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December 21st, 2004, 05:58 AM
I Heart 4x4
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I just recieved this email ....

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince News & Info

December 20, 2004 News Bulletin
================================================== =

Welcome, welcome!

You are one of more than 45,000 people signed up to receive news concerning the release of J.K. Rowling's sixth Harry Potter book from HalfBloodPrince.info, an unofficial fan site operated by HPANA. (You signed up September 7 on HalfBloodPrince.info. To remove yourself, visit: http://www.halfbloodprince.info/b6u....18740|667768.)

This is the first bulletin from HBP.info. In this update you'll find:

(1) JK Rowling tells fans to expect release date within 24 hours
(2) Chapter titles and other new info revealed
(3) Other Half-Blood Prince resources on the web


There are significant "spoilers" in this e-mail, including the titles of several chapters in book six, a new character's name, and even storyline tidbits. Do not continue reading if you do not wish to know such things before the book is released.



In a surprise announcement on her official web site, author JK Rowling said today that "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was finished and turned in to her English-language publishers, who were expected to announce an official release date within 24 hours! The Associated Press reports that Scholastic will make their announcement Tuesday morning.

Read the news online: http://www.hpana.com/news.18450.html

We'll send a quick e-mail to you when the date is officially announced (literally hours from now!). Stay glued to your inboxes until then.

***** I just looked ... it'll be released on July 16, 2005! *****


Rowling also published several updates in the past few months on her official site, including these chapter titles from the forthcoming book:

Chapter 2 - Spinners End
Chapter 6 - Draco's Detour
Chapter 14 - Felix Felicis

Last Friday, Jo killed rumors that there would be chapters entitled "Lupin's Papers" and "The Lovegoods in Court." She also nixed the possibility of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood becoming anything more than friends.

A new character named "McClaggan" was announced in August by the author, but that's all that was revealed about him/her.


There are plenty of great web sites offering information about book 6. Check out our recommendations:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince News & Info

"Everything There is to Know About Harry Potter
and the Half-Blood Prince (If You're Not J.K. Rowling)"

HP Book 6 News

The Plot Thickens: Harry Potter Investigated...


MuggleNet's Future Books Section
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December 21st, 2004, 06:51 AM
I Heart 4x4
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edited because I double posted
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December 21st, 2004, 06:52 AM
I Heart 4x4
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Dang it! Why aren't the quotes working .... grrr.... SORRY!

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December 21st, 2004, 06:54 AM
I Heart 4x4
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I've also uncovered all of this from here!!!

Is it true that was the working title of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
Yes. Lizo Mzimba of CBBC interviewed J.K. Rowling aboard the Hogwarts Express in 2000, and asked her about it:

What was the original working title of Chamber of Secrets?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I quite liked that title, unfortunately the story bore no relation whatsoever to the title by the time I'd finished.

J.K. Rowling also said, on her site:
I was delighted to see that a hard core of super-bright fans knew that the real title was once, in the long distant past, a possibility for 'Chamber of Secrets', and from that deduced that it was genuine. Certain crucial pieces of information in book six were originally planned for 'Chamber of Secrets', but very early on (first draft of Chamber) I realised that this information's proper home was book six. I have said before now that 'Chamber' holds some very important clues to the ultimate end of the series. Not as many as six, obviously, but there is a link.
And more about it at the Edinburgh Book Festival:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets had different titles. In fact, as everyone now knows, it was once called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but then I removed a whole storyline that did not work at all. It gave too much information too early, so I pulled it out and it became a major part, but not the only part, of book six. There is no trace of that storyline left in Chamber of Secrets. People have been speculating that book six is a spinoff of book two, but it is not.

When is HBP coming out?
We will know soon! On Dec. 20, Jo Rowling released on her site a note that said the book is finished and that on Dec. 21, we will have the release date announcement:

"I know you all expected this to happen on Christmas day, but I was sure that those of you who celebrate Christmas have better things to on the day itself do than to fight your way into my study, whereas those of you who DON'T celebrate Christmas would definitely prefer not to wait until the twenty fifth so...

'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' is COMPLETED and has been delivered to my English language publishers, who hope to announce the publication date within 24 hours.

Although I have joked about HP&THBP racing my third baby into the world, I have in fact had all the time I needed to tinker with the manuscript to my satisfaction and I am as happy as I have ever been with the end result. I only hope you feel that it was worth the wait when you finally read it!

Wishing everybody a wonderful holiday and a happy and peaceful 2005,
With love from,
JK Rowling."
** RELEASE DATE IS JULY 16, 2005!! **

Oh, good. Time to pre-order. Where can I do that?
Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com have opened notification lists but as the book does not have a release date yet, you can't pre-order yet. However, to find out when HBP is coming out as soon as that info is available, use the links at the top of the page to sign up for our e-mail and text-message notification lists. We will notify you immediately, as soon as the good word comes.

How long will HBP be? As long as Order of the Phoenix (OotP)?
JKR most recently said (here) that she had proofread 20 chapters, so we know HBP is at least that long. Also from JKRowling.com's own FAQ section:

Is every book going to be bigger than the previous one?
No, definitely not, or book seven would be around the weight of a baby hippopotamus. According to the plan for book six, it will be quite a bit shorter than 'Order of the Phoenix'. I am not going to swear on my children's lives that that is going to be the case, but I am 99% certain of it.

However, we'd like to remind Ms. Rowling of this quote from an October 20, 2000, online chat:
The first four books have been getting longer, but number four was huge! Is number five likely to be shorter than number four?
Yes, five is going to be shorter than four. I always knew four would be the longest, but even I didn't expect it to be that long.

By September 2002 her tune had changed:

Lizo: Is the book going to be as long as book four was?
JK: Yes, it is looking that way - it's already passed Azkaban, so I think yes, we are looking at Goblet of Fire length.

OotP ended up surpassing Goblet of Fire's length by hundreds of pages. In other words: anything is possible regarding book length!

Who is the Half-Blood Prince?
J.K. Rowling says: "the HBP is neither Harry nor Voldemort. And that's all I'm saying on THAT subject until the book's published."

Is she "pulling a Dobby" and referring to Tom Riddle? (No.) Is it Dean, the half-blood who thinks he's muggle-born? Is it Seamus, who knows he's a half-and-half? What does it mean to be half-blood anyway? Isn't Harry called a half-blood fairly often, and both his parents were wizards? (Yes, go read why.) The debate rages on.

