Are there ever moments

  • That you sit there listing to the chaos and noise of your children.....maybe even a few of them fighting and yelling at each other and wonder "What was I thinking???"

    I adore my children and I love them all desperately. Most of the time I enjoy the chaos and noise but at this moment as I listen to my kids i am having one of those....."I'm adding one more to all of this...What was I thinking??" LOL
  • LOL!!!!!!!!! Um...yeah...but then I see them do something equally as cute or sweet as it was annoying or chaotic five minutes before and then I think..>THAT is why! LOL....I've learned, though, never to pray for MORE patience...then you just get more sass to go with it! LOL
  • Yes, today I had all 5 of them at the store with me and everyone but my 8 yr old was pushing my buttons. My son for one was hanging on the handles of the doors in the freezer section. And him and my 4 yr old were chasing eachother and my 1 1/2 yr old was just screaming, because she did not want to sit in the cart. Yes I was ready to pull my hair out and the only thing I could think was why did I get pg again!!

    But I still agree with Martha. Right now we are home and they are all in the toy room playing very happily together. Wonder how long that will happen before someone gets mad and hits someone.
  • We have to have a little madness to go with the chaos right? LOL!!!!

    I was about to tear my hear out yesterday at the store as well...must be in the air! They were asking for everything and whining about one point (at walmart) my four year old could smell the popcorn chicken (in the BACK of the store where the deli is NOT) and he started begging for he didn't get it but GRRR I was like HUSH UP ALREADY WOULD YOU! LOL.....AND my 2 year old was whining cause she'd had no nap...OY
  • Usually that only happens to me when I am pregnant.