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Figured I would add mine

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August 5th, 2008, 03:14 PM
~Sandy~'s Avatar Platinum Supermommy
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 7,737
Here is my birth story....

Well, here goes.... it went nothing like I planned, but the end result is just as perfect LOL

On Wednesday the 4th, I had a stretch and sweep and was "borderline" for going into labor according to the midwives. They told me it would be any minute.

On Thursday I was having very mild contractions that weren't hurting but were pretty regular, so I called the birth center and they had me come on in. They decided that due to me being so dialated and also being GBS positive and needing the antibiotics at least twice before delivery that it would be best if I got one dose at 2p.m. and then went back at 6 and got the second dose. They were also going to break my water at 6 to get labor going and have the baby.

At 6, we went to the birth center, James, Brian and I and we got all settled in and ready for a long night. We had already gotten a ton of food and magazines and brought movies to watch while I was laboring. The MW broke my water and it was clear, so she told me to go ahead and go relax and that things should get rolling soon. About 20 minutes later I had my first contraction and it was annoying, but it wasn't excrutiating by any means. 5 minutes later I had another, and then 2 minutes later another. They still weren't terrible but they were coming pretty frequently. Brian remarked that he was surprised they were coming so close because we thought they started out longer and then got closer together. The MW had gone downstairs from the birth suite to work on paperwork and told us to just come down and get her when we needed her and that things would take a while. By 7 p.m. Brian went and got her and told her that while I wasn't in too much pain the contractions were coming every 2-6 minutes regularly. So she came up to check me.

When she checked me I was 7cm, and fully effaced. She had me sit on the birth ball for a bit and then I got into the tub and read a magazine in there for a while. The tub was awesome. The contractions were definately starting to hurt now and the water felt so good with all the jets. I thought since I was already 7cm that this birth would be pretty easy cause I was doing so good and already hitting what they call transition. Around 8 I all of a sudden could not sit in that tub any longer. Something felt different and I HAD to get out of there. I went to the birth room and got checked and was 8cm and I decided to lie on the bed on my side for a bit. The contractions were really hurting now and I tried so so many different positions and some were horrible and some were just ok. The birth ball was the best, I could manage myself so well on it and Brian would sit behind me and rub my back while I bounced and hummed my way through the contractions. Around 10 the MW checked me again and I had only gotten to 8 1/2 cm and the contractions were getting worse. I started grunting and breathing really heavy to get through them and I changed positions alot. At 11:30 the MW checked me and I was 9cm and she was able to stretch me to 10 and told me that if I pushed when the next contraction came that she would be able to push the rest of the cervix behind Mya's head. Well I tried and let me tell you, that contraction was the worst #%*$ thing I have ever felt. That moment was where I though I would lose it. I was doing so well and Brian was coaching me so well and that pain with her fingers in there was so bad I cannot even describe it.

I decided to just labor on the ball for a bit longer and ever since that push with her fingers in there every contraction was so much worse. I was talking nonsense during them and yelling and telling people to shut up and changing my mind about whether I was hot or cold or wanted to be touched and all kinds of things. I was completely in a different world. At 1:30 I started pushing. I still had a small lip of cervix, which the MW had me push again with her fingers in there a couple times to get the lip over Mya's head. I fought her so hard on it and screamed and yelled, I swore I couldn't do it. By 3 I had the lip gone and was ready to start pushing out the baby. The pushing contractions were supposed to feel better when I pushed but they didn't. Instead they were worse than any of the other contractions I felt and I was really having a hard time getting through it. I pushed and pushed and we tried position after position and Mya just was not coming out. I was begging for something to help me with the pain because for some reason there was a terrible pain in my left side when I pushed and it was unreal. (Later I found out it was because she was cockeyed and stuck, so I normally wouldn't have felt it that way). I was pushing and pushing and Brian was telling me how good I was doing and I was crying and screaming and losing my mind. Some pushes I quit on and tried to get away from the pain, and some I really pushed hard on. The MW and Brian and the nurse there were cheering me on and kept trying to calm me down and I was just begging. I have never felt something so bad in my entire life. I went on like that until about 6 a.m. when the MW decided she would check me to see how I was progressing with her decent since I was pushing so long and I was getting tired and I was really losing it at this point. She looked at me and said "Sandy I am so so sorry but something is wrong and you are swelling your cervix when you push. You are swollen back down to 8cm, and your baby is facing the wrong direction (sunny side up, just like James was). She told me I could either keep going and try to get through the contractions and positions to try to get her to turn and the swelling to go down or I could go to the hospital. I said take me to the hospital I can't take this anymore.

So I got up and got back on the birth ball and managed my way through contractions while she called the doctor and the hospital to notify them of the transfer. The contractions felt so much better on that ball and I was able to handle them alone, because everyone else was gathering my things and getting ready for transfer. Since the hospital was right accross the street, we all just rode in my moms van and had her drop us off at the entrance. I was delirious and was screaming at every one to hurry up.

When we got into the hospital, they put me right into a wheelchair and started me up to L&D. I yelled at the transport person who was also a security guard because he kept making this clicking noise and I couldn't take it (poor guy). I got into my room and undressed and told the nurses there to get me some drugs NOW. Of course they had to do a blood test first, but they gave me some stadol to get me through until the blood results and the anesthesiologist could come. The stadol was like getting really really high. It did almost nothing for the pain but it $&%* me up pretty good. It took them 5 tries to get my IV in, and I was yelling at them terribly. At the same time I was apologizing to the MW because I gave up on the natural birth. I felt like such a failure, and even though I went through with the labor, I never delivered and I felt like such a letdown. She kept reasuring me that I did great and that there was no way I was really going to be able to finish naturally with Mya's position.

