the time, I was hungry all the time (cravings SUCK), I had huge amounts of homework as I had to play catch up with my credits, and hormones were way off, and well it just sucked. I went to school up until 36 weeks, where I went on my maternity leave. Pretty much after spring break, I didn't go back to school and instead stayed home and rested and waited for my baby. I gained 80+ lbs with Joshua (nobody knew why, it was not GD), so that took a huge toll on my body, so I was even more easily exhausted and just eh during my pregnancy than probably most normal pregnancies. I also had issues with placenta previa which thankfully cleared up by 26 weeks. Then I had problems with high amniotic fluid levels, which made me huge but Joshua was small. Yeah, it was tons of fun. Not. It was really stressful and I was pretty much an emotional wreck by the end of it. When I was 39 weeks 4 days pregnant, I went into labor. It was about 4 am or so on Saturday April 22nd when my labor started. It was excrutiating, and I ended up having back labor. Jason had to work that night, so I was terrified he wouldn't be able to get off work. My parents didn't think I was actually in labor until about oh 9:30 at night when I actually called the nurse hotline and they told my parents to get me to the hospital immediately since my contractions were very close together. Of course, then I spend the next half hour talking to Jason and he's waiting for his relief to show up since he told his supervisor he was not missing the birth of his son and they couldn't make him (he was a little pissy with his boss that night LOL). Finally at about 10:15 or so my parents just end up taking me to the hospital while Jason was on his way there. He actually picked up a friend of his for "emotional support" ( ) and then proceeded to do 90 on the highway all the way to the hospital. I really think he was more terrified than I was lol. So we get to the hospital at 10:30, and Jason gets there a little bit later. Then we come to find out that even though I've been in labor for 18 hours, I'm only dilated to 1 and a half centimeters. But I was still admitted and I spent the next couple of hours in the glorious tub and screaming my head off because back labor is quite frankly the worst pain I have ever gone through and I felt like I was dying. At about 2 or 3, they check me and my water breaks and I'm at about 5 cm. At this point they load me up with pitocin (which I DID NOT know until after delivery and I am still pissed off about that to this day as I did NOT need it and I swear it made my labor and delivery worse than it had to be) and I get my epidural. Which wore off an hour later. And pitocin induced contractions are literally one on top of another and combined with excrutiating back labor - IT FREAKING HURT! I was exhausted at this point, they wouldn't let me eat anything, and the stupid nurse on duty wouldn't even give me water, ice, or ice chips, so I was extremely dehydrated. At around 6 or so, I was almost fully dilated, and a new nurse came on duty so I was finally able to have some ice, though I wish they would have let me eat something - I literally had no energy and the epidural just wouldn't work at all, so I was hungry and in pain and uh yeah not a good mixture. At around 7 am, they tell me it's time to start pushing. That's when they realized Joshua was sunny side up and horizontal. They tried to turn him. That didn't work. Which I'm glad it didn't because we later found out that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and around his entire body, so if they had turned him, he would have suffucated. To make a long story short, I had to push for over three hours, had to get an episiotomy as I told the doctor there was no way in freaking hell I was having a c-section, tore horizontally as I pushed him out since he was horizontal and he had a huge conehead, and I felt everything as my epidural was only succeeding in making my legs feel like jelly. Um yeah, my birth sucked. And I hope I didn't scare anyone with it, but my birth wasn't really all that normal... it just totally sucked and is why I won't be having a hospital birth again unless I absolutely have to. Ahem. Joshua Benji was born on Sunday April 23, 2006, at 10:27 in the morning.

Being a teen mom has been hard. I was one of the older ones, and I count myself lucky as I had options that most girls don't have. My parents took care of me during my entire pregnancy, and we lived with them until Joshua was a year old. Jason stuck around when most guys his age would have split. He loves his little boy. We had some issues after Joshua was born, but we have worked them all out and we are doing amazing. I was able to go back to high school after I gave birth, and graduated a semester late. I went to college immediately, and I am recieving my degree in Criminal Justice fall of 2009. I am going to be a police officer and am already starting to talk with law enforcement agencies to figure out which department I'd like to work with. Jason and I were able to move in with each other when Joshua was a year, and we rented an apartment. We are extremely lucky in that we own our own home, which we bought in 2008. Joshua spends a lot of time with both of our families, and he adores his grandparents on both sides. It's been hard, but my little family is doing great and we are succeeding. Jason and I are waiting for our wedding day on May 21, 2011; but by the laws of our state we are already common-law married and we already truly feel that we are husband and wife. I've had some nasty comments made to me about that, but I don't really care. My life is my life, and I am very happy with how mine has turned out. I am forever grateful to my parents, and his, who never had to help us, but did. For us, family comes first, and we always help, no matter what.

Anyway, life is pretty nice right now. I'm very proud of my accomplishments, and I know I'm raising my child the right way for our family. My husband loves me in a way I don't deserve, but I am forever thankful that he gave me the second chances I needed - and I gave him his. He's very much my soulmate and my true love. Being a teen mom does not mean your life is over. It will be hard, there is no doubt about that - but your life is not ruined. It is only changed. You do not have to give up on your dreams, no matter what people say. People tell me I will never be a police officer and that I'd never be able to get a degree - I am proving them wrong, and they don't realize how their nasty words actually push me even harder to prove them wrong and accomplish my dreams and goals. I never expected my life to be so... happy. I had a rough childhood and during my teenage years, I was a hellion. I had issues. Once I had my son, my life got on track, and I will never regret having a child so young. He made my life complete, and I know exactly what I want to do with my life and how I want my family to be. Being a teen mom is hard and it is difficult, but you can do it. You have to be strong, even if you feel like you just can't do it, for your child. You have to be dedicated and committed to doing the best you can. It is not impossible to be a good mom as a teen, and I am one mom who is proud to say that I had my son as a teenager and I overcame those difficulties. I was dealt this hand and I have learned how to play my cards right and keep my family safe and happy. It is possible, and to every teenage girl out there who is pregnant - you can do this. Don't give up on yourself, your life or your dreams, and work hard to be the best mom you can be to your child. I truly believe that even when we hit rock bottom and life totally sucks - it will get better and it will get easier. I will never stop believing that.

And that's my story pretty much.
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August 29th, 2009, 04:21 PM
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Im not a teen anymore, but Im typing my story for anyone who wants to read, because I was a teen mom

I met a guy when I was 16, and got pregnant with my daughter Hailee just a few mo after dating him. I know it was quickly, and I was scared when i found out. My aunty tried to tell me I wasnt havn this baby, and i just cried in my bdrm saying to the baby inside me that i would have it, and never think of abortion or adoption.