Who are the half-bloods in Harry Potter that we know about so far?
Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, Hagrid (wizard dad, giantess mom) , Remus Lupin and, according to some malicious people, Harry (both of Harry's parents were wizards, though as J.K. Rowling explains, him having Muggle grandparents was enough to make him a half-blood to the more biased among the wizarding world). Tonks is also a half-blood, but unless she has been extremely crafty with her metamorphmagus abilities, she probably isn't going to be named a prince.
(Return to top)

I've heard rumors opout the opening chapter of HBP - can you tell me about it?
No, but J.K Rowling can:

I have come close to using a chapter very like this in 'Philosopher's Stone' (it was one of the discarded first chapters), 'Prisoner of Azkaban' and 'Order of the Phoenix' but here, finally, it works, so it's staying. And that's all I'm going to say, but when you read it, just know that it's been about thirteen years in the brewing."
Has J.K. Rowling released any portions of HBP?
Funny you should ask! An exceprt and three chapter titles, to be exact!

In August Jo Rowling put what we can only assume was an HBP excerpt behind the mysterious "Do Not Disturb" door on JKRowling.com. Spoiler alert!:

"He looked rather like an old lion. There were streaks of grey in his mane of tawny hair and his bushy eyebrows; he had keen yellowish eyes behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles and a certain rangy, loping grace even though he walked with a slight limp."
In addition, on Halloween, the JKRowling.com "Do Not Disturb" door opened to reveal three chapter titles:
Chapter 2: Spinners End
Chapter 6: Draco's Detour
Chapter 14: Felix Felicis
(Return to top)

What's going to happen in HBP?
Your guess is as good as ours! In her most recent update, J.K. Rowling said two things wouldn't happen in HBP:

1. Luna and Neville will not hook up in HBP.
The Luna/Neville shippers are much less vehement and scary than the Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione tribes, so I hope I won't receive too much hate mail for quashing this rumour. I see Neville and Luna as very different kinds of people and while they share a certain isolation within Hogwarts, I don't think that's enough to foster true love - friendship, perhaps, although I think that Neville would always find Luna's wilder flights of fancy alarming.
2. Harry will not stand trial again in HBP.
This theory has been put forward to explain why Harry does not spend as long in Privet Drive during this book as previous ones, but I am happy to say that he leaves the Dursleys early for a much pleasanter reason than a court case.
Here's what she said about it at the Edinburgh Book Festival:
Out of all your books, which one is your favourite?
It varies. I would have to say that it is probably Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, although at the moment÷it is unfair of me to say it÷Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is my favourite book. Sorry. I am the only one who has read it and I think it is rather good. I am normally like this when I write a book. Usually when I am just over halfway I normally love it, but by the time I finish it I completely despise it and think it is worthless rubbish. At the moment, I really like how the sixth book is going. A lot happens in the sixth book and a lot of questions are answered. I really have a sense that we are nearly there and it is time for answers, not more questions and clues, although obviously there are a few clues as I am not quite finished yet. I hope that that is sufficiently frustrating for you, knowing that you can't read it yet!
However, in obsessive-compulsive fan style, we have our own compendium of events, as compiled by the Harry Potter Lexicon. Assuming things go as they usually go in a Harry Potter book, the following things are very likely to occur in HBP:

Harry will be in his sixth year at Hogwarts in book six. The events of book six will presumably take place between July, 1996 and the end of June, 1997.
Neville will need another wand to replace that which was broken in the Department of Mysteries.
At the end of June 1996, Hermione's year-long ban on Rita Skeeter's writing will end.
"Ministry...guides to elementary home and personal defense...will be delivered free to all wizarding homes [by the end of July] (OOTP, Chapter 38)." Depending on the definition of "wizarding home", this may come as a bit of a shock to the families of Muggle-born students such as Dean Thomas, who hasn't kept his family informed about the various dangerous happenings at Hogwarts in the last few years (OOTP, Chapter 11).
In July 1996, each of the returning sixth year students will receive an owl with their Ordinary Wizarding Level results (OOTP, Chapter 31).
If the Quidditch season takes place as usual, the Gryffindor team will hold tryouts for at least two Chaser positions. If Harry has been reinstated as Seeker by then, Ginny Weasley plans to try out for Chaser at that point (OOTP, Chapter 26).
Gryffindor will also need a new team captain. The team as it currently stands (assuming that Harry is allowed to play and that Ginny is made a Chaser) is as follows:
Keeper: Ron Weasley
Seeker: Harry Potter
Chasers: Ginny Weasley and Katie Bell (one spot open)
Beaters: Jack Sloper and Andrew Kirke

In March of the coming school year, Ron will turn seventeen, and will therefore be of age in the wizarding world and old enough to obtain a license to Apparate.
Harry will turn 16 at the beginning of the book. Neville will turn 16 on July 30, a day before Harry.
Hermione will turn 16 (or 17, depending on which side of the "Hermione's Age" debate you fall) on September 19.
Ginny will turn 15 on August 11.
According to Rowling, there will be a new Minister of Magic, but it won't be Arthur Weasley.
This book, Rowling has stated, will be almost part one of a two-part book, the second half being book seven. The war has begun and the saga is now moving toward the ultimate confrontation.
Harry will spend some time in Privet Drive, but JKR has said that this will be his shortest stay yet.
Before arriving at school, Harry will encounter or hear about someone who will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (this has happened in each book so far, usually before he even leaves on the train).
On September 1, Harry and his friends will travel to Hogwarts aboard the Hogwarts Express. On September 2, which will be a Monday, they will start their classes.
At the Welcoming Feast, Harry and his friends will meet their new DADA teacher, find out if both Firenze and Trelawney will teach Divination, and hear a new Sorting Hat song.
Harry will start NEWT-level classes, which will include Potions [if he got a high-enough O.W.L. score] but not Divination [presuming he continues in his quest to be an Auror]. We'll also learn what career paths Hermione and Ron have chosen.
In Transfiguration, the sixth years will start learning human transfiguration spells (OOTP).
As June rolls around, Harry will find himself once again in a one-on-one confrontation with Voldemort or the Death Eaters.

J.K. Rowling has also given a few short answers regarding things that will definitely happen in HBP. For instance, she said at the Edinburgh Book Festival:
There is a McClaggan in book six because I thought that it is a surname that is too good to waste.
Is there more to Dudley than meets the eye?
No. [Laughter]. What you see is what you get. I am happy to say that he is definitely a character without much back story. He is just Dudley. The next book, Half Blood Prince, is the least that you see of the Dursleys. You see them quite briefly. You see them a bit more in the final book, but you don't get a lot of Dudley in book six÷very few lines. I am sorry if there are Dudley fans out there, but I think you need to look at your priorities if it is Dudley that you are looking forward to. [Laughter].
And from her World Book Day chat:
Is there going to be a new minister of magic in the next books?
Yes. Ha! Finally, a concrete bit of information, I hear you cry!
Was Voldemort born evil?
I don't believe that anybody was born evil. You will find out more about the circumstances of his birth in the next book.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film director Alfonso Cuarón let a couple of tidbits loose during a CBBC Interview:
Cuarón: I give you an example: There's a scene where Malfoy wants to see Buckbeak being executed. It's where Hermione punches him. And there's a sundial. We thought we need something there. I said 'Let's put a graveyard there'.

