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My TTC #2 Journey--FET

Forum: Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance


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September 23rd, 2008, 11:46 AM
jlk jlk is offline
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Just a little background on me and our situation. In September 2005 DH told me he was ready to start a family. I was so excited and overjoyed that I did not open my next pack of birth control pills that I was to start a few days later. Several months went by and no luck conceiving. I had even been using the charting method and using the book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. We used Pre-Seed and I drank green tea and still nothing. I kept thinking something must be wrong. We keep timing it perfectly and just kept getting disappointment month after month. So, about 9 months or so into TTC our first, DH went to an urologist to get checked out. Because by then he even started to believe something just wasn't right. My gynecologist said that she would not even start tests until we had been trying for 1 year so we decided to at least take control of something and get DH checked out while we wait until the year was up for me to get checked. Everything checked out normal except his SA. The first sample showed nothing. No swimmers. We were so heartbroken thinking that we probably would not be able to have children of our own. We hoped that maybe DH had a blocked tube or something that would allow him to have sperm. We started talking about adopting if it came down to it. And I prayed alot that the next two samples DH had to do would produce something that we could work with. Two samples later and my prayers were answered. We found that DH has low counts (3,000 and 4,000 or something like that) and low motility but at least it was something we could work with!

After this good bit of news we made an appointment with a RE and started our first IVF with ICSI in November of 2006 using the long Lupron protocol. I had 9 good follicles and 7 eggs retrieved. Two days after retrieval we had two embryos transferred and five frozen. I started POAS around day eight or nine and I kept getting negative results. I was so bummed. At least I knew the trigger shot was out of my system but I still had no proof that one or both embryos took. Then, twelve days after my retrieval I tested again and a faint line showed up. I wasn't so sure it wasn't an evaporation line. So, I took a couple more tests that day all showing the same light line. Even DH could see it! So, then I started to believe that maybe, just maybe it worked! THe next morning, I took another test and another light line showed up! That morning I was scheduled to have a blood test. That day was so long as I waited at work for the news. Later that day we got the news we had been waiting for over a year to hear. We were pregnant! That was the best Christmas present we could have ever asked for.

Now, two years later we are trying for another. We started TTC on our own after I got my periods back postpartum. Nothing has happened as I expected. We just can't naturally have children. We were told two years ago that our chances for conceiving on our own were one percent each month. So back to the RE office we go. We scheduled a FET in October and we will transfer 2 or 3 of our 5 embryos back.

************************************************** ******************************

Made an appointment for the MET (mock embryo transfer) which will occur on September 18. About a month from now I should be doing my injections!! bluecheer.gif

************************************************** ****

Got my 814 dollars worth of drugs in the mail (Fed Ex) today. Such a price for so few drugs that I need. The costly one is the Follistim pen and the two cartridges. This medication is not covered by insurance so I was able to qualify for a discount program. So, that was good.

************************************************** ****

I had my mock embryo transfer today (Mock ET). I drove 47 miles for a 15 minute appointment. Gotta love that! LOL The placement # has changed since having Kyle and I was told that I have gotten smaller and that only 20 percent of women get smaller after giving birth! Crazy! So, now, I just wait to start my next period and then go in for an ultrasound to make sure I do not have any ovarian cysts. Then by day 5 of my next cycle I will start my injections! So, I am guessing around October 10th (maybe) will be my injection start date. That is like 3 weeks away! bluecheer.gif

************************************************** *******

I just started AF and called my IVF nurse coordinator. I am waiting for a call back from her to schedule my ultrasound to rule out any ovarian cysts. On day five (this Saturday) I will start my injections!

************************************************** *******
Today I went in for a preliminary ultrasound to rule out any ovarian cysts before I start my injections this weekend. Everything looked great so I got the go ahead. Since my period was spotty on Tuesday the nurse decided that we would call Wednesday day one of my cycle since that is when my flow really started. So, five days into my cycle is Sunday and the day I will start my Follistim injections. I will be doing 75 units for 5 days (these will be sub-Q injections that I give myself in the stomach) and then go back in on Friday to have another ultrasound to see how many and how big my follies are. From there I may have to do more units of Follistim. If not then the earliest I can do the FET is the 21st!

DH and I are also still deciding on how many embryos we want back in. It will either be two or three but I think we are leaning toward 3.

************************************************** *******

Tonight I start my injections!

************************************************** *******

So, after 5 nights of injections I got up very early this morning to drive to the RE office for a 7:30 appt. I went in for my ultrasound and bloodwork to see if I was ready for my trigger shot to induce ovulation. The ultrasound found that I have follies measuring 9, 16, and 19 after only 5 days of Follistim injections. They like to see at least one follie measuring 16 by the time of trigger. My uterine lining is 9.9 and they like to see it between 6 and 8 by this time. Tonight I trigger and on Tuesday we are scheduled for our transfer!!!!

Although I am very excited I can't help but feel that since we had such good luck the last time we did IVF that we won't be as successful this time. But, I can't worry about that. I have to be positive!