Anyways, Im making this story kinda short, cuz Im not one for writing long stories.
I did end up having Hailee at age 17, all natural labor for about 14 hrs from the time I was 4 cm dialated and she was 7 lb 6 oz. I was togther with her dad for a year after that, but left him due to the abuse situation I was in with him ( Thats a whole nother story in the abuse survivor threads).. which i went and got full custody and a restraining order at 19. Its the best for her.

Now I have the closest relationship with my beautiful daughter, and couldnt ask for more. I was a single mom all those years with her, but had a couple long term bfs.. one for 2 years another for 3. ANd now ive ben with my bf currently for 2, and we have a baby boy together who is 3 mo going on 4 mo.

I guess long story short, being a teen mom was a bit rough, but not too bad. And I dont regret any minute of it. Because even through the hard times, ive learned a lot from it.

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November 1st, 2009, 11:36 AM
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I will be the first to tell you my story. I was a 16 years old and honestly felt like I didn't have anyone that just cared about me at home. So I started going out with friends and meeting up with guys and partying and just having a good time, or so I thought. I started sneaking out the house when my moms friend came over b/c I guess I felt like since he was in the picture I was pretty much out. The guy told me he loved me and cared about me and this is truly what I was needing b/c I didn't feel it from anyone else. I ended up getting pregnant and my boyfriend was the first one I told. He was there with me during the pregnancy. I stayed in school and my grades dropped tremendously b/c I was tired all the time and sick and missed alot of school. i missed my cap and gown pics, my senior trip and best of all I missed have a great time at my prom. All b/c I got pregnant way too soon. When I finally had my son, my world changed. I was better than what I had ever been before. I was more responsible, had stopped hanging with my friends and focused more on my life, my son and my education. My boyfriend that promised he would be there to the end told me that he had started doing cocaine so right then and there I let the relationship go b/c my son came first to me and I knew I would never have that around him. So from then on. all my friends that I hung so tight with and said they loved me so much turned their backs on me and were nowhere to be found when my son was up crying at night and when I was soo tired that I was crying along with him. It was just so unreal to me. But it allowed me to open my eyes and to look at the real world. I went to college and this was hard but I graduated and I know my son was very proud of me. I lost out on my fun after high school. This was something I dealt with that hurt me alot of my life after having my son but then after I started thinking about it. I asked myself did I truly miss out on my childhood or did my son save me from doing things that could have hurt my future worst then getting pregnant? I know the answer My son is now 9 years old and he is an excellent child, very intelligent, straight A student that knows what he wants in life. Many people told me that I was making the wrong decision in having a child but you know what. People only know what they think they don't know what to be true, b/c they have never been in that situation. I have found out that God blessed me with my son at an early age b/c he saw the road that I was following and nobody could stop me, so he brought about my beautiful innoccent baby boy and he blessed my soul. If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't change a thing.
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November 14th, 2009, 03:52 AM
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It all started the first weekend of senior year of college. I am 19 years old and graduating in May. I met my current boyfriend that week, as he is a freshman also age 19. We started hanging out and decided it was time to date. Not thinking clearly one night in September he and I decided to have sex, without a condem. I didn't think anything of it, i couldn't get pregnant, so I thought. I was on the pill. I already had one child and gave him up for adoption [he's 4 now].
After we had sex things started to change we fought more and didn't see eye to eye on many things so we started to see less of each other. The Friday before Homecoming I realized i didn't have my "girl time" and was a week late and started to freak out. I didn't tell him because we weren't talking at this time. I called the doctor and requested a pregnacy test. They told me to come in that afternoon and they would take care of me. I thought i'm just late, i'm not pregnant. I went alone because I didn't think I had anything to worry about. I sat in the waiting room waiting for them to call my name so i could get the test over with and continue on with the Homecoming festivites. they called my name and i went back. They asked me a million questions, questions I wasn't prepared for. I took the test and waited for the doctor to read the results to me, it seemed like hours. I started to get scared, how would i tell him i was pregnant, how would i tell my parents. would anyone care. the questions kept running threw my head. I debated texting him and asking what he would do if we did get pregnant but i never got the guts to do it. The doctor finally came in. He looked normal, like nothing he had to say was going to change my life forever. he finally said, your pregnant. The two words i didn't want to hear were becoming a reality. I was pregnant. As I drove back to campus i played it over and over in my head how i was going to tell him. I didn't want to tell him over a text message that seemed to cruel, i didn't want to call him and i didn't want to tell him face to face but i had to. I called him and told him that we needed to talk, and it was important. he came over to my dorm and I told him I was pregnant. he freaked out on me and walked out. he barely would talk to me let alone look at me. It was really hard. This went on for about a week. A week later i was sitting in my room doing homework when he text me asking me to be his girl. He said that he'd been thinking about it and he wanted to do this together, he wanted to raise our baby together and be a family. From that point on we were together.
We've been planning, focusing, and it's finally sunk in that we're going to be parents.
Last weekend, after a fall, and some bleeding i was rushed to the emergency room, It was the scariest day of my life. He wasn't around and I was scared that I was going to lose my baby. They did an ultra sound to make sure everything was okay and they found out that we're expecting twins. I was scared out of my mind when they told me this, but he is thrilled. We are due in June of 2010...

to be continued....
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November 14th, 2009, 03:55 AM
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Mommy Of Twins have you made an introduction in the June 2010 DDC???? I'm a member there come on over hun

♥ Isla Rae Due August 28th

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November 17th, 2009, 02:05 AM
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This is the story of my first pregnancy with Izayah:

When I was 15. I was pretty sexually active. I was in the wrong state of mind at the time to have children. But nevertheless I never charted my periods before I didn't know when to expect it. After about 1 week of sore boobs and not having a period the entire month I called my mom. I was in Louisiana at the time with my dad and my mom lives here in South Carolina. Anyways I told her that I needed a pregnancy test and if she could send me money for one. She immediately wanted to speak to my dad. Unfortunately I had to because she would of called his cell phone either way. After they got off the phone he immediately drove me to walgreens not saying a word to me. He handed me 20 dollars and said go pick one. I didn't know which was which. So I just grabbed the one in the pink box, First Response!!

We got home and my dad told me to take it now. I read all the directions and they said first mourning urine is best. After 30 minutes of telling him I should wait until the mourning I gave up and just took it. I watched and as the pink dye moved across I already saw the line. The only thing running through my head was "oh crap, oh crap." "oh joy, oh joy." My dad was pretty much beating on the door. I handed him the test and he just went crazy. He cried, punched the wall. Stomped on the test-like it did anything wrong,lol. While he was doing that I was just looking at my belly, wondering what was going on in there and couldn't believe that I was pregnant! I have a baby inside of me. Oh crap I'm gonna be a mom!