She says: 'No, you can't have a graveyard there'. And I'm like, 'Why?' She says: 'Oh because the graveyard is near this other wing of the castle and it's going to play an important part in number six because such and such and such.'
What's happening with Voldemort and the Death Eaters?
Edinburgh Book Festival:
I repeat for the millionth time that Voldemort is not the half-blood prince, which is what a lot of people thought. He is definitely, definitely not.
World Book Day chat:
Are the Muggle and Magical worlds ever going to be rejoined?
No, the breach was final, although as book six shows, the Muggles are noticing more and more odd happenings now that Voldemort's back.
Will Lord Voldemort get more 'screentime' in the upcoming books?
You will see him again, but like most evil dictators, he prefers his henchmen to do his dirty work.
And Harry? Is he going to get hurt? Is he going to get a girl?
World Book Day chat:
Is it true Harry will get a more permanent injury in the sixth book?
I've read this rumour on the net and I'm not sure where it came from. I don't really want to get into what happens to Harry in book six, but I certainly never said that he would have a 'more permanent injury'.
Will poor Harry be stuck at the Dursleys' all next summer?
Not all summer, no. In fact, he has the shortest stay in Privet Drive so far.
Are Harry's powers going to get even greater?
Yes, he's really progressing as a wizard now (which is lucky, because I know what's in store for him).
Will Harry fall for another girl in book six, or will he be too busy for romance?
He'll be busy, but what's life without a little romance?
Will Harry and Hermione will be together?
lol Not saying... but you've had enough clues by now, surely?!
Will Harry be receiving a second kiss in his last two years at Hogwarts?
He might well be receiving another kiss (or two) but I'm not saying who the kisser's going to be.
What's happening with the rest of the main characters?
Edinburgh Book Festival:
Will Hagrid ever succeed with his plans for his brother?
In a limited way, yes. Grawp is obviously the very stupidest thing that Hagrid ever brought home. In his long line of bringing home stupid things÷Aragog, the Blast-Ended Skrewts÷Grawp is the one that should have finished him off, but ironically it might be the one time that a monstrous something came good. By the next book, Grawp is a little bit more controllable. I think you got a clue to that at the end of Phoenix, because Grawp was starting to speak and to be a little bit more amenable to human contact.
World Book Day chat:
Will Ron ever get on the Gryffindor quidditch team?
Well, he's already there! The question is, whether the new Quidditch Captain will allow him to stay!
Do you plan for Ginny to take on a major character role in the next two books?
Well, now that Ginny has stopped being mute in Harry's presence I think you can see that she is a fairly forceful personality (and she always has been, remember Ron saying that she 'never shuts up' in Chamber of Secrets)?
Do you have any future plans in particular for Draco Malfoy?
I've got plans for all my characters. Actually, this is a really good place to answer a question about Draco and Hermione, which a certain Ms. Radcliffe is desperate to have answered. Will they end up together in book six/seven? NO! The trouble is, of course, that girls fancy Tom Felton, but Draco is NOT Tom Felton! (My daughter likes TF very much too, because he taught her how to use a diablo.)
Will Neville have a bigger part to play?
I think he's already got a much bigger part. Neville has changed a lot as he's become older and more confident. Book five was a real turning point for Neville.
What about Wormtail? Will he be back in this book?
World Book Day chat:
What about Wormtail? Is there hope for redemption?
There's always hope, of course. You'll find out more about our rat-like friend in book six.
Will wormtail ever pay Harry back?
You'll see... keep reading!
What happened to Wormtail?
You'll find out in book six.
What about some of the new characters from OOtP? Will any of them be back?
World Book Day chat:
I love Tonks, she's my favorite new character. Will she play a large role in future books and/or in Harry's life?
Tonks is hanging around. I really like her, too.
What will happen to Hagrid's half-brother [Grawp]?
You'll find out in book six. Luckily he's he's become a little more controllable.
What else has JKR said about the rest of the series, even if it wasn't explicitly about HBP?
We recommend as always you visit JKRowling.com. She can answer these questions better than we can (duh ), and there's a ton of it on her site. But here's what we can gather and there's plenty of it:

JKRowling.com FAQ Section:

Are you going to kill any more characters?
Yes. Sorry.
Did James and Lupin switch bodies before James was killed?
An ingenious theory, but no; James would never have saved himself and left his wife and son to die.
What did Dumbledore's Howler to Aunt Petunia mean? ('Remember my last'?)
Well, it is a relief to move on after the Mark Evans fiasco. This time, two out of the three poll questions had interesting answers (or so I think) and thank goodness you chose one of them.
So: Dumbledore is referring to his last letter, which means, of course, the letter he left upon the Dursleys' doorstep when Harry was one year old. But why then (you may well ask) did he not just say 'remember my letter?' Why did he say my last letter? Why, obviously because there were letters before that· Now let the speculation begin, and mind you type clearly, I'll be watching·
P.S. It has been suggested that I am wrong in saying that Dumbledore's last letter was the one he left on the doorstep with baby Harry, and that he has sent a letter since then concerning Harry's illegal flight to school. However, both Dumbledore and I differentiate between letters sent to the Dursleys as a couple, and messages directed to Petunia ALONE. And that's my final word on the subject - though I doubt it will be yours
Edinburgh Book Festival:
Is Aunt Petunia a Squib?
Good question. No, she is not, but÷[Laughter]. No, she is not a Squib. She is a Muggle, but÷[Laughter]. You will have to read the other books. You might have got the impression that there is a little bit more to Aunt Petunia than meets the eye, and you will find out what it is. She is not a squib, although that is a very good guess. Oh, I am giving a lot away here. I am being shockingly indiscreet.
What will the seventh book be called?
I think you have been put up to that. [Laughter]. I was asked about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix live on American television by a boy who was just as good looking as you and just as cute. I just said it. I had said no to all the journalists, then a little boy just like you put up his hand and said, "What is the name of the next book?" I said, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"! But I am not going to tell you, I'm sorry. You have no idea of the trouble that I would be in if I did. My agent would have me hunted down and killed, so I am not going to say.
If you could be one of the characters for a day, who would it be?
Definitely not Harry, because I would not want to go through it all. I know what is coming for him so there is no way that I would want to be him. At the moment, I would not want to be any of them, because life is getting quite tough for them. It would be a laugh to be someone like Peeves, causing mayhem and not bothering.
Will Ron and Hermione ever get together?
Well÷[Laughter.] What do you think? [Audience member: I think they will]. I'm not going to say. I can't say, can I? I think that, by now, I've given quite a lot of clues on the subject. That is all I'm going to say. You will have to read between the lines on that one.
Can you tell me more about Rita Skeeter?
... I actually quite like Rita. She is loathsome÷morally, she's horrible÷but I can't help admiring her toughness. She is very determined to do the job and there is something quite engaging about that. There is more to come on Rita.
[JKR offered the following info unprompted about key questions for the rest of the series.]
There are two questions that I have never been asked but that I should have been asked, if you know what I mean. If you want to speculate on anything, you should speculate on these two things, which will point you in the right direction. The first question that I have never been asked÷it has probably been asked in a chatroom but no one has ever asked me÷is, "Why didn't Voldemort die?" Not, "Why did Harry live?" but, "Why didn't Voldemort die?" The killing curse rebounded, so he should have died. Why didn't he? At the end of Goblet of Fire he says that one or more of the steps that he took enabled him to survive. You should be wondering what he did to make sure that he did not die÷I will put it that way. I don't think that it is guessable. It may be÷someone could guess it÷but you should be asking yourself that question, particularly now that you know about the prophesy. I'd better stop there or I will really incriminate myself. The other question that I am surprised no one has asked me since Phoenix came out÷I thought that people would÷is why Dumbledore did not kill or try to kill Voldemort in the scene in the ministry. I know that I am giving a lot away to people who have not read the book. Although Dumbledore gives a kind of reason to Voldemort, it is not the real reason. When I mentioned that question to my husband÷I told Neil that I was going to mention it to you÷he said that it was because Voldemort knows that there are two more books to come. As you can see, we are on the same literary wavelength. [Laughter]. That is not the answer; Dumbledore knows something slightly more profound than that. If you want to wonder about anything, I would advise you to concentrate on those two questions. That might take you a little bit further.
How did Dumbledore get his scar in the London Underground?
You may find out one day. I am very fond of that scar.
It has recently been confirmed that Blaise Zabini is in fact a male character. Will we see more of him in the next few books?
That's correct. You do.
Also, will we see more of Snape?
You always see a lot of Snape, because he is a gift of a character.
Will there be a book about Harry's Mum and Dad, about how they became friends and how they died?
... in my case I think that by the time you have had the seven books you will know everything you need to know for the story.
From the World Book Day chat:
What did Dudley see when he faced the Dementors in book five?
Ah, good question. You'll find out!
Will Winky ever recover?
Poor Winky... she'll never be entirely cured of her Butterbeer addiction, I'm afraid.
Will we see Moaning Myrtle again?
Oh yes, I love Myrtle, I couldn't shut her out for long.
I find moaning myrtle is the saddest character in your books, inspiring a mixture of revulsion and pity. Does she play any further part?
You do see her again. Don't you like her? I know she's a bit revolting, but that's why I'm so fond of her.
Will we see more of Narcissa Malfoy now that Lucius is unavailale?
Yes, you will.
Will the two way mirror Sirius gave Harry ever show up again?
Ooooo good question. There's your answer.
Will Harry tell Neville about the Prophecy?
Harry will tell his nearest and dearest about the prophecy when he's ready. He needs time to digest the news himself first.
Right at the beginning, when Voldermort tried to kill Harry, how did Voldemort and Harry both survive?
That is the crucial and central question and if I answered it there would be hardly any point writing books six and seven... so I won't!
Are the Muggle and Magical worlds ever going to be rejoined?
No, the breach was final, although as book six shows, the Muggles are noticing more and more odd happenings now that Voldemort's back.
Whatever happend to Sirius' flying motorbike?
Ah, good question. You'll find out, but the real sleuths among you might be able to guess.
Will we be hearing anything from Sirius Black's brother, Regulus, in future books?
Well, he's dead, so he's pretty quiet these days.
Will we be seeing Krum again any time soon?
You will see Krum again, though not soon.
Why specifically does Dumbledore trust Snape?
Another excellent and non-answerable question. I shall merely say that Snape has given Dumbledore his story and Dumbledore believes it.
Why did Voldemort pick Harry and not Neville?
Dumbledore explains this in 'Order of the Phoenix'. Voldemort identified more with the half-blood boy and therefore decided he must be the greater risk.
Who is the 'one that never will return' deatheater?
You have to work it out, but a lot of fansites have got it right.
What made Sirius decide to send Snape to the Willow?
Because Sirius loathed Snape (and the feeling was entirely mutual). You'll find out more about this in due course.
Why did you kill Sirius? It made me very sad
I'm really, really sorry. I didn't want to do it, but there was a reason. If you think you can forgive me, keep reading, you'll find out. [I feel really guilty now].
If we ever see Sirius again, what form will he be in?
I couldn't possibly answer that for fear of incriminating myself
What form will Professor Snape's Boggart and Patronus take?
Well, I'm not going to tell you Ernie, but that's because it would give so much away.
What happend to Harry's grandparents? Will we ever learn about them?
They're all dead and not particularly important to the story, although you will find out a little bit more.
Will Harry become headmaster of Hogwarts?
