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The Birth Story of Hannah Elizabeth !

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January 22nd, 2008, 05:28 PM
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The Birth Story Of Hannah Elizabeth

I had been having quiet a bit of prodomnal labor for the past couple of weeks , and so when I woke up on Sunday the 13th (which was my due date) with some contractions I didn't think much of it , a lil later that morning though I had a small bloody show so I then knew it wouldn't be too long , maybe the next day or two ! I continued to have these contractions pretty much all day but they weren't too bad and pretty far apart so it still didn't seem like much was happening , we watched a movie in the evening and then finished cleaning the house cause my parents were on their way from Texas to visit us and would be here the next day . I think it was around midnight or 1 am when the contractions started to get more painful , and while they did get a lil closer they were pretty sporadic with no regularity , by 3 am we were getting to bed but things had gotten so painful that I knew I wouldn't be able to lay down for a while and rest like I had wanted to do , I did try but I got just one contraction while laying down and it was horrible , I literally jumped out of bed and said nope , can't do that again lol .
At that point hubby went to bed and I decided to just try and sit and rest but I couldn't so I walked around the house trying to work through each contraction , by now they were very painful and coming anywhere from 1 to 7 minutes apart , around 5 am I called my mom who was on the train coming up here and talked to her for a minute , I wasn't sure if this was it or not , being that the contractions were not at all regular , I wondered if I was making too much out of it so I needed a second opinion , I said that I wasn't sure if I should wake hubby to go in and the phone cut off just as I herd her say my name in a way that I knew she meant business , so I figured ya I better wake him lol . I wake hubby up and tell him I think we better go in , it takes him a minute to wake up all the way but once he did he got to going and getting everything together , at this point I couldn't even help much at all , he called my midwife to let her know we were heading in and off we go .

We get to the hospital by 6 am and head right up to labor and delivery , the staff was great right from the start , I guess my midwife had called to let them know I was coming in cause they seemed to know right away that I was going natural and they never tried to push anything on me , right from the triage room I only had to lay down long enough to be checked and then was able to get right back up . When I got checked ( around 6:30 am ) I was 4 cm's dilated and 100% effaced and pretty quickly got in a labor room where I got a heplock put in and was never once told to get in bed , I just kept walking and moving by the bed and got through each contraction as I could , our lil boy was still there with us which was hard , he had not had much sleep and was just wanting to get into everything , but shortly after we got in our room hubbies grandma came and got him for the day . I had someone come in and ask if a student nurse could come observe and help out , at first I wasn't too sure about it but then I though that if I got my natural VBAC what a great thing for a new nurse to experience so I said yes , she was really nice and was so much help that I just know God sent her in that day lol , it was great too cause the other nurse I had was an older lady who ( in her own words ) had been around long enough that she could remember when natural birth wasn't so rare , so she knew just what to do for a natural birth .

By this time I was in SO much pain and could tell things had really picked up , it was around 7 or 7:30 am when they checked me again cause I was feeling allot of pressure , I was now at 7 cm's dilated so I had gone 3 cms in about an hour and a half ! I couldn't really find a comfortable position to get in ( and I tried lots lol ) so I asked to get in the shower , they went and got the telemetry unit and got me sitting on a stool in the shower which felt so nice , but I wasn't in there for very long at all cause I was feeling very pushy , so they got me out , dried me off and I got checked again , it was about 8 am now and I was at an 8 1/2 , so no pushing yet which was hard ! It got so hard at that point that I was doubting myself allot in my head , I could hear myself asking for an epidural in my head but at the same time I never really even considered it a true possibility , the pain was so bad in my back still so the nurse checked me out once more and said she thought babies head was posterior which explained all the back labor , but the student nurse was so great and was putting counter pressure on the small of my back through each contraction which helped a ton , also my other nurse got me trying some things to turn babies head which helped a lil . My midwife had been in a few times sitting with me and talking with me through everything , it was really intense though cause the contractions were just right on top of each other and I didn't have but 30 seconds or so to rest between each one , I almost lost it a few times during this stage , I had been doing breathing and vocalization to cope and give me something to focus on which was working really well , but during some of the pain I would just not be able to do it , I would break down and start to cry or start to scream at the top of my lungs which neither was helpful to me , but my nurse would start telling me " no keep focusing , work through it " and somehow I would snap back into my breathing and vocalization . I remember at some point hearing them talk about me as I tried to rest between each contraction , they were asking hubby if I had been this focused during my last labor and were all saying how really well I was doing , but I didn't feel like I was lol , I wasn't sure how I was doing it I guess I just forgot about the VBAC , forgot about the c-section , forgot about the epi and just had to find a way to get through what was happening . Hubby had been doing great the whole time , he didn't hardly say a word but he was there holding my hand , helping me change positions and when he did talk he would tell me he loved me and that I was doing good , but I could tell it was hard for him , at one point I saw his face and could tell he had been crying but he did really good . I also remember my midwife sitting on the end of my bed and telling me " your getting a vaginal birth ! " I remember that being such a great thing to hear and I wanted to smile but I didn't have the strength or energy too lol , at that point it almost felt surreal .