He sent me up to my moms a week later. I guess he couldn't handle it. Hell he barely knew how to father me (he first meet me when I was 11). My mom bought me another test-positive, went up to the health clinic-positive. So I started my long journey of pregnancy. My original due date was July 31st,2006. My lmp was October 23rd,2005 (yes I still remember that!) I had my first ultrasound December 30th. He was 8wks & 6days. And had a nice very strong hb measured perfectly. He even wiggled!! I swear to this day u can see his winkie on that u/s,lol!!!

School was long and boring. But I got special treatment (got to eat and drink in class and steal everyones food) I enjoyed and loved my ever changing body. I found out March 3rd I was having a boy.I couldn't decide on a name. Finally around 8 months I chose Izayah Charles. Charles being after my Uncle Charles who passed away in 2002. He was the strongest and greatest man I have ever known. So I felt it only right to name my son after him.

At the end of the school year I was 7 months pregnant, the days went by slow for me. The last 2 months really stretched. I had my baby shower on June 30th. By that time I was 35 weeks and so ready to pop!!

I had my last u/s July 6th. I was 36.2 weeks. He measured 6lbs 14 ozs. Pretty big they said he would be close to 9 lbs. And I'm doing this w/out an epidural? huh?,lol!! I was 1 cen. at 36 weeks. They stripped my membranes and nothing. He was head down and ready but I wasn't dilating anymore or thinning out. They scheduled my induction for August 1st. One day overdue.

The night of July 28th. I was sitting at my computer desk when I got up a gush of water trickled down my leg. I thought perhaps I peed on my myself because I got lots of pressure down there. I kept feeling like I had to pee. So I peed, I still felt the same. My mom was on the phone & cooking dinner. So I changed my undies and told my mom about it, she nearly drops the phone. She told me to get the hospital bag where leaving, its your water breaking. She almost forgot about the food on the oven, haha!!

So I arrive at the hospital with a big wet spot on the front and back of my pants, but hey I didn't care. The nurse used some of that little nitrize paper to see if it was my water and I remember her telling me if it turns blue it my water, well sure enough it did. I cried a little but really was smiling. I was about to be a mommy & finally get to see my little boy!!! I was still only 1 1/2 cm and abt 30% thinned but he was right there head down & ready meet the world!!

After 3 hours of not starting contractions on my own they started my on pitocin. Those contractions really picked up hard. I was panicky, squriming. I wanted to get out the bed but they wouldn't let me. After 11 hours of everyone telling to get the epidural because I needed I did. The nurse checked me before I got it I was 4 cm and 60 % effaced. After the epidural I finally got to sleep. I was extremely disappointed but my son as the only thing on my mind at this point. At 9:30 am the nurse came in and checked me again I was 8cm and 90% effaced. Ok almost there. She told me if I feel any pressure to let her know.

About 15 minutes later I felt pressure and tons of it!! They checked me I was 10 cms and 100% effaced all ready to go. There were 2 cnms in there. I started pushing at 10 am exactly. Once his head started to really show they told me to STOP pushing and wait for the doctor to come in. Ummm shouldn't he be in here anyways. I was so ready to push those ladies out. They were all chit chatting while I'm in pain. I swear that epidural didn't work I felt it all!! Once the doctor came in there I felt so much better. They told me not to push through contractions until he arrived-I did anyways, couldn't help it. The doctor asked me so how we doing and I remember saying oh get him out. The doctor said ok I'm leaving then-haha. I wasn't smiling.

They pulled up a mirror so I got to watch. I pushed a few more times and his head was out. Boy did I scream. Once they got done suctioning his nose and stuff I gave him one last big push and Izayah was born at exactly 11:00 AM weighing 8lbs 6ozs and 20inches long!!

I remember being spread eagle and screaming at them to give me my baby. They had to check him and clean him up first. I was in pure ecstasy. I didn't even feel them pull the epidural out. I was in love like never before!! Once they handed him to me I just fell in love all over again. I just couldn't stop staring he was so beautiful, staring right back at me. I was on cloud 9. I will never forget that day.

I was 16 years old when I had my first baby. It was beautiful. He helped me grow up. I got my life right on track. He is my little miracle baby. Izayah truly did save my life!!

I had my next child Aubrei at 18 and Landen at 19. We are gonna be having our 4th baby July 21st.
I wouldn't trade it for anything or anybody in this world. Because they are my world.

I love them soo much!! <33

Thank youmisfitnm 4 my siggy. PRO-LIFE mommy!! 4 month ECB milestone!!

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December 19th, 2009, 01:26 PM
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Hi, my name is Jesi and I'm not a teenager now, but I did have my first baby when I was 16, I hope you don't mind if I share my story with you guys.

I was 15 when I got pregnant with my daughter, with a guy (19) who I was (and probably in some way still am) in love with. He and his mom and my grandmother wanted me to get an abortion, but I couldn't. My mom and dad (divorced) were very supportive of me and my decision. My dad took me to every one of my appointments and insisted I move back in with him rather than live with my mom. I learned that my mom and my aunt (my dad's sister) had both been pregnant when they were teenagers, but had abortions. I knew that I was going to take care of my baby no matter what. My beautiful baby girl, Micayla, was born on November 1, 2001, 10 days before her due date, I was 16 when I had her. I stayed in school, in fact growing up in Las Vegas some of the school's had day cares, so I was able to continue to breastfeed her throughout the day. Life had changed dramatically, I looked at everything differently. Even her father, he was a bum, a drug dealer, and no care for the future. We were in love, but I loved my daughter more, so I gave him up so that I could focus on bringing her up the way that she deserves. I went through hell when she was 14 months old, people always telling me that I was too young, that I should give her up for adoption. She got really sick and was in and out of the hospital for a staph infection. CPS took custody away from me (I am the only person on her birth certificate) and I fought them for her back and won.
When I was 17 I met another guy who was in the Air Force and absolutely loved me and my daughter. He'd take me to visit her at the hospital every day. He'd take his lunch breaks and pick me up from school and talk to me before going back to work. Eventually we started dating, and I got pregnant again. We got married in June almost 3 months before my 18th birthday. I had my son, Justin December 22, 2003, 9 days before his due date. In January I took my last finals for school and graduated with a diploma (1/2 a year behind schedule) in June.

I've been married for 6 and 1/2 years and we've moved from Las Vegas to Northern Italy. My husband and I had another son, Alan born November 27, 2008, 2 days late. He's still in the Air Force, and I'm still a stay at home mom. But now I'm finally a freshman in college looking to get a degree in history so that I can become a high school teacher some day.