I'm not sure I can see Harry in an academic career, he's seen so much action!
Is Harry related to Godric Gryffindor?
People are always wondering who Harry might be related to. Maybe he is
Dumbledore is getting older, will it be a lot harder for him to fight Lord Voldermort this time around?
He is getting older, but he didn't do badly at the end of 'Phoenix', so there's life in him yet!
Regarding Harrys subconscious feelings, how has it changed from book 1 to book 5?
Well he's obviously been through a lot since book one and book five was the book when he cracked up a little. In book six, the wizarding world is really at war again and he has to master his own feelings to make himself use[ful].
Does Harry's eyecolour become important in the future books, like we've heard?
No comment!
Will we be finding out more about the significance of the shape of Harry's scar in future books?
The shape is not the most significant aspect of that scar, and that's all I'm going to say
What will Ron's job be when he leaves school?
Well, assuming he lives to leave school... I'm not going to tell you
Did the debt Wormtail has to Harry carry over to Voldemort when he sacrificed his arm to restore his body?
No. Can't say any more than that!
If Harry dies in the ending of the books, will Voldemort be invincible?
Pablo, I can't possibly answer. You'll have to read book seven!
Does Voldemort die in the last book?
Now, do you really really think I'd answer that?!
And then there's the AOL Chat from 2000:
What did James and Lily Potter do when they were alive?
Well, I can't go into too much detail, because you're going to find out in future books. But James inherited plenty of money, so he didn't need a well-paid profession. You'll find out more about both Harry's parents later.
Why did Dumbledore have a look of triumph in his eyes at the end of book four?
Good question... excellent question, in fact, and like all the best questions I get asked, I can't answer it! Because it would give too much away. However, well-spotted. Have fun guessing... someone's bound to get it right!
I think the color of Harry's eyes will matter in the books to come. Yes?
Hmmmm... maybe!
Ms. Rowling, will Voldemort's evil ways rise again, such as Muggle killings?
Well, his temper hasn't exactly improved while he's been away, has it? So I think we can safely say, yes.
Why stop at seven books when you could make up Harry's whole life?
I notice you're very confident that he's not going to die!
Will Harry time-travel again?
Not telling!
And the Scholastic chat of October, 2000:
In the fourth book, when Harry tells Dumbledore about his fight with Voldemort and how Voldemort could touch him after he took Harry's blood, Harry thinks he sees Dumbledore smile slightly. Why? Is Dumbledore really on Voldemort's side after all?
Hmmmm....like all the best questions I get asked, I can't answer that one. But you are obviously reading carefully. I promise you'll find out!
How does the Dark Lord affect American wizards and witches?
He affects everyone, but his plan is European domination first.
Is there something more to the cats appearing in the books than first meets the eye? (i.e. Mrs. Figg's cats, Crookshanks, Prof. McGonagall as a cat, etc.)
Ooooo, another good question. Let's see what I can tell you without giving anything away....erm....no, can't do it, sorry.
Is it true that since Voldemort took Harry's blood by force, that Harry can kill Voldemort, but Voldemort can't kill Harry?
It's an interesting theory, but I wouldn't trust it too much!
Did you ever make a study of herbs and other Hogwarts subjects, or did you create all those classes from inspiration?
Most of the magic is made up. Occasionally I will use something that people used to believe was true - for example, the "Hand of Glory" which Draco gets from Borgin and Burkes in Chamber of Secrets.
From The Guardian Unlimited, 1999:
"And he does grow up - in book four the hormones are going to kick in - I don't want him stuck in a state of permanent pre-pubescence like poor Julian in the Famous Five! And the struggle between good and evil will intensify; there will be deaths - I've thought long and hard about this - I'm well aware of younger readers, but evil is not something you can deal with lightly - there are consequences, there are victims. Children always ask if Harry will get his parents back, but some things, even in the magical world, are irreversible."
Then there's the Barnes and Noble chat from 1999:
How many more sequels will you be writing about Harry Potter?
There are going to be seven Harrys all together. He will be 17 in the final book, which means he will have come of age in the Wizarding World. In Book 7, he will become a full wizard, and free to use his magic outside school.
I want to know what Dudley does with his life.
That is a question I would love to answer, but it will ruin some surprises. I will only say that Dudley's privileged existence starts to change for the worse in Book 4.
Will there be, or have there been, any "late blooming" students in the school who come into their magic potential as adults, rather than as children?
No, is the answer. In my books, magic almost always shows itself in a person before age 11; however, there is a character who does manage in desperate circumstances to do magic quite late in life, but that is very rare in the world I am writing about.
She dropped a few hints on CBS News This Morning in 1999:
My understanding though is that you already have the outline for the seventh in mind. Is that right?
Yes, they're all plotted. I've actually got the final chapter of book seven written; just for my own satisfaction so I know where I`m going. And children have kind of turned up and come around to my house and start edging towards my study. And I'm starting to feel like I should lock that chapter away in the attic.
Oh. But as all children`s -- I want you to tell me the ending -- as all children`s books go, most -- there will there be a happy ending.
Depends whether or not your favorite character dies because there are going to be deaths.
The School Library Journal, 1999:
Are you planning to kill off Ron?
I can't let on too much.
More Barnes and Noble Chat, 1999:
Without giving away any plot details, can you tell us if we might expect to hear any more from Crookshanks in future Harry Potter books? He seems to be a very smart cat!
You're right. He is a very smart cat, and you will be hearing more from him.
We are wondering if Harry will continue to live with the Dursley's every summer.
Well, you have to decide whether you want to give up the fun of seeing Harry getting the better of the Dursley's or whether you'd rather see Harry happy. I've made my choice, but I can't tell you what it is because it will ruin future plots.
Will Aragog appear in any later books?
Yes. But I'm not telling you anymore than that!
Will we ever hear from Mr. Weasley's car again?
Yes, you will hear from Mr. Weasley's car again, but yet again, I'm not telling you how.
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The Connection, 1999:
Why did He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named, Voldemort, if I can get away, Voldemort, why did he [kill James and Lily]?
Well, that's a really key question and I can't answer it because you will find that out over the course of the 7 book series. There are a lot of questions that children ask me that I just have to keep saying 'Well, you'll find out in Book 5' because I don't want to ruin future plots obviously.
Why 7 and what is the contour that you want to complete?
Well 7 is for several reasons, but I suppose the main one, I was 7 years at my secondary school. That's kind of standard in England. 7 is also a magical number. I wanted him to come of age at 17. It just seems a good number for a wizard to come of age. So that meant 7 books, that meant 7 years in his life. Also, it will take 7 books to get Harry to the point where he has to face, um I can't say. But in Book 7, you know, there's a big climax coming here and it will take that many books to get him there. ... I don't reach the end of a book and think, 'OK what will we do with him now?' That's already decided. ... it's already cast. His future is cast. You know people shouldn't be frightened that there are going to be dramatic changes owing to whatever is happening to him out in the Muggle world because it's already been planned.
What about Snape?
Snape is a very sadistic teacher, loosely based on a teacher I myself had, I have to say. I think children are very aware and we are kidding ourselves if we don't think that they are, that teachers do sometimes abuse their power and this particular teacher does abuse his power. He's not a particularly pleasant person at all. However, everyone should keep their eye on Snape, I'll just say that because there is more to him than meets the eye and you will find out part of what I am talking about if you read Book 4.
