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kairi's birth

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February 22nd, 2008, 11:51 PM
KBeans's Avatar Believe in your body
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first i want to say that my cesarean this time has no correlation to the prior cesareans i had. if you read my ricky/christian story post then you will see that this cesarean was the first of all 3 that i ever "needed". i say that because i do not want my "attempt" to be seen as a failure at a VBAC, but instead a success story of being able to have a voice in my laboring and birthing options and that for once i was able to see the fruit that a true neccessary cesarean can bare. i want this to encourage more mamas to have a voice!! and know that even if you have a cesarean in an attempt for a VBAC, you can make it a great experience by being educated and informed and opening your mouth

pray, get a doula, a midwife, get your husband on board, have your team set up, whoever and whatever you need to find your inner strength and who you are at the core.

here is my birth story as told by my doula..i will add my very long rendition soon

Kairi's Birth
(as told by your doula)

I arrived at the hospital about 12:30AM just as Dr. was putting in a balloon to help mommy dilate. Mom and Dad were really excited because you’d be born soon! We decided to walk the halls for a while. During the contractions we’d stop and I’d squeeze mommy’s hips and she’d lean on Daddy.

Mommy started to feel sick, so she laid down for a while at about 1:50AM. She threw up twice and felt better.

At 2:00AM Mommy got into a hot shower. The shower helped her through her contractions. It was so relaxing and comforting for her in there. She’d sit on her birth ball and sway and rock, and then stand up and while holding a bar, squat. Your Mommy was so great at working on moving you down. She would do anything asked of her to help get you out safely. While in the shower her water broke. She was so excited! The happiest laboring woman I’ve ever seen! She was happy because her body was working!

After the shower Mommy sat on the birth ball, did more squats, and at 4:00AM your nurse took out the balloon and said you were dilated to 4. Mommy was so happy! But tired, and feeling nauseas, so she laid on the bet for a while. She slept for about an hour between contractions.

At 6:00AM I had to get her up, because I knew her contractions were slowing. So after some motivation Mommy decided to get back in the shower. That is where she felt the most relaxed, and had the most progress. So back in the shower she went. While in the shower she had more bloody show.

At 7:00AM Your nurse checked Mommy again, and she was at a 6! Mommy was so excited! She did more work on the ball, and rested a bit, then worked more at squatting. So at 9:00AM Mommy was at a 7! Wow, the whole room was so excited, it seemed you’d be born very soon!

By 10:00AM Mommy was so exhausted and sick she lay down again. The contractions were getting harder to bear for Mommy. So at 12:10PM the new nurse, Susan, came in to check her. She was still at a 7, and Nurse Susan ruptured your fore bag water that was causing all the pressure. After that Mommy felt so much better, and decided to get in another hot shower. Mommy worked hard again squatting and relaxing through contractions.

At 2:00PM Nurse Susan checked Mommy again, and to all our surprise, you were not coming as soon as we thought. Mommy was still at a 7, and Nurse Susan found Mommy’s cervix was posterior, and tried to help it forward so you could drop into Mommy’s pelvis.

From then on till about 3:00PM Mommy was in constant pain. I did everything I could to keep Mommy motivated and relaxed. Both Nurse Susan and I thought Mommy must be in transition because of the constant pain, pressure, and Mommy’s emotions. When Mommy was checked and she was still a 7, the room dropped. We all seemed to despair, and Mommy was ready for an epidural. At 4:30PM the IV was in, and at 4:45PM Dr. Walter put in the epidural.

Dr. came in and had the nurse give Mommy an antibiotic since your water was broken, and pitocin to get your contractions going. At 6:00PM Mommy was on pitocin, and the contractions were starting to get stronger.

At 7:00PM, when the nurse checked you before she left, you were still a 7, but the cervix was moved forward. Mommy was in better spirits now that she could have a break from the constant pain. I decided to take a much needed nap, for about 30-40 minutes. Dad brought dinner, and we waited.