I just hope that all of you teenage moms out there know that life does not have to end because of a baby. I've been through so much hell proving to people that I am a good mom no matter what my age is. Everything I do, I do for my children and I regret none of it. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything I am more than happy to answer any questions. I used to council other teenage moms back in high school.

Scarlett Diane

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January 26th, 2010, 06:42 PM
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I was 16 when I got pregnant with my first, Sebastian. Its funny because I met my SO at the same location I (extremely likely) concieved my DS, and the same location where I peed on the test that came up positive.

SO and I met, as much of dorks as we are, playing dungeons and dragons together at the local nerd joint. I met him my first time there, when I joined in on a dungeons and dragons game that had already been very well established.

SO's character was well known as the guy who could give a care in the world less about anybody but himself, but because SO thought I was cute, he made his character help my character in the game. (Hehee, we were major dorks.)

So I gave him my phone number. We talked on the phone, and thus shortly became "an item." He was my first, and we were active rather early on in our relationship. Things remained steady for a couple months, and at first I really didn't think anything of us being active without using protection.

Well, then game the month that my period was super funky. I was clock-work regular, so when I was supposed to start my period but only spotted for 24-48 hours, I knew something was up. I then started getting really sick, really really sick, and having this odd, insatiable urge for peach rings (candy).

Well, SO's mom bought me a pregnancy test, which SO brought to the nerd joint (we met every weekend). I snuck into the bathroom and read the instructions, then peed on it. I almost choked because, the instructions said wait three minutes before reading the test, but I had hardly finished peeing on it and it was extremely positive.

So I walked out of the bathroom, my face was red, I just nodded to SO, who smiled and got really excited (he was fairly young, but for some reason was super excited from day one). I remember laying in the big comfy chair off to the side in the nerd joint, trying not to cry and complaining to myself. I remember dreading how to tell my parents, and worst of all, not knowing how I was going to finish highschool.

Thankfully, I was already schooling from Home with an internet based academy, in my 10th grade year. I was due in August, a month before the start of my 11th grade year, so I would be okay there.

Telling my parents is an extremely hard, personal experience. SO and his mother (who was ALSO EXCITED for us when she found out) were angry I chose to do this without them, but I had to do it. A couple of nights after finding out, my parents and I were going to bed, and about 15 minutes after they went to their bedroom, I walked in. I was already sobbing, all I could get out was "I have to tell you something..." through the tears. My dad was the first one who guessed, asking me flat out "Are you pregnant?"

I said yes, and he stayed in bed, but my mom got up and sat in the living room with me, discussing this for quite a long period of time. They were highly disappointed in me. Which is understandable - I am their baby, their only child!

I was 8 weeks along at this time, calculated by my last period. 32 weeks later, on his due date, my son was born. SO, my mom and dad were in the room, the experience was beautiful. My mom and dad helped me raise my son, while I finished high school. I did my school work, alone with a baby during the days. My SO went to Job Corps, and was gone for 9 months. He was able to get his GED (he had dropped out like...the year before he met me because his mom decided to 'home school' him, but didnt do it.) and a degree in carpentry. I graduated highschool in '07, and then in '08 graduated vocational school for Medical Assisting. I will also be starting Nursing School full time in September of '10, after this baby is born and I have some time with her.

Now here we are. My son, Sebastian Taylor, is 4 years old (8.26.05), and thrilled he is going to be a big brother. My fiance, J.D. and I have been together for 5 years (9.3.04) and are going strong. With little to NO help from his 'oh so excited' mother, however. It still cracks me up that it was SO THRILLING that she was going to be a mother at 34, but it was my parents who helped us make it to where we are. Oh well, we are where we are, and thats what matters!
::мoммy тo::
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мα∂єℓуи 4.8.10
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ωιfєу тσ נσни 9.25.10
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February 19th, 2010, 07:16 AM
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February 22nd, 2010, 06:22 PM
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Okay here's mine.

I had been with my (now) ex boyfriend for quite some time (2 and a half years). We had been having sex for 2 years, and I hadn't gotten pregnant yet. I was on birth control, and we didn't always use condoms but we were young and thought we were invinsible. It was early November and I remember going to bed at 8 at night and not wanting to get up for my alarm at 7. I didn't think anything of it, I just thought school was exhausting me. I had also started having nausea during the day but figured I had a stomach bug or something. One day while I was at school I started throwing up like crazy, so I went to the nurse and she sent me home. I then realized that my period hadn't came yet that month, but that was nothing out of the ordinary since I have had irregular periods for awhile. I waited for another week without a period, and I was still "sick" and tired and a new symptom popped up, my boobs hurt all the time. I knew something wasn't right and I knew in the back of my head that I was pregnant.

I told my mom -who knew we had been having sex for awhile- that I needed to go to the doctor. I told her "I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant" so she took me to the doctor for a pregnancy test. I peed the the cup and waiting for the results was the LONGEST 10 minutes of my life. It felt like hours, not minutes. The nurse came back out and said "Hannah?" and my mom and me went back and she handed us the paper with my results on it. I read the paper and saw the "positive" on there, and somewhere inside of me I was actually a bit happy. I didn't cry. I didn't think my life was over, I didn't even consider abortion. My mom was not mad, she didn't cry either, she just pulled me into a hug and said "We can do this Hannah". I will NEVER forget that moment for as long as I live.

I texted my ex and said "Positive" and he never text me back. I called him a few hours later and it went straight to voicemail. I called him 4 times and he finally picked up and said flat out "We're done. I want nothing to do with you. That kid is not mine". I hung up on him, I did not cry over him. I moved on. I thought of the baby in my belly and how I could raise him/her on my own and did not need help from a deadbeat. From that moment on I knew it was just going to be my baby and I and to be honest, I had no problem with that.

Fast forward to December. I was 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant and went in for my first appointment. They decided to do a vaginal ultrasound to see how far along I really was (irregular periods, remember?) I remember the doctor staring at the screen with a shocked look on his face. His face was as white as a ghost and he said "Don't move, I'll be right back". He came in with an ultrasound tech who looked at the screen and his eyes got as big as saucers. I immediatley thought something was wrong with my baby and started crying. I said "What's wrong, is there something wrong with my baby!?" They said "No, you're having twins". I thought they were kidding and said "Yeah, right" and they turned the screen towards me. There were two little blobs on the screen labled A and B, and I will never ever forget how it felt to see my BABIES for the first time on that screen.

I am now a little over 20 weeks pregnant, and recently found out that my babies are a boy and a girl. I am due on July 10th and cannot wait to finally get to meet my children. I already love them more than they'll ever know. I still go to school, I go to an online high school. My parents are amazing. I honestly do not think I could do this without them. They're already helping me set up the nursery, and my mom is having so much fun shopping for baby clothes.