Now, I am just waiting for DH to get Kyle down for bed so we can do the trigger shot. I cannot wait to get this injection over with!! It is an IM injection in the bum. And let me tell you that I am going to ice that area up real good beforehand!!

I can't help but think back two years ago when we were doing this. It is just bringing back such a flood of memories and feelings. I just hope and pray that it works this time. I want another baby or two to make our family complete.

Also, I have been meaning to add that an actual fresh cycle of IVF is much more involved. There are many more injections, the surgical retrieval of the eggs, etc. So, you girls are getting a small taste of what goes on with IVF. But, I am just happy that I can share this experience with you even if it isn't as involved.

************************************************** **********


So, two nights ago DH gave my my trigger shot. It was an IM injection in the bum. I didn't feel a thing. I made sure I iced the area real good! Haha. Later that night and into today my butt has been sore at the injection site though but it is still tolerable. This morning I woke up with horrible ovulation pains and a pain in my lower back. By 10 am the pain had subsided quite a bit as I had ovulated around that time...36 hours after the trigger shot.
Today I also started several other medications such as estrogen, prometrium, and tetracycline (for the transfer).

************************************************** ************


Today the clinic will be thawing two of our embryos. The first two are in the same vial..a grade 1 and a grade 2. I hope they both thaw succesfully so that we do not have to try to thaw the other three as we want to save them for future transfers. I am also awaiting a phone call to let me know what time my transfer is scheduled for tomorrow.

Got a call from IVF nurse earlier today. We are scheduled for 9 am tomorrow morning! DH and I will have to leave here extra early with the long distance and traffic. My sister is coming tonight to stay with Kyle tomorrow while we are gone and to watch Kyle for a couple of days while I am on bedrest.

************************************************** ***************


Back from the transfer. I now have two little embies floating around down there.
I am now on a couple days strict bed rest. The first two embryos that thawed (grade 2 plus as the RE stated they were), thawed succesfully. So, we still have 3 embryos left that are frozen. At first the RE was having a bit of trouble getting the cathedar in and I was silently freaking out. After switching cathedars the transfer was successful. DH and I then hung out in a recovery room for a little over an hour while I laid on my back with my legs elevated. I am home now parked on the couch and going to enjoy the R & R. I have to leave my legs elevated for 4 hours and then I can turn on my side if I want to.

Now the wait begins. I hope it goes fast!

I have betas scheduled for the 31st of October and the 4th of November. We might be pushing the dates back though because we might be out of town visiting my inlaws.

************************************************** ****************

Day two of bedrest. Bedrest? Ha, ya right. How am I supposed to relax with a toddler running around who is still sick and wants to climb on me, my DH who has now come down with what I had last week, and now a really upset DH because we have to cut his family visit short next week because we HAVE to be back in time for me to get blood drawn for my beta on Halloween. THe doctor office won't let me change the beta dates. I asked today and they like to keep everything right on track to make sure it is all monitored. My sister has been here helping and it has been great but I still feel like I can't relax and I NEED to relax. DH and DS were both up last night sick. TOday DH is taking DS to the peds for his congestion that just won't go away. Ugh! I just hope this not relaxing stuff does not jeopardize our chances of the embies sticking.

************************************************** *****************

So I told DH how frustrated I was that I am not getting the rest like I think I should. But, DH pointed out that things are not the same as they were two years ago. THey are totally different. I can't change how things are now and I just need to make the best of it all. He is right. I was just frustrated that I might jeopardize our chance of becoming pregnant if I did not get the rest I was supposed to have.
I feel much better about things today. Whatever happens happens.

************************************************** *******************

Okay, so I am not trying to look into ANY of the *signs* I may be having. Okay, I lied. I am. But it is so hard not to!
Now that I am typing this I will probably jinx myself.
Two nights ago I had to get up a couple different times to pee. ANd I also had a bit of the same kind of insomnia I had while pregnant with DS esp in the 2WW. I just did not know that those were signs. Of course now that I had those two things happen two nights ago and not last night I keep thinking it is all just the meds I am on. I have also been having some cramping which the Prometrium that I am on can cause that. So I can't depend on that as a sign of implantation. I keep going back and forth from feeling like I am pregnant to I am not. Last night I had pregnant dreams. Tonight while going out on a candy run to Walgreens I kept thinking that I feel pregnant. But during the day I have different thoughts that we failed this cycle.
I can't wait to test!!!!!!!!

************************************************** ********************

So I have gone from feeling like I could be pregnant to feeling like I am not. I think this cycle failed.
I had a few possible signs like frequent peeing, craving McDonald's chicken nugget meal (had this when I was pregnant for DS) and a couple of other things. But those could also be from the meds I am taking. I have never been pregnant twice. I guess we will have to wait and see.