At 9:00PM you were still a 7, so we decided to get to work with what we could. Since Mommy was still a bit mobile we worked with her the bed. I helped her into sitting lunges rotating each side after a few contractions. We tried all kinds of positions because it seemed you were ROT, Right Occupant Transverse. It seemed you were trying to get your head into Mommy pelvis, but you kept getting kinked and couldn’t get a good fit. So I thought we could try to get you better adjusted with rotational positioning. We worked to hard, but by 10:00PM Mommy was still a 7 and her cervix was swollen. The decision was made for a c-section. After much coming to terms with it, it was on the move.

Mommy worked to hard for you, and her body did incredible, in the end, we were all just looking forward to you coming out and everyone healthy. Your heart rate was so awesome though the whole 24 hour labor, you were a rock star! Mommy was the biggest star, she owned that place, I’m so proud of her!

At 11:15PM the c-section began. I was grateful to be there too, usually only one person is allowed, but I am a family friend of the Dr. so I came in, too, and took pictures.

There was a lot of scar tissue inside Mommy, so it took longer then usual. But there you were! Sweetest little thing! Healthy and beautiful! I went with Daddy and the Nurses as they cleaned you and checked you. While they sewed Mommy up, and Daddy was with Mommy, I held your little hands and talked to you! I told you how great you did, and how awesome your Mommy is and how you’d be with her again soon!

You weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces. I thought you’d be much bigger, but such a cute little peanut! You were very mellow, maybe due to the epidural, time will tell, maybe you are just a mellow kid! When Mommy finally got into the recovery room and she immediately started nursing you, and you latched on perfectly! It was beautiful!

I had to go home to my own family. I left as Mommy and Daddy cuddled and talked to you, kissing each other. It was a lovely way to go. I am so grateful for this experience. Happy Birthday Kairi!
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² married to matt ²
mommy to rick 8, christian 6, kairi 3

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3.5 years - still BFing

I ♥ triathlon, running & hot yoga!
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February 24th, 2008, 05:19 PM
KBeans's Avatar Believe in your body
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Vegas (born and raised in south Jersey)
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my version:

3:34am Saturday January 19
after matt gets home from work, I begin getting the strongest contractions I have ever had. The are about 10-15 minutes apart and I work through them a bit, then finally force myself to get some sleep in case this is “it”.

Wake up regular time Saturday morning after some sleep and no more strong contractions, just the lighter ones I always get. I go on about my day.

11:15pm Saturday January 19
I lost my mucous plug!!!!! yay!!! im so excited I scream! I have never experienced this before, it took 3 pregnancies for me to finally know what it’s like to lose it! I text Brittany, rebekah our doula and matt all about it! Lol

before bed I insert 4 poked EPOs and drink my red raspberry leaf tea, then go to sleep.

3:00am Sunday January 20
I wake up from strong contractions like the night before. This time they actually wake me up and I think it might just be I have to go potty. So I go to the bathroom and call matt to let him know they aren’t going away and this might really be time! The contractions were strong enough now that I didn’t and couldn’t even get up form the potty. Matt and I decide that we’re heading to the hospital and I call rebekah to let her know. When I stand up from the potty, there’s blood in the toilet! Yay!!! my bloody show!! Again something I have never gotten to experience and im so excited! This really might be it!

So matt gets home, we pack and get the boys up and head to the hospital. They only let one person in triage and we have the boys with us still (didn’t want to call anyone until we knew for sure this was time), so rebekah goes into triage with me and matt and the boys wait in the waiting room. Everyone is pretty sleepy.

Triage nurse checks me and im only at 1cm but I had NO dilation last Wednesday(4 days ago) so this is an improvement already! So I send rebekah home, the triage nurse says I can go and early labor it out at home. We all go home and take a “family bed” nap. Then we go out to breakfast at The Cracked Egg, mmmm I had a veggie patch omelet without mushrooms, fresh fruit, potatoes and wheat toast, ricky had choco chip pancakes, matt had a 6 egg cheesy omelet, and christian slept the entire time..poor baby was tired from a busy night but we ordered him eggs, sausage and a pancake. I had strong contractions throughout breakfast and matt held my hand through most of them. I would just zone out when I would have them.