I never planned on being a parent at 16, let alone the mommy of 2, but to be honest I wouldn't change it for the world.

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March 24th, 2010, 09:15 PM
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Thought I'd share my story.

Well, I met my daughter's father when I was 16, right around my birthday actually. He worked with my sister at the local grocery store, and honestly, she's the one who had the crush on him. He was the "bad guy" type, and we started off as friends. After about a month, we started becoming friends with benefits, then after another month, we were dating.

Six months later, I found out I was pregnant. I'll never forget that day. I went back to his apartment (I was living with him, his mother, her girlfriend, and his grandmother) and told him. He was SHOCKED. The first half of my pregnancy was really, really rough. No one wanted me to keep her. Not her dad, my parents, no one.. Except me. I considered abortion, adoption, all my options and I even went to see a consellour (sp?) about it. In the end, obviously, I made the choice to keep her. I LOVED going to work, because everyone there was genuinely happy for me and a few of them had kids at my age (they were older), so they understood. I got away from all the negative drama and just got to enjoy being pregnant and having my baby.

It hasn't been an easy ride, I'm not gonna lie. A lot of times I've felt like just lying down and giving up.. thinking I can't do this, I can't be a good mom.. There were a lot of times that I just wanted it all to go away. But, then I'd cool down, think about it and realize all I wanted was my daughter.

4 years later, and she IS my life. She's my motivation for everything I do. I don't know where I would be without Mikayla. I wasn't a bad kid, I had a great mother who raised me better than I could ever ask. But at the same time, I was a teenager and I did have a real jerk for a boyfriend. Who knows.. Now, at 21, I'm a single mom (and consider I have been most of her life), full time student and will be for the next 4 years. It's not easy doing it on your own, but it's not impossible. And it's well worth it when you get to see your child smile, or when they give you a kiss and tell you how much they love you.

It's still hard, I struggle every day. I've made mistakes, I haven't done everything right and I know that. I look back at the 4 years and think "I should've enjoyed that day more", "I should've done this with her..". But I know I'm a good mom and I can't change the past, and I can only change the future. I definitely am not perfect, but I do my best.

I love my daughter will my whole heart and I just want to give her everything I had and more. That's why I'm in school, hoping to become a nurse and get a house, car, save money for her education. I just want her to have it all.

beckii ... momma to my beautiful princess Mikayla Lynn 01.18.06
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April 9th, 2010, 08:34 PM
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I've never written this out before, so bare with me as it will probably be long. I'm going to write about what happened from Sept 2004, to August 2005, and I'm fairly detailed.

In 2004, I was 15 and about to start my sophomore year when my mom decided to go along with her then-BF and move down to the Houston area. I was insanely depressed and angry at her for making me move 4.5 hours away from the town we had lived in for 9 years, where all my friends and family were. My new school was enormous compared to my old one, so I was really overwhelmed, but I was excited about the theater class.

The first day of school, I walked into the Theater room and had the breath knocked out of me. I saw a tall, dark brown haired, pony-tailed, goatee-d guy in the corner surrounded by girls. His name was Jesse and he was (then) 17 and a senior. I was pretty shy, so we didn't actually talk to each other until a few weeks later when we moved into the auditorium to start working on Alice in Wonderland. It was strange, but we were so comfortable around each other. He invited me to start going to his Youth group every Wednesday night where he played bass on the worship team (yes, I know!), so I went with him every week and became close to everyone there. They all assumed we were together, but we told them we weren’t because we actually hadn’t talked about it. It was like an unspoken agreement between us. It was like we were always more than just “dating”.

Right after school started, my mom and her BF split, and she moved to Austin with my brother and sisters, but let me stay behind to finish out the school year. My mom's BF let Jesse come over whenever we wanted, and stay as late as we wanted. We watched movies and mostly just chilled out... for about 2 weeks... and then we stupidly became "active". I had been on Seasonale for quite a while and thought that we were being safe enough, even though I wasn't great at taking my pills. Somewhere I had heard that most people couldn't get pregnant even after a year of being off BC, so I couldn't possibly get pregnant... right?

One day in mid-November, I realized that my period was over a week late and decided to go to the nurses office at school. I was told that our conversations would be confidential, so I told her that I was worried that I might be pregnant. She said to take a test and then inform my parents and the school so that they could make "plans". My close friend from choir, Samantha, was 18 and had a baby of her own and married, so I went over to her house one weekend and she bought me an EPT pregnancy test. I took it and immediately freaked out because I thought it was positive. She looked at it and told me it was negative. It was one of the tests that shows a blue " + or - " (( I now know that it's a notorious test for false positives, and Evaporation lines)). After about 2 minutes, I stuck the test in my purse and took it home with me, happy that I wasn't pregnant! The next morning, I had forgotten about it being in there, and when I pulled it out, I noticed that the results window now showed a very faint " + ". So then I thought that I WAS pregnant. I called Jesse and told him I might be.

I called Samantha after I saw the test and she took me to a free pregnancy/counseling center place after school. I spoke to a nice lady who gave me a cup to pee in, and said to meet her in this pretty little room w/ the filled cup. I sat down in the room (Samantha stayed in the waiting room) and the lady set a timer for 4 minutes and started the test. She asked me all types of questions about my relationships, family, what my plans might be if I were pregnant, etc. I just stared at the test. It was negative when the timer went off, and she agreed it was. Quite literally, a line started developing just seconds later, but was faint. I showed her the line, but she said that since the timer was done, it was still considered negative and that I wasn't pregnant. I strongly suspected otherwise, but I took her word for it and felt a bit better.

At home we had a family friend of my mom’s X staying over, so I had been talking to her about everything. She bought me 2 more tests over Thanksgiving break “just to be sure”. The first one I took was invalid because it looked all smeared and you couldn't really read the test at all and the second was completely negative! I was beyond relieved, and so was Jesse. Coincidently, I started my "period" that next day, which was very light and weirdly lasted just over a day. I knew that the BC I was on (Seasonale) was made to delay periods, so I figured that was the cause of all my frustrations. After break was over, a guy friend came up to me out of nowhere in the hallways, hugged me and asked me if I was pregnant! I told him NO and asked why he would think that I was, and he said that he just had a "feeling".

After my Christmas choir recital on the first week of December, my mom's X told me the school called, saying I was pregnant! I told him I wasn't pregnant--which I absolutely believed. Jesse was no longer allowed at the house while he was gone. Apparently the nurse I spoke with at school had been concerned when I didn't go back to see her again after the whole ordeal. My mom was also told. I hadn't said anything to her at that point. Anyways, they both freaked and my mom drove down 2 days before Christmas so I could stay with her for the rest of Christmas break. She was pissed off (of course!) that I had been having sex and that her X had allowed a boy over to stay with me. I told her I had taken a bunch of tests, and wasn't pregnant. She asked when my last period was and I told her that I had one in October, and then the light 1 day period. Then she asked if I had one for December, and I told her it was about a week and a 1/2 late again, but I had kept feeling like I normally do the day or two before I start. She freaked and told me I probably was pregnant, and went out to buy me a test.