One of our internet correspondents wondered if Snape is going to fall in love.
[JKR laughs] Who on earth would want Snape in love with them? That's a very horrible idea.
There's an important kind of redemptive pattern to Snape
He, um, there's so much I wish I could say to you, and I can't because it would ruin. I promise you, whoever asked that question, can I just say to you that I'm slightly stunned that you've said that and you'll find out why I'm so stunned if you read Book 7. That's all I'm going to say.
Does this mean we are going to see the hormones kicking in?
Yes, the hormones do kick in in Book 4. You know, the bottom line is I can't be led by what people want me to write, I have to write what I want to write --- that's just the way it's got to be. I've got to write what I want to write. If by Book 6, I'm only writing to 6 people and I've lost everyone else, yeah, I'm going to be sorry about that, but I will feel that I have to stand by what I want to do. I sometimes get letters from parents saying 'well, we love your books, but they're a little bit too scary, so could you stop doing that'. Well, I'm afraid no, I can't, I have to write what I want to write. I'm not writing to order here, so I'm going to be sorry if children don't want to keep up with Harry. I personally believe they will. I do not believe I'm going to be doing anything that will alienate a 9 year old.
Is [Hagrid] going to be in the rest of the books?
He's my favorite character.
Oh, is he your favorite character? I like you because he's one of my favorite characters. Yeah, if you take away Harry and Hermione and Ron, then I love Hagrid the best definitely. He is going to be around. You are going to keep seeing him. I suspect that the reason you are asking this is because there is a rumor going around that people are going to die in the upcoming books. People are going to die and I'm not going to tell you who is and who isn't because--- that's for very obvious reasons.
...we're curious as to whether Harry is going to have a life after Hogwarts, or if maybe, Harry might be a Hogwarts teacher.
I will tell you that one of the characters, one of Harry's classmates, though it's not Harry himself, does end up a teacher at Hogwarts. But, it is not, maybe the one you think, hint, hint, hint. Yeah, one of them does end up staying at Hogwarts, but ----
[Kids in background guess that the character is Ron]
No, it's not Ron. I can't see Ron as a teacher. No way.
Are we going to learn a lot about his mother?
Yeah, you will. It's ---- yet again ---- you won't find out ---- OK, in Book 3 you're absolutely right. You find out a lot about Harry's father. Now the important thing about Harry's mother, the really, really significant thing, you're going to find out in 2 parts. You'll find out a lot more about her in Book 5, or you'll find out something very significant about her in Book 5, then you'll find out something incredibly important about her in Book 7. But I can't tell you what those things are so I'm sorry, but yes, you will find out more about her because both of them are very important in what Harry ends up having to do.
Star Ledger Newark, 1999:
Do you think that anyone in real life is truly wholly evil like Draco Malfoy and Voldemort?
My instinct is to say that probably not, but I can t answer that question without ruining the series for you.
Boston Globe, 1999:
Do you know what Harry's parents look like?
Yes. I've even drawn a picture of how they look. Harry has his father and mother's good looks. But he has his mother's eyes and that's very important in a future book.
Press Club, 1999:
What happened to Harry's grandparents?
Um, various interesting things, but again, I'm not going to share. [laughter] Sorry! But that's okay, cause we have time for another question, cause I didn't answer that one! [JKR looks through questions] No, don't like that one. Oh, I like this one· do Harry and Hermione have a date? [laughter] No. They are - they're very platonic friends. But I won't answer for anyone else, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. [laughter and sound of kids going "Aaah!"]
Post-Gazette National Bureau, 1999:
I do know exactly what will happen, and I can't tell you about it," she told her eager audience. "At the moment, I definitely think I'll stop at No. 7.... It's going to feel like a bereavement. I think I'll be really heartbroken.
The Columbus Dispatch, 1999:
Children know that a death or two will occur in the next books, and they're worried about some characters -- particularly Ron and Hagrid the groundskeeper. Do you pay attention to such concerns?
For five years, this was my internal world. It's still the most amazing thing to meet one person, let alone hordes of people, who knows these characters. It's heartwarming that people care enough about them to want them not to get hurt, but at the same time I have the absolute right to do what I like to my story and characters. I'm not going to write to order. I've planned the whole story, and I've always known who was going to die and who was going to come through unscathed, and I'm not going to deviate from that.
The San Francisco Chronicle, 1999
What are the 12 uses for dragon's blood?
I have a very good reason for not telling you -- the movie script writer wants me to give him that information for the film. But I can say that the 12th use is oven cleaner.
Scholastic, Feb. 2000:
What makes some witches/wizards become ghosts after they die and some not?
You don't really find that out until Book VII, but I can say that the happiest people do not become ghosts. As you might guess, Moaning Myrtle!
What did the Potter parents do for a living before Voldemort killed them?
I'm sorry to keep saying this, but I can't tell you because it's important to a later plot. But you will find out later!
Since Harry Potter's parents were sorcerers and Petunia was Harry's mother's sister. Shouldn't Petunia be a witch or wizard?
No. As Hagrid explains in Book I, sometimes a witch or a wizard occurs in an otherwise Muggle family, just as a Squib is a non-magic person who occurs in an otherwise magic family.
Will Harry ever get a break and not live with the Dursleys?
I'm not going to tell you!
Do you already have titles for all seven Harry Potters?
Yes, I do. And I'm still not going to tell you what they are.
Associated Press, 2000:
JKR: I tend to think that if someone is sufficiently engaged in one of the books, he's not going to be too disappointed if, at some point, his hero holds hands with a little girl.
Canadian Broadcasting Co, 2000:
You know, characters take on their own lives. They have their own stories. Writers often say, 'I loved that character and the most tragic part of my year last year was having to kill them off.'
Well that's coming.
Do you know already who is going to die in the next books?
I know all of them who are going to die, yeah.
And some characters we might love and you might love?
I'm definitely killing people I love, yeah.
People love Ron, for example. Kids think you're going to knock off Ron because he's the best friend.
Kids do, exactly, because they're sharp and they've seen so many films where the hero's best friend gets it. So they think I'm going to make it personal by killing Ron. But maybe that's a double bluff... (Laughs)
Now that you know they expect it, do you give it to them?
No, I decided...It's not that I sat down with a list and decided to write, 'You're going, you're going, you're going.' There are reasons for the deaths in each case, in terms of the story. So that's why I'm doing it.
Because it's hard to draw the line here, isn't it? Because someone could read your book and say 'well, there's murder...'
People die, but do you care when they die? Do you absolutely have a sense of how evil it is to take another person's life? Yes, I think in my book you do. I think you do. I think you see that is a horrific thing. I have enormous respect for human life. I do not think that you would read either of the deaths in that book and think, yeah, well, he's gone, off we go. Not at all. I think it's very clear where my sympathies lie. And here we are dealing with someone, I'm dealing with a villain who does hold human life incredibly cheap. That's how it happens: one squeeze of the trigger. Gone. Forever. That's evil. It's a terrible, terrible thing but you're right, I know where I draw the line. Other people will draw the line in a different place and they will disagree with me.
It seems like almost through your books you miss your mom and you're dealing with that conversation like Harry, just seeing the shadow but it can never come back.
Dealing with bereavement is a strong part of the books. Dealing with loss. Yes. I can't elaborate as much as I'd like to on that because I have three more books to go and this is not a sales pitch, you can get them out of the library and you don't have to buy them, I'm just saying that I will ruin future blocks if I elaborate on that too much. But it's a strong central theme - dealing with death, yeah, and facing up to death.