Then we went out to the fashion show mall and got matt some suits, I needed to stay walking to help things progress, so that’s what we did! I stayed as mobile as possible. The lady who checked us out thought I was crazy for being in early labor at the mall! Lol

I contracted for the rest of the day like this, bearable and pretty consistently. But nothing too strong or close together for me to feel we needed to go in again. Doc called to check in with us a few times, I took a nice relaxing bath, he then called again at around 10pm Sunday night and the contractions had just started to pick up, so he said he thought we should head in. So we did! We called rebekah again, said we would call her when we got closer to the hospital so she didn’t have to wait there, we called our sitter and they met us at a school where we dropped the kids off to her. Everyone was so excited, and everything was so exciting!

We get to the hospital, 11:30pm on Sunday 1-20-08. I was still a squishy 1cm, so doc came in and put the Foley catheter in at about midnight. I went right into the shower and my water broke! By 4 am I was 4 cm, I labored in the shower on my birthing ball and with the hot water on my back, it felt SO nice. At 7 am I was 6cm!! Doc came in to check on me and I gave him a high-five! I was so excited I was 6 cm, who would have thought that my body could do this!!!

I labored more around the room and in the shower. The squatting position was the most comfortable and when my doula put counter-pressure on my hips. The nurses used the doppler to check kairi’s heartbeat while I labored in the shower and then would put me on the machine monitor for a few minutes to a half hour every few hours to see how the contractions were doing and how the HB was going, but kairi was always doing great! Even through a contraction, her HB stayed exactly the same, she was such a strong little trooper through it all! I could still stay mobile and do my squats by the bed while on the machine monitors. I was determined to stay mobile through it all. I remember the nurses and my doula making comments and joking about how calm and reserved I was. I felt great, I felt like I was doing great and wasn’t in any rush. I just wanted my body to take it’s time and do whatever it needed to do.

At 9am I was now 7cm. This went on like this for 7 more hours, I still was going strong but I was throwing up and couldn’t hold down anything I was trying to eat to keep up my energy. I was really excited at how close I was and very optimistic. My doula even said I was the best person to work with and the most positive person in labor! She helped keep me so calm through my contractions, she let me know when they would be coming and going, if she saw me tense up, she reminded me to relax and let go, and instantly I would. It was so amazing how it worked! She and matt would rub my thighs and hips with massage oils, they would do the counter-pressure on my hips through contractions, matt would help breath me through some of them. But he couldn’t take the heat in the shower, so a lot of his time was spent getting to watch TV and sleep! Lol I felt like I was going into a hypnosis with every contraction, I would just drift further and further away the more they came, I would go somewhere but nowhere, and all I could see and focus on was seeing my cervix opening and baby engaging....I was there but very gone.

when I went to get checked the next time, I was still 7cm! I was a little disappointed. And a forebag of waters was now found, so I allowed the nurse to break it. She then found that my cervix was posterior, meaning it was kinda stuck upwards and behind my pelvis, not allowing baby to drop. So she had to manually pull it forward. Honestly, that hurt like HELL! For the first time I cried and screamed and squeezed rebekah and matt’s hands SO tight! I kept trying to remind myself mentally that I would soon have to be pushing a baby out of me and that I needed to be able t handle this! But GOD it hurt. She finally got it forward and I thought this would help progress things along.

I went and labored more all over the place, in the shower, on the bed, in squats on the side of the bed, on the chair, on my ball...I just kept moving and doing whatever made me feel the most comfortable. We got the squat bar put on the bed, but I didn’t use it much for squatting, I liked squatting on the side of the bed and in the shower the most. And I was dropping goo everywhere I squatted. Half the time I didn’t know if it was pee or my water leaking, and honestly didn’t care, whatever it was needed to come out so out it went!