************************************************** ********************

Okay, so I don't want to jinx anything but I really wanted to tell someone! Other than DH and a few family members. I have been POAS since Sunday afternoon. I got a faint line that day but knew it could be the trigger shot since it takes anywhere from 10-12 days (so many websites say different time periods) to get out of your system. Two years ago the trigger was out of my system by 10 days. Sunday would have been 9 days past trigger. The line was so faint I figured it had to be the trigger because it just seemed so soon to get a positive on a test. In normal circumstances Sunday would be considered 7DPO. Sunday and most of yesterday I had no symptoms except peeing alot. By last night I had sharp pains in my lower abdomen area just like I had when I was pregnant with DS (implantation pains in the 2WW) and I also seriously feel like my ligaments are starting to get those stretching type pains that I got weeks after I found out I was pregnant. It hurts to cough sometimes too. You know that ligament type pain from coughing. ANd I have insomnia back and as of today my boobs are starting to hurt. Right now I am 7dp2dt (seven days past two day transfer) or 9dpo. If in fact I am pregnant I am surprised I have symptoms so early. Is it because my body knows what to do because it has done it before already or did both embryos implant making my HCG levels higher earlier therefore making me have symptoms so soon? Or am I totally off key here and these are just PMS symptoms that are caused by the progesterone I am taking?

THe first two tests have lines...just very faint. The third one took awhile this morning but is noticeably darker than the others i have taken so far.
I won't get my hopes up too high until Friday morning when i take my Beta and/or if the line keeps getting darker by Friday. If it keeps getting darker than that means the trigger shot is out of my system and that I am truely pregnant!

************************************************** ******************************

Tested again this morning. Haha, can't help myself. I got another line like yesterday's. SInce HCG doubles every two days I did not expect to see anything much darker than yesterday's. We are leaving to visit my inlaws today until Monday. I have a Beta on Friday so I will be going to a local hospital in the area (approved by my RE) and having them fax my blood test results to my doctor office. I hope I get a call on Friday from my doctor with the results. I would hate to have to wait until Monday! I am starting to accept that I am pregnant. I wonder if there is one or two nestled in down there? I am secretly THRILLED and want to tell everyone but I don't want to jinx myself just yet...
I will announce my results on our main board when I find out later this week or Monday.

************************************************** ******************************

Since I am still away visiting family I will keep this update short since I am tight on time. I have been having so many symptoms the last few days. From dehydration to nausea to getting faint. Today I went to a local hospital and did my Beta blood test. I waited all day for the result and finally got the news!

My Beta numbers were


We are pregnant!
************************************************** ******

Got my second set of Beta results and in four days the # is at 1157! So everything is going wonderfully!
I can't wait until our first ultrasound on the 17th!! Changed the ultrasound appt because I am supposed to be 6 weeks along and the 11th would only be 5 weeks. EDD is July 12, 2009.

************************************************** *******

DH and I went to my 6 week ultrasound to find that both embryos took! OMG, I am in shock!

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September 23rd, 2008, 12:42 PM
EricsMom's Avatar SuperMommy!
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Hi! I just wanted to wish you luck on your FET - here's praying that your beans stick on the first go again!

Kyle is adorable!!!
~~~ Candie ~~~

Actively TTCMA #2 Again (10 yrs total TTC'ing #2 in various stages of MA and NTNP)

Me (40) Annovulatory, PCOS, IR and Type 2 Diabetes, DH (47), DS (11)

"Learning to have faith, think positively, believe in myself and trust in God."
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September 23rd, 2008, 05:30 PM
jlk jlk is offline
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Hi! I just wanted to wish you luck on your FET - here's praying that your beans stick on the first go again!

Kyle is adorable!!![/b]
Aww...thanks so much!

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January 17th, 2009, 08:11 AM
Super Mommy
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I know this is old, but I just read this . We are in the same situations as you guys were, we have IVF princess and she will be 5 next week, we have waited 5 long years for this, due to insurance complications (we are self-employed), we have 4 frozen embies and will be transfering 2 next week on Monday, the 26th. I am very happy for you, hope everything is going well with your pregnancy.

BTW, your babies are due on my birthday

1/26/09-2 Beaufitul Embies Transfered!!
2/5/09-BETA, POSTIVE, 250 @ 10dpt!!
2/18/09-1st U/S, we are expecting Twins!!

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January 18th, 2009, 07:55 AM
jlk jlk is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2005
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Posts: 14,760
I know this is old, but I just read this . We are in the same situations as you guys were, we have IVF princess and she will be 5 next week, we have waited 5 long years for this, due to insurance complications (we are self-employed), we have 4 frozen embies and will be transfering 2 next week on Monday, the 26th. I am very happy for you, hope everything is going well with your pregnancy.

BTW, your babies are due on my birthday [/b]

Yay for July 12th bdays!!
My pregnancy is going well so far. Thanks so much for the well wishes. THe morning sickness had finally subsided as of earlier this week so I feel like a human again!!
I still lurk and sometimes post here on TTCMA and I have been following your story as well. I wish you lots of luck this coming up week!!
Also, congrats on your IVF daughter!!!

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