You do believe in God.
Yeah. Yeah.
In magic and...
Magic in the sense in which it happens in my books, no, I don't believe. I don't believe in that. No. No. This is so frustrating. Again, there is so much I would like to say, and come back when I've written book seven. But then maybe you won't need to even say it 'cause you'll have found it out anyway. You'll have read it.
Newsweek, 2000:
JKR: I think book seven will be [biggest]. Seven's going to be like the Encyclopaedia Britannica, because I'm going to want to say goodbye.
Scholastic EToys, 2000:
Any hints you could share vabout what to expect in future Harry Potter books?
The theme running through all seven books is the fight between good and evil, and I'm afraid there will be casualties! Children usually beg me not to kill Ron. Whenever I tell them this, they seem to think he is most vulnerable, probably because he is the hero's best friend!
BBC, 2000:
And how vital is Book Four in the 7 book series for Harry?
Crucial. Book Four's a very very VERY important book. Something very important happens in Book Four. But also, it's literally a central book. It's almost the heart of the series, and it's pivotal. It's very difficult to talk about all seven books. I can't wait until the day when someone's read all seven and I can talk completely freely about them, but it's a very important book.
Scholastic, 2000:
Did you always plan to write Harry's story in more than one book? If so, how many?
I always conceived it as a seven-book series because I decided that it would take seven years from the ages of 11-17, inclusive, to train as a wizard, and each of the books would deal with a year of Harry's life at Hogwarts.
Barnes and Noble, 2000:
What are your plans after you have finished the Harry Potter series? Are you considering writing a sequel series with Harry's own children or other characters we have met?
Harry's own children? Are you sure he's going to survive to have children?!
You've hinted a little that you might kill Harry! Please say something to put my mind at ease.
Hmmmm.... Well, I think I'll leave you in suspense. Sorry!
Is Hogwarts ever going to get a "Defense Against the Dark Arts" teacher who lasts for more than one book?
Erm...maybe. Don't want to give too much away there!
Is it true that you've already finished the end chapter for all your future books?
I've written the final chapter of book seven, which was really an act of faith -- I was saying to myself, "You will get here!" It will probably need rewriting when I reach it, though.
Is it true that Harry and Draco will have to get together and fight evil?
Don't believe everything you read on the Net! I saw that rumor too, but it is just a rumor.
There is a girl named Susan Bones who was sorted in the first book, and there was a family called the Bones that Voldemort tried to destroy. Is this a coincidence, or will Harry meet her in future books?
Susan Bones's grandparents were killed by Voldemort!
Everything that happens has a meaning, sometimes in a later book. Do you have everything planned out in your head, or do you tie things in as you go?
Yes, it's all planned out, but I still give myself room to have some fun if a good idea arrives while I'm writing.
Are you considering starting a series about any of the other characters at Hogwarts?
No, I think when I've finished the seven Harry Potter books I will be finished with the world. It will make me very sad to say goodbye, but it must be done!
Why does Professor Dumbledore allow Professor Snape to be so nasty to the students (especially to Harry, Hermione, and Neville)?
Dumbledore believes there are all sorts of lessons in life; horrible teachers like Snape are one of them!
Is Sirius Black ever going to be cleared?
Can't tell you, that's too important a bit of information!
Are you going to get more mature themes as your books age, or are you going to keep it geared toward younger kids?
I think an eight- or nine-year-old will be able to read all seven books. That's my intention. However, Harry is growing up, so obviously he will face certain issues an eight-year-old won't. I don't think, however, that that will be uninteresting for an eight-year-old.
I was wondering about Dumbledore's facial expression in Goblet when he found out that Voldemort had touched Harry. The narrative says that Dumbledore reacted with a look of triumph. Aside from the problem of interpreting triumph on someone's face, I was wondering if that is an attempt to throw question on Dumbledore's character, or is he triumphant, perhaps, that Harry can be touched by Lord Voldemort without being destroyed (or something like that)?
I frequently look triumphant, I'll have you know. Well, I'm sure you won't be surprised that I'm not going to explain why Dumbledore looked that way. Well-spotted though.
The character of Professor Snape fascinates me. Will you reveal his back story further in the next Harry Potter book?
You will find out more about Snape in future books. Keep an eye on him!
Do you plan to give Voldemort his victory or somehow break his immortality to kill him?
Dhanya, do you really really think I'll answer that?! I don't blame you for asking though....
Canadian Broadcasting Co, 2000:
Is seven going to be ... do you know that already?
Mm hmm. I know exactly what's going to be in five, six and seven. And when I've finished that, then we can have the full and frank discussion, but until then, if I give full and frank answers I'm giving away things about the plot, so I don't want to do that.
Dateline, 2000:
A question also surfaced surrounding Harry Potter's non-magical relatives, the Muggles who have always tortured or mistreated Harry, because of their fear of magic. For revenge, Harry has magically tortured his cousin Dudley. `I like torturing them,` said Rowling. `You should keep an eye on Dudley. It's probably too late for Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. I feel sorry for Dudley. I might joke about him, but I feel truly sorry for him because I see him as just as abused as Harry. Though, in possibly a less obvious way. What they are doing to him is inept, really. I think children recognize that. Poor Dudley. He's not being prepared for the world at all, in any reasonable or compassionate way, so I feel sorry for him. But there's something funny about him, also. The pig's tail was irresistible.`
The Houston Chronicle, 2001:
"I feel that the ending of book four is frightening, but there are reasons for that. I was dealing with an evil character," Rowling explained. "I do not see, in five, six and seven, that I have to, kind of, up the stakes with every book at all. I wouldn't necessarily say that five is going to be darker. But I couldn't promise that there isn't more sad stuff coming."
Comic Relief, 2001:
I love the Idea of Harry getting older, do you think you might be tempted to write books about Harry when he is working and has a family of his own?
Hmmmmmm... yet another person who is convinced I'm not going to kill him off! Where you people get the idea I'm soft-hearted, I don't know. I'm joking. Or am I?
Will Harry ever notice the long-suffering Ginny Weasley?
You'll see... poor Ginny, eh?
Does Hermione like Ron as more than a friend?
The answer to that is in Goblet of Fire, Zsenya!
Do we find out more about James Potters' family history in the next books?
Yes, you do.
What happened to Neville's Toad?
Trevor? He's still lurking.
CoS DVD Interview Transcript, 2002:
In this movie we've seen the kids develop from the first film, can you tell us about the relationship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione and how that is developing film by film?
Well I think it is developing in the films as it does in the books, which is to say that they are, they're much stronger together than apart. They're much more aware, in the second film, of their particular strengths. So they're more effective, the children are able to do more complex things, for example the Polyjuice Potion. And also Chris in the second film has kind of foreshadowed what I don't do until the fourth book, which is that you get hints of certain feelings between the three of them, that belong to a sort of slightly more mature person.
Jeremy Paxman Interview, BBC, 2003:
So there will be some pairing up will there in this [fifth] book?
Well in the fullness of time.
Unlikely pairings? Not Hermione and Draco Malfoy or anything like that?