At about 9:40 am I was almost to 10 cm's dilated , I juts had a tiny lip left so my nurse reached in and told me to push the next time I felt the urg , when I pushed she helped get the last tiny lip out of the way and I was all clear to start pushing ! I started out pushing in a squat which felt good but I couldn't rest between pushes in that position , next I tried hands and knees which was the same , it was good but I couldn't lay and rest between each push , so I ended up pushing in a semi sit so that I could just collapse on the bed after each push . At 9:47 am I pushed and my water broke , or rather popped with a gush that even I could see , and poor hubby who had no clue what to expect this whole time jumped lol , he had been helping me hold up my left leg so he was right there when it happened . My midwife who had left to go change came back in and the rest of the time was just pushing and resting , pushing and resting , it was so hard to push , I had always heard that when you finally get to push it felt so much better but for me it didn't , the pushing was so hard and I didn't feel any sort of relief getting to do so , I was also so tired at this point cause I had not slept since Saturday night plus all the work I had just gone through to get to the pushing stage I just about had nothing left .

Now it was around 11 am or just after ( I'm guessing ) my mom and dad were calling my phone probably dieing to know what was going on , my midwifes phone had gone off a time or two too so they were all joking about all the songs we had going lol , I started to know I was close by now cause I could feel the ring of fire ( and yes I did start hearing that song in my head lol ) which hurt ! I was so tired that only about half of my pushing was actually doing anything to bring baby down , but there in the last few pushes I somehow managed to tell myself that I had to do this , just push and get baby out , and I somehow got up the energy to give a last few good hard pushes . I finally felt the head come out and was just trying to tell myself I was really doing this , and a short minute later I felt the baby slide out and start crying , I opened my eyes and looked down to see a tiny lil baby sitting between my legs and suddenly saw no boy parts ! I raised up and said out loud is that a girl !?!?!? I was in total shock and I bet you could hear it in my voice lol , they brought her up and put her right on my chest and she was just perfect ! I looked at hubby and said we have a girl ! Oh I just couldn't hardly believe that it all had happened , I did it , I got through it without a single medication for pain , not a single medical intervention and at no time what so ever did anyone say anything about a c-section to me , when I would suddenly get on my hands and knees on the floor they just helped me down , when I would jump into a new position they would just keep the cords from tangling , they just let me do what I needed to do and helped me get through the contractions , it was awesome ! The really funny thing is that while I was holding her I looked up just in time to see hubby of all people cutting the cord lol , I think my midwife just handed him the siccors and told him cut here and in the moment he just did , other wise I'm not sure that he would have wanted to , but it was cool cause I had wanted him too all along , and I'm sure he's glad he did now .

After a lil while they went ahead and took baby girl a few feet away to wipe her off and all that , I was just laying there limp and could hardly move , not that I wanted too though , it was maybe 10 minutes after she was born that I gave one more push and delivered the placenta , my midwife showed it all to me and it looked really good and healthy , then she started to clean me up some and told me that I did tear a few places so I did need stitches , she gave me a handful of shots to numb me and got to stitching me up , that was done quickly and I had baby girl back and started nursing her which went great right away , my phone rang again and hubby answered it and handed it to me , it was my mom , she asked what I was doing and I said I'm nursing Hannah , I think she had to ask again just to make sure she heard me right lol , they had just stepped off the train in the next town over right about the same time I was pushing her out , at 11:30 am .
I had been nursing Hannah for a lil while and we had been left alone for a lil bit which was nice , but then when my nurse came in to check on me she saw that I was still bleeding quiet a bit , so Hannah was taken to the nursery and hubby went with her so they could check me out , the nurse pushed down on my tummy really hard which hurt like heck and a ton of blood and clots came pouring out , this kept up every time she would push on me so they called in the doctor on call , they ended up hooking me up to a slow pitocin drip and also gave me a shot of something else ( which I can't remember the name of right now ) to get me contracting to slow the bleeding . I was laid flat for a lil while and just as limp as a noodle I just drifted in and out of a light sleep , I can't tell you how nice it was to just lay there with no pain and not moving at all , I finally got to just rest for a lil bit , I did call my mom back to let them know what was going on but I couldn't even hold th phone up to my head , I had to use the speaker .

The bleeding finally slowed down and things started to hurt again as I started to move again so I asked for something for the pain now , I had done my natural birth so felt no qwims about getting something now lol , I ended up just doing Motrin which didn't help magically or anything but it did take off the edge so it helped .

All in all things went perfect , I didn't even have my birth plan there with me but everything I wanted or didn't want , thats how it went , I hardly had to ask for most of it , everyone was so positive the whole time , at no time was there a VBAC stigma hanging over the room , no one ever asked about pain meds or anything else , God seemed to be there just whispering in their ears what to do and it helped so much . Everyone seemed really just thrilled that they had just seen a natural birth let alone a natural VBAC , even the lady who brought in the student nurse came and told me before she left how proud she was of me and how good I did , she said she got goos bumps just watching lol . Everyone told me how good I did and were just on a high from it , hubby said my nurse had been bragging on my in the nursery about too lol . I tell you though that having those nurses on that day was everything , and having my midwife who had no doubt I could do it just helped 100% , and yes I did give her a hug lol and mustered up the only thing I could say at the the time which is what I felt in my heart to God and everyone in the room , thank you , thank you .

Hannah Elizabeth
7lbs 15oz 19 1/2 in long
dark brown hair , dark dark blue eye's
born by natural VBAC at 11:30 am Jan 14th 2008

~~Rachel~~ Crafty ~ Cloth Diapering ~ Breastfeeding ~ Co-Sleeping ~ Slightly Crunchy Green Mommy to

Brandon Michael Born By Cesarean 8-3-04 ~ Hannah Elizabeth Born By Natural VBAC 1-14-08 ~ Surprise Baby Love Due 1-18-11

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January 26th, 2008, 11:52 AM
Mega Super Mommy
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OMG that was so beautiful!!! I admire you sooo much and I hope I will be as strong and have a great experience like you did!
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