I remember getting in the shower (for what would be my last time in there although I didn’t know at the time), and the contractions got way intense, my vagina was swollen on the outside, I felt lots of pressure below and the contractions were getting a lot longer. I was also losing tons of mucous and amniotic fluid all over the place lol I had to have a cloth under me wherever I decided to go. Rebekah and I thought when I got of there, this was most likely it! That the time was very very close to pushing my little girl out! So you can imagine how devastated and disappointed we all were when I got out to get checked at 4pm and 7 hours later was still at the 7cm I was at 9am this morning. However, baby did drop and was now at a -1 to 0 station. I started hitting transition, I started getting emotional, tired but still revved up to go, the contractions and hip pain were slamming on top of each other. I had to sit on the bed and keep rocking my hips to even get through every second of what was going on. I stayed like this for I guess under an hour and was starting to think about the epidural. I knew my body needed rest, my body always did it’s best work when resting and so I thought maybe it was something worth trying. I was scared though, so scared and didn’t want it to be the beginning of a bunch of interventions that would stop labor, but labor also wasn’t going anywhere...so what did I have to lose? So I told them I did want it. They started the epi around 5pm (which I prayed and cried through while getting) and a little bit of pit after that to hopefully help bring some stronger contractions, I was still at 7cm and baby was now transverse, with her head locked sideways in my hip. Rebekah got her books out and we started doing all kinds of positions, even with me on the epi, I worked with her and she worked with me and we did all we could do. Close to 9 or 10pm, I was checked again....still 7cm, baby wasn’t budging and a cesarean had to be brought up, but it was the first time anyone ever brought it up and I respected that so much! The nurses really did have my best interest at heart and followed my birth plan so well. I never felt bullied or defensive at all.

Doc came in again (he had been in and out this whole time during everything, he had checked me said I was 7-8cm..all the same stuff we already knew, etc), but this time he came in and we talked about my wishes if we had a cesarean, my concerns and how I felt really disconnected from my other births. He respected that and was going to do all he could to make this a better experience. I asked for rebekah to be allowed in since she spent 24 hours with us there already! I really wanted her to see baby kairi born.

We headed to the OR, I was shaking like crazy - nerves and I was freezing but calmed down eventually. Doc said there was a lot of scar tissue and so it took a bit longer than usual, but I didn’t mind, neither of us was in distress so I didn’t mind him working gently and taking his time through it. Then Kairi comes out crying!!! most cesarean babies don’t respond for a few seconds, but this girl came out kickin! Lol and he held her up over my head for me to look at her right away, and he held her there for so long just letting me take in every piece of her. She was beautiful. I was so happy she was here. DH was so supportive, sitting with me and talking to me. I felt very connected and very there. I didn’t feel like I was just a body being experimented or operated on. I felt I was giving birth to my baby for the first time in 5 years after 3 children! Everyone was focused on me and baby.

They cleaned her up with daddy by her side and rebekah taking pictures and talking to her. Then daddy came back to me with her!! I was thinking, what’s this? I had never had that before, baby and daddy always left the OR before mom...not this time! I got to kiss and touch kairi while daddy held her by my side while I got stitched up. And when I was being wheeled out of the OR, baby kairi was put with me on my bed! I got to hold my precious baby girl right there before even leaving the OR! This was so different for me and so exciting! I couldn’t’ wait to latch her on and feed her. So as soon as we got back to my room I did just that. They were trying to take my vitals and all I could focus on was feeding her. Then she got a bath right next to me and then was given back for more feeding, she latched right on every time!

And that is my baby girl’s birth story, long and detailed for my own journal and her baby book.
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² married to matt ²
mommy to rick 8, christian 6, kairi 3

want P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, Slim in 6 and tons more? Check out my site!

3.5 years - still BFing

I ♥ triathlon, running & hot yoga!
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February 26th, 2008, 07:14 PM
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Ah finally it lets me reply !

Those were great Val , it was so interesting reading the one from your doula , and seeing ( er reading ) it from an outside prospective , but of course I liked yours better cause it was your thoughts and emotions as you went through it . I enjoyed them both , thanks for posting them ! You and Kairi both did great !
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February 27th, 2008, 06:28 PM
Tofu Bacon
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Awesome birth story. Val!!!
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