I took it as soon as she gave it to me—on Christmas Eve. It turned positive, in about 10 seconds. I stared at it. I didn't cry. I was just shocked. I had 100% been expecting it to be negative. My mom was waiting outside the bathroom and all I did was nod my head yes. She was upset and just went on about how she couldn’t handle taking care of another baby (my youngest sister was only 3), and how my life was ruined. She kept asking me what I was going to do, what would happen when the baby gets sick, school… She told me to call Jesse immediately and tell him. I didn’t want to because I knew he was at his dad’s for Christmas (parents divorced), but I called and told him anyways. He said “Wow”, but was really calm and reassuring. He said he’d figure out a way to tell his mom and dad somehow over the break, but my mom kept threatening to do it herself if he didn’t right now.

My mom called my step-grandma (my mom’s late husband’s mom) and somehow they got the idea that I should have an abortion. I was pissed and laughed at the suggestion.

The day after Christmas, my cousin took me to the Planned Parenthood in Austin, where I took another test to confirm, and they told me I was approx 7 weeks along according to the period I had in October, and due sometime in August 2005. I told them about the one day “period”, but it was mostly spotting and was probably implantation.

Jesse told his parents, and his mom was weirdly excited. His dad was disappointed, but supportive. We talked about getting married. Jesse felt it was the right thing to do, so long as I felt the same. I did. My mom oddly felt relieved about the idea because then she wouldn’t have to worry about helping me and the baby. My and his mom started talking over the phone, and when I went back home, Jesse proposed to me with a bouquet of roses in front of our families. I said yes, and then I moved in with him and his mom, little sister, older brother and step-dad, to start planning a wedding. At 15. Strangely, I wasn’t scared. I was very much at peace with everything.

I went to school for about a week after Christmas, but my grades had fallen tremendously and I started failing some of my AP classes. My mind just wasn’t focused anymore, so we decided to withdraw me from school and home school. I had only been at this school for 6 months and had a nice group of friends, but none were close enough to feel like they should support me. It bothered me, but not that much. Our church and my new family was more than enough, and I was happy.

We had a meeting with our Youth pastor, his wife, and the worship team to tell them that we were pregnant, getting married, and that we felt it was only right to step down from playing bass. They were so supportive of us and offered to do the wedding, counsel us, and help with anything we needed. Jesse’s mom and g-ma handmade my dress, and so many people offered help in the wedding, so that everything was taken care of. It was planned in just over 2 weeks, and we were married on January 22nd. We didn’t have a single negative person standing in our way. It was amazing. Most people would be completely against the idea, but it was the right choice for us.

Jesse started a program with his counselors to finish his courses in as little time as he wanted, on a computer. He graduated 4 months early. We started our new lives while still living with his family, and found out we were having a girl! My pregnancy was pretty normal, aside from a false positive test that scared the life out of us for a week. Without any warning, my water broke on my due date of August 19th at 3 pm. After pushing for 2 hours and realizing that her head was literally stuck and couldn’t be turned, Alayna Rianne was born by C/S at 12:29 PM on Saturday, August 20th 2005,. She was 8 lbs even and 19 ¾ “ long. She changed my life and captured all of our hearts and still holds them tightly. She nursed great, slept thru the night, and rarely cried. She was so perfect. Everything we needed was provided through hand me downs from my mom, and a baby shower w/friends and family. It was amazing how much we were taken care of.

We moved out of Jesse’s mom’s house when Alayna was 9 months old, basically as soon as he was hired at a job that made more than enough money for us. He is an amazing husband, great father, and I’ve never worried about him providing for us. I am a SAHM and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

In May 2008 I was 18 and DH 21 when we decided to TTC for a second. We had been married for 3 years and felt it was the right time. I had my next BFP on June 22nd 2008. This pregnancy was very different, and very scary. I had never had morning sickness with Alayna, but I was literally bed ridden for the first 5 months with extreme morning sickness and exhaustion. I never felt so useless in my life, and couldn’t even care for Alayna, and had to have help from family and friend. I was also on bed rest off and on for the first few weeks due to bleeding. We found out we were having a baby boy at 20 weeks and then had 9 weeks of normalcy. It was nice, because at 29 weeks I went into pre-term labor and was hospitalized. Thankfully he stayed put but I was put on strict bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy and had weekly U/S appointments to measure my cervix, and a few more scary trips to the hospital to stop contractions. At 35 weeks I was given the go ahead to be off bed rest, but at 37 weeks I had a placental abruption and delivered Hayden Clay by emergency C/S on February 10th 2009 at 8:08 am, 7 lbs 3 oz and 18 inches long. He was so perfect. Unfortunately, his lungs were extremely premature, which the doctors discovered when it was almost too late. His lungs had collapsed at 24 hrs old and the hospital’s neonatologist was worried about a possible problem with his heart, so he was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital and stayed in the Level 3 Nicu for only 2 weeks. The doctors there said that he had been one of their fastest recoveries.

He was a completely different baby than what I was used to---couldn’t nurse and had trouble sucking on a bottle, screamed himself purple every 3 hours when he was hungry… But he is now an amazingly sweet, loving, handsome and FUNNY blonde haired blue eyed boy.

DH (now 23) and I (20) have now been married for 5 years and have a beautiful 4 year old daughter, sweet 1 year old son, and we’ve never considered having our lives any different.

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March 3rd, 2011, 05:57 PM
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My story starts with meeting my husband.

My husband moved to our small town when he was in the eighth grade, and I was in the sixth. My older brother was in a few of his classes and introduced us. I remember thinking he was very shy and sweet. He was also really cute. There was just something that made me hold his hand just a little bit longer when he shook my hand. He was definitely not like anyone else I had ever met before. But he was the new kid on the street and I was wrapped up with several other boys. We stayed friends even after he went to high school and I was still in middle school.

Flash forward to the first day of my freshman year. I was scared out of my mind. I had no idea what to expect and my older brother was no help. I remember getting out of my brother's car in the junior parking lot and wanting to vomit. Not five seconds after my feet hit the pavement did Kevin's loud truck pull in the parking lot. He got out of his and offered to walk me in, this random act of kindness made me feel less nervous. However when we got to the doors his girlfriend was waiting there for him (I so hated her)

Not long after the first day I started dating this bad boy. He was also a junior (just like Kevin and my bro) and I dont know what it is but there is just something irresistible about a wild boy. I knew he cheated on me but I stuck with him. By spring came around things were getting really bad. We broke up right before prom, but decided to still go together because he honestly didnt want to find another date.