I spent about an hour and a half just getting through contractions while I waited for the anesthesiologist and I was screaming pretty much and Brian was trying to calm me but since I was stuck on my back they hurt so badly and the stadol made me so loopy it was unreal. Finally the anesthesiologist got there and got my epi hooked up, and I felt so so much better. I layed there and just breathed because I felt so much better. When everyone came back into the room I was apologizing for being such a pain and for giving up. Normally when a mom gets an epi the MW leaves and goes back to the birth center but mine decided to stay with me.

They decided that even though I was fully dialated by then and ready to push again that it would be best if I rested a bit. Which was good because I was exhausted. So I rested and chatted for about an hour and a half before deciding I was ready to push again. They went and got the nurse and she came in and I pushed during contractions with the MW and the nurse holding my legs and Brian was helping my tuck my head in to my neck. I pushed for about an hour and a half when they realized that I wasn't making the progress that I should be. They got the doctor in there and he told me that she was still facing upwards and that her head was still tilted sideways and that they would need to use a vacuum to help get her head out and that I would have to really push to get her head unstuck. So, he hooked up the vacuum and I pushed and with just that push her head popped out. I felt myself tear a bit down and upwards, but it was a weird feeling. I was still able to feel contractions the whole time I was pushing although they were very subdued. Apparently her position was causing an extreme amount of pain and the epi wasn't enough to completely numb it. With the next push her body came out and I felt so much relief.

When they placed her on my belly, I couldn't hear her crying, I started wiping off her head and asking why she wasn't crying. Everyone told me she was but I couldn't hear it. The nurse took her off my stomach very quickly and over to the isolette. I still couldn't hear her crying and I ordered Brian to go with her because I swore something was wrong. HE told me she was crying loudly, and was I sure that I wanted him to leave me. I couldn't figure out why he felt he needed to stay next to me so I yelled at him to go with the baby. I spent the next 5 minutes freaking out because I couldn't hear her crying. Finally the doctor looked at me real sternly and said "Sandy, I need you to calm down, you are hemmoraghing and I need to get this bleeding under control.Your baby is perfectly fine, but you are not, please calm down" I started drifting off at that point and I remember him telling me that he was going to give me pitocin to try to get my uterus to contract. HE was pushing and massaging my abdomen the whole time and blood was just gushing out of me. A couple minutes later ( I think anyway) he told me he was going to have to give me a shot of something to try to get the bleeding to stop and sent the nurse to go get it. The needle was huge and it went into my leg. I lost time again at this point, and I remember him shaking me a bit and asking me if I could hear him. HE ordered yet another shot of something, and I looked over at Brian and said to him that something was wrong and that I was bleeding too much and I was scared. HE came over to me and held my hand, and I got this next shot of something, and about 10 minutes later I stopped bleeding so much, and he started to stitch up my tears. HE got me all stitched up and cleaned up and then he told me that I needed to monitor my bleeding and to notify the nurses of any clots.

After all that I finally found out how much Mya weighed and all that, and they brought her to me to nurse her. Her apgars were 9 and then 9 /2, and she was doing perfectly. I was still out of it and a little nauseated from the shots they had to give me, but everything was ok at that point.

Once we got to my room, they told me that Mya would be watched closely for jaundice because my blood type is O+ and she is A+ which meant that she has something called ABO incompatability or something like that and that her body was overmaking red blood cells to combat the mismatched blood types or something like that. I am still not too sure what it all means. All I know is that it makes her more succeptible to jaundice, and the bruise that the vacuum left on her head also makes jaundice worse. She actually didn't get put under the bili lights until Saturday, so it took her a day to get the jaundice.

Overall, it was pretty ###### scary and hard. I felt so bad that I gave in and didn't complete the natural birth but I almost did. And they told me that I wouldn't have been able to anyway with her head position, but I still feel kind of bad. My milk hasn't totally come in yet, so we are having to supplement a bit with formula, both to fill her and to try to combat the jaundice because that is still causing her some issues. We are having a heat wave right now and the pediatrician told me today that with the heat and with the amount of blood that I lost, that it may take a couple extra days for my milk to come in. They said I should have probably had a transfusion to assist with all the blood loss but that since I was not passing out that I should be ok and that I just need to take Iron for the next 3 months, and to make sure I eat iron enriched foods to help build my blood count back up.

Well that is my birth story. Sadly I have no pics from the hospital at all, when we transfered so quickly we accidentaly left my camera at the birth center. We have a couple cell phone pics, but none of the birth or right after. It sucks, but oh well right LOL...... Anyway, I am so glad it is over and in the end it is a good thing I was at the hospital because I don't think it would have been fun to bleed out at the birth center.
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August 6th, 2008, 03:07 PM
mothra's Avatar Martha
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Massachusetts
Posts: 4,906
WOW that is quite a story! don't feel bad about not staying totally natural, at least you still got a vaginal delivery! i'm so glad they got your bleeding under control and you're able to look back at all that craziness and know you still got a beautiful little girl out of it! congrats!

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August 6th, 2008, 05:09 PM
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 366
My goodness that should be a TLC Story. It was so exciting to read! I'm REALLY glad you got to the hospital. The birthing center would have had rush you there after the baby if you had kept bleeding like that. That would have been terrifying. I'm glad everything is okay now for you.

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August 9th, 2008, 11:27 AM
Jennmarie's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Georgia
Posts: 5,376
I'm sorry you didn't get the experience you wanted, but man that is like reading the script to an action movie! And you got an absolutely beautiful ending!

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