I don't really want to say as it will ruin all the fan sites. They have such fun with their theories ... and it is fun, it is fun. And some of them even get quite close. No-one has ever - I have gone and looked at some of it and no-one's ever ... There is one thing that if anyone guessed I would be really annoyed as it is kind of the heart of it all. And it kind of explains everything and no-one's quite got there but a couple of people have skirted it. So you know, I would be pretty miffed after thirteen or fourteen years of writing the books if someone just came along and said I think this will happen in book seven. Because it is too late, I couldn't divert now, everything has been building up to it, and I've laid all my clues.
And Harry's mother? Did he have a crush on Harry's mother or unrequited love or anything like that? Hence his animosity to Harry?
Yes. You speculate?
I speculate, yes, I'm just asking whether you can tell us.
No I can't tell you.
So you know what is going to become of all the major characters over the span of the series?
Why stop when they grow up? Might be interesting to know what becomes of Harry as an adult.
How do you know he'll still be alive?
We know that you've written the ending.
I've written the final chapter of book seven.
So you know where you are going to get to. Do you know how you are going to get there?
Yes. Yes. I mean I allow a margin. It would be so boring if I really knew. It would be joining the dots, wouldn't it? It's not that well worked out. But it's fairly well plotted. I mean it would be worrying if it weren't at this stage, wouldn't it, if I slid off book five and wondered what shall I write out in book six?. You know, it's a complicated story so I need to know what I'm doing.
Are you going to have a lot of loose ends to tie up in 7?
Oh god, I hope not. I'm aiming to tie it all up neatly in a nice big knot... that's it , good night.
Dateline, 2003:
There is a lot in [OotP]. I can only say that I've had to lay certain clues in book five. Some clues are resolved, some things are resolved in book five and there's information in there that you really do need to know otherwise people will feel cheated when certain outcomes happen.
You said when the last book came out that the death of one character was quote, 'the beginning of the deaths.' Yikes!
Yeah, that's nice, isn't it. There's going to be a blood bath [laughter].
Warm and fuzzy.What does that mean?
It's a war. Essentially a war has broken out again and when I say the beginning of the deaths, I mean the deaths that are meaningful, I suppose, to the reader.
Royal Albert Hall Transcript, 2003:
Lately I've noticed people like dressing up as Draco a lot more, which I'm finding a little bit worrying. I think you're all getting far too fond of Draco.
The dark forces are rising, Jo
The dark forces are indeed rising.
Have you ever considered writing a book about Harry a few years later, after he's left Hogwarts?
I get asked the question if I'm ever going to write a book about Harry when he's grown up quite a lot and I always say that you have to wait and see whether he survives to be a grown up.... I'm not saying he won't um but I don't want to give anything away at this point.
Where as most of the character, like Snape for example, are very hard to love but there's a sort of ambiguity, I think is probably the best word. You can't quite decide, there's something rather sad about Snape as well, something very lonely and you kind of, although he turns out to of course have such a wicked past and it's fascinating to watch how he...in the first book we thought he was the evil one and apart from Voldemort the most evil and in the second we thought that and slowly we just get this idea that maybe he's not so bad after all.
Yeees. You shouldn't think he's too nice, let me just say that. ...He's worth keeping an eye on, definitely.
And Dumbledore knows how good he is and he knows how bad, the fathers are deatheaters, for example, of Crabbe and Goyle.
Dumbledore, um, I don't want to say too much on this because you may find that it gives too much away but Dumbledore is a very wise man who firstly knows that Harry is going to have to learn a few hard lessons to prepare him for what may be coming in his life so he allows Harry to do an awful lot of things he maybe wouldn't allow another pupil to do, and he also unwillingly permits Harry to confront a lot of things rather than protect him, but as people who have finished Order of the Phoenix will know Dumbledore has had to step back a little bit from Harry in an effort to teach him some of life's harder lessons.
The way that Harry solves all his problems are really though his courage and his friendship and his loyalty and what you might call his stoutness of heart-
Yes, stoutness of heart is an excellent phrase. Harry is not a good enough wizard yet to event attempt to take on Voldemort as wizard to wizard however he has now escaped him three times, four if you count the encounter with Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets and he keeps doing it, because there is one thing that Voldemort doesn't understand and it is the power that keeps Harry going and we all know what that power is.
Professor Snape has always wanted to be the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. In book five he still doesn't get the job. Why does Professor Dumbledore not allow him to be the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher?
That is an excellent question and the reason is that, I have to be careful what I say here, the reason is that to answer it fully would give and awful lot away about the remaining two books but when Professor Dumbledore took Professor Snape on to the staff and Professor Snape said, "I'd like to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts please," Professor Dumbledore felt that that might bring out the worst in Professor Snape. [Laughs.] Somewhat. So he said I think we'll let you teach potions and see how you get along there.
Did you know [OotP] was going to be this long?
No I didn't. I will say this I had to put in some things because of what's coming in 6 and 7 and I didn't want anyone to say to me, "What a cheat, you never gave us clues." Because if I didn't mention certain things that happen in Order of the Phoenix I think you could have said to me, "Well you sprang that on us" whereas I want you to be able to get them if you've got your wits about you. There are a few surprises coming.
Are we ever going meet Hermione's parents?
Well we've seen them briefly, but they're dentists, so they're not that interesting.
And let's not forget Lizo's four-part interview from 2000:
From Part Four:
Well because everyone always go on about how Harry's got Lily Potter's eyes.
Aren't you smart - there is something, maybe coming about that, I'm going to say no more - very clever.
The significance of the place where Harry and his parents lived - the first name...
Godric Gryffindor. Very good, you're a bit good you are aren't you. I'm impressed.
You're not going to tell me but ....
My editor didn't, I said to her - Haven't you noticed the connection between where Harry's parents lived and one of the Hogwarts houses? And she said no, no - I'm not being rude about Emma, she's a brilliant editor, the best ever. But no she didn't pick that up either, you're a bit good you are.
I know who the Half-Blood Prince is! It's MARK EVANS! He was mentioned briefly in OotP, surely he's important in a later book, just like Arabella Figg and Sirius Black are important. Right? RIGHT?
No. We're sorry. And so is Ms. Rowling, as she reveals on her site:
What is the significance, if any, of Mark Evans?
Mark Evans is... nobody. He's nobody in the sense that Mr. Prentice, Madam Marsh and Gordon-Dudley's-gang-member are nobodies, just background people who need names, but who have no role other than the walk-on parts assigned to them.
I've got nobody to blame but myself. Sirius Black, Mrs. Figg and Mundungus Fletcher were all mentioned in passing well before they burst onto the stage as fully-fledged characters, so now you've all become too clever, not for your own good, but for mine. The fact is that once you drew my attention to it, I realised that Mark Evans did indeed look like one of those 'here he is, just a casual passer-by, nothing to worry about, bet you barely noticed him' characters who would suddenly become, half way through book seven, 'Ha ha! Yes, Mark Evans is back, suckers, and he's the key to everything! He's the Half Blood Prince, he's Harry's Great-Aunt, he's the Heir of Gryffindor, he lives up the Pillar of StorgŽ and he owns the Mystic Kettle of Nackledirk!' (Possible title of book seven there, must make a note of it).
Then why Ð WHY Ð (I hear you cry) Ð did I give him the surname "Evans"? Well, believe me, you can't regret it more than I do right now. "Evans" is a common name; I didn't give it much thought; I wasn't even trying to set up another red herring. I could just as easily have called him 'Smith' or 'Jones' (or 'Black' or 'Thomas' or 'Brown', all of which would have got me into trouble too).
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