We get to prom and guess who is there? That is right my DH. My date ditched me not five minutes after getting there to go get high with some of his friends
Kevin was there with his ex girlfriend as well. They had also split up but decided to go to prom together. After prom a bunch of our mutual friends were having an after party so we all went. When the night was coming to an end I realized that my date was nowhere to be found and he was my ride back home. Well turns out he was passed out in bed with Kevin's date

Kevin offered to drive me home. Somewhere on that midnight drive I fell
in love with him. It was one of those moments that everything just clicks. That is truly a night I will never forget.

We dated from that night on.

By the time my sophomore year rolled around we were in that honeymoon phase. A lot had happened over the summer and I no longer had so many after school activities. I had hurt my knee and ended my short lived softball career. All the extra time made plenty of time for haivng sex after school

I was on birth control. The last thing I wanted was to get pregnant. When my 16th birthday rolled around my orthopedic doctor was going to try one more knee procedure so that maybe I could play softball again. The procuder was suppose to take place exactly one month after my birthday. A part of the prep work for the procedure was to take a prescription anti-biotic as well as some other medications for a month up to the procedure.. Did you know that anti-biotics counter act BC pills? Well at 16 I didn't!

A part of the pre-op the nurses had to preform before taking me into surgery was to run a PT. I never ended up having the surgery because when the nurse came back with all of my lab results she said the three words that would truly end my softball career "you are pregnant." My mom literally fainted when she said this. My dad, who was also in the room, was livid. Neither one of them knew that I was sexually active.
To make matters worse. Before I had a chance to call Kevin, he showed up at the hospital. If the doctor hadnt walked in when Kevin did, I am sure my dad would have killed him.

I also remember my lmp before I got pregnant it was September 13th (the day of my sweet 16th party).

We got married in November of that year. We planned our wedding in one month! It was crazy and hectic, but there was no way I was going to be showing on my wedding day. My DH's parents wanted us to wait to get married until after our son was born. For some reason they were convinced that there was a chance that the baby was not his. But DH was already 18 so their opinions did not really matter.

We moved into an apartment after we got married. DH had all of his classes finished up by Dec. of 2008 and started working full time. He walked and graduated with his class in May of 2009.
DH and I greeted our son in June of 2009. I couldnt helo but laugh when DS was born and looked jsut like my husband. It was like a slap in my ILs face. HAHA
During my pregnancy, I worked extra hard at school. Although I was a straight A student, I requested to change to an alternative school that was based on working at your own pace. At that school I finished 2 years worth of work in just a a year and half. By Dec. of 2009 I was completely finished with high school. (I was a full year and half a head of my graduating class). I went on and started taking college classes in Jan 2010. I graduated with the class of 2010.

My son attended my graduation ceremony. It was the best feeling in the world to have him there.

In May when the rest of my friends are graduating, I will be finished with my second year of college.

Being a teen mom has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I love being a mother, but I do wish I would have waited to take this journey when DH and I were much older.

It has been a very difficult and challenging road, but somehow we have made it through. There has been times when DH and I almost gave up, but we didnt. We pushed through and now we are on the right path to being very successful.

It was good to read all the other stories.

Sorry for posting such a long book.
Living life one day at a time
Mommy to the best little boy- 6/24/09
Husband to my sweetheart 11/12/08
TTC #2
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March 19th, 2011, 07:38 PM
D@mnedYankee's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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well I just found this board and also am no longer a teen but I had my daughter at 16.

I was 14 when I met DD's DNA match by that point I was extremely "active" I had one of those "friends" that encouraged me to be as promiscuous as possible and being the 6th kid out of (then) 10 a lot of things went un-noticed. Well me and the POS dated for almost a year before he was carted off to jail for aggravated assault (like I said he is a POS) and I was young, dumb and in "love" so I waited for him, his sentence was reduced for good behavior and in 2002 the day after Thanksgiving he came home from jail, I also conceived DD that night, I was 15. Fast forward to March of 03, I hadnt had a period since Nov but I have always been extremely irregular (I'd gone 6 mnths before without my period before this and it was nothing so I assumed it was the same thing) and thought nothing of it until one day on the bus ride home I threw up, a friend of mine who was also pregnant (she was 4 mnths ahead of me) told me I needed to go home and test. I did that night and it was positive, my ex was there (it was our "anniversary") and he was supportive-ish he kept saying it was a good thing and we'd get through it etc etc etc, I was just scared. I called my mom at work (she was a security guard at a casino so she couldnt get too upset when she was on the floor lol) and told her I was pregnant. Well I didnt include her hormones in my calculations, she was also pregnant and 4 months ahead of me as well, so she kinda flipped. I went to Carenet (think a Catholic Planned Parenthood, minus the birth control and abortions) a couple days later and got another positive test. Then a couple weeks later I had my first ultrasound, I was 18wks along. My ex wasnt around for any of this. To be honest the only appointment he was there for was the ultrasound at the hospital when I was 24 weeks.
I was in my Jr year of high school and while the administration and staff was supportive a lot of my class mates were not. I really learned who my friends were through this. A lot of my class mates kept telling me I screwed up my life and I was never going to finish high school. A few of my friends weren't allowed to speak to me or even sit at the same table as me since their parents were convinced it was contagious. I missed out on Jr Prom because my ex didnt want to go and I refused to be the pregnant chick without a date. DD tried to come at 28 weeks and luckily they were able to stop labor and she was born 4 days before her due date.

My Senior year was interesting, she was born a week before it started so I was on maternity leave until Dec. Yeah my High School had maternity leave for kids but no day care or child care referrals or anything. My grandmother watched DD for me to work and go to school after my leave was up, I was able to keep up with my classes too since the school gave me free tutoring. I was also taking college classes at night so that was an added difficulty and I was captain of my fencing team that year as well. Luckily I could take DD with me since there was always a mom or two around who thought she was the cutest thing in the world and when we had a meet or I had to go to the strip she was content to just sit in her carrier and naw on a fencing glove I nursed DD for a few months and the school allowed me to go home to nurse/pump at lunch and miss my study period to be home with her. I graduated on time and walked with my class, DD was 10 months old.

I stayed with my ex for another year and a half before I was sick of his abuse (long story short he was emotionally and verbally abusive as well as the one time he went to physically hurt me he tried to kill me) and left. I had been with him for 4 and a half years. I met my now husband the following January and he is the best thing to ever happen to me or my daughter. He treats DD like she is really his and never introduces her as his step daughter to anyone I have never heard that term ever cross his lips to be honest. They even look alike so most of my friends that I have met since we moved (he is in the military) are shocked when they find out we arent high school sweethearts and actually grew up 700 miles away from eachother

I ended up speaking to the freshman health classes about being a teen mom from my senior year through 2006 when I married my husband and we moved from CT to VA. It was nice to be able to talk to the freshmen about it because I like to think I helped at least one girl to make a better decision then I did. Dont get me wrong I love my daughter and wouldnt change a minute of my past but not everyone has a family that will help her out and in my hometown a family that supports a teen mom is extremely rare and cost of living is so high that there is no way to make it as a single mom with out help.

sorry this was so long, I really didnt think it would be

Thanks Julia for the great siggy! <3
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March 20th, 2011, 09:46 AM
iSarcastic's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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For some reason, I didn't see this thread and decided to share now!

I met my now DH, David, when I was 16 and he was 15. From that day in 2003 we were always together. We enjoyed the next 2 years being typical teenagers and when we were 18 decided to move in together and found our own place. We had been living together for 3 months and I had lost my job and we couldn't manage to make the rent so we knew we'd have to go back to living with family until we could afford to live together again. We had been sexually active through the whole time and right before we moved in I stopped taking my birth control. I didn't think much of us since we had been having sex for 2 years without birth control and I hadn't become pregnant. We moved and he lived with his sister while I lived with my mother, both of us working and just trying to maintain our relationship and be able to move again.

It was in October 2005 when I started to throw up and feel ill everyday but I refused to believe I could be pregnant. It wasn't until a few weeks later when my mother made breakfast for us which consisted of eggs and after only 2 bites I threw up. She looked at me and said "Krystal, you're pregnant." and all I could do was deny it. She pestered me for a week longer until she purchased a test for me. I took the test and within 30 seconds a bright pink positive sign showed up. I stayed in the bathroom for 5 minutes just shaking the test thinking it was wrong and stalling to go out and tell my mom what she seemingly already knew. I came out and told her and she cried but promised she'd be there to support me as much as she could. I then called David and told him that I was pregnant and he was kind of emotionless about the entire thing. We were kind of going through a rough patch at the time so I wasn't really sure where our relationship would go.

I went through such a rough 1st trimester, throwing up almost every day and losing 20lbs from being unable to keep anything down. It was during this time that my mother suggested David move in with us so he could help. He moved in with us in February and I was due June 20th of 2006. He continued to work while we saved money to purchase things for the baby who we later found out was a girl. Once I got past my 1st trimester, I had a really good pregnancy.

Fast forward to June and I was miserable and just ready for her to be born. It was hot and I couldn't sleep and was always uncomfortable. Through my pregnancy I was seen by midwives in hopes of having a natural delivery. Three days before the 20th, I wasn't feeling so great. I was at the hospital thinking I was in labor but I wasn't and was sent home to wait it out longer. By the 19th, I was in labor. I laid around all day on the couch having regular contractions until I couldn't take it anymore. My mother and I waited for David to get home from work and we then took another trip to the hospital. Once we arrived, I was checked and I was 2cm dilated and they told me to walk around for about an hour to see if I could progress. I was checked an hour later and had made it to 3cm. My nurse checked to also see if my water had broken and I had a tear in the bag so I was admitted. My midwife arrived and took really good care of me and helped me maintain my breathing even through the worst pain in the world, back labor. I was having a hard time progressing past 4cm so they decided to give me pitocin to "speed things along". Once I received the pitocin, all hopes of having a natural labor went out the window and before I knew it I was begging for an epidural. Once I got that, I was good enough to sleep because I was exhausted. I wasn't checked again until the next morning on the 20th and was only at 9.5cm where I had remained for several hours. I wasn't making any progress from there and they had discovered meconium in my broken water. Jaidyn began to have deceleration in her heartrate so we had to decide what the next step was quickly. I tried to push past the last 1/2cm but there was no use because I couldn't feel anything.

My midwife had consulted with the doctors and decided a c-section would be best in our situation and I was prepped quickly and taken back to the OR. I remember hearing the sounds and feeling anxious and being told it would only be a few minutes until she was out. Within 6 minutes she was born but hadn't cried yet so my nerves took over. They rushed her to the table where doctors worked on her since she inhaled meconium. It felt like an eternity until she cried but when she did the tears streamed down and I could finally breath again.

The doctors finished cleaning her up and brought her over to see me and she was perfect. I gave her a kiss but due to them still working on me I threw up right after. I remember David holding her and talking about how perfect she was. They took Jaidyn back to the table to check her again and finished me up while David left the OR to go tell everybody in the waiting room that Jaidyn Rae was born and weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 19.5" long. From the stories I've been told, he broke down in the waiting room and cried tears of joy and talked about how proud he was to be a father.

She arrived exactly on her due date and has been my little perfect angel ever since. Life hasn't been easy but I wouldn't ever in a million years change her or the circumstances that produced her. It has been amazing to watch her grow from a little baby into a soon to be 5 year old full of attitude and personality.

Krystal(25) married to David and proud mommy of "wildchild" Jaidyn
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May 24th, 2011, 12:52 PM
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I'm 18 soon. I had a pretty bad beginning with my pregnancy. I was the type of kid who got high a lot party animal got into fights and was careless. My then boyfriend was like that. I had dropped out of school at 15. I didn't have any restrictions at home so I did anything. My and my then bf were really troubled. We had gotten picked up by police several times and engaged in unethical activities. I had never thought my ex would use it against me. Well he did and he raped me first time I thought it was my fault. I had teased him annd caused him to act that way. Then the second time I realized this was going to be his pattern. I was his next victim. I had isolated myself from everyone else. He started stalking me. And anyway I'm pregnant 11 weeks. I quit drugs a little before I was pregnant. I went to rehab. When I first found out I was pregnant. I thought abortion was really the only answer. I scheduled an abortion. But it was so far ahead I decided to opt out of it. Well family found out I was pregnant and
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May 24th, 2011, 01:12 PM
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they've been pushing abortion from the start. I don't want to abort. But it has really been a turn in my character since I was never the nurturing type or the kind of person you'd expect to see pregnant. I had to get my first job stay clean and break up with my bf. I had felt those early weeks a bond with my child as I felt so shut off from the world. I even came up with a name. My mom dragged me to the abortion clinic. I saw an ultrasound and saw my baby for the first time 11 weeks old I knew I coiuldnt get an abortion. So I told them no. My mom and friend are pretty upset and my mom rescheduled. I'm cancelling it. I'll deal with my mom's anger later. I just wonder how long it'll take before she gets over this as well as my friend. I also have to move before my ex finds out I'm pregnant. It's a lot. I'm taking it day by day really.
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